Author: Blue ^__^
Category: AU, 1x2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, blood, supernatural.
Spoilers: *snicker* Yeah, right.
Note: See previous notes. Nothing has changed, except the fact that suzu may need more medication than I had previously thought. *grin*

Blurry Moon + Part Three

I slept through the night, waking up tired and more than a little confused. I stumbled around the apartment getting ready and somehow managed to get to the office on time. It was around two thirty in the afternoon when I caught myself staring off into space yet again. I glanced down at the bandage on my finger. The slice was long and deep, it hadn't hurt that much when I'd cut it, but it was throbbing now. A very real reminder of what had happened.

I had come to grips with the fact that yes, vampires do exist, and that yes, I'd had one in my bed last night. Had him in my bed and had done some fairly mind-blowing things with him, though if asked to admit that to anyone or even anything, I'd more than likely keep my mouth shut. I passed the rest of the day mulling over what had happened, trying to fit a vampire into what I knew of the world. Evidently, I didn't know enough.

I felt drained when the office closed for the day. I still had several errands to do, including a stop to the market to pick up a few groceries and the new drapes that I had ordered. I eventually made my way home, dropped my things by the couch and put the groceries in the fridge. The heat hadn't let up, the sky was still clear and just thinking about moving made you break out into a sweat. I wandered into my bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed for a few moments, head in my hands. Sunset was barely two hours away and I had no doubt that I would be seeing Duo again. I sighed, heaved myself to my feet and headed to the bathroom.

Did I want to see him again? I thought I did. Maybe. I wasn't sure; the thought of not seeing him again bothered me. I'd never been so unsure about something, and that pissed me off - that Duo could waltz into my life and throw it into a state of confusion. I liked the anger better than the uncertainty, it was much easier to deal with.

After I had showered, I crawled into yet another pair of pajama pants, black this time, and put my things from the office away. I debated it for a few minutes but finally decided to put up the curtains instead of leaving it. Later, a cup of coffee was cooling on the bedside table while I watched the evening news. Papers were scattered across both my lap and the bed, and my empty dinner plate was on the floor beside the nightstand.

The authorities hadn't yet discovered what had caused the building from Saturday to go up in flames. I was startled to realize that it was Tuesday night already. I had first met Duo on Friday, it seemed like time was passing too quickly. The newscaster moved onto another story and I looked out my window. The sun had died for the day, leaving the world blanketed in night.

The lights outside my window flickered to life as I watched, the only illumination in my bedroom coming from the flickering television. My coffee had cooled. I sat on the bed, covered in my work, and noticed that I was holding my breath. I released it irritably, dropping my pen and scrubbing my hands over my face. A sound reached my ears and I paused, listening for it again. Someone was knocking at my door.

I moved the papers and got to my feet, walking slowly to the hall. Whoever it was knocked again. It couldn't have been Duo knocking, I had a feeling that he would have just let himself in. I reached the door and peered out the tiny peephole after flicking on the hall lamp. It was Duo, standing calmly in the corridor as if it were the most normal thing in the world. It was decidedly not normal to have a vampire come knocking on your front door. Chances were, he wasn't here to have a friendly chat or borrow a cup of sugar. A cup of blood, maybe.

I unlocked the door, opening it quietly. He greeted me with a smile and a quiet, "Hello, Heero."

"Duo," I said, not stepping back from the doorway. I glanced at him, noting that he was wearing the duster coat from Saturday night, unbuttoned; a black dress shirt and straight-legged pants of the same color. His hair was pulled back, in a braid I assumed. He looked like he had just come from a casual dinner meeting.

"May I come in?"

I frowned. "You already let yourself in once."

"I did," he agreed.

He didn't say anything else and I grudgingly stepped back and motioned him inside. When he still didn't move, I said, "Come in if you're coming."

It made his smile grow wider and I caught the flash of fang. "Thank you," he said, gliding over the threshold.

I closed the door behind him, relocking it. Leaning back against the door and crossing my arms, I watched as he sized up my home, running a finger over the hall table and browsing through the magazines next to the couch.

"What did you want?" I asked finally, unnerved by the casual way he strolled about my apartment as if he belonged there.

"Do I have to want something?" he asked, moving into the kitchen.

"Yes," I said shortly, pushing off the door and following him. His face was stuck in my fridge. I wanted to yell at him for being so nosy; he would have laughed if I did.

"Alright," Duo said, closing the door and motioning for me to follow him back out to the living room. He settled himself comfortably on the couch, crossing his legs. "I'm here to talk."

That had me taken aback. I blinked stupidly at him from the kitchen doorway.

"I suppose you were expecting something like 'I've come to claim your soul', hmm?"

I stared at him a few moments more, then hesitantly joined him in the living room. I stayed standing behind the couch, making him twist his neck to look at me. "Talk about what?"

"Conversation isn't your strong suit, is it, Heero?" he said.


He laughed, low and dark. "I didn't think it would be."

I took a deep breath as his laughter danced over me. "Do you practice at being insufferable? Because you're very good at it."

He shook his head, braid slithering against the material of his coat. "You could make this easier. Sit down, at least."

It was my home, I'd sit if I damn well pleased. The thought made me realize I was being childish. Truthfully, I felt self-conscious. Duo had had me naked and screaming in his lap, and now he was acting like we were friendly acquaintances. It was awkward as hell, having him sitting on my couch and looking so . . . normal.

I gave in and sat down on the other end of the couch, turning to face him. "Happy?"

"Yes, thank you," he said. He leaned back, resting one arm on the back of the chesterfield. "I'd like to know why it is you think I called you."

"Because you did." I can be as pig-headed as the best of them.

Duo gave me a look that a parent would give a stubborn child. "Humor me, Heero."

"I don't get urges to go running around outside at night. I did right after seeing you."

"And naturally, this makes it my doing." He raised an eyebrow.

"I did meet you that night. You were waiting for me."

Duo nodded. "You're right, I was waiting for someone. I didn't know it would be you."

"But you-"

"Yes, I know, I know. I called you. I think that much may be true."

I smiled, smugly satisfied.

"Don't mistake me, I didn't call you specifically," he said, seeing my expression.

I hoped he didn't expect me to believe that.

"I felt someone searching for me, so I made myself available. I was always too curious for my own good."

"It wasn't me who was out there wandering around, looking for you," I said, settling my expression into a familiar scowl.

"What were you looking for?"

I answered before I had really thought about it, "I don't know. Something."

"You adamantly refuse to believe that it might have been me?"

"Why would I go out looking for . . . you." I had caught myself just short of saying 'a vampire'.

Duo caught my hesitation, but ignored it. "You were looking for something, and I'm what you found. It isn't so hard to think that you might have found exactly what you were looking for."

I stood up abruptly. "You can leave now."

He looked up at me with cool blue eyes. "Running away from it won't change anything."

I clenched my hand into a fist by my side. "There's nothing left for us to discuss; you can leave," I repeated.

He stood up slowly, lithe and graceful. He walked toward me, booted feet unnaturally silent on the hardwood floor, until we were standing barely an inch away from each other. His eyes were swimming with color; I fixed my gaze on his neck.

"We have one thing left," Duo said.

I didn't answer, hanging on to the shred of anger that I felt. His scent wafted around me, mixing lust with my anger. I knew I lusted after him, but I didn't trust him.

"I'm not going to leave you," he said, trailing his fingers down my arm. He wrapped his hand around mine, thumbing the bandage on my finger before tearing it away. The wound was clean, a thin line of red. "I said I'd have you, and I meant it, Heero." Duo lifted his hand to stroke my cheek. I turned away from his touch.

"Get out," I said from between clenched teeth. My skin ached for his touch, burned with a need that I wasn't accustomed too. It scared me, how much I wanted him to close that last bit of superficial distance between us. Scared me enough that I wanted to lash out and physically hurt him. I knew it was useless; I'd only end up with broken knuckles, but it was getting to the point that I didn't care.

"If I leave, what then?" he said, his hand stilling, hovering in the air beside my face. "Can you really ignore the lure of darkness? I think, if you could, you would have done it by now. You wouldn't have succumbed that second time and let it lead you to the river."

He was right; I didn't know if I could resist it or not. I'd tried and had to give in. I didn't like losing control like that. I sighed, some of the tension seeping from my shoulders. I wouldn't give in completely, not now, but I felt like I had lost this battle.

"You're so stubborn," Duo said, a hint of laughter in his voice.

"You can talk," I shot back, irritated.

"Is it such a bad thing to welcome darkness, Heero?" he asked, stepping away from me.

Cold air seemed to rush in to take his place, and I shivered, goosebumps dancing along my arms. I had no answer for that question, I didn't think he expected one.

Duo had walked over to the window, one hand on the pane of glass and the other loose at his side. "There are more people roaming the streets now than there are in the day," he said.

I looked out the window to the city below, then back at him. The room was reflected in the glass, I could see myself, but I couldn't see Duo. I came to stand beside him, and the glass showed nothing. I stared and wondered about it, if it was another mind trick, like a vampire's gaze catching you, or if it was something else entirely. I suppose I could outright ask him, but I didn't know if I really wanted the answer. I knew about the idea of vampires having no reflection, but seeing the reality is entirely different. It always is.

Duo continued. "Compared to the harsh light of day, the night offers so much more. Freedom. Everyone down there is a different person in the dark, freed of constraints. They don't fear what they are, they let themselves go."

"People need constraints. They need order," I said.

"Do they?" He turned to me and I safely met his otherworldly eyes. "Do you need order?"

"You ask too many questions."

"You deny yourself."

I didn't need to justify myself to Duo. I was content with myself and my life.

He reached out and ran his fingers over my stomach, startling me. He gripped my waist, fingers kneading, traveling up my sides and pulled me close to him. Our bodies met in a long, solid line and I let out an involuntary gasp as something hot ran through me. The fact that I made that kind of sound annoyed me.

"Do what you want to, Heero. There is no satisfaction in constant denial."

Right at that moment, I wanted to unbutton his shirt and slide my hands down his chest, close my lips over his nipple and tease it with my tongue. The visual was so strong that I had to close my eyes and regain my mental balance.

Duo's hands traveled further up, thumbs brushing just past my nipples and he lowered his head, licking a wet line across my collarbone. He closed his mouth over a tiny nub of flesh, flicking his tongue hotly over it. "Is this what you wanted to do?" he said with his lips pressed against me.

I found myself nodding, eyes narrowing to tiny slits as he repeated the action. I arched my back, drawn to the sensation, pushing into it.

"Do it," he said, raising his face. "If it's what you want, do it."

Something in my head clicked, falling into place. I pushed him away, back against the glass. He rested on the sill, waiting. I stepped between his legs, shoving my hands into his coat and pushing it off his shoulders. I ran my hands over the cloth of his shirt, rubbing it against his nipples, making them rise and harden. He let out a tiny breath of air, watching my hands.

The shirt was already untucked, so I started on the buttons, slowly baring inch after inch of pale skin. When I had the last undone, I ran my hand down his chest, surprised to feel his heart beating. I had thought that vampires wouldn't have a heartbeat, but there it was, thumping against my palm. I leaned closer, my breath striking his skin and flowing back into my face, and I felt the beating speed up. I rubbed my cheek against his skin, velvety smooth and warm. I licked him, tasting his flesh. The scent of rain filled my nose. I licked him again, slower, longer.

His hand was in my hair, fingers pressing lightly. I closed my teeth around a nipple and his grip tightened. I rolled the nub gently, releasing it to run the flat part of my tongue over it roughly. Duo shuddered. Falling to my knees, I trailed my mouth down over his stomach, nipping and licking at his skin. A soft sound trickled from his parted lips.

My hands were on his thighs; I laid my cheek against his groin, felt him throbbing hard and hot. I rubbed against him a little and he sucked in a sharp, hissing breath. I rolled my eyes up to see him watching me. I saw need and desire in his gaze along with something else that I couldn't name.