by Bronze Tigress

Rainbow Sherbet + Chapter 9

Saturday afternoon : Cooking With Duo

Duo wastes no time in cleaning up Wufei and Trowa, and his own arm where he got caught with some of the splatter. The towel is then tossed off to the side, and he lies down to cuddle behind Trowa, tugging the blanket over all three bodies, and reaching right over to lay his hand on Wufei's hip, stroking the smooth golden skin there softly before giving a gentle squeeze, and pulling all three bodies just a little closer together.

Five minutes later, two of the three are fast asleep, and Duo, not being quite as exhausted, slips carefully out from behind Trowa, taking care to tuck the blanket down securely so that he will not be chilled. He smiles softly when Wufei rolls back somewhat, and Trowa tucks his head into the hollow between Wufei's neck and shoulder. He bends closer to runs his fingers through Trowa's sweat-dampened hair and drop a kiss on Wufei's cheek before standing, stretching extravagantly, and then taking a look around the room.

"Oi, this place could use some help..." Duo takes a moment to search out the tube of lubricant and its cap first, and apply one to the other before setting it aside on the table. Next, the used towels are carted off to the laundry basket and a fresh supply is pulled from the drawer and placed on the table. The small amount of trash is tossed in the appropriate receptacle. The clothes piled haphazardly on the couch are shaken out and folded neatly over the back, except his own jeans, which he slips into before heading into the kitchen.

Once there, Duo pours himself the last cup of coffee, turning off the element, adds milk to his cup, then leans back against the counter and sips gently while contemplating the morning. Yes, he thinks, so far things are going very well. They will have to double-check with Trowa, but it didn't look like he was feeling any pain from that last round. And that really only leaves one thing to show him...

Duo smiles then, puts his cup down on the counter, and begins pulling things out from their places - a large pot, wooden spoon, knives, peeler, an onion, the tin of flour, a couple of potatoes and carrots, the last end of the roast, a bit of broth, some leftover vegetables and things. A brief consideration of the ingredients available, and Duo decides to forego the garlic, but he fishes out a stalk of celery and, while he's there, snags a tomato as well.

In a minute's time, the sound of the peeler has been replaced by that of an onion jumping in the pot to brown with the flour, and the staccato pattering of the knife against the chopping board, occasionally interrupted by a sort of tuneless whistling and the scrape of the spoon against the metal. Then there is the distinct hiss of cold liquid hitting hot metal, followed shortly by the tap of wood on metal, and a quickly-muffled clang as the lid is put into place. More chopping, then, and then the odd scraping noises that signify ingredients being scooped into a large bowl to be added later.

Satisfied that everything is progressing well, Duo checks the heat once more before picking up a book and sitting down at the table to wait. He checks the soup periodically, adding things once it's warm enough and stirring well, and occasionally stops to watch the two sleeping in the living room. After perhaps an hour, he is startled to hear his name called, and he calls back, "Yes?" The speaker, however, seems not to notice, and he pops up to see Wufei, still half asleep, pushing ineffectively at Trowa's shoulder.

"Duo, get up off my arm. Come on, sweetling... Duo?" There is a slightly panicked tone to the last word, as Wufei, who had been reaching for a braid to tug, abruptly sits bolt upright, dislodging a now awake and somewhat confused Trowa in the process.

"What the..."

Duo can't help but laugh at the expressions on both faces as he drops his book on the counter and comes around to give Wufei a brief hug and a kiss on the cheek, before turning to Trowa and giving him the same. "Sorry, you guys looked like you needed the nap so I let you sleep. Don't worry, 'Fei, I didn't cut it while you were sleeping." His eyes twinkle as he feels Wufei's hand on his back. "Now that you're both awake, there's lunch ready if you like, and I'll go put the kettle on for some tea while you two get up..." He bounces to his feet and pads back into the kitchen.

Five minutes later, just as the kettle is beginning to whistle, Trowa comes stumbling, half-dressed, into the kitchen. He is followed a few minutes later by Wufei, also half-dressed, and they both take their seats. Duo pours the water into the teapot, brings the bread and spoons to the table, and takes his own seat. "Eat, already!" he urges, and digs in himself.

Trowa exchanges a glance with Wufei, then looks pointedly at the soup, and back up again. Wufei laughs. "Nothing like Catharine's, I assure you. I am not sure quite what it *is* like today, but it is certain to be edible." Duo raises an eyebrow at this, his expression demanding answers later. Trowa nods and picks up his spoon, still seeming somewhat wary, and takes a tentative taste. His smile is nearly deafening as he rolls the flavour over his tongue. He takes a much more substantial spoonful and reaches for a roll, settling in to enjoy his meal.

Wufei, across the table, is looking faintly puzzled, evidently trying to figure out what something in the soup is by the taste and having no luck. Finally he gives it up as a lost cause and asks, instead. "Alright, Duo, what is it today?"

Duo is rather evasive as he rises to bring the teapot. "Just leftovers and stuff, mostly, 'Fei. Tea, Tro?" He pours for all three and sits down again. "It's good, right?"

"It is. I'm just curious how you managed to put leftover spaetzle and chop suey in the same dish and come up with something edible, let alone something that makes *that* one ask for more," Wufei says, waving towards Trowa, who is holding up his empty bowl and looking hopefully at Duo. "It always surprises me how you *do* that. Anyone else would come up with slop. No, correction; Yui would probably manage a very good approximation of machine oil..." Duo nearly snorts his tea up his nose at that thought, chuckles helplessly for a moment, then grabs his and Trowa's bowls to refill them.

"It's all in the wrist?" Duo offers, as he puts the filled bowls down on the table. He grabs Wufei's offered bowl while he's still standing, refilling it and taking the opportunity while setting it back down to lean over and give his lover a kiss. He swivels neatly back into his chair then, and all further conversation is put on hold until lunch is finished.

It is not until the bowls are stacked for washing, the remains of the soup stashed away in the fridge, and another pot of tea has been made that conversation resumes. "So. How are you feeling, Triton? After this morning's activities?" Wufei passes him a filled teacup along with the question.

"Thank you. Very well. It's a good thing OZ is no longer a concern, though - I'm still having a little trouble believing how much I *wanted* that by the time you were done with me." Trowa flushes a little, and blows on his tea.

"Not sore, no regrets?" Duo's concern is clear, but he seems to be double-checking rather than doing primary research.

"No, not sore, just, wow... You were right, Duo, it's... there isn't enough room in my chest for the words for it." Trowa pauses for a moment. "And Wufei, thank you. And not just for that," he says, waving one hand vaguely towards the living room, "but for talking me through it. I think that really helped, knowing what was coming next, you know, even when it was a little strange feeling. Made it easy to leave the fear and worry, and just relax. Just how much of it is in the atmosphere and attitude is starting to become pretty clear."

Wufei nods. "Exactly so. It really does not tend to work well unless everyone involved is relaxed and wants to be there. When you are afraid, or unwilling, or lack confidence, your body gains tension in precisely the places where it should not be. I am relieved to find that, as quickly as we are moving, you are able to handle it."

"Yeah, this is kinda turning into a crash course, isn't it? You know, if either one of us hears you went even half this fast with your lady, we'll have to come hurt you, right?" Duo's tone is light, but there's a deadly serious glint in his eyes.

"*Eeep*" Trowa takes the warning for what it is - a reminder to take the time to do it right - and nods.

"Besides," Wufei pitches in, "there is a great deal of enjoyment to be found in a slow exploration, and each person has favourite spots and touches that can only be found that way. We have skipped a lot of that with you here - it is for her to find."

"Not to knock what you're doing, but I'm kinda glad for that, Wufei. I have to concentrate on what I'm feeling, on the moment -it helps that you're not expecting more back while I'm doing that. Gotta say it feels pretty strange to be the centre of this much attention, though. I mean, it's not the same as performing at all..."

"And this is a bad thing, because...?" Duo asks.

"Ha! Not a bad thing at all, Duo, not a bad thing at all," Trowa replies, smiling.

"Good, then. Now, I believe we have some, ah, academic work to do, Triton. Shall we retire to the living room for that?" Wufei puts his teacup down and pushes his chair back.

"Oh, sure, go play school and leave me with the dishes," Duo laughs, before shooing them both out of the kitchen.

Out in the living room, Wufei sits down before the table, pulling over his sketch pad and pencils, and motions Trowa to a seat beside him. They are soon engrossed in an overview of comparative anatomy and Duo, wisely, leaves them to it. Once the dishes have been washed, rinsed, dried, and put away, Duo wanders out into the living room to check on their progress.

Wufei is speaking again, saying, "...sanitary reason; you would want to wash immediately afterwards, if you plan on doing anything else, and certainly..." Duo shakes his head, moves back out of hearing range, and fetches the glass cleaner. This could take a while.

A little while later, as he makes a circuit about the living room, the topic has shifted to "...a little lubricant in the tip gives you a little better slide, but be careful not to use too much or..." and a few minutes later, "...varies by the person, but also by hormonal swings, so it is not a sufficient indicator, and that... whoops!" Wufei, who had been waving the lubricant around for emphasis, abruptly loses his grip on it, and Duo is nearly hit by the flying tube.

"Oi! Careful where you throw that, Dragon..." He bends down to look for it.

"Most sorry, _xin ai_(1); lost my grip. We must have gotten some on the outside. Here..." Wufei hands Duo a towel from the stack on the table.

"Ah, yeah. Here." Duo picks up the unintended missile, wipes it off, and drops it and the towel back on the table and a kiss on Wufei's cheek, before he returns to his work. "Oh, and Dragon-baby? You're doing the dusting next week, right?"

"Yes, dear..."

Duo bats playfully at Wufei's arm. Wufei turns, and grins wolfishly at Duo, who leers back, and then Wufei returns to his lecture. Trowa, meanwhile, just watches the interplay, somewhat bemused by the easy interaction between the partners.

"Now, where were we? Ah, yes..." Duo replaces the glass cleaner and goes in search of a dust cloth.

As Duo is finishing the dusting, he overhears Wufei's "...therefore not a reliable marker of virginity. Now, stretching can be of some help here as well..." Trowa is nodding, and evidently asks something too soft to be overheard, to which Wufei replies, "Does it matter so much? You are the one who wished to avoid causing pain..." Duo wisely retreats to the kitchen to find his book, and remains there until the two call him out again.

He doesn't have time to get too far into his reading, however, before Wufei calls to him that they are nearly done, and will be ready for him again shortly.

"Ah, hah, the suitable recovery time has elapsed, now? I'll be right with you then," Duo replies.

And so it is that, five minutes later, all three are in the main room again, papers and pencils set aside, and Wufei has taken Trowa's face between his hands to draw him in for a deep, stirring kiss. Duo, just coming in, is treated to the sight of his beloved's passion in all its glory. He swallows, hard, then moves in to kneel behind Trowa, running his hands lightly over bare sides, down over hard, denim-clad thighs, back up over the tight ass, and around to stroke over the pockets, teasing, wordlessly begging permission. Even as his hands move, Duo's mouth comes down to kiss, then close over, the juncture of Trowa's neck and shoulder, then suckle at the spot lightly, a familiar hunger building in the pit of his stomach and a tiny growl escaping him.

A bronzed arm frees itself from Trowa's hip to reach for Duo's waist, and tugs him sideways by one belt loop, until he is nearly beside Trowa rather than tucked firmly behind him. Then Duo is being pulled forward to kiss Wufei, even as Trowa is carefully slipping out from between the two just enough to be the one nestled firmly behind the man in the middle. Now it is Trowa's turn to run questing hands over Duo's skin, down to slip into his pockets and move in short, suggestive strokes against his lower belly, even as Trowa's own hips are pressed against Duo's ass, his arousal rubbing against one firm buttock, and he leans his head in close to whisper in Duo's ear, "You wanted something?" A short, hard rock of hips against ass and stroke of fingers against Duo's own swelling erection leave no doubt what Trowa means when he continues, "I think I've got something for you..." and then Trowa moves in to nip at the earlobe so close to his own mouth, sucking at it, and stroking it with his tongue.

Duo moans into Wufei's kiss, revelling in the feeling of being desired, of being desirable, of being... adored in this way. It is all he can do, in the rush of sensations, to brace his hands on Wufei's shoulders and return the kiss, pouring all his desire into it. Wufei's hands run secret patterns across his chest, flicking lightly across nipples, running along his collar bones, seeking out all the places that send jolts of pleasure through his body. Trowa's hands have moved, working his zipper open and the jeans down to his knees, before coming back to once again stroke promises over the soft skin of his hipbones. And then they are gone, for a moment - long enough to deal with Trowa's own jeans, Duo assumes in one small rational corner of his mind - before they are back, and Trowa's own bare flesh is pressed firmly against his backside. Trowa wriggles a little, then murmurs into the ear he has been assaulting, "If you want it?"

Duo breaks the kiss he's in long enough to speak. "You have to ask, Tro? God, yes..." and then he moans again, as Wufei's lips descend on his throat and begin to trail down towards his chest, and then still lower. Trowa chuckles then, and Duo nearly melts under the sound of the desire in that small laugh. Those long-fingered hands, even paler than his own, skim down the fronts of Duo's thighs then, and slide the jeans off over his knees and feet, and then they are back again, teasing strokes that never quite reach Duo's erection, and the grind of Trowa's hips reminds him quite firmly of the one nestled against his rear. "Don't tease me, Tro... please?"

Wufei laughs, then, softly amused. "You see, Triton? I told you he wanted you... shall we give him what he wants?" He presses a quick, hard, and deep kiss to Duo's lips before backing up enough to grab the lubricant and hand it to Trowa, along with a condom, and an admonition to "Prep him first, the way we discussed." Trowa nods, then puts a hand on Duo's back to encourage him onto all fours, before opening the tube. Wufei, meanwhile, moves to kneel so that his head is next to Duo's, and he begins to whisper something softly into his ear that causes a visible shiver to run through Duo's body, and then another, and another.

Trowa is rewarded with a small, choked cry of delight when he first slides two slick fingers down Duo's tailbone, then slips them with gentle pressure into his ass. There is no resistance as he works them in and out a few times, just an answering thrust back, and Trowa adds another finger on the next thrust, getting another moan in response. There is a little resistance when he adds the fourth finger - Wufei's advice that he do so clear in his head - and he works them in and out a few times until he feels it dissipate with another moan. Then, teasing a little, he thrusts a few more times before withdrawing his hand, and reaching for the small foil packet he'd been handed.

Duo is practically whining in frustrated desire by the time Trowa's hands return to his hips, carefully holding him still with one hand, and then using the other to guide his erection into place. There is a pause, then, and Duo can feel Wufei's head nodding beside his, and then Trowa begins to push his way slowly, smoothly inside. Duo exhales, an "Oh!" of surprise and then another of pleased delight escaping him. When Trowa's hips finally meet his, he pushes back firmly, seeking that last bit of depth he is used to and incidentally halting any further motion for a moment as they remain locked into that position.

Then Duo shifts forwards again, freeing Trowa to move as well. And move he does, a few short, slow thrusts at first, then gradually lengthening his stroke but still keeping to the same slow pace. Duo moans and gasps and writhes under Trowa's hands, seeking more - more depth, more speed, more contact. Then Wufei is back beside him, and that small rational corner of Duo's mind pauses to wonder when he'd left, but then Wufei is kissing him, and then flipping onto his back, sliding down between Duo's spread arms to kiss down his throat and chest. A quick upwards glance tells Duo that Wufei is now naked and needing, too. Wufei continues his slow, seductive squirm down Duo's body, and Duo dips his head to lick a trail of fire down his Dragon's flesh, having to stop and gasp for breath each time Trowa thrusts into him, but coming back each time, torn between moving forwards to take in his lover, or rocking back onto the hard thickness behind him.

A light touch between his shoulders, and Duo lets himself drop onto his elbows, hands reaching to cradle golden hips even as he moves his legs apart to accommodate bronzed shoulders and milk-white knees. Two sets of hands touch him, hold him, anchor him. One set of hands - //Tro's// - holds him solidly in place by waist and hips, keeping him from moving forwards towards the prize still just beyond his reach. The other set - //'Fei's// - is stroking up the back and insides of his thighs and pulling him downwards, opening him further to the rhythmic strokes and letting them sink deeper, touching new places inside him. Warm breath teases his twitching member, even as he knows Wufei can feel his own breath teasing in return. Finally, Wufei's hips come to a stop beneath Duo's chin, and then - oh, then...

Just as Duo begins to wrap hungry lips around the hard flesh so temptingly offered him, just as Wufei opens his mouth and takes in Duo's erection, surrounding him in warm heat - just then, Trowa thrusts again, rocking him forwards onto Wufei, into Wufei... The sensation of being filled, surrounded, completely submerged and immersed in his beloved drives the last coherent thought from his mind, and only the belonging remains.

Then even that is spiralling inwards as the three move to the rhythm Trowa sets, like starstuff being drawn into a black hole. Finally the pleasure winds tight and hard in Duo's belly, holding there for an instant before exploding into a new light, even as his throat works automatically to swallow what he has been given, and he dimly registers Trowa's body bending forwards over his back and teeth on his shoulder and last few hard spasming thrusts into his body.

It must be Wufei who twists over to tip the other two off to one side, because Duo is certainly not aware enough to do so, although Trowa is able to catch his own fall and cushion Duo's. Wufei sits up just long enough to turn around, and then he is sliding down along Duo's body to kiss his beloved softly, and murmur his thanks to Trowa, and snuggle in close, and reach his arm over Duo to rest, fingers stroking lightly, on Trowa's hip. After a moment, Trowa unwraps his arm from where it is pressed between Duo's chest and Wufei's to reach around and rest it lightly on Wufei's shoulder blade, pulling and releasing in what would have been a soft hug if not for Duo's intervening body. Duo himself merely squirms a little closer to the warmth surrounding him and breathes contentedly.


(1) _xin ai_ - beloved in Chinese

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