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8 >> Coin Operated Boy [ lyrics ]
I'm almost positive this will be considered sacrilege in certain circles. *as if she cares* *heh...*
main character: Duo
type: thoughtful sap? existential moralism? wistful angst?
pairings -- 2x1... in a way...
post EW

plot: not settling, never settling, but making.
general idea: Duo is sick of love. He needs to need and be needed, but everyone he's tried to connect with has hurt him or been hurt by him (nothing new under the sun, eh?) Heero is lost-soldier!Heero---lost and alone and totally not understanding, comprehending, or exploring his own humanity, mostly cuz he doesn't have the 1st clue how. He is most comfortable with the one person who has never once treated him like he was a killing machine---Duo (duh. god, this is rote, huh...). His feelings for him border on obsession, not because he is actually 'obsessed', but because there's no one else who sees what he might be. Duo, after years have passed, suddenly realizes, quite incidentally, that Heero loves him. Truly. Deeply. Though he also recognizes that Heero doesn't know. Duo does not love Heero. He likes him, is fond of him, but doesn't love him. But he sees an opportunity. Here's this beautiful man (inside and out, mind you) who's geared to follow a mission, in love with him. What could be the harm in molding Heero into the perfect lover---someone who cares and supports and loves and understands. He manipulates Heero into being what he wants him to be, but never maliciously or hurtfully, and he never fails to take Heero's own feelings and nature into account. And he pretends to love Heero until, eventually, he does. Heero never discovers what Duo has done---he is happy (and, more importantly?, growing as a person). Duo comes to terms with what he has done---he is happy (and finally figuring what Love really is).
[ note: the song is very bitter (women, ne?)(that's a joke. laugh.) the fic should maybe start out that way, but Heero... he isn't plastic, now is he. He can love back, and by the end it really is Love. ]
[ note 2: I say in the above... muddle that Duo always takes Heero's feelings into acct. But he is only human. There should be a point in the beginning when he doesn't think of Heero, when he's just being selfish. But he should also realize that it is wrong, and that being selfish will only hurt everyone involved. ]
bunny wranglers: BleedToBlue -- Coin Operated Boy [ sept 05 ]

7 >> Every Day A Little Death [ lyrics ]
I'm not a freak for musicals, but I do love Steven Sondheim. He's brilliant, in his own way. And, along with Sweeney Todd, this one ('A Little Night Music') tops my list. I simply adore it. And even with Sondheim's penchant for truly depressing themes ('Into the Woods', anyone?), this one ends somewhat happily. But it is this song that is my favorite. The subtle agony of loving somehow who does not love you the same way in return is heartbreaking and unrelenting. It is not one act of betrayal, but a whole lifetime's worth that infiltrates every aspect of existence, even the simplest, until almost "every move and every breath" is a reminder of pain.

main character: Relena -- her POV, although it could work as Heero POV with the lyrics being Relena's thoughts behind what she says out loud
type: angst!!
pairings -- 1+Rx1, 1x2x1
post EW
yaoi, het

(optional) song fic -- the lyrics are powerful and could be used with some damn good effects. mind you , this does not mean that a strict mirroring of the song in the text will be appreciated. >_<
plot: who needs a plot, anyways... ^_^;; all I can say is that the fic itself should be like the song -- no major occurences, simply a day to day life...
general idea: The fighting is officially over. The gundams have been destroyed, and peace prevails over the earth sphere and the colonies. Relena and Heero marry. The do not rush into a loveless union. It takes a year for Heero to ask her, but he does, fully believing that what he feels for her is Love (note capital). It's not until years later (say 3 or 4) that he realizes that this isn't the case. He turns to Duo, with whom he truly does find Love. There is no bad guy, here. Relena is not a conniving wench who forced Heero into marriage. Heero is not a cad who has no care for Relena's feelings. Duo is not the back stabbing other 'woman' who wants nothing more than to steal Heero away. There are, after all, quite a few differences between Heero and the Dragoon of the song. Charlotte's husband is a bastard who sees women as little more than toys for his lust and affection. No matter that he returns to his wife in the end, this does not change the fact that he's a total smeghead who would have seen the keen end of a blade before he ever came near me again. *ahem* Heero loves Relena, as something more than a sister, but less than a wife. He cannot live with the idea that he might hurt her, and he knows full well, as does she, that Relena would be devastated if he left. But he refuses to sacrifice his own happiness for her, so he gives in to his long standing attraction to his best friend and discovers with him a bond that will keep him sane in a situation to which there is no real solution. Heero has made it his priority both to give Relena the affection she needs and to keeping his relationship with Duo under wraps, but, nonetheless, Relena is perfectly aware that he is no longer merely her knight in shining armour. She hates him for this. She hates that he still looks upon her with fondness and touches her so sweetly and shares her bed with ardor. She hates that he can make her breathless with a kiss, despises the fact that he can brighten her day with a smile. And she loves him desperately. So desperately that she lives with the fact that he's not in love with her, that he's in love with Duo, because she cannot conceive of living without him even though living with him is destroying her.
[ note: on the line "He talks softly of his wars and his horses and his whores." I kept in in because.... what the heck else was I supposed to do? The song is not a true and literal voicing of Relena's feelings, after all. Consider this talking of his job (as a Preventer, not Relena's bodyguard, for reasons that I can explain if you really need me to) and of Duo, whom he does not talk about as if he is his lover. it's simply that Relena knows, anyways, and that, as kind as Duo is to her and however much she might have liked him before, a part of her now hates him. referring to him as a 'whore' would be Relena being bitter. she does not mean it and does not blame Duo. she does not lay blame anywhere. ]
[ note 2: concerning Duo -- first off, he is a part of this fic only through the eyes of others. secondly, he was not pining away in misery during those first few years of Heero and Relena's marriage. when Heero and he fall in love, it is at the same time and quite gradually. ]
bunny wranglers: Anasazi -- Every Day A Little Death [ aug 03 ]; marasmine -- Poisoned Heart
[ aug 06 ]

6 >> Hello [ lyrics ]
God, but I was a major Lionel Richie fan when I was young. *sigh* Maybe not so much of a fan that I had his image plastered on my walls, but a fan nonetheless. I haven't thought of this song in ages, but hearing it again just reminded me of how damn sweet it is. And, dang, but I need a bit of sap on this page. Heh...
main character: Heero -- his POV, though not necessarily first person
type: unsappy sap -- *laugh*
pairings -- as yet unrequited (until the end, at least) 1+2

song fic
plot: *snort* as if! All I can say here is that the fic is told in the present of things that happened in the past. The only bit in the present is the Moment. At the end. And you'll have to read on to figure out what the heck I'm talking about. ^_~
general idea: Heero is a young man. He resides in a fairly large city, though nothing like, say, New York. He has a decent career in which he is relatively happy and makes pretty darn good money. Are you getting the picture here? He lives an average life, which is not to say that Heero is an average man (heaven forfend ^_~ ). Heero is, in an AU way, the same Heero he always has been. He is above averagely intelligent, downright gorgeous, slightly awkward in social situations, not a big talker, and a born loner. Duo is the AU Duo we all know and love -- beautiful inside and out, outgoing, deeper than most people know (if only cuz they don't look), and lonely even as he's the life of the party. Heero knows about Duo. He's seen him around the office. They do not work together, seldom bump into each other, and generally haven't spent much time together, other than a stuck elevator incident (which was rather more lackluster than I see you all imaging and is not what brings them together, though it does fuel Heero's amorphous longing) and a few quick moments at the copier. Heero thinks about Duo. He does not obsess over him. He does not think of him every minute of the day. He does not imagine, or dream, of the hot, steamy sex to be had. But, in the strangest times and the most unlikely places, he wonders what it might be like if Duo were there with him. He wants something more in his life, though he's not all that unhappy as he is, and he thinks Duo might be just what he needs but he isn't quite sure. This fic does not end with Heero and Duo as a couple. It doesn't end with them going out on, or even making, a date. It ends not when Heero decides to make a move, but as Duo one day sees Heero, and I mean really sees him, and in a world-stopping, nobody-but-you-and-me Moment, realizes, as Heero has, what could be. They then go about their business, but... now there's really something there. Subtlety is the name of the game here, folks. And for once, I'd like the lyrics of the song in the fic, if only cuz the fic itself will be so... much less romantic and sappy than the song, yet still contain as many romantic and sappy possibilities.
bunny wranglers: Bronze Tigress -- Hello? [ feb 04 ], trixie -- Hello [ jun 05 ]

5 >> Feelin' Good [ lyrics ]
I'm not one for sunbathing. Never really saw the point. It wasn't til I moved to Seattle that I realized this was mainly because there was no need to sunbathe where I had lived before, namely CA and FL. But here in Seattle... *shiver* *literally* I was just not meant to be this pale. So, sun cancer be damned, I sunbathed last summer. On the roof of our apartment building. Not the most peaceful place, though it was the most practical. So I would head upstairs wearing a bathing suit in which I would not be seen in public and listen to Verve Remixed to drown out the sounds of city life. I love re-mixes -- taking an old song and giving it a new beat seems to me inspired genius when its done well. And there's a song on this CD -- Feelin' Good sung by Nina Simone -- that I positively adore. Its a genuinely happy song, it really is, and yet it's more of a peaceful, calm happy than a robust, jubilant one. And what do you get when you mix a happy song with my morbid mind? You get this...
main character: Heero -- Heero POV or 3rd person omniscient... oh! or Quat's POV...
type: angst/hope hybrid -- one that will leave you with that funny melancholy happiness...
deathfic -- kind of, but not really. The fic isn't about the death (which will have happened in the past in Heero's perspective), it's about the survivor coming to terms with it.
post EW -- not too long after, though. Heero's about 25 in my grand vision.
pairings: 1x2x1
plot: Duo's dead. Can't believe I'm writing a plot bunny where Duo's dead. I can't even bring myself to read fics where Duo is dead and here I am asking someone to write one for me... Sha... But seriously folks, as in all my bunnies, there is no heavy duty plot to this. I'm a jumbled mess, so why wouldn't my bunnies be, ne? This one, while told from Heero's present POV, would include flashbacks of his life before, during and directly after Duo.
general idea: *sigh* None of this is really "new" at all, but it's the way it's written that counts, right? Duo getting Heero to open up is not a novel story. It is a sweet one, though and one I never tire of hearing. It's not just any person who could take the perfect soldier and lay him to rest. Duo is... special. But what happens when the support and love and life that Duo has offered is taken away? I've read fics where Duo's death destroys Heero, or where Heero pines the rest of his life away only finding true happiness again when he dies and can be with Duo again. Hello?? *snort* Talk about dissing Duo. Duo isn't a crutch, nor would he allow himself to be used as one. He didn't give Heero the fish, he taught him how to catch the little buggers himself. I'm not saying Heero wouldn't be devastated by Duo's death. He would be. It's not every day that you lose part of your own soul and you couldn't possibly prepare for it. But living with and loving Duo has changed Heero in more than obvious ways. Heero cries. He rages. He goes through the other 2 or 3 stages of grief that I'm forgetting. And then, almost impossibly and when he least expects it, he realizes he's happy again. This hasn't happened overnight, nor was it due to a new love in his life helping him through the pain. He moved on himself. Loving Duo has allowed him to be capable of that in a way he never could have been before. He looks back on what he had with Duo and he is eternally grateful, recognizing the precious gift he has been given, and then he... goes on with his life.
[ note: it is in no way necessary for Heero to have a new significant other at this point . *grimace* if you do insist, just keep in mind that if you decide to give him a name that starts with 'd', I will kill you. slowly. ]
bunny wranglers: T.R. Phoenix -- Morning [ feb 03 ]

4 >> Batter My Heart [ words ]
Do you know this poem? It's one of my all time favourites even though, and here's the kooky bit, I don't really understand it. I mean, I get the general idea, but if someone asked me to write, say, a paper on the poem's hidden meaning, line by line... I'd probably just use a lot of fancy words and make stuff up. *snort* So why in the name of everything high and holy am I making a plot bunny out of it?, says you. It has more than something to do with that 'grabbing hold' of me concept that I mentioned in my plot bunny intro, up there. Heh... And if this poem makes no sense to you at all (it is slightly archaic), rest assured that it's only the last 3 lines of it (in bold) that you need to focus on.
main character: Trowa -- Trowa POV
type: angst
pairings -- 2x3
TWT -- Which is basically my way of saying that's it's based sometime during the war...
plot: Why in the world do I keep adding this space for plot if I haven't as yet had anything concrete to put here...? What can I say? Genius is mysterious... ^_~
general idea: Trowa's got problems. We all know this. Sure, the very definition of 'gundam pilot' seems to be 'problem child', but Tro has had a whole different circumstances to deal with in his life (i.e. those danged mercenaries) that have left him with a sense of socialization that's more than just a little warped. Even more so than Heero, depending upon your view of things. On the one hand, Trowa is my third fav g-boy, after Duo (duh...) and Wu. That's the up side. The down side (at least for Tro... ) is that it's not every portrayal that's my favourite, but the ones where he's slightly more damaged than he might seem to be. Which explains, also, why I can't always see him with Quatre. Quatre is a good person (anime-ily speaking ^_~). He's sweet and strong and focused and can beat the pants off of just about anybody. But (and you just knew this was coming) I really cannot see him being able to deal with a violently fragile Trowa as well as say, oh -- I don't know, Duo could (a boy who's been through quite a bit of hell, himself). This story, after all, is not about Trowa 'healing', about him being 'cured' and everything being 'just fine' (this last bit being emphasized just for effect... heh..). Heaven forfend I allow it to be that happy, ne? (That would be what Quatre's for. *grin*) No, in this version of events, it's not so much about Trowa suddenly becoming 'human' as it is about his world being in a confusing state of upheaval due to Duo's advances (though Tro's in no way naive -- this does NOT necessarily mean he's been abused, just that he hasn't been exposed to real people and real emotions...). It's not about him falling in love with Duo (any loving feelings Tro might have for Duo would, at this stage, still be too stilted and harsh to truly be termed 'love') -- it's about him giving in to him due to the mere fact that Duo has made his presence felt in his life to such an extent that Trowa cannot live without him. In the future, it is possible to foresee this relationship blossoming into love, but as for now it is Trowa reaching out for something warm and good, even though he cannot properly say why it is those things or even why he feels this need for them when he never did before...
bunny wranglers: Lyssira -- Batter My Heart [ nov 02
], Presser -- Fight For Me [ feb 03 ]