by Bronze Tigress

Rainbow Sherbet + Chapter 2

Tuesday evening : Shall We Play Show and Tell?

When Wufei returns to the kitchen, where Duo is putting the leftovers carefully into smaller containers, he is surprised by the plaintive quality in Duo's voice as he asks, "You think he'll be back, 'Fei?"

"Probably. He left his shoes here..." Wufei seems vaguely amused by this fact.

"Ah. Um, 'Fei, you meant it, right, what you said just before he got here?"

Wufei doesn't need to think long to come up with that. "That I love you? Yes. As I did when I called you _qidi_ just now; for all that we have had no-one to witness the ceremony for us, you are that to me."

"I... you know why I don't like to say it, right? But not saying I love you won't make it less real - face it, 'Fei, you're doomed, y'know? I just want you to know that. Tro's real special to me, but you're the one I love. No matter what happens here, you're stuck with me, 'cause I'm not going to stop loving you, and I'm not going to be going anywhere."

Wufei pulls Duo towards him by the hips and shuts him up with a kiss. "Thank you, love; that helps." He smiles softly, then continues, "I gather I need not tell you how nervous I am about this, hmm? As you say, then; I care greatly for Triton - for all of my brothers - but you, I love. Now, since the spare bed is already made up, shall we set up a spot in our room for him to sit? And candles, I think. Soft lighting always helps."

Duo practically snorts in disbelief, turning away from his lover. "God, I can't believe you're worrying about the lighting; what's next, costumes and makeup?"

"Duo, I know you too well for that tone to work. What is it that's bothering you?"

"Oh... well... I don't..." He takes a deep breath and organizes his thoughts before starting over. "Sometimes the Walkers, when things got bad for them, would get hired to do shows, y'know? I don't... even for Tro..." He trails off again, not quite sure how to phrase his disquiet.

"Ah." Understanding seeps in, and Wufei offers, "Duo, I suggested this because it is the quickest way to show him how I feel for you. I have had no time to really think over being with him, yet, you see - and it seemed that having him here and yet not a part of us, would give me a chance to, as you say, 'work up to it'?" Wufei closes the gap between them, turning Duo towards himself by the shoulder and then laying both hands on his shoulders. It has become an upward stretch, however, since Duo unexpectedly grew again over the summer, making him the taller of the pair by about 7cm(1), so Wufei lets his hands slide down to take both of Duo's in his instead.

"If this really makes you so uncomfortable, you know we can find some other way. As for the lighting, I merely thought it would be easier for me to do this, if I am less aware of our audience to begin with. In any case, it isn't truly a show for the sake of a show, is it?"

"Nuh, uh. Guess not," Duo agrees, although he is still hesitant. "It sounded like he just wanted to see that it's possible to mix love with sex first, without having to do anything; I guess we all need to work up to the idea. We can show him that, right?"

"Of course..." Wufei's voice drops into a huskier tone then, full of promised delights, as he continues, "And it occurs to me that I know just how to take your mind off our audience, as well; I do hope you will not object if I fuck you until you cannot remember your name?"

"Oooh... oh, no, not at all..." Duo practically shivers at the honeyed tone that Wufei's voice has taken on, little thrills of desire starting to race up his spine already.

"Oh, good." Wufei gathers his love into his arms, kissing him thoroughly and altogether possessively, then moving to nip at his earlobe and suckle lightly on the juncture of his neck, raising a needy moan and another shiver. "Go, bring in the candles from the living room and set them on the dresser and nightstand. I'll worry about the rest of the setting up."

During the next half hour, a number of small changes are made. In the master bedroom, candles are set up along the top of the dresser and on the bedside table on the same side of the room, creating a line of small lights. The bed itself is stripped down to the plain light blue sheet and the pillows - the top sheets and blankets folded into a small pile in the farthest corner of the room. In the corner opposite the dresser, on the wall by the door, a chair has been placed. Beside it, a light quilt and a cushion are piled on the floor, and a small white towel is draped over the back of the chair.

Wufei has already changed and is lighting the candles on the side table - large jasmine-scented pillars, in a pretty blue-violet shade - and Duo is still taking his turn in the bathroom when Trowa knocks on the front door for admittance once again. He is carrying a small duffel bag this time, and looking oddly squirmy - a condition which is not much alleviated by the fact that Wufei has answered the door looking quite unlike his usual businesslike self. His hair is loose, which creates a startling change all by itself. Add to this that he is currently wearing only a loose pair of red sateen pajama pants, the colour of which draws attention to the golden tones of his skin and, well... Trowa is to be excused for double-checking the apartment number before returning his host's greeting.

"Do come in, Triton," Wufei says, a warm and slightly amused smile gracing his features.

"Uh... Oh! Oh, yeah, of course." Trowa recovers his wits enough to actually enter the apartment, shutting and locking the door behind himself without thinking.

Wufei quirks a lip in what would be a self-satisfied smirk were it not so soft. "Not exactly what you were expecting, I take it?" he asks, indicating his transformation and turning around for inspection.

Trowa shakes his head. "You look so... different, Wufei. It's a bit of a surprise, really. Not that it's bad! Just - I don't think I've ever seen you this... casual or relaxed before. It looks very good on you..."

Wufei leads Trowa further into the apartment. "Now, this one is the spare room, and you may as well leave your bag here; in fact, you might want to change into whatever you were planning on sleeping in now. The bathroom is next, although if you need it you will have to wait your turn, and our room is the last door there. I am going to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee for after, and then heading back to our bedroom. Just come in when you are ready; even if we were not both somewhat nervous about this, we often like to start with a bit of a massage, and I thought it might help Duo relax."

Trowa's small expression of surprise catches Wufei's attention, and he explains, very seriously, "Yes, he is nervous about this, even if it was his idea to begin with. Triton - this is not something either of us does; it is strange for us as well. For all that he flirts and talks so loudly about sex, Duo is perhaps even more private about actually sharing this part of himself than I am, and he has his own reasons for not wanting to be the main attraction in this sort of show. You should know, perhaps, that it is only because it is you that we even considered this, at all..." With that thought, he turns and walks towards the kitchen, leaving a slightly stunned Trowa behind to stare after his retreating back.

With a shake of his head, Trowa resolves to ask about that later. There is, from the comment about coffee, going to be a later, and that, he thinks, is probably going to be just as well. He hasn't even seen anything yet and already he has questions! He turns the doorknob and walks into the spare room to change into the loose grey sweatpants and navy T-shirt he brought along to serve as sleepwear.

A little less than fifteen minutes later, Trowa takes a deep breath, decides he's as ready as he's liable to get, and walks out of the bathroom, down the short stretch of hall to what he now realizes is the master bedroom. That door is already open, and a hint of jasmine permeates the dimly-lit room. The light and the scent can both be attributed to the candles on the near side of the bedroom. On the bed, Wufei is kneeling at Duo's head, both hands tucked under his neck, facing towards the door but paying attention only to the young man lying before him.

As Trowa nears the doorway, Wufei's words, that have been too soft to hear before now, resolve into ", only on me, my _qidi_." There is something very possessive in the tone of the last "my" that momentarily makes Trowa sincerely wish... something. The moment passes as quickly as it came, without him being able to identify the source of the strange surge of longing.

Trowa pauses there in the doorway for a moment to take in the view. Wufei answering the door had been stunning enough, but Duo - Duo, on his back, knees drawn up and feet planted shoulder-width apart, his black pants only calling attention to the fairness of the creamy skin on his slender body; Duo, his arms sprawled wide, pert chin tipped up slightly, and eyes closed in an expression of catlike contentment - Duo, like that, is breathtaking.

He must have made some sound, because Wufei looks up then, smiles a heart-stoppingly lovely smile, and indicates a corner of the room with a tip of his head. Seeing a chair there, in the shadowed edge of the room, Trowa nods gratefully, and moves to take a seat. Even as he silently crosses the room to sit, Wufei is already turning his attention back to his lover, shifting around to the side nearer the candles, telling Duo quietly to roll over and move up. Duo stretches slightly, then moves to obey.

Duo's hair is still neatly confined in its braid, and Trowa wonders briefly at that, but decides that the question can wait - if it isn't answered before the 'after' that has been mentioned. There will probably be a great number of questions, in fact. The soft lighting, soft voices, soft touches - already, he has never seen anything like this with the word 'sex' attached to it, and that is without even touching on the why's and wherefore's of his being invited for this in the first place. He watches in rapt fascination as Duo and Wufei rearrange themselves on the bed before his eyes.

The combination of the two seemingly opposite forms gives Trowa new appreciation for the meaning of the word 'complimentary'. Gold skin plays against cream, compact muscles work against long wiry limbs, black pants and hair provide a perfect foil for the fiery colours of their counterparts. The sight is both erotic and beautiful, in ways he had never imagined he would be using to describe his team mates. And for all that he doesn't, usually, look at men - or anyone - that way... Trowa is certainly looking now. The very air in the room is made electric with anticipation. It is as if some strange new magic is being created before his eyes, a familiar and powerful spell being cast.

Now comfortably kneeling astride Duo's hips, Wufei pauses to gently lift Duo's braid off his back and out of the way, leaning in to plant a most delicate kiss at the nape of the now-exposed neck and thereby evoking a contented sigh. Trowa's eyes widen slightly at the sound, and he sits forward a little in the chair. More of the same pleased noises follow as Wufei begins massaging his way down the muscles of Duo's back, murmuring soft words that sound like a litany of praise.

When he reaches Duo's waist he stops, and raises himself from his perch, patting Duo's hip as he does so. Duo obliges by raising up enough that Wufei can slip the pants off him, taking full advantage of the opportunity to run his palms down the pale hips and thighs that are revealed, before Duo shifts to lie flat again, and the pants can be pulled off completely and dropped to the floor. Wufei moves again, this time to kneel between Duo's slightly-spread knees, still continuing the massage, but now working across the hips and then moving to knead and stroke various parts of the smoothly-rounded ass before him. Duo's soft sighs have become small moans and words of appreciation by now - a sound which is causing strange things (such as goose bumps and shivers) to happen to Trowa's spine, and Wufei's soft voice has taken on a husky tone that speaks eloquently of his growing need and desire.

When Wufei stops and shifts off the bed to stand up, Duo nearly whines at the loss of contact until a gentle hand falls on his hip and a soft kiss lands on his near shoulder. Wufei is evidently intent on fetching something from the bedside table, but he stops long enough, once he is upright, to skin his own pants down and step out of them. Whatever he has retrieved is fairly small, and Trowa leans forwards more in an effort to see. He is disappointed to find that he can't make much out given the lighting and the fact that whatever it is is mostly hidden in Wufei's hand. Wufei's other hand is taken up by a small towel, which he drops onto the bed near Duo's hip before climbing back into his previous position.

Kneeling in between Duo's spread knees again, Wufei begins by squeezing a generous amount from the tube onto the fingers of one hand, then, with the still-dry hand, gives Duo another pat on the hip. Evidently this one means "kneel up", because Duo shifts immediately so that his hips are raised as high as possible, leaving his chest and head resting on the bed and his folded arms. Once again, the lighting isn't helping, but the kisses and softly-spoken words of love and praise continue unabated, and while the one hand remains on - or perhaps, from the angle at which it is moving, in - Duo's ass, the other continues gently stroking over the rest of his body, except when Wufei pauses briefly, twice, to get more from the tube. Whatever he is doing, it seems to be having a very pleasant effect on Duo, to judge from the very visible reactions of his body.

Then, apparently satisfied by something, Wufei presses one hand against Duo's hip, telling him wordlessly to turn over and lie on his back in the position he was in when Trowa first entered. He gets one last squeeze from the tube for himself, caps it, and tosses it to Trowa by way of explanation. Spreading the - Trowa glances at the legend on the object he caught - lubricating gel over his now-rampant erection with one hand, Wufei uses the other to gently stroke Duo's chest, lightly tracing his collarbones and feathering down his sternum, then down to trace along the edges of his hipbone and down the top of that thigh, ignoring Duo's own erection for the moment. Finally ready, he wipes his hands on the towel, and drops it off the side of the bed. His eyes, however, never leave Duo's eyes as he completes his preparations.

Wufei positions himself, then reaches forwards to stroke Duo's erection lightly (getting a much louder moan this time) as he holds himself, just teasing at penetration, for a long moment before Duo nearly begs him for more. Then Wufei very slowly just eases forwards, getting a moan, a broad exhalation, and then an almost worshipful "Oh, gods" as he reaches full depth and pauses for a brief moment - whether to collect himself or allow his lover to do so is unclear - and then begins rocking, ever so softly, out and back in...

Gradually their rhythm builds in speed, strength, depth, and especially intensity. And yet, Trowa is struck by the way in which each seems focused not only on the pleasure they are taking from the act, but even more on the pleasure they are able to give to each other. No matter how hard or how fast Wufei pounds into his lover, it never seems to be quite at the fairer man's limits, to judge by the way in which Duo encourages him on. It appears that Wufei is actively trying to drive his lover mad with need and passion before delivering his release, and Duo seems just as determined to pull Wufei over the edge before he falls himself.

Finally, Duo's moans have become completely incoherent, and this is not changed when Wufei leans forwards to kiss and lick a path along one collarbone, then the other. He moves his visible arm to cup behind Duo's shoulders, and leans on that elbow. Duo, in turn, reaches up to slide his hands against Wufei's chest, one clutching spasmodically on his shoulder, the other wrapping around his lover's back. Triton can't quite make out what it is that Wufei whispers to him next, but Duo suddenly stiffens and then spasms, head thrown back in a wordless scream, and wraps his legs and feet around Wufei's hips. Wufei's own cry a few last thrusts later is louder, but somehow more restrained, as he, too, stiffens in his own orgasm.

The tableau holds for a handful of heartbeats, before Duo's legs slip down bonelessly to the bed and Wufei rolls them over to rest on their sides, turning them so that Duo's pale back and Wufei's darker-toned arm and leg, now slung across Duo's hip, are all Trowa can see. The soft murmuring resumes, but this time it is a conversation, Duo's deeper voice answering Wufei's questioning phrases in shorter, but apparently affirmative, phrases. Wufei's hand on Duo's back is in constant soothing motion throughout, stroking him softly, running in small circles as he gently brings his beloved back down to an earthly version of reality.

It is perhaps five minutes later that the hand on Duo's back moves to his shoulder, and he is shifted to lie on his back again. Wufei rolls gracefully off the bed and retrieves yet another small white towel, swiping it quickly down his own front before kneeling onto the bed and gently wiping Duo clean. He still manages to draw a few twitches from his lover with the gentle motions, before he decides he is finished and tosses the towel towards the hamper, not minding that it lands on the foot of the bed instead.

Then Wufei draws his lover up to sit, supporting him gently for a moment, and for the first time since Trowa entered the room, his voice is loud and distinct enough to be heard. "Come on, up we get."

Duo returns the embrace, although he seems to be trying to pull Wufei back down towards the bed as he mumbles "Don' wanna..."

"Ah, no, none of that now. Come on, we promised Triton coffee and some explanations afterwards."

"Wha.." Duo squeaks suddenly and buries his head in Wufei's shoulder in apparent - bashfulness?

Trowa is startled to realize that his assessment was correct as Wufei chuckles, "Forgot all about him, did you? And here it was your idea to begin with! I should be feeling complimented now, no? Come on, up, pants. How are your legs?"

"Ah... still pretty shaky, probably. Gonna spot me to the kitchen?"

"I can do that," Wufei smiles back, before slipping off the bed and retrieving the two pairs of pants, handing Duo his and stepping into his own.

When the two are dressed - or as dressed as they seem to be planning on getting - Wufei slides one arm around Duo's waist and steadies him as he stands on astonishingly wobbly legs. He looks as weak as a kitten and one leg shivers alarmingly as he tries to put weight on it, earning an annoyed-sounding "Stop that!" from Duo, but Trowa would swear up and down later that 'afterglow' was not merely a metaphorical term where Duo was concerned.

"Ah, Wufei? Is he okay?"

"Oi, man, I'm so beyond fine right now... just whoo a little shaky is all..." There isn't even the slightest hint of a pained undertone in the words, which is perhaps the thing that Trowa finds the least comprehensible. He has seen Duo this shaky before - a few holding cells come to mind - but never so enthusiastically happy about the fact.

Once Duo is upright, Wufei turns his head to look at Trowa, who seems somewhat bewildered and even more squirmy than he was when he came in. His eyes rake down the seated form to take in every detail, and he says, "We are just going to get settled in the kitchen. There is a towel on the back of that chair if you need to take a few minutes to, ah, get yourself collected, and please, blow out the candles on your way out? Thank you..." Then Wufei begins walking his lover down the short hall to the kitchen.

Trowa, left alone with the flickering scents of jasmine and sex, realizes that he is almost painfully aroused - something he had not actively registered while concentrating on absorbing the details of the show in front of him. With an irritated growl, realizing that this erection isn't liable to fade without some assistance, he abruptly pulls off his shirt and lowers his pants off his hips, baring himself just enough to wrap one hand around his nearly throbbing erection and stroke it.

Leaning back in the chair, inhaling deeply, he lets his eyes slip closed as he begins running through his mental catalogue of images from the scene just concluded. His strokes, and his breathing, quicken as he lingers on the gentleness of Wufei's hands, the wonder in Duo's voice as he is entered, the way in which each sought to drive the other into ecstasy. It is the thought of putting Duo's ultimate expression on Dorothy's face beneath him that finally takes him crashing silently over the edge.

Eyes still closed, and still breathing hard, he gropes for the towel behind his head and dries himself off, then stands and carefully redresses himself, thankful for his choice of comfortable and rather loose pants.

On his way around the bed to blow out the candles as requested, Trowa picks up the towel Wufei left where it landed - still white, he notes curiously, if rather soggy - and tosses it, along with his own, into the hamper.

As he is blowing out the candles, he comes to a few inescapable conclusions. First, what he just had the very great privilege to witness bears only the vaguest, most passing resemblance to anything he has ever seen or heard or experienced with regards to sex before. Second, he would, very much, like to be able to share that sort of passion and ecstasy with his own beloved; and third, it is very, very obvious that his current knowledge is entirely inadequate - and probably thoroughly incorrect - as far as making that happen is concerned.


(1) 7cm is between 2.5 and 3 inches; at this point in time I put Wufei at about 164 (about 5'4.5") and Duo at around 171 (5'7" and change)

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