Blurry Moon + Part Three (cont)

I gripped his pants by the waistband and pulled him down to me, catching his lips in a forceful kiss, slipping my tongue past his lips and tasting. It was a thrilling feeling, his fangs just grazing my tongue. If I pressed harder, I'd break the skin and bleed for him.

My pulse thundered in my ears, blood rushing through my veins. His touch had the feel of danger, excitement; he was a night creature, and I had always been drawn to the night. There was no resistance left in me. I broke the kiss, pushing his shirt off and trailing my hands over the bared skin. His hands wandered down my back, smoothed over my stomach and halted when he touched my pants.

"Silk?" he said, a smile twisting his lips.

"Shut up," I growled at him, silencing him with my mouth again. I hadn't consciously chosen to wear the only pair of silk pajama bottoms that I owned, I just had.

His laugh dissolved into a moan as I dragged my hand over the heated bulge in his pants. I palmed him through the cloth, attempting to undo his pants one handed. I wanted to see him, all of him, but I wasn't willing to give up the feeling of him in my hand. Silently daring him to laugh at my fumbling, I finally opened his pants and peeled back the cloth, freeing his erection.

I glanced up at his face, then dropped my gaze back down. He was uncut, pale, perfect. I wrapped my hand around him, feeling the thick weight of him in my hands. I could feel the blood pulse, throbbing against my palm. I stroked the length of him once, slowly up and then down. He shuddered, drawing in a shaking breath and carefully pulled himself from my grip. I shot him a confused look.

"Your clothing, Heero," Duo said, taking my hand and moving until his back rested against the wall. I rose up on my knees and followed. "I want to see you naked again."

His voice caressed me, trailing down my spine like warm fur. I dropped my hands to the ties of my pants, unlacing them. His hands joined mine, bright against the blackness of the cloth. When the ties were free, he lowered my pants down over my hips and past my knees. I had to lean on him for support while I lifted one knee and he pushed the material back, then did the same for the other. I leaned back and finished tugging them off. The floor was cold on my heated skin.

Duo touched my thighs, my muscles involuntarily flexing and relaxing under his hands. I reached for him again, kneeling between his bent legs, and traced my fingers through the fine trail of hair low on his stomach. I grasped him in both of my hands, using long strokes to coax fluid from the tip of his arousal. I met his gaze and lingeringly swiped the droplet away with my tongue. His hands clenched into fists, a low growl reverberating in his throat. I smirked a little and did it again. This time, he buried one of his hands in my hair, not forcing, just holding.

I closed my lips over the head, sucking gently and was rewarded with the sharp thrust of his hips. I pulled back, tonguing the slit and tasting the salty bitterness of him. I rolled it around on my tongue, testing it. It tasted unique, all Duo, like the heady smell of his skin; pure male. It made my heart pound in the back of my throat.

I ran my tongue down the side of his cock, bushing my cheek against the length of him. He was all soft skin and unyielding hardness, satin over marble. I let my tongue play briefly across his sac, then trailed it up the other side, keeping him cradled in both hands. Duo tensed as my mouth neared the tip, and I pulled the foreskin back, rubbing the drops of liquid that squeezed out onto my lips to wet them and then sliding him deep into my mouth. His back arched, head tossed back and a guttural cry exploded from his mouth. I answered with a growl of my own, flicking my tongue roughly over the sensitive skin.

Duo's body convulsed, hand tightening in my hair as I moved my lips and tongue over him. He was repeating my name like a mantra, fingers digging hard into his own thigh. He bucked his hips, trying to bury himself deeper into my mouth. I pulled back a little, waiting for him to come back from the edge.

His chest rose and fell quickly, almost matching the rate of my own heart. I took a deep breath, licking my lips and tasting him. He opened his eyes, glazed and gone drowning indigo blue, and whispered a quiet oath.

He took another deep breath, taking his hand from my hair and pushed me back down onto the floor. It was hard and cool, but I barely noticed. Duo loomed above, slipping fully out of his clothes and then lay down beside me. He wrapped one of his legs over mine and drew us together. I rested my head on the bend of my arm, looking up at him. He took my free hand and slid it between our bodies, placing it next to where both of our erections lay almost touching. I wrapped as much of my hand around our cocks as I could, bringing heated flesh into searing contact. I jerked a little from the sensation, then experimentally thrust into my hand and against him at the same time. I groaned, long and low, and he brought his hand next to mine, using the fluid that had leaked out to lubricate his hand and then stimulating the tips of our erections. His fingers brushed mine as he wrapped them around us.

He moaned, head thrown back and hips pumping against me. He opened his eyes, staring down at me and saying my name in a throaty growl. On a whim I tipped my head back, baring my throat to his gaze, offering another taste of what I knew he wanted.

Duo leaned close, bringing his lips to brush over my neck and then whispering in a sex-roughened voice, "The next time I taste you . . ." he trailed off into a shuddering cry as I sped up my strokes.

I could feel him tense beside me, almost ready to come. I panted, thrusting hard against him and letting sounds of pleasure fall from my lips.

"The next time," he said, growling now, "I sink fang into you, I'll be buried inside your body."

I gasped, the muscles in my thighs quivering. Heat exploded over me, stealing what was left of my breath and blackening my eyesight. My orgasm ripped through me, all I could do was struggle to breathe and let it ride me. I spilled myself over our hands and his stomach, trying to keep a slippery grip on him. I shuddered, almost missing him throb in my hand. He came in long, pulsing streams, shouting hoarsely. I managed to wrench my eyes open enough to see his face twist with pleasure. It was worth the effort.

I collapsed against him, body still shaking with aftershocks, and he rolled us over so I lay sprawled on top of him. My skin was slick against his with sweat and other things. I shifted, lining our cocks up and shuddering at the intense sensation. I lay still, attempting to control my breathing and prevent any more stimulation of oversensitive skin. I lay there for a while, listening to him breathe and dimly wondered if he needed to oxygen to exist.

The sound of Duo's laughter roused me, his breathing still ragged and I raised blurry eyes to his face questioningly. He caught me looking at him and pulled me up for a deep, probing kiss. I let my breath out in a soft hiss; the movement made my slick cock drag over him, still too sensitive for direct contact, and he greedily swallowed the sound.

I rapped my knuckles on the floor meaningfully beside his head when he released my mouth. "This isn't entirely comfortable, at least for you."

He grasped my head in both of his hands, holding me still as he danced his tongue along my lips. I parted them, meeting and tangling my tongue with his. He pulled me down, thrusting deep into my mouth and plundering every inch. I was breathless when he released me the second time.

Duo shifted a bit under me, stroking my cock again and this time there was more pleasure than pain. "You may be right," he admitted.

I started crawling off of him and he picked himself up like a contented cat. Then he reached down and lifted me up with alarming ease, crushing me to the front of his body and letting me slide down until my feet touched the floor. I glared at him accusingly through the sparks of pleasure he created. I knew about his immense strength, he didn't have to remind me.

"A shower may be a good idea," he said, trailing the tips of his fingers through the mess on my stomach. "You first."

My scowl vanished like a switch being thrown. "You're not joining me?"

Duo's eyes had bled back to normal. He pulled me back against his body, hands roaming down my back to rest on the top of my ass. "I told you, Heero, the next time I taste you, I'll be inside you. You tempt me enough as it is."

This left me wondering, but I let it pass. I had offered Duo blood in the heat of the moment, I think I would consider it twice before I did it again. He had already tasted me twice, if that first tiny bite counted, and I wanted to know what effect it might have before I let him do it again.

- - - - - - - - - -

I had showered quickly, emerging some ten minutes later with my hair dripping and a towel wrapped around my waist. I was searching for another pair of pants to lounge in when Duo appeared in my bedroom door.

"Do you have an extra pair?" he asked. He held his clothing folded in his arms, another of my towels hitched low on his hips. He hadn't showered yet.

I decided that there wasn't really any need to inform him of just how many pairs of pajama pants I owned. Instead, I pulled out a pair of solid, rich red ones and held them out to him. I could have just tossed them, but I wanted to see him move, wondering how much thigh he would flash. Embarrassing, but true.

Duo gave me a knowing look, making me flush a little. I'd already seen him naked, but there was something about that small bit of material just covering him that made my breathing speed up. I had a serious case of lust.

He dropped his clothes just inside my door and stalked across the carpet toward me. The light of the street lamps from outside spilled through my window, dancing across his body in a play of shadow and light. When he reached me, he sank slowly down, balanced on the balls of his feet and looked at my face.

"Thank you," he murmured, taking the pants. He watched me for a moment more, then stood, letting the edge of the towel just brush me.

I didn't trust myself to speak, so I just nodded. My skin was tingling, I was getting hard again just from watching Duo. I wanted him. I wanted to rip the towel off and run my hands over every inch of his body, wrap him and his scent around me. It was frightening how much I wanted it.

He left and I watched him every step of the way, my own pajama bottoms forgotten in my hands. I stood up and nearly followed him into the bathroom. I'm not sure what kept me from doing it.

I let out a deep breath and dropped the towel from around my waist, hauling on my pants quickly after. Before I left the room, I hesitated by the bureau, grabbed a brush and ran it few times through my hair though it was useless. It would still fall where it wanted once it dried.

The mess we had made in the living room was cleaned up, so I was left with nothing to do but wait. The black of my laptop on the coffee table caught my eye. Looking up vampires and the effects of their bite while I had one in my shower didn't strike me as all that smart. I suppose I could have just asked Duo, but that seemed amazingly tactless, even to me. Not that sneaking around behind his back was all that better.

I double-checked the door to make sure it was locked, closed the drapes in the living room and the bedroom and ended up standing in the middle of my kitchen wondering what to do next. I was nervous. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I stopped it and sat down on the couch. I was still nervous, but at least it wasn't so obvious now.

I never heard the bathroom door open, but a several minutes later Duo called out to me from the doorway of the bedroom. Though saying that implies that he raised his voice. He didn't, it drifted from the hall and flowed over my skin like he was whispering beside me.


I swallowed once and resisted the urge to clear my throat. "Yeah?"

"Would you come here, please?"

Either Duo was dropping sexual innuendo or my mind was permanently stuck on sex. I let out a quick laugh before I caught myself. Rising, I headed for the bedroom. He met me at the door and I stopped short, blatantly staring.

On him, the deep red of the pants seemed brighter, richer like fresh blood. The narrow trail of chestnut hair on his stomach was dark against his pale skin, light against the pants. He'd unbraided his hair and it lay in shining waves over his shoulders. I don't know how he managed to keep it from getting wet. I stepped up to him and wrapped it around my hands before I gave it conscious thought.

Duo reached up and pulled me close, his skin still damp from the shower. Droplets of water glistened on him, tempting me, and I lowered my head to lick away a drop on his shoulder.

His head fell back a little, mouth open and eyes narrowed to look down at me. I ran my mouth over his skin, buried my face in his hair and let the smell of rainy winds wash over me. It was tinged with the smell of my soap, and I felt a possessive little tug low in my body. He smelled like he was mine.

I pressed myself closer, lips pressed against the soft skin behind his ear. I started nudging him backwards, and he let me. I moved until his legs hit the side of the bed, then pushed him down. I crawled on top of him, straddling him on my hands and knees. His hair spread across my bed, shining, curling over the blankets like something alive.

My mouth hovered over the pulse in his neck. I swiped it with my tongue, tasting water and under that, Duo. He drew in a breath, rubbing his hands down my back and lower. I let my body drop, covering him and I felt his rising hardness through the pants. It brought a low groan from my throat and spilling from my lips.

"It's close to dawn," he said.

It surprised me and I pulled back, looking first at the clock and then down at him. It was near three in the morning and I had no idea where the time went. There were a few hours left until true dawn, but I didn't know where he would go when the sun blazed over the city. My expression seemed to amuse him and it quickly turned into a scowl. I don't like it when people find me that amusing and I'm not trying. I rarely try.

I pulled my scattered thoughts back together, remembering what he had said about blood and sex. I didn't know if we'd go that far if I didn't stop now, but it seemed like a good chance. I wanted to find out more about sharing blood with him before then.

I rolled off of him, still nearly throbbing with the need to touch him. I tried to ignore it and said, "Are you leaving, then?"

Duo lounged beside me, his fingers coming to rest on my chest. It looked like he was drawing tiny pictures on my skin with his fingertips. "Not yet."

Suddenly, I realized I was tired, amazingly tired. I tried to hold back a yawn with little success.

"Go to sleep, Heero," he said, drawing me close so that the lengths of our bodies lay flush. His fingers continued to dance along my ribs.

"What about you?"

"I will leave well before morning," he murmured, propping his head up on his arm. "I want to watch you sleep."

Being that close and not touching him was more than I could do. I ran my palm over his side, skin like brushed velvet over firm muscle. I didn't think I'd be able to sleep with him there, but my eyes grew heavy and I felt my body relax slowly, sleep overtaking me. I still didn't completely trust him, there was too much I didn't know or understand. With him pressed close to me, his hands on me, his breath brushing my face, I wasn't so sure that I cared.

- - - - - - - - - -

Heero: *swallows audibly*
Duo: *whistles* I am one sexy creature.
Blue: Oh, yeah. *leer*
Trowa: *looks pointedly at Quatre* We're being neglected.
Wufei: Ha! You're being neglected!? I've been neglected for weeks!
Quatre: You have a fic, we don't.
Trowa: Hm. You're right, we don't. *frowns and turns to Blue* Why is that?
Quatre: Yes, why is that?
Blue: *sweatdrop* Um . . . .
Wufei: *grin* Speak up, woman.
Blue: *backs up slowly* I . . . uh . . . oh, screw it . . . *runs like hell*

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