by: Caroline

After Image + Part 9

Duo woke slowly, aware of the pounding pain in his head. He groaned and rolled over, trying to bury himself under the plush, downy comforter. Awareness pierced his hung over mind as he suddenly realized he didn't own a plush, downy comforter. He opened his eyes and blinked as he took in his strange surroundings. For a moment, he couldn't remember where he was. Then memories of the previous night came flooding back. Duo groaned in embarrassment, hiding his face in his hands. He could not believe his behavior the previous night. He knew better than to drink while depressed. How could he have done something so foolish? And in front of Heero... what the older man must think of him now.

He felt his body grow warm at the thought of the dark-haired detective. He and Heero had come so close to making love last night. He wished Heero hadn't been so noble to have stopped before they could go any further. Even though he'd been drunk off his rocker, he'd known exactly what he was doing and knew he wouldn't have regretted any of it. But another part of him, a small part, was glad Heero had stopped. Heero cared enough about him to want to get to know him better first, to want to wait until they were both clear headed and well aware of what they were doing. And that made Duo feel... special. He hadn't felt special in a long, long time.

Of course, all the good intentions in the world couldn't calm his raging libido. Just thinking of Heero's lips on his made him shiver. The feel of Heero's body on his, Heero's hands on his skin... Duo had to take a deep breath to calm his body before he managed to embarrass himself further.

Rolling over, Duo sat up and looked around. He glanced down at himself and smiled as he saw Heero's t-shirt hugging his body. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he padded out from the little bedroom area, looking for Heero.

The loft was deserted. The only sign Heero had been there was a pillow on the couch with the indented shape of someone's head. Duo felt a little disappointed that Heero was not there. He shuffled over to the kitchen, hoping to find some Tylenol or something similar that would take care of his headache.

A bottle of Aleve on the kitchen counter caught his attention. Duo picked up the little bottle happily, then noticed the note lying underneath.


I had to run to the station for a bit. I wanted to give the details of what you saw to my partner. Maybe something you saw will ring some bells with someone working on the case. Don't worry. I'll keep your name out of it as much as possible.

Take two of these pills... I have a feeling you'll need them. If you want to take a shower, there are extra towels in the closet in the bathroom. I'll be back around 9 with some breakfast. I'm really glad you're here.


Duo smiled as he read the note. Heero was still looking out for him, even when he wasn't here. He opened the bottle and shook two of the little blue tablets out into his hand. He swallowed them dry, then looked up at the clock.

8:30. Shit.

Looking around, he spotted a phone next to the refrigerator. Picking up the cordless receiver, he quickly dialed the number for the clinic.

The phone rang only once before Quatre picked it up.


"Hmph. And here I thought I was the one with the psychic powers, Quat," Duo teased.

"Where are you? I know you're not at home because I already checked your apartment."

"Remind me to take back the spare key I gave you."

"Duo..." Quatre almost growled with impatience.

"Relax. I'm fine. But, uh... I'm gonna be late for work."

"Where are you?" My, but Quatre was in a foul mood this morning.

"I'm... at Heero's," Duo replied, a little reluctant to reveal where he was because he knew what was coming next.

"DUO! Did you stay there all night?! What happened? Are you okay?"

Duo sighed as he tried to blot out Quatre's voice as the blonde doctor began to lecture him on responsibility, and safe sex, and one night stands, and did Duo have any idea how worried he'd been?? He pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He loved Quatre like an older brother, but sometimes he wished the doctor wasn't quite as well intended as he was. Of course, if Duo could only stay out of trouble, he might not have to listen to Quatre's lectures.

"Quatre, Quatre!" he interrupted the blonde's tirade. "I'm fine. Nothing happened. Well, nothing really, really major. I just fell asleep and Heero let me stay here." It wasn't a lie... he just didn't feel the need to share everything with his friend.

On the other end of the phone, Quatre sighed. "Don't worry about work. Dorothy can fill in for you. Are you sure you're all right?"

"Just a little hung over, but I'll be all right," he said without thinking, then winced. Whoops. That was the wrong thing to say.

"Hung over?! You have no business drinking in the first place! Did Heero buy you alcohol? By Allah, he's a cop! What was he thinking?"

"Quatre, really, I'd love to stay and chat but I have to go," Duo hurriedly interrupted, not in the mood to listen to yet another lecture.

"Duo! Wait, I'm not finished..."

"Tell Iria hi and give Dorothy a kiss for me. I'll be home later and you can rant at me all you want but I really have to go now, okay? Bye!"

Duo placed the phone on the cradle and breathed a sigh of relief. He'd been granted a temporary reprieve as Quatre didn't know Heero's number. Of course, he'd catch hell for this later. But he was in no mood to deal with it at the moment. He was too happy.

Heero wanted to go out with him, wanted to date him... he felt as giddy as a schoolgirl. He wrinkled his nose. A schoolgirl? Ugh. He wanted to show Heero that he was all man, baby! He giggled to himself and shook his head. He couldn't help it. Being happy made him slightly insane.

Glancing at the clock again, he cursed silently. Heero would be back in less than twenty minutes. There was only just enough time to grab a quick shower before he returned. He tugged disdainfully at his messy hair. Time to get cleaned up. He wanted to look good for his - boyfriend? - when he came home.

Smiling happily at the thought, he hurried into the bathroom.


Heero pushed open the door to his loft apartment with his shoulder, careful not to spill the two cups of orange juice he'd picked up to go with breakfast. He placed them on the counter along with the brown paper bag containing their breakfast. He hoped Duo liked danishes.

Speaking of the dazzling young man that had so captured his attention, Heero noticed the pill bottle he'd left out for him had been moved. A noise from behind the closed bathroom door indicated that he was still here, blow drying his hair. Heero smiled. He'd been half afraid Duo had left, thinking last night had been nothing but a drunken mistake.

Heero was half-afraid of that himself. They'd both had a little too much to drink last night. He'd woken up with a slight headache, but found he still desired the young man with the long chestnut hair. Of course, he knew that even before he'd started drinking. But last night... last night could have turned into a monumental disaster if he hadn't found the willpower to stop. Even now, in the daylight and sober, he didn't know if he'd be able to continue to have that sort of willpower. Duo was too beautiful for his own good.

As if on cue, Duo chose that moment to make his entrance. Heero glanced up... and immediately stopped breathing. The boy hadn't noticed him yet - he was too busy brushing out his long, beautiful chestnut hair, humming a tune under his breath... and wearing little more than a towel wrapped around his waist. Heero stood mesmerized by the vision in front of him until his lungs began to protest their lack of oxygen and he inhaled sharply.

Duo jumped, almost losing his towel in the process. He caught it, but not before it slipped down lower over his hips. Heero felt all the blood in his body rush... elsewhere.

"Oi, Heero. I didn't see you there," Duo said, a warm blush spreading over his pale, smooth skin.

Heero opened his mouth to reply but found no words could come out of his mouth. Before he knew what he was doing, he'd crossed the room to stand in front of Duo.

"Heero?" the boy asked again, blushing even more.

The dark-haired detective reached out to cup Duo's cheek. "Duo... I..." Again words failed him as he stared down into Duo's violet eyes, losing himself in them. He could feel himself trembling as they stood there, transfixed by each other. Duo was warm and still slightly damp to the touch. Slowly, Heero let himself be drawn to that heat. He buried his fingers in that silken mass of hair and drew Duo's lips to his own.

The long-haired boy immediately melted into the kiss, still clutching the towel furiously in front of him. Heero ran his tongue along Duo's bottom lip, seeking entrance to the boy's mouth. Duo immediately gave it, trembling as he did. Heero slipped inside, wishing to drown himself in Duo's unique flavor. Heero's hands were not idle. After spending a few moments running them through that thick, silky hair, he moved them to Duo's skin, clutching the boy tighter. He ran his fingertips over the satiny smooth skin on Duo's back, thinking nothing in the world could feel as soft. Ever so slowly, he moved his hands lower until they were teasing the sensitive skin just above the towel. He hesitated, making sure Duo knew what he was doing and could stop him if he so desired, then slipped his hands under the towel, sliding the terry cloth down just far enough to leave his delectable bottom bare. He clasped the smooth, creamy globes tightly, causing Duo to moan. Heero caught the noise in his mouth as he caressed the boy's backside, marveling in the silky texture.

Déja vu of the night before assaulted him as he found himself guiding Duo to the bed behind the screens. The rational part of his mind was screaming at him to stop, to let go of the young man in his arms and find the nearest cold shower. But he couldn't get his body to obey his commands. The sweet mouth under his own was too tempting. And the feel of his skin... Heero pushed the Voice of Reason away, suddenly taken with the desire to see all of Duo.

He brought them to a halt at the edge of the rumpled bed. Taking one last taste of Duo's lips, he drew back, stepping away slightly. Duo's skin was flushed, his lips swollen. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were glassed over with desire. He was still clutching the towel modestly in front of his body. Heero reached out and snagged one end of the towel.

"May I?" he asked, amazed that his voice still worked.

Duo looked at him in silence for a moment, then nodded, loosening his death grip on the towel. Heero drew the material away, absently dropping it to the floor as he looked at Duo for the first time in all his glory. He sucked in his breath, unable to breathe. The young man standing before him was a vision... absolutely magnificent. His loose hair cascaded around his body like a chestnut-golden halo. Duo looked like an angel. Perhaps he was - surely nothing on this earth could be so lovely.

Heero reached out to cup Duo's cheek once again. The long-haired boy smiled, then moved backwards to lie on the bed, drawing Heero down with him. The detective braced himself on one elbow, careful not to put his full weight on the delicate looking creature below him. He traced Duo's face with his fingers before moving his hand lower to play along the skin on his chest. An errant drop of water left over from the shower caught his eye, glistening just below one pebble hard nipple. Bending his head, he lapped up the droplet, running his tongue across the nipple. Duo gasped and arched his back, burying his fingers in Heero's hair.

Heero made a thorough exploration of Duo's chest with his tongue, reveling in the erotic sounds the boy below him was making. As he pressed a trail of hot little kisses down to the boy's bellybutton, that damned Voice of Reason once more fought its way through Heero's lust-fogged mind. They shouldn't be doing this. After his little speech to Duo last night about wanting to wait, why was he here with a very naked and aroused Duo writhing beneath him?

Suppressing a groan, he levered himself off Duo's body and looked up to see Duo looking back at him, brow creased in confusion.


"Duo, I'm sorry. We really shouldn't do this."

Duo stuck his bottom lip out and actually pouted. "Why?"

Heero blinked, then narrowed his eyes. "I thought we agreed to wait."

Duo shook his head. "No. You agreed to wait. I'm sure if I hadn't had so much to drink last night, I'd have been able to talk you into it," he replied, grinning.

"Duo, you were drunk last night," Heero said. "I didn't want to take advantage of you."

Duo placed a hand on Heero's cheek. "You never would. I know that. And I trust you." He flashed Heero a wicked grin. "Besides, I'm not drunk now. Are you?"

Heero hesitated only for a moment, realizing he was fast losing this battle of wills. "No."

"Good," Duo replied, before bringing Heero's head down to kiss him again.

Heero gave in, knowing as soon as Duo's lips touched his that he would not be able to pull away again. He left Duo's mouth, resuming his trial down the boy's body. He wanted to taste every inch of skin, explore every nook and cranny. He delved his tongue into Duo's navel, shuddering as he heard Duo cry out. Slowly he drifted lower, feeling Duo tense beneath him as he reached the center of his need. Duo's vision blurred as Heero's mouth crept downward. He couldn't believe this was actually happening. He'd been afraid Heero had wanted to stop like he had last night. While he wasn't the type of person to jump into bed with an almost complete stranger after only having known him for a few days, there was something about Heero that called to him. He wanted the older man... wanted him in a way he hadn't wanted anyone else before. He felt a little ashamed for practically throwing himself at him, but hell, he was a horny teenager. It was almost expected of him!

He gasped loudly as Heero traced his tongue over the crease where his leg met his torso. He squirmed on the bed, wanting, wishing for Heero to move just two inches to the left. So lost was he in the sensation, that he did not feel Heero move his legs apart and slip between them. Not until he felt Heero's cheek nuzzle his arousal did he come down from his euphoric cloud, only to shoot back into the heavens when Heero ran his tongue up the underside of his cock.

"Heero!" he cried out, groping blindly for the older man's hand. Finding it, he twined their fingers together as Heero took him whole into his mouth.

"Nngh... ahhh... Heero," he moaned, twisting his body against the sheets. He'd had this done to him before, but never with this much intensity. Little bursts of light blinded him as Heero worshipped him with his mouth. A coil of blinding white light was building in the pit of his stomach. Heero suckled him expertly, swallowing him to the root. Duo knew he couldn't take much more of the delicious torture.

He almost sat up when Heero did something particularly wicked with his tongue. He was vaguely aware of how loud he was getting, but didn't care. He twisted Heero's bed sheets in his hands as the world dissolved around him until all that remained was himself and Heero. He lifted his head and looked down to see Heero's dark head bobbing up and down between his legs. The mere sight of Heero pleasuring him proved to be the breaking point. Throwing his head back once more, he screamed Heero's name as he shot his release into Heero's mouth. Little sparks of pleasure raced up his spine, causing him to tremble violently. He rode the waves of pleasure to the end, only dimly aware of Heero climbing up his body to lay beside to him. The dark-haired man kissed him deeply and gently smoothed away his hair, stroking his face as he drifted back down from the heights Heero had sent him. They lay in silence for a long moment, holding on to one another and sharing lazy kisses until Duo's body had calmed itself. The long-haired boy reached up and cupped Heero's cheek.

"Heero, I... I..." he started but was silenced with another kiss.

"Shhh, it's all right, koi," the older man whispered.


"It's a... term of endearment in my native language," Heero explained.

Duo smiled. "Oh. Good. For a second, I thought you were calling me a fish." He stretched languidly against Heero's still-clothed body.

Cobalt eyes gazed lovingly down at him as Heero rubbed Duo's back. "Are you okay?"

"Mmmm, better than okay. That was amazing Heero," Duo all but purred, arching into Heero's touch. He then turned his big violet eyes to meet Heero's. "But... what about you?"

Heero kissed the top of Duo's head. "I already took care of that," he whispered, taking Duo's hand and guiding it to the front of his damp, unzipped pants.

Duo turned red. "O...oh." He mewled pitifully and snuggled closer. "But I wanted..."

Heero placed a finger over Duo's mouth to silence him. "I know, but we shouldn't even have done this."

Duo looked hurt and tried to pull away, but Heero held on tight. "Hey, that doesn't mean I didn't want to," he said reassuringly. "But I still think we should take things slow."

Duo snickered. "It's a little late now, isn't it?"

Heero sighed, stroking Duo's bare skin. "I'm sorry. I just didn't want... I mean, we shouldn't..."

Duo could see how uncomfortable Heero was getting. He reached out and placed a hand on the older man's chest. "We all do foolish things sometimes," he said softly. "But I don't regret it. And I just want you to know that I'm not the type of person to just hop into bed with someone like this. I guess there's just something about you."

Heero ran his own hand down Duo's loose hair. "There's something about you too," he said softly, though his eyes still looked uncertain.

"Are you still worried about moving too fast?" Duo asked, eyes twinkling in amusement. When Heero nodded, Duo smiled complacently and rolled onto his stomach. "Well then, let's start over." When Heero looked skeptical, Duo stuck out his hand for the detective to take. "Hi. I'm Duo Maxwell. Nice to meet you."

Heero stared at Duo's outstretched hand for a moment before reaching out and clasping it in his own. "Heero Yuy. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Duo grinned. "The pleasure's all mine. And since I don't normally wind up naked and in bed with someone I've just met-" Heero suppressed a groan. "-I think it would be best if I put some clothes on."

Cobalt blue eyes twinkled merrily at him. "Only if you must," Heero replied, feigning a sigh.

"Why you..." Duo reached out and gave Heero a mighty shove, forcing him off the bed. Rolling to the opposite side, he reached down and snagged the forgotten towel, wrapping it around himself. He quickly gathered up his clothes from where Heero had placed them the night before and scuttled off towards the bathroom.

"You might want to get changed as well, Heero. You don't want to walk around sticky all day," Duo called out over his shoulder, laughing as he disappeared into the bathroom, and closing the door behind him. Heero felt his breath catch in his throat as he watched the long-haired vision disappear behind the closed door. Duo was like no one he'd ever gone out with before - so vibrant, energetic... and young. Dear god, he was young. The still bothered him. And yet - there was something in those violet eyes that bespoke of a maturity beyond his age, as if he'd had to grow up too fast. And he had - losing his parents at such a young age had to be rough on any child.

Pushing all thoughts of the violet-eyed minx out of his mind, Heero turned his attention to the task of changing out of his now sticky clothing. Once that was accomplished, he hurried out to the kitchen to get breakfast ready. He was just finishing setting out the danishes on a plate when Duo emerged from the bathroom, dressed and hair braided.