Author: Blue ^__^
Category: AU, 1x2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, blood, supernatural.
Spoilers: *snicker* Yeah, right.
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Blurry Moon + Part Eight

Duo took me to the place where the pulse of the night city lay; the Riverside. We were standing outside, hidden in the shadows of a darkened building. I could see everything as clear as if it were day. He had been very entertained by my amazement I hadn't stopped to think that a vampire's eyesight was quite that good.

The Riverside area stretched out before us, teeming with people. I could feel their heartbeats on the back of my tongue, sliding down my throat like sweet honey. The scent of their blood filled my nose. I wanted to take their life and hold it in my hands, drink it down and bask in it. My breathing turned shallow with the force of my need.

Duo slipped his arms around me from behind. He seemed to love holding me like that, resting his head on my shoulder and pressing his cheek to mine. His hair was tied back in a braid, snaking down his back in a shining chestnut rope. He wore a simple black tee and straight-legged pants, his black duster thrown over it. It should have been too warm for that much clothing, but Duo didn't feel the heat or the cold like I did like I used to.

I was comfortable in the clothes Duo had given me; a royal blue shirt, trimmed in silver with long sleeves that fit snugly to my body. It wrapped around me, creating a deep V' neck down passed the center of my chest and tied at my side with silver thread. The pants he had chosen were tight, a matte black in the shadows but flashing silver when the light hit them. He had watched me dress, helping me into the shirt with heated delight in his eyes. I was ready to say the hell with taking care of this hunger of mine and sating myself on his skin. Duo insisted that he take me out first, he was eager share this new thing with me.

I stayed in the circle of his arms, trying to come to grips with the fact that I was actually regarding all the people mingling in front of me as something to feed on. My eyes continually wandered over the crowd as Duo searched.

"There," he breathed into my ear, indicating a group of people entering one of the clubs. He slid his hand down my arm, grasping my fingers and pulling me along, diving straight into the dark, pulsing rhythm of the club's interior.

I hesitated just inside the doorway, stumbling and nearly overcome by the tantalizing smell of so much heated blood. I watched the people move, rocking to the music, grinding their bodies together. My heart started to pound and I wet my suddenly dry lips. I heard laughter and moans rising above the din. There was blood and sex to be had here, and my hunger grew, threatening to rip away what little control I had.

"Where?" I asked Duo, my voice hoarse as I tugged him back.

He wrapped an arm around my waist, his face alight. "Follow me," he said, and drew me deeper inside.

He plunged us into the throbbing press of bodies, his other hand tight on mine. I weaved through the crowd behind him, men and women turning to regard us with wide eyes and parted lips. Hands grazed over my body and one man, taller than I and with gleaming emerald eyes, met my gaze briefly. Instantly, he froze, a look of lustful expectation on his face, and I knew that he was mine. I had captured him with my eyes without meaning to. His blood was roaring through his veins and I could taste it. I stepped toward him.

"No," Duo said, "Not that one. Release him."

" . . . how?" I asked, my voice strained. All I had to do was take that last step and I could sink fang into the smooth skin of his curving neck . . . .

"Heero," Duo said sharply. "You know how, simply do it."

I didn't want to, I wanted to pierce his skin and lap at the dark red blood that would seep from the wound. I wanted to wrap his life around me, taste his skin and drink him down. The strong visual jerked me back, made me struggle to regain a bit of myself.

"I have another for you," Duo murmured to me. "Release him."

I glanced at Duo, throat constricting, but did as he said, and we moved on. I could feel the man's eyes on me for a lingering moment, and knew that if I wanted to taste him, I could call and he would come. He was mine now.

I carefully avoided catching anyone else and followed Duo. He stopped suddenly, turned to face me and grabbed my hips, pulling me flush against him.

"Dance with me," he said, sliding his hands down to grip my ass as he began to move against me. He glanced over my shoulder, then back at my face.

I shot him a confused look, but wrapped my arms around him and mimicked his movements. He pressed his leg between mine, bringing his hands trailing up my back. The taste of so much blood nearby made my head spin, and I clutched Duo's shoulders.

"Duo," I said roughly.

"Soon," he promised.

His eyes flicked, again glancing behind me. I turned my head to look out of the corner of my eye, seeing a slight blond man slipping through the crowd toward us. Duo released me long enough to draw the man between us, bodies pressed close, and turned him to me. I looked at his face and saw eyes the color of a tropical ocean. I knew him, I worked had worked, with him.

"Heero," he whispered, eyes wide and glassy. I recognized the expression on his face, the look in his eyes. Duo had taken him.

Duo's hands snaked around his stomach, slipping under his shirt to trace a line across his skin. "This one," he said to me, nuzzling the blond's neck. "What is your name?" Duo asked him.

" . . . Quatre," he answered, tipping his head, eyes drooping as Duo's tongue teased his skin. He leaned back into Duo, one hand reaching for me.

"Come with us," Duo said as Quatre's hand tangled in my shirt.

He nodded slowly and let Duo lead him away.

"Heero," Duo urged, turning to face me.

A low growl trickled from my lips, unbidden. I looked at Quatre's pale skin, his lithe body encased in black pants and a dark shirt, and I followed them. I caught his wrist, wrapping my fingers around it. I felt his pulse beating erratically under his skin, and the hunger inside me flashed, coiling up through me in a tight spiral. I heard Quatre gasp, and he looked at me, a hunger of his own burning in his eyes.

I growled again, wrenching Quatre from Duo's grasp and making the blond fall against me. I felt the surge of fear-tinged surprise well up from him, and it fueled my need. Duo stepped up beside me, running his fingers over my parted lips. My breathing was shallow, my lips wet where I had run my tongue over them.

"Slowly, Heero," he said.

He slid his arm around Quatre again, dragging him back towards the wall. The blond gripped my shirt, tugging me with them. Duo's back hit the wall and he spread his legs a little, forcing Quatre to stand flush against him, between his legs. Duo nuzzled his neck again, hands roaming over his chest.

"I am Duo," he breathed into Quatre's ear. "Heero is my mate."

I glanced up quickly at Duo. It was the first time he had used the phrase.

"Do you want him?" Duo asked, and I realized he was addressing Quatre.

If Quatre thought the question odd, I couldn't tell. His eyes dropped, then rose slowly, taking in every inch of me. When his eyes met mine again, the need in them had grown. Lust swam in his eyes like a tangible thing. Oh, yes, he wanted me. I could taste his desire in my mouth, roll it on my tongue. Lust and blood . . . it was an intoxicating mixture.

"Yes," Quatre hissed, hands pulling me against him. I could feel his heart pounding against his ribs, forcing his blood through his body. I felt him firm and ready through our clothing.

The music pounded around us, deafeningly loud, and I bent my head, brushing my lips carefully over his. His breath rushed out in a moan and his arms slipped around me, crushing our bodies together and pressing his groin insistently against me.

Duo let out a small, breathless sound, and I looked up to see his eyes gone completely indigo blue. I wondered if mine were the same, the white swallowed by the color of my iris, and in the same instant, knew that they were.

"Take him," Duo groaned. "Take him." His command was more insistent, more forceful the second time.

I buried my hand in Quatre's light hair, tilting his head to the side. I felt Duo's gaze heavy on me, knew the feverish look that glistened in them. I ran my tongue over the beating pulse in Quatre's neck, tasting the salt of his skin and under that, the unique, smooth flavor that was his own. His blood surged just below the surface. I closed my mouth over his raging pulse, feeling it jump against my tongue. My free hand was on his hip, fingers slipping through a belt loop. He thrust his hips against me and I sank my fangs into the soft skin of his neck.

He let out a breathy cry, arms tightening, short nails digging into the skin of my back where he had worked his hands under my shirt. I drew back, watching the darkness well from the two tiny punctures, then sealed my lips over it, laving it with my tongue and suckling.

Quatre was groaning loudly, pushing his erection harder and harder against me. His head was tossed back, eyes clenched tight. Duo moved with him, pressing his groin firmly against the blond man's ass. The hand on my back convulsed and I drank down the glorious taste of him. It flowed into me, breathing life like I had never known through my limbs. The coil of power inside me, my power, broke free, surging upwards, out of my mouth and into Quatre, and he screamed breathlessly, shuddering.

His rhythm changed, turning frantic. More gasping nonsense sounds fell from his lips, changing to a high-pitched whimper as I continued to suck at his neck. I was rocking with him, the physical pleasure adding to the sensations already rubbing over my skin like the softest fur.

I heard Duo moan, "Yes," at the same time Quatre jerked roughly against me. I felt his cock spasm where it pressed into me, and the heat of his release heating the material of his pants further. I could smell it, mixed through the scent of his blood and his skin. He was crying out, nails digging into my back. My senses were full of him, his taste, his scent, his voice.

I pulled away, letting the feelings ride me. It was extraordinary, and perfect. My eyes were heavy-lidded as I regarded Duo holding the spent, gasping Quatre in his arms. I felt satisfied and full, my skin tingling with the hum of power and his blood.

Quatre lifted his head slowly, like the action required energy that he didn't have. "Heero," he moaned, his hand pressed to his neck.

I looked at his face and knew that Quatre wouldn't forget me, ever. Neither would I forget him. I had a piece of him now, and I meant to have another taste, another time.

Duo lifted him in his arms, carrying him over to one of the many couches spread along the wall. He set him down, drawing a white piece of material from his coat pocket and gently wiping at the wound. It had stopped bleeding, the skin healing quickly. I couldn't see it happen, but if I looked away and glanced back, the mark had healed that much more. It would be completely gone by morning. I looked at Duo and guessed why the marks he gave me hadn't healed. He had wanted more than sustenance, and he had gotten it.

He stood up, leaving Quatre nestled on the cushions, and crushed me to him, pressing his lips hard enough to mine that he forced my mouth open. My eyes slipped closed. His tongue pushed inside, teasing my tongue and thoroughly exploring my mouth. He was tasting Quatre on me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Duo smiling at me; that same sated, contented smile that he saved for after sex. I felt my lips twist, mirroring him. There was no fear left in me now, no hesitation. The night that had drawn me for so long was now my world, and it was everything and more than I had thought it to be. I felt the heartbeat of the night pulse around me, and it was mine.


The moon shimmered in the sky high above us. I sat with my back against Duo's chest, his legs around me, bent at the knee and feet flat on the shingles. We were on the roof of one of the buildings at the Riverside, watching the world move beneath us by the moon's glow. The river shone with white light.

I sighed, curling my arm loosely over Duo's thigh. His head rested on top of mine, and he stirred at the sound.

He was silent for a very long time before he finally spoke. "Do you regret?" he asked quietly.

I started to answer right away, but then thought better of it and seriously considered his question. I hadn't seen the blinding fire of the red sun for weeks, and I didn't miss it. I missed nothing. Once, I had thought that I would miss the comfort of my favorite coffee, but I had found something much better, much richer than its bitter warmth to wrap myself in.

There was nothing in my old life that had drawn me, consumed me so completely as Duo did. The moon was as bright as the sun to me now, the air milder, the steady flow of life around me sweeter. I had gained so much. I had gained Duo. He was mine now, forever, until the world faded and everything was but a memory, just as I was his. I had nothing to regret.

"No," I said. "I have no regrets."

"Heero," he murmured.

He told me once that he loved the way my name rolled from his tongue, and I believed him. He said it so often. I settled closer, my hand tracing lazy patterns on his thigh.

He bent his head down, rubbing his face against my cheek and whispered quietly to me. ". . . mine," he said. "My . . . ."

I turned my head, kissing his lips softly, tasting him and drawing in the scent of rain winds. There was a lazy heat to our touches, slowed by the knowledge that eternity was ours. Soon, the heat would grow more insistent, grow and consume us both in a rush of power and sex that would leave us spent and sated, waiting for it to rise again. No, there was nothing for me to regret. There were many fates worse than being held in Duo's arms. He held me, and the stars overhead passed us by as we bathed in the perfect light of summer's blurry moon.



Heero: Is that the end?
Blue: *muffled voice* Yep, that's it. *tries to dig herself out of pile of notes and books*
Duo: *whistles* That's a big pile.
Blue: You should see if from this side. *waves hand* Little help, here?
Trowa: *grabs hand and pulls*
Blue: Thanks. *fixes clothes, then glares at books* Damn things.
Quatre: You're still not finished?
Wufei: The pile is getting slightly smaller. *tilts head to the side* Slightly.
Blue: Humph. Doesn't seem like it.
Duo: Forget that, what's next? *rummages around in fic folder*
Blue: ...I get no sympathy.
Quatre: *looks up from folder and smiles sheepishly*
Blue: *rolls eyes*

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