by Bronze Tigress

Rainbow Sherbet + Chapter 11

Sunday morning

Dorothy wakes up early the next morning to find herself spooned up around Trowa, who seems to be still sleeping. When she carefully sits up to get out of bed, however, he stirs and catches her hand back around his chest. "Going somewhere?" he asks, voice still sleepy but almost playfully amused.

"Bathroom; I'll be right back," she replies, before slipping her fingers free. True to her word, five minutes later Dorothy is shedding her robe again and slipping back under the blankets. "I think they're still sleeping," she murmurs, "and I think I could use some more sleep myself." One strong arm wraps around her waist then, pulling her in close against Trowa's broad chest and then lifting briefly to flip her hair out of the way. He nuzzles her hair, then, sighing contentedly, before placing a small kiss on her ear and falling asleep again.

The next time she wakes, it is to find Trowa leaning over her, brushing her bangs out of her face with gentle, calloused fingertips. "Awake yet, my lady? I think our hosts are finally up," he says, smiling lightly. He tugs the covers down, then, and then slides one hand softly up her arm and over her shoulder. It isn't until he slides the hand back down to take hers that she realizes he was fixing the strap of her gown, which had slipped off while she was sleeping. He turns, bends, and turns back to hold her robe for her to slip into, then wraps his arms around her, bringing the pale seafoam satin with him to snuggle gently around her waist. She cinches the belt into place, turns to lean into his embrace for a moment, nose tucked into the juncture of his neck and shoulder as she breathes in the scent of him, and then tips her chin up to kiss him. "I suppose we shouldn't keep them waiting then," she smiles.

Breakfast is a strangely comfortable affair, once the initial oddness of it all wears off. Wufei is in the kitchen, still in pajamas and with his loose hair tucked behind his ears, chopping something - peppers for omelettes, as it turns out - when Dorothy and Trowa emerge, somewhat shyly, from the room they had shared. "Good morning, gorgeous, beautiful as always I see," Duo's voice sounds, startlingly loud, right behind them. Duo slips up between the two, dropping a kiss on Trowa's cheek before wrapping an arm around each of their waists in a tiny hug and then turning to Dorothy with an approving, "You're looking very well, too, this morning. Nice new style, by the way." He gives the lightest tug on the end of her braid before he slips right between them and over to the counter where he attempts to make off with some of the peppers, getting a playful swat from the cook for his trouble.

"I do believe you have it backwards, Duo," Wufei comments, scooping the peppers into the pan and putting the knife down. "However," he turns, and pins Duo up against the counter in one swift, smooth movement, "I could be persuaded to overlook that." His voice lilts lightly with amusement as he presses just a little closer, then nuzzles into the back of Duo's still-damp and very loosely braided hair.

Duo eeps, and then wriggles, and then squirms around to face Wufei. "Ah! Of course," he says. "But I have to get you a cup first, if you want me to fix your coffee for you."

"Coffee sounds good to me," Trowa puts in, then, "and I think Doro would like some as well." He pulls a chair out from the table for her, then casts about for another chair.

"Nah, Tro, just take one of the ones there; I'll bring in the desk chair once I'm done pouring," Duo says, and turns towards the cupboard to pull out cups. Wufei is already back to stirring the pan, but stops long enough to open the fridge to pull out a carton of eggs, which he sets near the stove top, and one of milk, which he hands to Duo. "What do you take, Dorothy?"

"Ah, both please, Duo, thank you," she replies, settling into the chair and adjusting the folds of her robe carefully over her knees, a little self-conscious.

Trowa leans in to whisper in Dorothy's ear, "Wufei's right; you are the beautiful one this morning," before placing a small kiss on her cheek and straightening to pull one of the other two chairs around to put next to hers. He still manages to catch a glimpse of the light blush that colours her fair skin, but Duo gets a much better look, as he is setting a cup down before each of them.

"One with both, one with neither," he announces, setting the cups on the table, then winks at Trowa and turns back to slide a cup onto the counter next to the stove top, "and one sweet for my sweetheart, and... one for me. Who wants toast?" And so the conversation drops into an easy mundanity, as if it were not at all unusual for the four to be gathered around a breakfast table and indeed, have been doing just that every morning for years on end.

By the time all four are awake, fed, dressed, and ready to face the outside world, a new sense of harmony has descended on them. Strangely, again, it really wasn't as uncomfortable to be there as Dorothy had feared it might be. The atmosphere of family is nearly tangible, and Dorothy, who really hasn't had much of that growing up, finds it soothing, and oddly peaceful. She isn't quite sure why or how, but somehow it doesn't matter anyway. All that matters is that this place has become a haven, and she is happy to know that there is such a thing for her now.

Dorothy and Trowa take their leave halfway through the morning, Dorothy's bag slung casually over one of Trowa's shoulders and his other arm around hers, and Dorothy winding an arm around Trowa's waist. They are both smiling contentedly as they look back from the bend of the hallway to wave to their hosts, who - both - smile, and Duo waves after them, then grins when they move out of sight. He turns to Wufei and asks, "Wonder if she's going to leave it that way?"

Wufei merely shakes his head, and wraps his arm a little tighter around Duo's waist, turning him back into the apartment. "I do not know, sweetling, and at the moment, I am uninterested. I do believe I am feeling... unwell? Perhaps a bit hot, even. I think I need to be put to bed..."

The words themselves, for once, do not register as being as important as the tone, which practically oozes heated, breathless desire and sheer molten need. Nevertheless, Duo is surprised. It's not that Wufei is requesting his presence in the bedroom -that certainly happens often enough - but that he is using circuitous - and flirtatious - words to do it. That, and the oddly... passive note of his suggestions. Duo pulls Wufei the rest of the way into the apartment, shutting and locking the door behind himself. Then he looks Wufei up and down, and then past him to sweep over the apartment. "Wufei," he asks, "where'd you put the pod, hon?"

Wufei laughs, and kisses him. "Fine, then, Brightness," he says, voice regaining its normal serious tone. "You have seen, now, what you wished to see?" Duo nods. Wufei smiles. "Good. So there is no reason you cannot take me back there," he says, tipping his head towards their bedroom, "and take me?"

Duo blinks. "Baby? Are you sure?" Wufei nods. "Because you never said anything about it before. I mean, I guessed, but..."

Wufei shrugs. "I am now."

"So you are. Shall we, then?" Duo holds his hand out, and takes Wufei's, and leads him back to their bedroom. Once there, Duo turns to very softly kiss Wufei. He raises gentle hands to slowly peel Wufei's shirt off, then to undo the soft pants and slide them down, kneeling to help Wufei step out of them. His own clothing he removes much more quickly, efficiently pulling off the shirt and stripping off the jeans. Almost as an afterthought, he tugs the elastic from his hair and drops it on the dresser. With both of them naked, he leads Wufei to sit on the bed, and helps him lie down. Then, he checks to be sure the lube is where he remembers it being, easily in reach on the bedside table, and that there are towels available. //I do not want to find out part way through that I have to go looking for those...//

Satisfied that everything is where it should be, Duo crawls up onto the bed, until his hands and knees straddle Wufei's prone form. He lifts his hands to unravel the few twists of the braid that he had put in that morning, and shakes his head to settle his hair. Then he bends down to whisper in one golden ear, "Would you like to know how it feels when you love me, Chang Wufei? Will you let me show you?" He pauses to nip at Wufei's earlobe, before he breathes, "Let me love you, Dragon mine..."

Wufei gathers his breath and answers, "I know you do, Duo, and I put myself in your hands." There are twin notes of pleading and command in Wufei's voice as he says, "Show me, Duo."

Duo nods, takes Wufei's hand in his, and moves to begin doing just that. "Let go, then, Wufei, and just feel it." Light touches become firmer caresses, soft breaths become feather-light kisses, which become little licks and then harder suckling. Wufei's breaths gradually shorten until he is gasping and panting. Duo works his way up one arm, and then the other, and then down Wufei's body, taking care to touch every available bit of skin, but stopping short, just below Wufei's navel - much to Wufei's obvious dismay. Instead, he trails his fingers down one smooth leg, so that he can press licks and nibbling kisses all the way back up -almost. And then he pulls that knee up and spreads it wide, the heel flat on the bed, and strokes the back of that thigh lightly, teasingly. Done with that side for the moment, he moves back down the other leg and back up it the same way, drawing the first voiced moan when he flickers his tongue out to lick at the inside of Wufei's knee, and then on up the inner plane of his thigh, before tugging that knee into a matching position. Pleasing, Duo is, but he is teasing as well, slowly but surely driving Wufei's arousal higher with each touch.

Duo takes the moan as an encouraging sign, and continues teasing his way over every available inch of Wufei's body (except for a certain good handful and some), until Wufei grinds out, "Duo! Are you trying to drive me insane?"

Duo grins at that, and reaches for the lube. "Nope, just a little crazy!" He uncaps the tube, squeezes some out, and then goes back to kissing his way up the inside of a golden thigh. This time, however, he doesn't stop a handsbreadth shy of the top, but keeps going, pressing Wufei's knees further up so that he has to tilt his hips forward, and then open. Duo's tongue flickers out, licking up, up, all the way up that thigh and then over, across the back side of Wufei's balls and then downwards. His hands stroke down the insides of both Wufei's thighs, stopping at the bottom and pressing lightly apart, thumbs massaging at the tendons, silently encouraging Wufei to relax, to open before his ministrations.

Wufei moans louder, and can't resist squirming closer to that tantalizing touch. And then, Duo flicks his tongue out again, running it down, slowly, pressing firmly, until he reaches the small, puckered opening, circling it wetly and then pushing against it without pressing in. Wufei gasps, and moans again, and shifts, squirming closer to that questing wetness, and Duo smiles and obliges his lover. Moving his head back, he brings a lubed finger down to follow the same path his tongue had taken, circling, pressing, and then, when Wufei once again whines and shifts, slowly penetrating to a depth of perhaps the second knuckle, and then stroking in, and out, in and out.

Wufei tosses his head against the sheets, fingers clutching at them. "Nnng! Duo!"

"Yes, dear?" Duo slips a second finger in to join the first just then, and Wufei tosses his head again.

"You are an evil man, Duo," he grits out, even as his hands tighten on the sheets and he squirms again, trying to get more.

Duo chuckles just the tiniest bit. "Oh, 'Fei," he shakes his head. "Evil would be if I stopped now and left you like this, but I won't. All in good time, though. I need to be really, really sure you want it, first. I want to see you writhe and moan and lose control. I want you," he says in a voice gone husky with desire, "to feel what you do to me," as he slips a third finger in, "to feel how you make me feel. You drive me wild, mad with passion, over the edge. You make me feel things I never could have imagined and certainly would never have believed possible. But I believe it, now, because you loved me enough to show me, and now..." he says, withdrawing his hand even as he shifts his weight - and knees - out to one side, to begin kissing his way up Wufei's abdomen, alternating words and kisses. "It's my turn," a kiss to the navel, "to show you," a kiss to the solar plexus, "just," the notch of Wufei's ribs, "what heaven," his sternum, "can be," the yoke of his collarbones, "because," the base of his throat, "I love you, Chang Wufei." Duo pauses the barest instant before he brings his mouth down again, this time kissing his love deeply, letting him feel the depth of the emotion that words cannot tell alone.

Duo shifts his weight, then, slowly letting himself down to lie on his side, pulling Wufei to roll with him. He breaks the kiss to roll further, onto his back. One hand on Wufei's hip and another on his shoulder lift and pull and guide Wufei to his knees, where he stops astride one of Duo's outstretched legs. "Now, Dragon mine," Duo says, looking up into Wufei's eyes. He leaves the hand on Wufei's hip where it is, but slides the other down to take Wufei's hand, meshing their fingers together as he asks, "What do you want?"

Wufei's eyes blaze, and he slips the knee outside Duo's hips forwards to stop at waist level, and leans forwards, pressing their joined hands to the bed above Duo's head. Duo tugs gently on the smooth golden hip under his hand, helping Wufei balance there as he moves his other leg forwards, to kneel straddling his lover's hips. "You, Duo," Wufei says, voice a bit rough, "I want you, beloved." Wufei leans slowly backwards, wriggling a little to align things, and then slides backwards some more, slowly impaling himself. Duo's hand on his hip anchors him, as his own on the bed keeps him steady. Black eyes lock with brilliant blue as their bodies meet, merging, until, a bit less than half way down, Wufei's eyes shut, his head drops back, and his jaw falls open, an expression of utter, wanton abandonment on his perfect features. A small cry of surprise and delight works its way from his throat.

Duo nearly loses his own fragile control then, at the sight of Wufei so close to the edge of his, so before he can sink any further, Duo catches him, the hand on his hip gently contracting, signalling him to stop, and wait a moment. "Look at me, Wufei," Duo says, voice soft but commanding. "Let me see you." Only when Wufei nods, and opens his eyes again, and once more locks their gazes, does Duo let him continue. A small nudge urges Wufei to raise up a bare centimetre before sliding further down again, one step up for every two down, rocking slowly deeper into their union until their hips meet and Wufei's movements even out into a torturously slow wave, rising and falling like the swell of ripples on deep water.

Duo slides his hand slowly up Wufei's back, to stop behind his neck, drawing him down for another kiss. Wufei's mouth is pliant and yielding against his, and despite himself, Duo smiles, recognizing the blissfully heady condition in which action is reaction and thought blurs with sensation. He moves, shifting and tilting, to flip them over, laying Wufei down against the sheets and taking over once more, rocking his hips faster than Wufei had been. Hands still joined, Wufei's legs gripping Duo's sides, arms wrapping around each others' shoulders, they move, waves rolling together towards the shore. Wufei writhes against the bed, head tossing, small mewls coming with every thrust he meets, and Duo responds, driving them harder, surf pounding now, clinging tightly to his love. At last, neither can hold on any further, and with a sobbing cry, Wufei breaks, seed spilling like foam over golden sands, and Duo tumbles helplessly after him, calling Wufei's name to the sky even as he himself falls, shuddering, back into the cradle of Wufei's embrace, burying his head in one tan shoulder.

A long moment later, Duo lifts his head, and kisses Wufei as softly as sunrise in the springtime, then raises up enough to look into his face and quietly asks him, "Did you see it?" Slowly, Wufei opens his eyes, and brings them to focus on Duo's face. Wonder dances hand in hand with fulfilment and exhaustion in the onyx gaze, and a smile hides in the peaceful features as he nods, and the arm around Duo's shoulders moves languidly to pull them back together for another soft kiss.

This time, when Duo breaks the kiss, he is a little more composed than before, and regretfully moves to unlock their hands and push himself up, out of their close embrace. "Need to get you cleaned up, baby..." Wufei blinks, flushes a little as he realizes why, then just nods and smiles as it occurs to him that he really doesn't want to get up to do that himself, right now, and Duo is probably quite right. Duo drops a small kiss on Wufei's forehead, then gathers long limbs beneath himself to crawl across the bed just far enough to reach out for one of the towels set by on the nightstand, and moves back to clean them both up. Wufei shudders a little under the delicate touch on sensitized skin, prompting Duo to ask, with some concern, "Are you okay, hon?"

"I am well, love. Quite, quite well. But you could press a little harder," Wufei replies, voice rasping lazily. He smiles again, and then experimentally tries to stretch his legs out, wincing a little as taxed muscles twinge lightly. "Just a little tight," he answers the concern on Duo's face, even before the question is formed.

Duo nods, hiding a smile at Wufei's choice of wording, as he finishes his cleaning, then tosses the towel neatly into the hamper. He turns back to rub soothingly at Wufei's hip joints, fingers unerringly finding the right spot, as Wufei's surprised gasp attests. "Remember, I know what you were tensing there?" Wufei chuckles softly at that, and lies back again, letting his eyes drop closed. In a moment, Duo can hear his quiet, pleased hum.

It is a few more minutes before Duo stops and gently presses Wufei's knee to let him know he is done. Then, he lays himself back down, stretching out along the length of Wufei's body and turning into his embrace just as Wufei rolls over as well, and gathers Duo into his arms. "Love you."

Wufei presses a kiss into Duo's hair before replying, "And I you, _qidi_. And I you."


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