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3 >> The Impossible Dream [ lyrics ]
Whoa, is this one ever complicated, which is part of the reason I could never tackle it. I have problems writing for length, and this promises to be a doozy, at least in terms of content. To get at what I want to get across will take time and herculean amounts of effort. Have I scared you off yet? Don't worry. By the time I get finished explaining this I'll have you running for the hills. <insert maniacal laughter here> Based on Cervantes' Don Quixote, yes, but The Man of La Mancha (TMoLM) is a horse of an entirely different colour...
main character: Heero as Don Quixote; Duo as Dulcinea -- these are the only two I have set in my mind, the rest are up for grabs and it is not necessary that every character in TMoLM have a counterpart as THIS IS NOT A FUSION OR CROSSOVER; could be Duo POV, but might work better in third person narrative
type: angst (duh. ^_~ watching TMoLM always makes me cry... )
death fic (double duh, of Heero)
-- 1+2, eventual 2+1 (see below)
medieval shounen ai-ness
-- Heero falls in love with Duo, but he places him on a pedestal, something which baffles, frustrates, and in the end makes Duo bitter-sweetly happy because he has never been wanted for anything other than his body (this would be the "to love pure and chaste from afar" part). While, for Heero, meeting Duo is nothing less than love at first site, Duo greets Heero's initial overtures with disdain and mistrust since he's never been treated with unconditional kindness and respect before (or since Sister Helen and Father Maxwell, if you feel a need to include them). Duo doesn't truly believe what Heero feels for him until the end, as Heero lays dying.
-- depending on how you look at it. After all, if Heero and Duo had grown up differently, they would themselves be different from what we "know", ne? In this case, Heero would actually be living by the advice that he gave Trowa -- to live according to his feelings, and he would have always lived that way. As for Duo... there are two ways (at least) to view how living through the horrors of his childhood would have left him. One is as his strong, cocky, self-assure self who figures he's seen hell already, lived through it, and has decided that he can take on all comers and do it laughing. The other, which would be used in this instance, is a boy who is just as strong, but also battered, bruised, and distrustful -- more like Spooks' 02 from her brilliant and heartrending 'Cadence of Time'.
AU -- a lot or a little...
plot: This one is pretty obvious, all thing considered, although not as obvious as you might think. Seeing as how THIS IS NOT A FUSION OR CROSSOVER (am I getting my point across, here? heh... ), the plot is pretty open. This could be set in the past, but I see it more of a contemporary story. It could even be an AU Gundam fic, which has some very interesting possibilities.
general idea: Although I want this based on TMoLM, it's really only half of it that I'm focused on -- the story that Cervantes tells while he's in prison, the tale of Don Quixote (which is different from the book). The basis for this whole thing is Heero fighting for what he feels, and knows, is right, even when others might turn a blind eye to what's going on. It's about him dedicating his very existence to putting not only "dreaming the impossible dream", but fulfilling it. Nothing is more important to him. There is no need for a "Sancho" character. Heero is no deluded wacko wandering around foisting at windmills -- what he's fighting is a real thing, only so overwhelming that everyone else has given up trying to change or beat it (whatever 'it' is...). His peers and associates, even Duo, think him foolish for even trying. His faith never wavers, until the end when Duo gives it back to him. Duo (as a male, people. female Duo's are just wrong...) is either a prostitute or a thief (or both) -- someone who has been down so long that he has no idea there is an 'up', someone who has been treated like filth by everyone. He is deemed the lowest of the low, even though he has a kind heart (that's been trampled on a bit and is nearly broken) and a strong spirit. He is a survivor, even when he doesn't know what exactly it is that he's surviving for. He no longer believes in happy endings or that the good guy finishes first. He is bitter and unsmiling, having no reason to smile. In the end, it no longer matters whether or not Heero has succeeded in reaching "the unreachable star" (which he doesn't). What matters is that he has changed one mans' life -- he has given hope, faith, and love back to one who had lost himself to despair so long ago that he he didn't even remember another way of living (this would be Duo). So I suppose the ending is bitter-sweet, then, since Duo now has a belief to fight for and a dream of his own, that he has taken up from Heero.
bunny wranglers: Kitty Chou -- Tilting at Windmills [ sept 03 ]

2 >> At 17 [ lyrics ]
*sigh* This song sticks with you. Or at least the melody does. When I went to look up the lyrics, I discovered that the words to 'At 17' weren't quite what I thought they were, but the melody still makes me semi-teary, so I'll go with that. Mind you, this also means that none of this will make sense unless you've actually heard the song. Or if you have a good imagination and -- let's face it -- if you can image 2-D bishounen having carnal relations, you're pretty high up there on the imagination meter. *grin*
main character: Duo -- not Duo POV (or anybody else's, for that matter) -- told from outside Duo's perspective. I want the tone to come from not what Duo is thinking, but from his visible reactions.
pairings -- none... am I sensing a trend?
death fic
-- though his death is not the focal point -- that would be his learning the "truth".
post series
plot: told as sort of an overview of Duo's life after the war, from a point sometime after he has died, either by his own hand or an accident that he made no effort to avert. That's not really a "plot", huh... Heh... The title narrows it down a bit, though -- once he "learns the truth", he also loses the will to keep on going, at 17. It is not necessary to know that he is dead until the end of the fic, although it could be worked in at any time.
general idea: kind of a Duo version of Mr. Bojangles. The war is over (this is set post-series, not post EW -- for the purpose of this fic, there is no EW). No more need to kill or maim or run or hide. But peace isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Living behind a mask for so long... Duo has everyone believing he's a happy-go-lucky quasi-psychopath with tendencies to chatter. Turns out that no one really wants to know the truth -- that inside Duo lives a boy who never got to grieve and who cries and lies and can't forgive. Duo tries, he tries so hard, to blend into society, to live life as it was meant to be lived, to trust and love and open up. But no one really cares. No one wants to know that their dashing war hero has problems. He "learned the truth at seventeen / that love was meant for beauty queens / And high school girls with clear-skinned smiles / who married young and then retired. / The valentines [he] never knew, / the Friday night charades of youth / Were spent on one more beautiful. / At seventeen [he] learned the truth." Is this making sense to anyone...? That I'm not taking the words literally...? That he "learns" that happiness was not meant for people like him, even though in reality he deserves it most of all...? That I want this fic to make you cry, even while you're writing it...?
bunny wranglers: Lily -- A New Beginning?
[ nov 02 ]

1 >> Mr. Bojangles [ lyrics ]
You know the song, yes? When I was a tiny tot, I had the impression that this was a happy song. After all, it was about a dancing man. What fun! Wasn't til I was older that I realized its inherent sadness. Such a barren sense of regret and loneliness. *sigh* So needless to say, the fic written from this song would not be a happy one. Angst -- the staff of life...
main character: Heero -- either his POV or omniscient narrative
type: angst
pairings -- none involving Heero in present, though there might have been one in his past -- it would work rather eerily well if the fic was set during/after a one-night stand (with a perfect stranger, of course)
post EW
plot: none necessary, though one could be worked in depending on how creative you are. This could all be handled by a series of disconnected vignettes or simply by Heero reminiscing about how he came to be where he is at present, either in his own head or to a listener (not necessarily a sympathetic one) who may or may not know who he is.
general idea: No, Heero is not a dancer. *laugh* This would actually be a terribly canon fic, set after EW, dealing with the inability of others to see Heero as anything but a soldier, even if he wants so very badly to leave that part of his life behind him. And although he has tried, everyone he deals with can't see beyond his hero/killer/soldier past and his cold hearted, inhuman reputation. So he just gives up and becomes what everyone wants him to be, pretending he's ok although inside he's broken... *sniffle*
bunny wranglers: lilia -- A Prison in a Cage [ nov 02