by Bronze Tigress

Rainbow Sherbet + Chapter 8

Saturday morning, again : A Demonstration or Two

A little shiver runs through Trowa at Wufei's softly-spoken words, and he pulls away from Duo's mouth just long enough to say, "Yes," before returning to his self-appointed task of drawing interesting noises from the braided man. He shifts his own hands down to tug experimentally at the bottom of Duo's shirt; at the same time, Wufei finishes pulling Trowa's free of his jeans. Duo gasps into their kiss as Trowa's hands make contact with his skin, carefully lifting his shirt off. Wufei pauses, thumbs running small caresses along Trowa's ribs as he waits for Duo's shirt to be removed, then finishes the process of rendering them all shirtless. With Trowa's shirt off, Wufei runs his fingers gently around Trowa's waist - first over top of the waistband, then back along the top edge, and finally dipping his fingers just under the edge of the fabric, slipping one hand out to fiddle with the button.

The sound of Trowa's zipper registers on Duo's ears, because he pulls back from their kiss then and begins to kiss his way down Trowa's throat, and down to lick lightly at the small hollow between Trowa's collarbones. He backs off enough to blow gently on the damp spot, causing a shiver and a small gasping moan. Wufei's voice is in Trowa's ear again, that husky tone still present as he informs him that, "Duo told me, earlier, that he wants to taste you. Would that be alright with you?" The request is almost a purr, and Wufei's hand, stroking lightly at the gap left by the opened zipper leaves little doubt as to just what Duo has in mind.

Trowa's nod is a short jerk, punctuated by another little shiver, and it is followed almost immediately by a soft moan as Wufei slips both hands into the jeans and begins to peel them off. When the jeans rest at Trowa's knees, Wufei's hands trail back up his thighs to slip under the waistband of his briefs, pushing them down to join the jeans. Meantime, Duo has continued his downward motion, kissing, licking, and sucking a line down Trowa's sternum only to stop at the bottom, and lick in a single swooping line to the slight hollow under his left collarbone and work straight down from there.

The first kiss that brushes against the nipple gains Duo a gasp and a shiver, and he pauses then, moving strong hands up Trowa's arms and around behind his shoulders to tilt him to the side. Wufei's hands on his hips also lift and turn, gently easing him down to sit on the floor before returning to the task of removing his remaining clothing. Trowa, on his way down, grabs Duo's head with one hand, pulling the braided man's face in close enough to kiss. When he pulls back, he looks up into the kneeling man's eyes and tells him, "Feels so good, Duo; don't stop, just do... whatever you think..." Trowa's voice is breathy with desire and soft, but very clear as he meets Duo's searching gaze for a moment before loosening his grip and letting Duo return to his previous task.

And he does, kissing more quickly down Trowa's chest to stop at his nipple, pausing to lick, then blow lightly on it, before taking it between his lips and sucking gently on the now very hard little nub. He flicks his tongue across it lightly before backing off to blow lightly, the wash of cooler air bringing a muffled groan from Trowa's lips. Duo isn't so subtle about his treatment of the other nipple, sucking it immediately into his mouth, and then biting down gently on it. Trowa arches into the touch, muscles tightening as he does so, and his groan is louder this time. His hands come up, as if to hold Duo's head in place, but then he seems to think better of it, letting them fall to Duo's shoulders instead.

Wufei notes the abortive movement as he returns from dropping clothes on the couch, and guessing at its meaning, takes one of Trowa's hands in his own and places it so that it gently cups Duo's head, saying, "It is not a bad thing to let him know you want more of something, verbally or otherwise," before skimming his own hands down Duo's back, rubbing lightly, until he reaches his pants. He runs his fingers around at the waist, popping the button and tugging the zipper down, encountering some resistance because of Duo's bent-over position. "If I could borrow Duo for a moment, Triton?" Wufei asks, passing one palm under Duo's chest and gently pulling at him to cause him to straighten up enough to get the stubborn zipper undone. Duo reluctantly releases the nipple he's been working with teeth and tongue, blowing on it as he straightens up.

Wufei is quick to get Duo's pants down off his hips. As soon as the clothing is clear, Duo bends back towards Trowa's chest with a wicked smile on his lips, and purrs, "Why don't you lean back a little for me, Tro? Give me a little more room to work? Oh!" Looking down, Trowa glimpses Wufei's hands stroking down Duo's thighs, framing his swelling arousal. Trowa leans back on his elbows, and Duo, following him down, plants his hands firmly on the ground beside Trowa's hips, as he bends his head and trails licks and kisses down Trowa's ribs, down well-defined abs, down, down...

Trowa watches, fascinated, as Duo progresses down his body, breathing made somewhat erratic by the occasional gasps and moans, as he practically hums his appreciation of the sensation - so soft, so gentle. Duo stops to pay homage to a faded scar just across Trowa's hipbone before moving down further, nipping gently, down to the crease where thigh meets hip, licking just a little harder to avoid tickling the sensitive area. He stops, then, to look up into Trowa's face, and locks eyes with him as he oh, so slowly leans his cheek over to brush gently against Trowa's erection, which jumps and twitches at the contact, and nuzzles against it briefly. Then Duo turns his face to bury his nose in the other man's dark curls and inhales deeply, sighing happily.

"It sounds as if he is enjoying himself there, no?" is Wufei's soft question from behind Trowa's ear. Trowa starts a little; he'd been so busy watching Duo that he hadn't noticed Wufei moving around behind him. He turns to look at his questioner, who is kneeling right by his head and now quite naked as well. Trowa rakes his eyes appreciatively over the expanse of golden skin and tight muscles so conveniently displayed, nearly missing Wufei's question, " let him continue?"

"Wha?... Oh, yes... feels so good..." Trowa's voice has taken on a husky tone of its own, that sends a little shiver through both other men. It was lovely before, but now it has taken on an erotic quality that is very far from unpleasant. Wufei leans forwards, then, to put something unseen in Duo's outstretched hand before he puts his own hands on Trowa's shoulders, shifting so that he is directly behind him, the auburn head resting against his chest, and Trowa's long body resting against his front and thighs. "Lean back on me, then, my brother; I am here with you," he murmurs then, voice soft and reassuring, as his hands come up to stroke gently up Trowa's sides and across his chest. The soft touch leaves trails of fire across Trowa's skin even as Duo turns his head once more and flicks his tongue out experimentally to taste the throbbing hardness before him.

Trowa moans, then, and drops his head back against Wufei's shoulder. Held safely in the warm embrace, he is free to drop his guard, close his eyes and surrender to the sensations being given him by his two friends, now lovers? He isn't sure the term really applies, but... thinking becomes difficult as Duo's tongue begins working it's way up his erection, then around, and down, leaving a fine layer of gradually cooling wetness over the whole surface before he pulls back to blow gently.

Finally, Duo relents. There is a brief pause, half a suckle at the very tip, and then with one last circling of his tongue around the head, he begins to take Trowa's erection into his mouth. He moves slowly, keeping the contact close and warm and slow, as if to approximate another sort of entry entirely, and steadily takes in Trowa's entire length in that one first agonizingly slow movement. Only then does he stop, and that only for a moment, before beginning to move his head in a steady, slow, perfect rhythm over nearly the entire length, using his arms to help with the movement. Trowa's head lolls back on Wufei's shoulder, and his knees lift without conscious thought to tilt his hips further into the impossible pleasure that is being given to him, like some most precious jewel on a gold-chased platter. He had never imagined it could be like this...

Then something changes - Duo's mouth is a little faster, or perhaps a little looser, or perhaps it's just that the angle is different; Trowa can't tell, only that it is impossibly even better. His fingers twist in Duo's hair, clutch at his shoulder, seeking... something. Then the storm that has been building coalesces into a single point somewhere deep inside and then... and then... stars explode behind his eyelids and in that deepest part of his belly, and something that has been wrapped around his heart cracks, unnoticed in the whiteness of his orgasm, and he screams wordless joy as his body convulses with it.

When Trowa comes back from the timeless place where the stars dance, he is lying down on one side, held close and safe between two warm bodies, legs thoroughly entwined in theirs. He blinks his eyes slowly open, trying to separate the face before his eyes from the honey-soft voice murmuring sweet nonsense in his ear. The voice belongs to Wufei, he realizes, as the face belongs to Duo. "Hey there, stranger. Are you back with us yet?" Duo's voice is warm and slightly concerned, but there is the faintest hint of smug self-satisfaction behind that, as if he were immensely pleased with himself. "How do you feel?"

"Hmmm..." Trowa smiles and stretches languorously, wriggling contentedly in the firm warmth of Wufei's embrace and drawing Duo in close against his chest to kiss him thoroughly. It takes him a moment to process through the reason why Duo tastes different now. //Something plastic? No, wait... latex. But... when did he...? Never mind, doesn't matter when, just that he did as they said they would...// He releases Duo's lips with a small happy sigh, and then hugs him tight for just a second before letting go to say, "Mmm; good, like... like a cat in a sunbeam, all warm and boneless."

"Good," is Wufei's opinion from behind him. "Are you ready for more now, or would you like to wait a bit longer?"

"Don't want to move just yet. This is comfy here and... oh! Duo, I'm sorry..."

"No, don't be, Tro," Duo cuts him off. "For starters, we're nowhere near done yet, and for another thing, we said, right? Besides, I don't think there's much point in having you learn that trick, hmm?"

Wufei props himself up on an elbow and slides the other hand down between their bodies until he encounters the topic of the conversation, wrapping his hand around Duo's smooth, hard flesh and stroking lightly. "Perhaps not, but I'm sure he is already familiar with this one..." Duo whimpers softly at the contact, then drops onto his back and plants his outside foot squarely on the floor, arching into Wufei's strong, knowing touch. When Trowa's hand joins Wufei's a few strokes later, a pleased moan escapes his lips, and he lets his eyes flutter closed, content to simply enjoy the ride to his release at their hands.

A short while later, Duo remarks, in a conversational tone, "Eeeuch... messy."

"Well, quit squirming, then... excuse me, Triton..." Wufei levers himself up to grab the towel and the lube from the side table. He tosses the former at Duo's head, although it is caught before it lands and applied to his chest and belly instead. Wufei seats himself by Trowa, holding the lubricant in one hand, and asks him, "So... now?"

"Wha?" is the startled response. Then, as the question parses, his confused expression brightens, and he asks, "What do I need to do?"

"Hmph," is the amused reply. "Lie back, relax, enjoy the ride?" Wufei notes the flicker of apprehension that disappears almost immediately as Trowa rolls obediently onto his back, knees slightly spread. He doesn't say anything directly about it; instead, he merely begins explaining that, "The sphincter is easily capable of accommodating the required diameter - and in fact generally does so on a regular basis - but it must be suitably relaxed to do so, and few people are capable of consciously doing that. Hence," he pauses to squeeze some of the lube out and rubs it lightly between his fingers to warm it some more, "a bit of preparation is generally in order. That is why, contrary to what was said earlier, you are currently flat on your back." Wufei flashes a bright smile at Trowa as he continues, "It is usually easier to relax when you are not worrying about keeping your balance, after all. We will be changing positions soon enough."

Trowa blinks at the sparkle of humour in Wufei's voice, then nods and relaxes fractionally; he relaxes still more when Duo appears again with a cushion for his head and drops himself, cross-legged, right beside his shoulder, taking one hand in his, and feathering his other hand through Trowa's hair. "I'm right here with you, Tro, right beside you; not gonna let you fall. Just think of me as your frilly parasol, 'kay?" Trowa blinks hugely, then laughs softly at the bizarre image that phrase conjures in his mind. He squeezes Duo's hand back, then, and nods to Wufei to proceed.

"One other thing to note," Wufei continues his lecture then, "is that there are a large number of nerve endings in this area. Knees up, please?" He pauses while Trowa makes the requested change in position, then shifts himself between them, laying a hand on one of Trowa's knees and very gently stroking down his thigh towards his hip, then back up, down, up, down, up. The motion is vaguely hypnotic, partially soothing and oddly enough, partially arousing as well, as the pressure being applied is slowly lessened until the touch barely avoids being ticklish. "If it hurts, it really hurts, but when it feels good," Wufei says, as he trails the back of his other hand down the other thigh, then down onto that part of Trowa's ass that is revealed by the position he is in, "it really feels good..." One finger runs down the last bit of Trowa's inner thigh, down around past the base of his sac, and down some more, brushing lightly down to the pucker of his anus and pausing there to circle slowly, then across and back up again.

Trowa nearly jumps at the light touch, then gasps as the sensation registers. Wufei, his eyes locked onto Trowa's face, repeats the slow circling movement, using the slightest bit more pressure this time. "Nice, huh?" Duo asks, smiling down into the surprise in Trowa's wide eyes. Trowa swallows, then nods. "See? 'Fei knows what he's doing..."

"Yes, and 'Fei wants you to keep at least one eye on what I am doing here, too, Duo," Wufei adds, "since you did say you wanted to see what it is." Duo nods, and shifts slightly so that he can see, yet staying well in focal range for Trowa.

Wufei's single finger, now well-coated in the lubricant, moves back, circling slickly and pressing lightly, then begins to move in a gentle rocking motion, pressing and then retreating upwards towards the underside of Trowa's balls. Only when Trowa shifts his hips towards the motion does Wufei give him more, letting just the tip of that finger slip inside at the bottom of its arc before retreating again.

Now, Wufei begins leading again, pressing a little deeper each time until he is sinking the second knuckle with every stroke. "So far so good?" Trowa nods. "Ready for a little more now?" Trowa manages to look eager, concerned, and confused at the same time, so Wufei explains, "Not that much more - another finger first, and maybe one or two more -I'm in no hurry." Trowa nods, then, letting his head tip back again, and Wufei carefully squeezes on more lube before a second finger joins the first in its stroking. Trowa gasps a little at the increase, but it sounds much more like pleasure than anything. When Duo squeezes his hand, Trowa smiles back, and reaches up to grab for his head, pulling him down to kiss somewhat breathlessly.

Now, Wufei is making each stroke deeper again, and as he does, he is speaking again. "Of course, there are a few benefits to being male for this particular activity, like..." he trails off, then suddenly Trowa's eyes pop open in surprise. "Like that," Wufei finishes, smirking.

"Oooh... more?" Trowa pleads, writhing a little under the continued assault of talented fingers. "Gods, what is that?"

"Prostate gland," Wufei supplies, stroking over it again as if to make a point. He looks over at Duo before continuing, "Small bump on the belly-ward side, fairly obvious if you are looking for it. This is about the point where you lose it, right?" Duo nods. "Ahaa, that would be why, then..." Wufei backs his fingers off from that spot then, and waits until Trowa's eyes regain focus before speaking to him. "Note that unless there is something she has not been telling us, Dorothy does not possess one of those - in case you were of a mind to try this with her at some point. You cannot cheat on the relaxation process there..." He waits for Trowa to process this and then nod before he continues, "And I do not intend to cheat here either. Ready for three?"

When Trowa nods again, Wufei adds a third finger, using both hands briefly so as to start this new step up with an even diameter; after a few careful strokes, however, all seems to be going well, and he switches to back to a one-handed approach. The resulting slight wedge causes no apparent discomfort, and Wufei begins to exploit the effect, holding his fingers further apart as he continues, increasing the diameter. Finally, when he can easily sink all three spread fingers to the hilt with only a pleased moan for commentary, he judges his preparations complete, and withdraws his hand, wiping it before handing the tube of gel to Trowa and shifting to lie down beside him, propped on an elbow to look into his face.

"And this is where you take over," Wufei smiles, running one hand down Trowa's side to rest on his hip. "Believe it or not, that last bit was nearly as big as me, measuring around. Now - you need to put some of this," he points to the tube, "on me, and then..."

Duo releases Trowa's hand, and skitters back just far enough to leave room for Trowa to turn and move, then gives him a hand sitting up, before shifting himself to a place closer to Wufei's knees and lifting a small packet to his teeth. Trowa, considering, squeezes out some of the lube. "More," Wufei says from where he is lying, even though his angle is such that he can't possibly see how much Trowa has. Trowa looks sharply in his direction, question cut off as Wufei continues, "You need at least twice as much as you think should do it, and keep the tube handy..." Unnoticed, Duo has slipped a finger in to swipe a bit from Trowa's hand, then leant forwards to perform his own version of anointing, which causes Wufei's last word to trail off in a hiss as he fights to regain control of himself.

Trowa nods, then triples the amount in his palm before handing the tube back to Duo to hold. Then he reaches forwards to liberally anoint Wufei's rock-hard erection, already well covered in latex, and smiling a little at the low growl and unconscious hip-thrust the action produces. "Good enough, Triton. Now, how about you get that sexy ass of yours up here, hmm?" Trowa flushes slightly at the compliment, but is already moving to straddle Wufei's hips even as Wufei reaches for his, steadying him, lifting, settling him into place. Duo's hands come up around Trowa's ribs, holding him securely as well.

"Now, guide me..." comes one last instruction, but it proves to be somewhat redundant as Trowa has already reached behind himself to take Wufei's erection in one hand, bracing himself against one bronze shoulder with the other. Wufei chuckles lightly, "Eager, are we?" Placing the tip in position, Trowa holds it steady as he lowers himself. His eyelids fall shut and his mouth opens in a soft moan of pleasure as he slowly sinks down around Wufei until he can't go any further.

There is no movement at all for a second, and another, and then Trowa inhales sharply and his eyes snap open, a breathtaking smile lighting his features. Wufei makes the tiniest possible movement, his hands on Trowa's hips urging him upwards, and Trowa, taking the cue for what it is, raises up, then lowers again, riding Wufei slowly, savouring every second of the wonderful smooth slide of flesh against flesh. Then Duo's voice in his ear and hands around him urge him further upright, and this time when he descends, Wufei's full length brushes against his prostate and a strangled cry of pleasure breaks free. The next cry is louder - until Duo's mouth finds his, stealing his voice and his breath, along with what little remains of his sanity, and making a play for his tongue as well.

It is all too much for Wufei - the long wait, the perfect tight heat, the two beautiful men kissing before his eyes - and he bucks, hips slamming upward, one reaching hand finding Duo's already wrapped around Trowa's erection. He drops his head back, then, losing all control and roaring his completion as he thrusts upwards, hands forming fists beside Trowa's hips, even now taking care to do no harm. These last few strokes send Trowa over the edge as well, his own cries caught by Duo's kisses as he comes in long streams across his own chest and Wufei's. Finally, he sags limply in Duo's arms. Three - no, four hands lift him, then, and he is laid down beside Wufei, who rolls over to take over kissing him. Duo lies down behind him, after first snagging the towel and a loose blanket to pull over the three of them.

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