Houseboat Haven + Part 5 (cont)

Duo stared at him for a moment before smiling and nodding his head. "There's nothing in the world I would like more than to make love with you, 'Fei. Only..." He turned away again, face flush with embarrassment.

"Only what?" Wufei prompted. "Duo, if I'm pushing you too fast..."

"No! It's not that," the American interrupted. "It's just... I've never... and I don't exactly... know what to do."

"Aah." Wufei felt his chest tighten. Duo wanted him - him - to be his first. He felt extremely honored and overwhelmed at the same time. He wanted nothing more than to make the beautiful boy in his arms his. And he vowed he would not be able to live with himself if he caused his love any pain.

"We'll go slow," he whispered into Duo's ear as he began running his hands over his lover's body. "Just relax."

"Okay," Duo gasped as wandering hands found a particularly sensitive spot. "I trust you."

Wufei brushed a tender kiss behind Duo's ear. His hands wandered up and down the hardened planes of the American's chest and stomach, all the while exploring his lover's neck and shoulders with his mouth. He pressed his body closer, grinding his hips into Duo's backside. Duo moaned in his arms and pressed back, unable to do much else in the position he was in. Strong hands meandered steadily lower until the barest fleeting touch caused him to shiver and gasp. His arousal was rapidly returning, and he squirmed in Wufei's arms, desperate for more tactile contact.

The Chinese pilot wrapped his hand firmly around Duo's erection. The American threw his head back against Wufei's shoulder. He trailed his hand down to place it on top of Wufei's. His lover ceased his ministrations and removed his own hand. Before Duo could whimper in protest, Wufei took the long-haired boy's hand and wrapped it firmly around his cock. Placing his own hand over Duo's, together they began stroking the American in a slow, steady rhythm.

"Ungh," Duo moaned, unconsciously spreading his legs just a little wider.

"Feel good?" the dark-haired boy asked, increasing the pace slightly. Duo could only nod, his voice failing him. "Good." He let go of Duo's hand.

"'Fei?" he asked, pausing in his rhythm.

"Keep going, Duo." Wufei placed his now free hand between Duo's legs from behind, gently lifting the top limb up into the air. The effect caused Duo's legs to spread even wider. "I know that's a little awkward, but can you keep your leg held up?"

"I... I'll have to... switch hands," Duo gasped, all of a sudden feeling exposed and vulnerable.

"All right."

Duo managed to get his right arm out from underneath his side where he'd been half-laying on it. Grasping his shaft with his right hand to resume stroking himself, he used his left to grab his leg under the knee and hold it in the air.

Wufei, meanwhile, managed to locate the bottle of sunscreen oil amongst the tussled bed sheets. The scent of tropical breezes and coconuts filled the air as he flipped open the cap. He poured some of the slippery substance onto his fingers, a no mean feat considering his right arm too was partially trapped under Duo's body. He coated his fingers liberally, making sure they were a slick as possible. Laying the now closed bottle aside for a moment, he moved his oil- coated hand between their bodies, searching for his lover's hidden entrance.

Duo jumped as he felt Wufei's fingers probing gently down there. He knew the logistics of sex between two men, but he hadn't been aware of just how incredibly sensitive that area of the body could be. He gasped when he felt Wufei's oily fingers caress his entrance, then moaned loudly as he felt one slick digit work its way inside his body.

Wufei bit down heavily on what remained of Duo's braid. The boy was so tight. He wanted nothing more than to be buried in that tight heat, but knew he needed to be careful so as not to hurt his lover. He worked his finger in and out of Duo's body, allowing the boy to get used to the sensation.

After a few moments, he felt Duo relax around his finger. Carefully he inserted a second, freezing when he heard Duo hiss.

"Are you all right?" he asked. "Am I hurting you?"

"Huh-uh. Doesn't hurt. Just... strange. Different." He pressed down, impaling himself further. "More."

Wufei eased a third finger inside, sliding them in all the way to the last knuckle. He waited until Duo's breathing indicated he was ready, then began easing his fingers in and out, slowly stretching the boy in preparation to receive himself.

Duo moaned Wufei's name and increased his own strokes. He bit his lip to keep from climaxing too soon. Wufei's fingers were working magic within him. But he wanted more. He wanted to be joined with the dark- haired boy fully, deeply, completely.

"'Fei," he gasped, pressing harder. "I'm ready. I want... I need you inside of me. Please."

Wufei shuddered at his lover's words. He kissed the crease of Duo's neck and removed his fingers. He quickly reached for the bottle of oil and poured some more into the palm of his hand to coat his aching member. Carefully he positioned himself at Duo's entrance. Grasping Duo's hip, he slid inside his lover's tight heat inch by agonizing inch until he was completely sheathed inside Duo's body.

Joined completely, both boys lay absolutely still, each getting used to the feel of the other. Duo let go of the leg he was holding up, unable to keep it aloft due to the sensations rolling through him. Wufei was buried so deeply inside of him. He felt whole, as though there had been something missing for a long time that had suddenly been found.

Wufei on the other hand was breathing heavily against the back of Duo's neck. Duo was so tight, so warm. The long-haired boy was squeezing him unconsciously from within. He fought the urge to pound into Duo's pliant body, but the temptation was great.

For a long while the two lay there, not moving. Just as Wufei was about to make the first tentative thrust, the boat rocked once again, causing Wufei to shift forward, half-pressing Duo onto his stomach. The movement caused his cock to brush against something deep inside Duo's body. The American gasped loudly, trembling in Wufei's arms. Wufei felt Duo shudder, felt his sheath clutch around him. Something inside him snapped. He withdrew almost to the tip, paused for a moment, then surged back in.

Both boys cried out. Duo let go of his own erection to brace himself against the bed, giving him leverage to thrust back against Wufei's pounding hips. Thunder echoed their cries in the dark. Duo gasped for air, shuddering as Wufei alternately filled and withdrew from him. Every time his lover withdrew he felt empty. But as the Chinese teen filled him again and again, his soul sang.

Wufei interrupted their rhythm only once to roll them both onto their stomachs, himself propped up over Duo's back. He spread Duo's legs wide before thrusting in deep to the root once more. He continued to rock against Duo's body, his rhythm increasing with each mind- shattering thrust. Duo's partially-unbound hair was trapped between their bodies. The silky strands sliding along Wufei's skin felt like a thousand little fingers playing over his chest. He buried his face in Duo's hair, moaning his lover's name over and over like his own personal mantra.

Duo barely heard it. He was lost in the sensation of Wufei moving inside of him. Every time his lover thrust home, he struck something deep inside that caused him to see blinding sparks of light behind his closed eyelids. His body tensed as the now familiar coiling sensation began to build in his lower body. He bit down on the pillow, clawing the bed sheets, and willing himself not to scream. His arousal was trapped between his body and the bed, and every time Wufei thrust forward, his cock would rub against the cotton sheets, sending showers of little shocks of pleasure coursing through him. The pace increased its urgency, Wufei now almost literally pounding the slender American into the bed. Duo felt a delicious heat building inside of him, lifting him higher and higher - until at last, one mighty forward motion of Wufei's hips sent him spiraling over the edge. His body jerked as his seed was released all over the sheets below. He cried out, calling Wufei's name as wave after wave of ecstasy pulsed through him until at last, with one final twitch, he went completely limp, utterly drained.

Wufei felt Duo's climax, felt his lover clamp down on his cock while in the grip of passion. He ground his teeth together, head thrown back, eyes squeezed tightly shut as he continued to move inside that incredibly tight heat. He gripped Duo's hips hard enough to leave bruises. Dimly he could hear Duo moaning beneath him and those little sounds of pleasure spurred him on. Just the thought of being joined with Duo so intimately was almost more stimulating than the actual physical sensation. Almost.

He felt Duo tense below him, felt the shudder of his release, felt the delicious tightness of his lover's sheath squeezing him - and it was all over. He came with a shout, body arching in release. He shot his seed deep within his lover's body, still thrusting shallowly until finally he collapsed on top of Duo, completely spent.

The two boys lay without moving, gasping for air, until Wufei realized he must be crushing Duo. He carefully withdrew from Duo's body and rolled to the side. He gathered his sated lover into his arms, pulling him around to face him this time. He could see Duo's violet eyes glittering at him in the near darkness. He tugged Duo's head closer, pulling the boy into a slow, lazy kiss.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" Wufei asked after reluctantly relinquishing Duo's lips.

Duo shook his head and snuggled deeper into the Chinese boy's embrace. "No. It was wonderful. I... thank you," he finished lamely, unable to voice his true feelings.

"I'm glad. I was... a little rough. Gomen. You'll probably be sore in the morning," Wufei replied, hoping Duo wouldn't hate him in the morning for giving in to his weakness.

"No. I mean yeah, I'll probably be sore, but a good kind of sore. You... you were really gentle with me." He played with an errant lock of hair, hesitant to ask his next question. "This... this wasn't your first time was it? With another man I mean."

Wufei squeezed his lover reassuringly. "No, but it happened a long time ago."

"Would... would you tell me?"

Wufei let out a small sigh. He'd never told anyone the story before. It was an extremely personal and private memory. But oddly enough, he wanted Duo to know.

"I'm not a warrior, Duo. I've never wanted to be. All my life I wanted to be a scholar. Books were more important than anything else in my life... or so I thought.

"When I was thirteen, the elders of my clan decided I should marry. I was truly horrified. I didn't know what to do with a wife. Girls were an enigma, one I had no desire to figure out. But all my protests - and hers - were in vain. Meiran and I were married.

"So there I was, at the age of thirteen, saddled with a wife I neither knew nor wanted. I hated her. And she hated me. She had a warrior's spirit and didn't see the point in book knowledge. She hated that as a woman, she wasn't allowed to do anything to aid our clan, and that as a man, I wouldn't do anything.

"For nearly nine months we lived together - nine long months with both our families pressuring us to have a child. Fortunately for me, Meiran couldn't stand the thought of having a child, because I don't think I could have performed my 'husbandly duties.'

"For a long time I'd known I was different. It wasn't that I wasn't interested in sex - I was a teenager after all - it was just the thought of having sex with a woman that was so unappealing. I'd look at the girls in my clan and feel nothing. But when I looked at the boys... that was another story.

"It was in our tenth month of marriage that I met him. Shang was another scholar like me. My pulse would race and my body would feel weird whenever I saw him. He caught me staring at him one day..."

"Ogling him you mean," Duo interrupted with a giggle.

"Hush," Wufei replied with a playful swat to Duo's bare behind. "Who's telling this story, me or you? Anyway, I was so embarrassed. But he smiled at me and admitted he'd been staring at me too. We became lovers soon after that. He taught me a lot, including to be true to myself."

"What about your wife?"

Wufei smiled sadly. "She was my second love. I never told her about Shang, though I think perhaps she knew. By that time we had become... used to each other I suppose. I began to admire her for her strengths. She was a remarkable woman and I think she was beginning to see something in me as well. I suppose I'll never really know."

"What happened?"

"Our colony was attacked. Shang was killed when the library collapsed. Meiran died in a mobile suit defending our colony. She died in my arms. I didn't realize until after she was gone just how much I loved her. She was my Nataku, my little warrior wife. So I vowed I would fight for her and for Shang and the rest of my people."

"And Shang... were you in love with him?"

"No. I was infatuated with him, loved him, but I wasn't in love with him. Perhaps in time we might have fallen in love, but I guess I'll never know."

"Oh." Duo was silent for a long moment. Outside the storm seemed to be tapering off. The waves were much more calm and the thunder rolled softly in the distance.

Wufei held his lover gently, his heart feeling calmer than it had been in a long while. It had felt good to share that story with Duo, like he had finally let go of some long ago hurt. He stroked Duo's hair, simply content to lie with Duo in his arms for the time being. A small giggle interrupted his quiet contemplation. "It may have been a good thing you and Shang never fell in love. If he'd married you, he would have been Chang Shang."

Wufei rolled his eyes but allowed himself a small smile. "Could have been worse. If I'd take his name, I could have been Wu Wufei." Duo cackled. "Wu...Wu?"

Wufei suppressed a groan and reached down to draw up the blankets. "Get some sleep. We'll be continuing your swimming lessons tomorrow afternoon." He kissed the top of Duo's head lovingly. "Good night, Duo."

"G'night... Wu-Wu."

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