Author: Blue ^__^
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, insanely bloody, supernatural.
Spoilers: *snicker* Yeah, right.
Note: If large amounts of blood might bother you, beware of squick warning. I'm procrastinating, yet again, so this gets posted much, much earlier than anticipated. That, and haraamis beat me over the head with a stick. *sigh* I'm a victim, I tell you! A victim!

Blurry Moon + Part Seven

Duo's lips were firm against mine, a startling contrast to the gentle touch of his hands on my face. The tenseness in his body that I hadn't been aware of until now melted from him, and he rose above me, kneeling on the couch, and fed at my mouth, pushing his tongue between my lips. He held my head still while he tasted and explored, tilting my face as he liked to delve deeper inside. My hands were on his chest, tangled in the sheer material of his shirt. I groaned, trying to pull him closer.

He broke the kiss with an unsteady breath and drew back. I wasn't ready to let him go yet, so I followed him, and his hands slid into my hair. I rose up and flicked my tongue over his lips, relishing the softness and the way his breath caught and then slowly eased out of him, mingling with my own. His whispered my name, and the raw need in his voice made me shiver.

"Bedroom," I said, voice husky and low in my ears, running my hands over his chest. "Take me there."

He hissed, "Yes," and wrapped his arms around me, palms flat against my ass. The sudden contact made me gasp and I pressed myself into him, grabbing two fistfuls of his hair. He lifted me up easily, despite the awkward angle, and I wrapped my legs around him. He could probably lift a car just as effortlessly, balance and angles didn't really seem to matter. It reminded me of what he was; a vampire . . . inhumanly strong, inhumanly beautiful . . . inhuman. I didn't care, he was Duo.

I kissed his lips, fleetingly, chaste compared to the kiss we had just shared; then traced up his jawline with my mouth, flicking my tongue out to lick the soft skin behind his ear. I breathed in his scent, the smell of stormy rain clouds. I let my breath out in a rush, watched his hair stir in the current.

He moved through the room, into a hallway, and all I could see was him, everything else was secondary. I dimly registered that we were going up a stairway further in the building. The darkness around us lightened, and I finally lifted my head to glance around. The walls were dark, the floor as well. My eyes skipped over the furniture to settle on the bed. It was set down lower than the rest of the room, headboard against the back wall, three wide steps that formed a semi-circle around it leading down. The wall on the right side of the bed was all glass, the rain pounding a steady cadence against it and blurring the view as it poured down. The glass extended up the wall and over the ceiling, much like a sunroom or greenhouse, and let the wavering light of the city in.

Duo's muscles bunched under my hands as he moved, taking us to the bed with its dark spread and even darker frame, and I kept running my hands over him, not able to stop touching. He set me down on the pure silken blackness, leaning over me and trailing his fingers across my face and lips. My skin burned where he touched me.

I reached for him, sliding my hands under his shirt and scraping my blunt nails down his chest. He sucked in a sharp breath, his cheek pressed to mine. The rhythm of the rain outside filled my ears, punctuated by the heavy sounds of our breathing.

His hands were on my thighs, traveling up over my hips and under my shirt. He bunched it up and pulled it over my head, one of his hands instantly returning to stroke up my side. His thumb brushed over one of my nipples as I tugged at his clothes, pulling his shirt up until I could splay my hands over the soft skin of his back. I felt the play of his muscles under my palms and then tugged impatiently at his shirt again. I wanted to feel his naked skin next to mine.

Duo's eyes met my own, colors shifting and blending in the shadows. Light flashed outside, illuminating his features quickly before plunging them back into the dimness. I caught the wild look in his eyes, the glint of fang between his parted lips. I heard thunder roll, felt it rumble through the sky and ground. He grasped the hem of his shirt and pulled it off; I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him to me until I could feel the press of his bare flesh against me. Soft and firm, velvet smooth and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. I dipped my hands low and fumbled with the ties of his pants. I wanted - I needed more.

Lightning flashed again, the subsequent rumble of thunder coming faster now. Duo crawled down my body, reaching for his boots and tugging them off, mine following soon after. I reached for the buttons on my pants, then his hands were covering mine, undoing the buttons and pushing the material down off my hips. He looked up at me again as he slowly exposed me, pulling the pants completely off before kneeling between my spread legs. He glanced back down and I could taste his excitement like vintage wine on my tongue. I could feel sex and power flowing over us like the rain pouring down the glass above. It pushed through me, devouring everything but the need. I tried to speak and couldn't find my voice, then Duo touched me and the thought of speech flew from my mind.

His fingers closed around my cock gently, not enough to ease the burning ache. I groaned, my hips jerking of their own volition. He firmed his grip and I couldn't stop the whimper that escaped my throat. I needed more, he had to give me more.

I swallowed harshly again and tried to speak. "Duo . . . not . . . enough," I managed to say, gasping. I started to say something more, but I felt the wet heat of his tongue brush over the tip of my erection at the same time, and my words died in a strangled cry that blended with the crash of thunder outside.

I grabbed his arms and pulled him up, catching his lips in a rough kiss and forcing my tongue past his lips and between the delicate points of his fangs. His hand gripped my cock again, fingers teasing the crown, dipping into the droplet of liquid that seeped from the tip. I moaned into his mouth and he stroked me slowly. I rocked my hips up, reveling in the surges of pleasure burning through my blood. I rubbed his tongue with my own, then ran it over his teeth and very deliberately scraped the sharp tip of a fang. I tasted blood and seconds later, Duo straddled me with a deep, nearly feral growl, fingers cupping my face as he stroked my tongue with his over and over again. My hands rested on the waistband of his pants as he fed at my mouth. His tongue pushed deeper, tangling with mine and he pulled back to lap at my lips, only to plunge his tongue back inside the wet heat.

Duo drew away with a shaky laugh, eyes burning. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I lose myself when you do that." He voice came out as a low growl. Lightning flashed again and the thunderclap sounded before the light had faded.

I licked my lips, the small wound on my tongue pulsing with my heartbeat. Duo's eyes followed my movement. I reached for the ties of his pants, undoing them quickly. I slid my hands past the material, feeling the silken heat of his skin, fingers brushing over him briefly before pushing his pants further down. His gaze flicked to where my hands were dark against his pale skin. I could hear his heart beating in his chest, frantic enough to match the tempo of my own. Another flash of lightning, and the marks on my body started to burn.

Duo quickly rid himself of his clothes, dropping his body down and pressing the line of our bodies together. His arousal was heavy where it lay on my thigh, and I shifted under him, bringing our heated lengths into contact. He thrust his hips against me, moaning low in his throat, his forehead pressed into the crook of my neck.

I arched up into him as his hands wandered over me. His tongue swiped in a hot, wet line across the bite mark on my neck. I tilted my head, giving him better access.

"No," he growled, and I turned to look at him again. His eyes were drowning indigo blue, the white completely eaten away. "I don't want to bleed you."

"You want to fuck me," I finished for him, gasping when he forced his hand between us, moving lower to dip his fingers into the cleft of my ass. I rocked into his hand as he circled a finger teasingly around my entrance.

"Oh, yes," he hissed, my movements making his erection rub against me. "I want to be inside you." He pushed the pad of his finger into me, slick with my precome.

I groaned loudly, hands clenching his shoulders. "I need it," I panted, grating the words out between breaths.

He let out another low growl, rolling off of me quickly and reaching out into the dim light. I moved up further on the bed, propping myself up on my elbows. My cock was aching to be touched. I skimmed my fingers across my hip and wrapped a hand around it, firmly stroking from base to head. My mouth fell open as I gasped at the rush of pleasure, and I repeated the action. Liquid oozed from the tip. I rubbed my thumb through it, spreading it over the head and hissing at the sharpness of the sensation. My head fell back and I thrust my hips into the tunnel of my hand.

I felt Duo looming over me, his gaze heated. I looked at him and saw lust in his face, lust and need, desire and want. His eyes were flicking between my face and my groin. I smiled at him, a twist of my lips that was an open invitation. He crawled over me, hands on my thighs and pushing my legs apart so he could kneel between them. Slick fingers trailed over the skin of my sac, then lower, rubbing over the tight ring of muscle.

Duo's eyes focused on my face for a moment before he dropped his gaze to watch his fingers playing over me. I planted my feet firmly on the bed and lifted my hips a little, baring everything to his sight. I heard his breath hitch and he slid a finger inside me, watching fixedly as it disappeared into my body.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling of his slippery finger stroking me. He pushed deep, then drew out again, fucking me with just the tip. I started rocking my hips, pushing down, and he curled his finger, rubbing the walls inside. My eyes opened to see him watching me, watching what he was doing, and I could feel the pleasure he gained from knowing he was touching me like this, inside me.

I groaned again, amazed at the delight he gained from such a small thing. I writhed on the bed below him as he stroked me from the inside, brushing over my prostate and sending shocks of pleasure coursing through me. He drew his finger out, pressing back in with two and plunging deeper. Everything was hot; the air, my body, Duo's fingers inside me, the marks on my skin. I thought I would burn up in the heat. The rain outside thundered on the glass, flashes of light streaking through the sky.

"Heero," Duo moaned. He had stopped moving his fingers and was watching me force myself down over them.

I pushed myself up, the arm I was bracing myself on shaking with the combined strain of holding myself up and enduring the pleasure Duo was causing; reaching down to touch his fingers where they vanished into me. I ran the tip of my finger around my entrance, brushing his fingers, and then grasped his wrist as he started thrusting them into me again. I tossed my head back and collapsed onto the bed, rolling my hips with the plunge of his fingers. Noises fell from my lips; his name, a plead for more, a curse.

"Enough," he said suddenly, harshly. I focused dazed eyes on his face. "Enough," he said again, softer, but his voice still husky. "I will have you forever to pleasure, to tease . . . I will have you."

My voice wouldn't work so I merely nodded, crying out when he took his fingers away in a quick jerk. His hands gripped my ass, lifting me, and I felt the head of his cock pressing against my entrance, then he slid leisurely inside me. I could feel him inch by inch, pushing against my inner walls, rubbing along them with delicious friction. The sensation of being taken, being filled by him, was sharp and clear. He kept pushing, kept filling me up, spreading me open. I shuddered and gasped his name.

I felt his thighs press against my ass, felt the entire throbbing length of him buried in me. Then he pulled out achingly slow, letting me feel his cock caress me from the inside. I arched my back, hands twisting in the brushed silk that I lay on. He pushed back into me quickly, a shocking contrast to his slow withdrawal and my mouth fell open in a scream, drowning out his own groan of pleasure. He did it again, trying to push himself deeper and deeper within me. Each time he thrust, I couldn't stop the cry that was wrenched from my throat. I wrapped my legs around him and let him take me, riding the pleasure that he burned into my blood. A clap of thunder melded with my screams.

The air grew heavier, closer, and I knew it was power that swirled around us. I gave myself to it like I gave my body to Duo, letting it push deep into me. It caressed my skin, heightened each sensation. The marks seared into me, three burning points of pleasure and pain. It mingled with the tight coil of heat low in my body.

Duo's fingers dug into my hips, the harsh rhythm of his breathing broken by his groans. Whimpers and screams fell from my lips as his cock pushed against my prostate, whiteness eating at the edges of my vision, the flashing of lightning outside helping the theft.

I felt him jerk inside me, the warm rush of his come spilling into me. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me onto his lap and forcing his cock deeper. I gripped his arms hard enough that my nails bit into his flesh, forming little half-moons of blood that blurred as it mingled with the sweat on his body. His cock pulsed with his release as he tried to push himself as deep into me as possible. I felt it coat my insides, hot and wet. He crushed me to him and sank his fangs into my neck. I felt him pierce the skin and something in me broke, surging up within me and spilling out of my mouth in a primal scream as my orgasm tore through me. My entire body throbbed, my vision vanished and I could hear nothing but the rush of blood through my veins. I screamed and cried as the storm raged overhead and through my body.


I had blanked out, because when I opened my eyes, Duo was leaning beside me where I lay spread out on the bed, stroking my face gently. His eyes were still drowning in color, otherworldly and ethereal.

"Duo," I croaked, my voice ruined from screaming.

He shushed me softly. "There's more."

My eyes widened. "What?"

He merely nodded, his other hand where it rested on my hip dropping lower. I could feel his release seeping from me and his fingers trailed through it. I groaned, my skin too sensitive.

"It has to be now, while the power rides you," he said, and pushed his fingers into me.

I hissed sharply, in mingled pain and pleasure. With Duo, the line blurred and became indistinct. The feeling of trickling wetness on my skin made me look at the marks. They were bleeding like they were fresh again. The sky above still churned with the storm, the rain still pounded the glass.

"What has to be now?" I asked a little breathlessly. He was working his fingers in and out of me, spreading his come along the cleft of my ass. He looked like he was enjoying touching me, smearing his release along my skin, marking me in a different way.

"Everything has been leading to this," he said, lowering his head to brush his lips over mine. His tongue darted out to flick over my lips, then he moved lower again, closing his mouth over the bleeding mark on my neck.

He started to suck gently, drawing my blood into his mouth; making my heart beat faster and the blood flow steadily from the wounds instead of trickle slowly. It pulled on things low in my body, brought something curling up through me, touching things with warm satin that were never meant to be touched. I groaned, this time in full pleasure. His tongue worked against the bite as his fingers moved, thumb pressing against the soft patch of skin just below my sac. My hand was buried in his hair, weaving strands of it around my fingers.

Duo lifted his face away from my neck, lips stained red with my blood. He kissed me, bittersweet metallic flavor flooding my mouth. He pulled back, tracing his tongue over my lips and I met his with my own, pushing and stroking against it. My breathing was uneven, shallow. My blood flowed faster, the sheet I lay on felt warm and slightly damp.

"Duo," I said, the edge of fear in my voice, mixing oddly with the husky sound of my pleasure.

"Hush," he said, moving his head lower so he could mouth the damp skin of my chest. I was sweating, the saltiness mixing in the bloodied wounds and stinging. His hand moved slowly, languidly, and my cock swelled to fullness. "This is what you asked for."

"I don't-"

"You did," he said, lips pressed to my skin. "I asked you if you were certain. You own me, now I will own you. Yours. Mine. Ours."

My throat felt tight, and the heavy air in the room was stirring again with power. I knew then that it hadn't left, had never left; the power had waited for me, and now it would have me. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed in the sky.

Duo lifted his head, looking at my face. He crawled up my body and settled himself beside me, then pulled me into his lap, spreading his legs and letting me rest between them, my back to his chest. I blinked, and couldn't focus my eyes, everything was as if I were in a dream. I was limp in his arms, concentrating on breathing through the energy that surrounded us. He brushed my hair away from my face, then ran his fingers through it. HisF other arm was wrapped around me, holding me tight. He rested his chin on top of my head and kept stroking my hair, comforting me. And still I bled.

I lifted my arm and bemusedly watched the blood flow down my skin in a dark red line. I could feel it draining away, seeping from me. Duo shifted again, turning me halfway around to face him. He bent his leg at the knee and leaned me back against it. I breathed deeply, catching his scent mixed in with the tang of blood and musky smell of sex. The power grew stronger, its rush melding with the beat of the rain.

He grasped my hand and I caught a flash of silver in the lightning before he placed the tiny knife in my palm and closed my fingers over the hilt. He pressed the tip of it to the center of his chest, not breaking the skin, and left his hand there, held loosely over mine. He didn't force my hand further. He held the blade there until I looked up at him. My mind sluggishly tried to keep up.

"Choose," he said.

I looked at the silvery knife, at the rain pouring down overhead, my blood where it stained the sheets already ruined from other body fluids, then his eyes. I loved his eyes. I could watch his eyes shift and swirl until the sun burst and devoured us all in crimson-tainted flames.

I pressed the blade in, and a tiny drop of dark red blood welled from the tip, bright against Duo's pale skin. I hesitated when I felt it bite through his skin. He let his breath out in a hiss, his hand on my thigh, kneading, as I drew the knife down a little, making a tiny, deep wound. His blood stained the silver blade black. I looked up at him to find him watching me with a look he had given me only once before; hope and fear, desire and . . . something more.

I dropped the blade quickly and he let it fall. He pulled me down, bringing my mouth close to the cut. I braced my palms flat on his chest and rolled my eyes up to look at him. I didn't think I could do what he intended. I couldn't.

"My blood for yours," he murmured, his eyes heavy-lidded. "I offer it to you."

I stayed bent over him, energy, thunder, lightning and rain all blending into one. His skin was fevered and slick, firm and soft.

"Heero," he breathed, almost reverently, my lips hovering over the wound I had made. There was a silent plea in his voice, begging me to do this, entreating me to finish what we had started such a short time ago.

I quickly swiped my tongue over it, tasting blood in my mouth. He gasped like it had hurt, or maybe it hadn't hurt at all. The velvet power snaked up my spine, curled around my mind and urged me on. I did it again and his hand in my hair tightened. No, it hadn't hurt. It had felt good. He shivered under me, and I repeated it. It felt good to me, the perfect smoothness of his skin in my mouth. I closed my mouth over the red mark and ran my tongue over it again and again, filling my mouth with the copper tang of his blood.

Power crashed over me, through me, burning hot and crushing. I panted against Duo's skin, then pulled away from him and gasped, and my gasp changed to a scream as the power thrust into me. It pounded over me, I felt my blood flow faster and I screamed again. Duo's hand left my hair and he held me as I writhed, my nails digging into him as he settled me back down on the bed. His mouth covered mine, drinking my screams and forcing more power through me, driving it deeper and deeper. He fed power to me, possessed my mouth and possessed me. I couldn't breathe, couldn't see, couldn't hear. Duo's hands on me were the only thing that kept me anchored. All the world had vanished, leaving only he and I, and the power stealing my life away, replacing it with something more and something less. I felt fleeting loss, enduring joy. I gathered my breath and screamed again as power and pleasure ripped through me, my hands tearing at the sheets.

It built and then ebbed, only to build again. I screamed until my lungs seized and I couldn't gather my breath any more. I writhed on the bed, mouth open in a soundless cry. I let it ride me, I rode it. Silk and velvet caressed the raw endings of my nerves, curled through my veins and rubbed me in places too deep, too intimate to ever be touched. I died, and I had never felt so alive.