Blurry Moon + Part Seven (cont)


I dreamt that I was wading in water, warm water. It was deep and black, and then it was too thick to be water. It grew warmer and warmer until it scalded my skin. I raised my hand and it glistened with red blood.

I felt coldness wash over me and I whimpered, too spent to scream. My throat burned. I heard whispers in the dark and drew comfort from the warmth that cradled me.


I woke slowly, surfacing from sleep like a diver from the deepest ocean, my face buried in a pillow. I took a breath, then another. My pillow smelled like Duo. I woke up a little more, this time registering that there was a heavy, warm weight at my back, an arm thrown across my hip and a hand curved against my thigh. I sighed, and everything felt so right.

Duo's arm shifted, curling over my chest and pulling me tight against him. "Hello, Heero," he said, his voice lazy and full of satisfaction.

I grunted into the pillow, trying to summon up the state of mind to form a response. When that failed, I settled on grunting again. Duo chuckled, still managing to sound sated. Considering what had happened last night, I suppose he had good reason.

"Oh, fuck," I said, jerking upright as I started to remember. Blinding light seared into my eyes and I shouted in surprised pain, throwing an arm up to shield myself and clenching my eyes tight. "Turn the damn light off!"

"There is no light on, Heero, lay back down," he said calmly.

Duo tried to pull me back down beside him, and I resisted. He pulled a little more insistently, but still I didn't budge. That wasn't right. If Duo wanted me down, he'd be able to pull me down. He could toss me about like a doll if he wanted.

I sank slowly back down onto the bed, opening my eyes to narrow slits and blinking. It was amazingly bright. And loud. I could hear my naked skin brushing over the sheets like the rush of a waterfall. My breathing started to speed up again. I was starting to panic.

"Shush," Duo said again, stroking a hand down my arm and smoothing my hair. "Wait a few moments, everything will settle in a minute."

"What is wrong with me?" I asked, my voice like a shout in my ears. I winced.

"Nothing, Heero, nothing. You've simply . . . changed."

"Damn it, it's bright," I groused, lowering my voice. I'm not my best in the morning. "What time is it?"

Duo curled his body around me, pulling me close. "Almost sunset. You chose a good time to rise."

I swallowed hard. " . . . rise?" His words had finally registered on my abused brain.

He nodded the affirmative. I licked my lips, scrubbing a hand over my eyes. "What day is it?"


"Fuck," I said again. I'd lost almost three whole days.

I settled back on the bed, thinking that now would be a good time to have several panic attacks, rage and rant a little, then fall into another hysterical fit . . . but felt nothing. I took a better look around, realizing that we were in the same bed as that night, but the windows were gone. A closer inspection showed that there were solid pieces of something closed over them, I thought it might be metal.

Duo followed my gaze. "The windows are inconvenient, but provide a spectacular view. The blinds seal out the sun during the day."

I had to agree. The thunderstorm still echoed in my ears, a sharp and clear memory. The room was quiet but for our movements.

The brightness wasn't as cutting now, I found I could fully open my eyes without wincing. I glanced over myself and saw that the marks Duo had given me had healed over, faded to the shiny smoothness of an old scar. The slice on his chest was healed as well, paler than his skin and almost glossy. I lifted shaky fingers and traced the mark. He grasped my fingers in his hand and I met his gaze.

"What . . . happens now?" I asked somewhat tentatively. I didn't think the implications of my actions had entirely sunk in yet. I bit into the side of my mouth as I spoke and cursed again, tasting blood. "Fuck," I repeated. I opened my mouth and touched the sore spot, my finger brushing the sharp edge of a tooth. I stopped, my eyes going wide and gingerly touched my teeth again. I had fangs. Two tiny, delicate fangs. I started to feel light-headed, my vision spinning. I had fangs. Reality was sinking in much faster than I could handle.

"It's alright," Duo said, leaning over me. He rubbed his lips over mine, snaking his tongue out to dip into my mouth and lap at the redness.

"I have fangs," I said, jerking away and starting to shake.

He pulled back far enough to regard me with his dual-colored eyes. "Yes," he said.

"I have fangs," I said again. "Like yours. I'm like you. I'm . . . you're . . . ."

He nodded slowly while I babbled at him. I started to shake harder and tried to force myself to stop. It didn't work. I had fangs. I was a vampire. Duo had made me a vampire. I had changed, finally and permanently. I shook and he held me. I could never go back. I waited for the helpless feeling of loss to set in, but I mourned nothing. I waited for the anger to come, but I was calm. I looked up at the swirling color of his eyes and absently wondered if my own had begun to churn.

Gradually, time passed and what seemed like ages later my body finally stopped shivering. Duo's hand was running through my hair over and over again. I tried to be angry, or sad, or anything at all, but there was nothing. I thought it was the disconnected feeling of shock setting in, and I knew the moment I considered the idea that it wasn't.

"I've arranged for your things to be moved here," he said.

"What?" His abruptness startled me.

"You can't stay at your apartment, Heero. It's too dangerous. I won't lose you now." His voice was fierce, eyes flashing.

I bristled at the fact that Duo had seen fit to move my things around like that, and for assuming that I would simply follow his lead without question. But he was right, my apartment wouldn't be suitable . . . living quarters now. I let out a choked laugh at the irony of the statement.

I opened my mouth to say something, then I felt the world shudder and stop. No, not the world, my world stopped as the evening closed in. I felt the sun sink slowly below the horizon, surrendering its grasp on the earth with a lingering sigh. It passed without any pain and I was left feeling freer than I had even been. I could hear the white noise of life buzzing in the background, and if I chose to concentrate on it, I could clearly hear the world living. I let out a slow breath, the tension easing from my shoulders as my heart rate returned to normal.

"I had forgotten that you would do that," Duo said softly.

I was still basking in the relief that the pain of the sun setting was gone. "Do what?" I asked, my irritation at him fading. Everything would be different now, I could handle it. I had to. I repeated that phrase over and over in my head.

"Breathe," he said.

I looked at him sharply. "Your heart beats, you breathe."

"Sometimes," he said. "I don't have to. You do it now, automatically."

I drew my eyebrows together, staring at him. I had the urge to try and stop it, to hold my breath and see if I could stop my heart entirely. I didn't, though. It scared me that I might be able to. Maybe I wasn't ready to handle this at all, and that angered me. I hated being afraid of it, and of myself.

"You moved everything here?" I asked. I needed something to focus on, something to stop myself from dwelling too much on what I had done to myself - what Duo and I had done.

He was watching me carefully. "No, not all. Your things are still left in your office."

"I want to get them."

"I'll arrange for it."

"No, I want to get them. Now," I stubbornly insisted.

"Now?" he said, clearly incredulous. "Heero, you can't possibly be serious. You aren't ready to . . . to go out."

I narrowed my eyes. "I'm going, and I'm going now. Come with me or not, I don't care." I rolled off the side of the bed quickly, surprised by the speed of the movement. I stumbled once before I could stand. "Shit," I breathed.

Duo propped himself up on his elbow. "You aren't used to this yet, Heero. Please, wait until you are."

I turned on him, an angry yell on my lips. How was I supposed to get used to it? I had fangs, I could move faster than my brain could register. I wasn't sure that this was what I had asked for last night, my memory was distorted, but I knew I hadn't -

I cut myself off before I opened my mouth. I had asked for this, I had told Duo I knew what I was asking, but I hadn't really. I hadn't known at all.

I straightened, looking down at him, pale against the darkness of the sheets. "What happens now?" I asked him again quietly.

"Now?" he said, rising from the bed. He moved perfectly, and I watched him knowing that soon I would be the same. "Now, everything begins."

I stopped breathing as he glided across the carpet towards me, sinfully beautiful. I looked at him and knew he was mine now, as much as I was his. I felt my heartbeat slow. Duo came closer, enveloping me in his arms, pulling me close. My heart stopped beating at the same time his did. I could feel it halt in mid-beat. I wrapped my arms around him and we stood there, perfectly silent and still; the stillness of death in a world struggling with life.

"Your eyes," he said, his face buried in my hair, "are the color of a restless ocean and tempered steel."

I couldn't think of anything to say, so I held him silently. I let my heart beat again, finding a small comfort in the familiar feeling, though I had never even given my regular, steady heartbeat a second thought. Another feeling rose up inside me, uncoiling from the pit of my stomach and spreading through me like a bird flexing its wings. I shuddered in Duo's arms and he drew back, eyes searching my face. A new need grew within me, unfamiliar and frightening. The promise of having that need answered curled through my body, seducing me and overpowering my meager fear.

I faced Duo and words spilled from my mouth, unbidden. "I hunger," I said. The phrasing was foreign to me, but rolled off my tongue so naturally.

His lips twisted in a wicked smile. It made me catch my breath again and I knew that once I had sated this new hunger, I would satisfy myself with Duo' s sex. I let the heat of my desire show in my eyes and his darkened in response.

"Then we feed," he said, his voice dropping into a low growl.

I tangled my hands into his hair, jerking his face close to mine. "Yes," I murmured, drawing the last syllable out as I felt a surge of excitement course through me. My first instinct was to fight it, but I resisted the urge and let it devour me. I kissed him, sucked on his bottom lip before plunging my tongue into the warm heat of his mouth.

Oh, yes. I would feed.

- - - - - - - - -

Wufei: *throws hands up into the air* Well, it's about damned time!
Blue: *startled* What?
Wufei: It took you long enough. *crosses arms and glowers*
Blue: *whispers to Quatre* What is he talking about?
Quatre: *eyes widen* You don't know?
Blue: *flat look*
Quatre: *embarrassed cough* Sorry.
Blue: *taps foot* Well?
Trowa: *shrugs* Unrelieved sexual tension aggravates him.
Quatre: *nods*
Blue: *blinks* *narrows eyes* Aggravates him . . . how?
Quatre: Frustration.
Trowa: Severe frustration.
Blue: *grins evilly and steeples fingers* Excellent.
Wufei: *glares at Trowa and Quatre* Thank you, very much.
Trowa: *smirks*

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