Author: Blue
Category: AU, 1x2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, blood, supernatural.
Spoilers: *snicker* Yeah, right.
Note: See previous installments. *snerk* Don't you just hate that?

Blurry Moon + Part Four

I awoke with the memory of Duo's body against my skin so strong that I reached out for him, startled when my hand met empty air. The memory faded slowly, lingering while I shook the last remnants of sleep from my mind. I rolled over, blinking sleep from my eyes and checked the time. It was quarter past six and the sun was already staining the sky red, the promise of yet another stifling day heavy in the air. I took a deep breath and could still smell Duo's scent on my sheets. The memory of his touch flooded back with the smell and for a moment I was drowning in pure, unadulterated lust.

Running my hands briskly through my hair, I shifted to the edge of the bed and stood. The pile of clothes by my door was missing, the red pants laid neatly on top of the chair by the bureau. I walked over and stood looking down at them, my fingers itching to pick them up and see if his scent lingered there, too.

Duo had gotten under my skin, crawled straight into my mind until my thoughts centered on him and my own near uncontrollable want. I couldn't focus on my work; I sat in my office, staring at the computer screen and my mind was nowhere near where it needed to be. Lunch came and went, and the biggest thing on my mind was if Duo would come to me tonight or if I would go to him. I would have been lying to myself if I said that if he didn't show up on my doorstep, I wouldn't go looking for him instead. I didn't doubt that he had an agenda, I just wished I knew what it was.

I stared out the window and rose from my chair. The glass was like molten metal under my palm when I touched it. I stood there and wished night would fall so I could get out of the stuffy office, away from the smoldering sun. The brightness of it hurt my eyes and I turned away, large white spots dancing in my vision.

Reality seemed almost suspended for me, I spent the days waiting for night to fall. I, like the city spread out behind me, breathed easier when the sun fell beyond the horizon. Even though, by the time darkness spread through the city, I was safely behind my apartment doors, it felt like a weight had lifted. The air was still heavy, heavy enough to choke on, but it didn't burn its way down your throat.

Eventually, I was buried under a pile of papers and happily my mind stayed where I wanted it to for the most part. The sun started to sink below the skyline, sending fiery trails of dying light dancing across the walls, and I felt the world sigh like a great slumbering giant inside my head. Something heated and urgent uncoiled within me, making me jerk upright, eyes darting to the window. The two sensations clashed, sending shivers racing over my skin and making me gasp. I stared at the last glimmers of day and felt the joy of the night. It was free at last. I was free.

Fear, cold and real, flooded my mind. I could taste my pulse on the back of my tongue, jumping like a caged animal. Those thoughts weren't my own, they couldn't have been. Finding freedom from the light was Duo's maxim. I raced the sunset home. I wanted to be in my own apartment where the illusion of safety was enough to calm my churning thoughts before the night swallowed the city with me still in it.

I closed the door behind me as the burning red sun finally fell completely from the sky, the last fingers of fire collapsing over the edge of the world. I leaned against it in the dark, my head tipped back and my breath short, but not from physical exertion. Dropping my things to the floor, I realized that I hadn't even once thought about finishing my research on vampires, and I was out of time. Duo's scent wafted on the air, curling around me like a lover's kiss. The analogy was disturbingly accurate. I opened my eyes, searching the dimness of the apartment seconds before he spoke.

"I can taste your fear on the air, Heero," he said, walking stalking across the room towards me. His high black boots made no sound on the hardwood. His hair was loose, curling over his chest, flowing around him as he moved in a cloud of his own sensuality. It caught the last bit of light coming through the living room window and shone with red golds. He was dressed in black pants, tight across his hips and falling in straight lines down his legs. His shirt was rich, rich red, dark like blood rubies and had an odd sheen to it, like wet silk. My breath caught and I was frozen, watching him come to me.

"What are you afraid of?" Duo asked, stopping with just inches between us.

The superficial distance did nothing to calm me, but my fear rapidly melted away, replaced by anger. Anger at him, anger at myself, anger at losing control.

"Get out of my head," I said, mentally and physically drawing myself up. I avoided his gaze, staring past his shoulder at the wall beyond.

His hand stopped in midair, hovering near my waist as he reached for me. "What?" he said very quietly.

I shook my head, wanting to push him away but afraid what would happen if I touched him. Underneath my anger was the pulsing heat of desire and need. He was too close. Another continent away from me would have been too close. I could feel him as if he was already wrapped around me, already inside me.

"Get out of my head," I repeated, my voice low and controlled. "Keep your thoughts to yourself."

"You felt the night come," he said, finally letting his hand drop. Again, it wasn't a question.

"I don't know what I felt, but it wasn't me. You're the one who finds freedom in the night," I said, crossing my arms over my chest. It was an aggressive stance and made me feel a hell of a lot better, even if it was a false security.

Now it was Duo's turn to shake his head, his hair whispering against his shirt. It made me wonder what kind of material it was made of. "You can't blame me for that, Heero. I've done nothing to you. If you felt what you say you did, it's all you."

"No," I said, but less certain. "It can't be."

That made him smile. "Why can't it be you? It's so much easier to blame me, isn't it? I'm not the one who is drawn to the night but refuses to acknowledge it, hiding behind the harsh sun and white walls."

"No," I said again. My anger dissolved, taking the last bits of my fear with it. The truth had taken away my resistance. I had run as soon as I felt the day die. Thinking of it made me realized that the room was growing steadily darker as twilight faded.

"Heero," Duo said, quickly closing the distance between us. His hands were chill against my neck. "You can't run from what is a part of you."

I wasn't ready to admit that I was a part of the darkness, I had felt the pull of it but that was it. At some point in time we're all drawn to the cover of darkness, the urge to see what is possible when the bright sun is gone from the sky.

"You're cold," I said, not uncrossing my arms.

Duo moved his hands up into my hair, cupping my head and tipping it back so I met his gaze. "I am," he agreed. There was no pull or compulsion, his eyes were just eyes. Beautiful, otherworldly, but merely eyes.

I had an idea, and I wanted the truth from him. "You haven't fed tonight."

Fang flashed in the darkness. "No, I haven't. Does it bother you?"

"That you feed off of humans or that you haven't yet?"

"Either one."

"Not really," I said, not sure which I was answering, or even if it was both. His skin was chill, but after spending the day in the burning, choking heat, it was a welcome touch. The fact that he had come to me before he had fed both excited and frightened me. It was a confusing feeling, much like everything that Duo caused. It sounded wrong in my head, but felt so right, so . . . good.

He rubbed his thumbs against my skin, pushing through my hair. He stepped closer, pressing my folded arms into my ribs until it hurt. I let them drop to the side and he settled firmly against me, a leg between my thighs. I took a deep, shuddering breath as a rush of pleasure coursed through me and I fully hardened under his touch.

He lowered his head, dropping his right hand down to my back and holding me tight at the same time. His lips ghosted down my cheek and stopped at the collar of my shirt. He nuzzled at it, trying to nudge it out of the way. A low growl reached my ears seconds before he released my head and jerked the shirt roughly, popping the buttons to bare my neck and most of my chest at the same time.

I let out a startled gasp, the force of his movement tugging me away from the door. His hand slid back up into my hair and he turned me to look at him. In the deepening darkness, I could barely see him, he was a being made of gray shadows. His eyes burned with dark light and one word breathed along my skin on the night air. Power.

Duo's cool lips were trailing down my neck again. The sensation should have bothered me, it kept my pulse rapid but had very little to do with fear and everything to do with the promise of pleasure and a touch of pain. I knew what he was going to do, and I wanted him to do it. I almost told him to hurry up, to stop making me wait. He pressed me back into the door, pinned under his weight and my heart pounded with an excitement that I had never known, but now that I had, I wouldn't give it up.

His lips moved lower, closed over the frantic, fluttering pulse at my neck. I reached up and buried a hand in his flowing hair, spilling it through my fingers like living silk. I wanted to feel that hair draped over my naked body. I wanted to feel Duo draped over me, naked and hot and hard. I gasped and gripped his hip with my other hand, needing something to anchor me as visions flashed behind my eyes.

A low rumbled came from deep inside his chest, vibrating against me. I tightened my hand in his hair, forcing him closer and I felt the tips of his fangs on my skin. He waited, not breaking the skin, not bleeding me. My breaths were too shallow, too rushed. My body burned and my cock throbbed where Duo was pressed against me. I groaned, sliding my hand under his shirt and ran it over the tense muscles in his back.

"Take it," I said, my voice rough in my ears. I tried to move, make him pierce my skin. "I want it, Duo. Take it, take it."

He rolled his eyes up and they flashed bright in the dark, filled with triumphant light. Then he bit me, sank his fangs into my neck in a quick, sharp pain that turned to pleasure before it fully registered. I cried out softly, fighting to keep my eyes open and Duo's fangs slid away, replaced by the feeling of his tongue running roughly over the bite. I dug my fingers into his side as he started to drink, drawing my blood into his mouth. Every pull tugged on something low in my body, blanketing me in white heat. My head fell back and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Duo pulled away and I jerked my head up, reaching for him. I wasn't ready for the sensations riding me to end, I wanted more. He licked my neck again, leaving a wet trail that cooled in the air.

"That . . . couldn't . . . have been enough," I said, panting and trying to hold onto the pleasure I felt fading away.

"It wasn't," Duo said, tearing away the rest of my shirt and letting it drop to the floor.

His hair fell around me, silky and perfect. The hands that ran down my sides to cup the front of my pants were not as cold now, warmed with my blood. I fell forward, resting my forehead against his and lifted a hand to my neck. I ran a finger along the bite and it came away wet and glistening. His hand stroked me through the cloth, palm flat. I put my bloodied finger against his lips, rubbing it over the velvet softness. His tongue darted out to lick both my finger and his lips.

He growled after he had licked all the blood away and pushed me back against the door, hard. Duo ran his tongue over the bite mark again, rough and probing and I let out a small sound of pain.

"Yes," he hissed against my skin, rocking his hips forward and changing the next sound torn from me to a breathy moan.

I felt the zipper in my pants give way and Duo plunged his hands in, stripping them from my hips. I toed off my shoes as quickly as I could and stepped out of my clothes. I stood naked and hard in front of Duo and I felt more than saw him rake his eyes over me. Then he was pressing against me again, the material of his pants rough against my erection, making me whimper as I walked the fine line between pleasure and pain.

Without warning, Duo picked me up and I automatically wrapped my legs around him for balance. I might have protested it, but the movement pressed my cock between us, made his shirt rub against me as he turned and walked towards my bedroom. His hands dug into the skin of my ass, his breath was hot along my neck.

In the room, he let me slide down his body and I felt the hardness of his cock through his pants. I tugged at his shirt, pushing it up to bare his chest. He grasped the hem and pulled it over his head, sweeping his hair back. I had already started undoing his pants, pushing my hands inside the material and stroking the heated length of him. I felt blood trail down my neck like a distant dream. The room was dimly illuminated by the glow of the street lamps.

I pushed my hands into his pants, too impatient to finish undressing him and ran my hand across his lower back, pressed my fingers between his legs. He shuddered and gripped my hips, pushing me back onto the bed with enough force that I bounced across it a little. He crawled on top of me, the line of his body a heated weight. He ran his tongue over the bite again, licking up the blood that had seeped out. It made me hiss.

His hands ran up my sides, pushed my arms up above my head. "I will mark you, Heero. Once taken, twice offered." His words sounded formal, flowed like a ritual from his mouth.

I didn't understand exactly what he meant, but at that moment, I couldn't have cared less. All I wanted was to feel him against me, in me. I wanted to feel him sink teeth and flesh into me, burn me, mark me from the inside.

He moved further up, straddling my chest. It put his cock very close to my face, but not close enough. I wanted to taste him, needed it. I reached for him and he stopped me, leaning down so that I could feel the heat of him press into me. If it hurt him, I couldn't tell. It was like a line of fire on my skin.

I thought he was going for my neck again, and I sucked in a sharp breath, holding it in anticipation. Instead, he bent over my arm, breathing a puff of warm air at the bend of my elbow and licking a long, wet line. Then he sank fangs into me again, making me arch under him and scream. Duo sucked at the wound, tugging and pulling things in my body that were in no way connected to my arm. I started to squirm under him, unable to stop myself from reacting to his touch.

When he drew away this time, I was gulping air and writhing against him, pushing my hips up in an attempt to relieve the pressure that was building inside me. I needed more of him touching me, I needed more of his naked body pressed against me. All I was made of was need, and only Duo would satisfy me.

"You have to . . ." I tried, swallowing harshly. "You have to touch me," I said again, managing to get the full sentence out.

"Oh, I am," Duo said, sinking further down my body.

He pushed my legs open and settled between them, dragging his hands over me. He licked and sucked at my skin, his hair pooling over and around me. I bent my legs when I felt him nudge me.

"What are . . . ." I tried to ask as he lowered his head.

Several ideas were flying through my muddled head, each one more erotic than the last, more pleasure, more pain. I stared down at him, his head between my legs and couldn't look away, couldn't even blink. I wasn't prepared when he bit me yet again, piercing the skin high on the inside of my thigh. The pull inside me intensified, spread through me and I lost what was left of my mind. My head thrashed against the sheets, my spine bowed with the sheer pleasure. It was like he was everywhere, pushing inside me, caressing my skin, drawing me inside him.

I felt brushed silk flow through me, power like fur running through my veins and down my spine. I gasped and cried out, drawing breath as fast as I could. My hands tangled in the sheets and I heard something rip. His hair fell against my cock, a teasing softness compared to the sensations crashing through me, stealing my breath, sealing my lungs.

The heat in my groin coiled tighter and tighter until it felt like my skin simply couldn't hold me any longer, then he pulled away and everything dissolved. The world, the room, the sheets I lay on vanished and I was left severed from the world with only Duo to anchor me. The power, Duo's power, rode me and I came for him as I bled for him. Then even I fell, shattered and melted and shattered again. I screamed.

I could breathe the air again and I took great heaving gulps of it. My throat burned from abuse. One of my hands was tangled in his hair and he raised his head, blood glistening at the corner of his mouth. His eyes burned indigo blue in the dark, the light from the city outside my window paled in comparison.

"Once taken, twice offered, thrice marked," Duo said, his voice a low growl that was almost painful as it pushed through me.

I felt the three wounds on my body pulse as he spoke, sending rushes of pleasure through me. I jerked and shuddered. I raised dazed eyes to his face.

"Blood, Heero," he said. "Your blood. Once, I took it, just a taste." As he spoke, he touched my lips, reminding me of the first time he kissed me. "Twice, you offered and I accepted." His hand brushed over my hand, then my neck.

"And you've . . . marked . . . me three times," I finished, my voice rough and broken. I could think now, the drowning need was sated, curled inside me like a great contented cat. It was still there, lurking under the surface, and I knew that Duo could bring it crashing over me again with one touch.

I saw him nod slowly. "I told you I would have you," he said. "You offered everything to me, so I took it."

"No," I said. "I haven't offered everything."

He laughed, a low, dark chuckle. "You will."

Duo's overconfidence annoyed me, made me frown in the darkness.

"Flesh and blood," Duo said, almost echoing my earlier thought. "You've given me your blood, are you saying you'll deny me your body?" His voice was full of sex.

"You arrogant bastard," I half-snarled at him, but I didn't deny it. There was no point.

"Yes," he said, sliding back up my body and bringing his face right next to mine.

The material of his pants abraded the bite on my thigh and I jerked away. Duo pushed his hips into me, shifting so that our cocks lined up and stroked each other when he thrust his hips. It hurt, and it felt good. I had discovered that I liked a little pain.

"Enough," I said, drawing in a sharp breath. I pushed him up and he obediently rolled off of me, falling easily beside me. He should have looked silly with his pants open and instead he looked sensually sinful, something to sell your soul for . . . or maybe sell it to.

I felt weak and tired, and that in itself wasn't surprising, but my body felt bruised, overused. I felt all the aches of a night full of sex. I had three perfect sets of fang marks on me, blood still slowly seeping from the wounds even as they throbbed. I flexed my muscles experimentally and hissed sharply from the pain. I was exhausted. I turned my head to look at Duo's heavy-lidded face. I knew that he would have me if he could, and I might not fight back.

- - - - - - - - - -

I woke up in much the same position I had fallen asleep in, with the exception of the light sheet that was carefully wrapped around me. I raised a hand to my neck and winced when I touched the wound. I felt it a little more carefully, then looked at my arm. Both marks had been cleaned, the one on my arm showed two small puncture marks. There wasn't even any bruising, most likely because Duo had drank most of the blood away from the area. It was strangely clean and neat.

The heavy curtains were pulled over the window, and still it was too bright in the room. I glanced at the clock before throwing an arm across my eyes. It was after seven, I'd be late for work if I didn't get up soon. I groaned and rolled over onto my stomach, letting my forehead fall on my folded arms. I was still tired, still aching. I raised my head and froze. The clock display read seven p.m., not a.m.

I blinked, checked it again. I spilled over the side of the bed, dragging the sheet with me and staggering to my feet as another wave of exhaustion hit. Wrenching back the curtain, I stared out at the city as the sun set. My breathing was harsh in my ears. I'd slept at least an entire day away. I flicked on the television. It was Wednesday night.

I sat down on the bed, then fell back, arms outstretched. I felt the sun vanish from the sky and my blood started to flow faster. I was eager for the night to come. I lay there and felt my heart pound and nerves tingle in anticipation of the dark blanket, white moon and glittering stars. I was impatient, excited. I was scared. I turned over on my side and curled up with the thin sheet thrown back over me and tried to figure out if I was losing my mind or if I had already lost it. I was betting on the latter. Sane people didn't lie on their beds and tremble with anticipation for the night's embrace.

Something was happening to me, changing me. I could hear the world sigh in relief, the joyous shout of exaltation when the sun finally died and left us in peace. I heard the sound of wind bringing dark clouds into the already black sky, felt the atmosphere change, grow cooler. I felt the promise of rain finally manifest itself in the air while I huddled inside my bedroom behind closed windows.

I wasn't the same now as I was before. I had changed, and I could never go back. I felt a small melancholy pang, and that was it. I should have felt something else besides a passing sadness. I should have felt more than that.

I opened my eyes and the room still wasn't as dark as I expected it to be with the drapes closed. Then I heard someone walking down the hall, pausing in the doorway and watching me. Duo watched me, and I stared blankly at him. I'd never heard Duo move before, he had always been as silent as a shadow. I'd never succumbed to the draw of the night, never felt my body thrum with impatience for darkness, never wandered in the black night under the wavering moon. I'd never heard the world sigh or the sun die or felt the rain clouds gather.

I had the urge to start screaming, scream and scream and never stop. I didn't. I just lay there and waited for the storm to break.

- - - - - - - - - -

Duo: Damn. *huffs and looks at Heero* And here I was, hoping you were a screamer.
Blue: *eyes light up*
Heero: *flatly* No.
Blue: But !
Heero: No.
Duo: *whispers conspiratorially to Blue* Hey, you take care of me, and I'll take care of you, right? *wink*
Blue: *raises eyebrow* Are you trying to make a deal with me?
Duo: Damn right.
Blue: I get you what you want, what's in it for me?
Duo: *blinks* Protection.
Blue: *shakes head* Try door number two.
Duo: *frowns* You want to write it anyway.
Blue: That's besides the point. Give me a better reason.
Duo: *smirks and whispers quickly, gesturing vaguely from time to time*
Blue: Ah. *smiles* Now, you're talking. *cracks knuckles and grins evilly at Heero*
Duo: *self-satisfied smirk*
Heero: *glowers*

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