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I'm not exactly a 'fic idea' machine, but every now and then something grabs hold of me and won't let go. You'd think, being a semi-writer and all, that I would be able to do justice to these ideas myself. *snort* I should be so lucky. But what I can do, at least, is to tell others about my ideas in hopes that someone else will be able to do what I could not. If you see something here that strikes your fancy, feel free to go for it. Just drop me a line to let me know (don't worry about asking my permission -- these are wild plot bunnies. If you can tame them, they're yours, although I must insist on recognition of me as a muse *ahem*). Besides, as everything else I do, some of these may be on the vague side, even though I really have a very good idea of what they should be. Ask me questions. I'm good with questions. And if one of these strikes a chord with you, but a slightly different one than it struck with me, feel even more free to go where your own ideas take you. Heaven forfend I should stifle your creative juices. ^_~
-- Dacia ^_^

warning: under the dictionary defintion of 'Dacia', besides the words 'odd', 'hentai' and 'self-depricating', it also is written, in very large letters, 'VAGUE / INEXACT'. see below. heh.

[ note: concerning song-based fics. these do not, repeat DO NOT, need to be song fics (unless noted). it's enough for me, even better in fact, to not have the lyrics of the song in the fic. the lyrics are just to provide the mood. for examples of fics based on songs which are NOT song fics, see my The Boy From Ipanema and Blue's Falling Sideways (written for a comparatively tame plot bunny of mine based on the song 'Something to Talk About' by Bonnie Raitt) (and, no, I am not a country music addict...) (heh... ) Likewise, there is no need to title the fic after the song. I do it only cuz I'm lazy. ^_~ ]

[ note 2: "what's with all the angst?", says you. "I thought you were a sap addict." yah, yah... *shrug* ]

[ note 3: just cuz a bunny has been wrangled once doesn't mean it can't be wrangled again. *nudge nudge* while fic clones might get a touch obnoxious, bunny clones are a good thing... ]

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14 aug 05

>> Finding You (the movie title was 'Regular Guys')
This was a damn good movie, despite the fat that I couldn't figure out what language it was in. *rolls eyes* It made me laugh (a miracle in itself), and was blissfully un-American (read 'no unnecessary angst-ing'). I couldn't help but feel a bit cheated by the ending, though, and what better way to get the ending you wanted than to have a movie made into a GW fic? Heh...
main character: Duo
type: rl AU (real life alternate universe)
pairings -- 1x2, 2+H

plot: straight guy falls in love with gay guy. he does not 'turn gay'. he makes a conscious decision to stretch his sexuality to incorporate the fact that the person he's fallen for happens to be male.
general idea: It would help, of course, if you'd seen the movie. However *ahem*, allow me to do my own unique sort of summing up. A (professional) man, jilted by his (female) fiancé, takes a bit too much comfort in the bottle and winds up being taken home by a man he meets in a gay bar (at the time, he was inebriated enough that the key word there was 'bar'). Waking up the next morning, he is shocked to discover that he's naked in bed with a man who is frighteningly and similarly unclothed, with absolutely no idea if anything had happened between them or not. He is upset, but he does not freak out. This would be Duo. Heero would be the (omg cute! and independent) man who had taken him home. This is my beloved AU!Heero -- sexy and confident and possessing a wicked sense of humour (and if you're thinking this sounds more like Duo... well, it does, but my beloved AU!Heero is his own version of this). Duo stays for a quick breakfast, but does not linger. When he leaves, it is with the belief that he will never see Heero again. Thing is, he's not only lost a fiancé, but an abode, and when he cannot scrounge up another place to stay he returns to Heero's apartment, having no choice but to take up Heero's offer to stay with him (in the spare room) until he finds a new place of his own. Heero has no qualms about making it very clear (though not in a slutty or sappy way, please) that he fell for Duo at first sight. Duo is straight -- he has never even considered homosexuality, though he is in no way biased against it. He does not find himself lusting after Heero, does not have wet dreams about Heero, and is actually pursuing the new girl at the office (this would be Hilde. or whoever. ^_~ ). Heero and Duo have their fights, as all roommates do. They even have flings with other people. They do end up in bed together when Heero has visitors, but the only thing that occurs is actual sleep (though an innocent grope or two would not be amiss)(*cough*). Over time, however, Duo grows more and more fond of Heero. He knows how Heero feels -- they've had several discussions concerning this, in fact -- and he begins to realize that not only does he like Heero, but that he likes him more than anyone he's ever met, male or female. In the end, he decides that his love for Heero more than makes up for the fact that he's pushing his sexuality to the limits.
[ note: i almost nipped this bunny in the bud. after all, how bloody un-creative can you get than to steal a plot directly from something that's already been done? in light of that, you can feel free to disregard the re-hashed plot above and simply concentrate on those few bits in bold.
bunny wranglers: BleedToBlue -- Finding You: Sleeping With Heero [ sept 06 ]; Pyro and Skeller
-- Fires [ nov 06 ]

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