Author: Caroline
see chap. 1 for warnings, notes

The Medallion: Part the Tenth
Over, Under, In and Out

Duo was lost in a haze of passion that pervaded his mind as Heero kissed him. Heero tugged him close, pulling him into his lap so that Duo was straddling Heero's thighs. Their tongues twisted together, writhing in Duo's mouth until Duo could do nothing but cling tightly to Heero's shoulders and moan his reluctance away. He pulled his mouth away to breathe and Heero immediately latched onto his neck, suckling a tender patch of skin where his neck met his shoulder, causing Duo to gasp aloud and tilt his head back.

Oh god, he'd wanted this, wanted it from the first moment he'd seen Heero, staring down at him from the bed. He'd fought that feeling for so long, not wanting to take advantage, wanting to give Heero some time to himself. And he'd ended up hurting him with his reluctance. Duo buried his face in the crook of Heero's neck and squeezed his eyes shut. Wave after wave of emotion crashed through him - need, hunger, guilt, lust, reluctance, hesitation... love. Oh god, he was falling in love with Heero... and he couldn't keep him.

A sob escaped from the back of his throat. Heero pulled his mouth away from Duo's neck, his hands sliding up to cup Duo's face. "What's wrong?" he asked softly, searching Duo's eyes. "We can stop if you want.

Duo shook his head furiously. "No, no... I don't want you to stop..." He choked on the words, moving one hand up to bury his fingers in Heero's thick, soft hair, clenching as if afraid the man would disappear at any moment. "I just...I haven't... not for a long time and..."

His words died as understanding crossed Heero's face. The other man leaned in, silently kissing the lone tear that slipped down Duo's cheek before whispering in his ear, "I'll go slow then, all right?"

Duo could only nod, then gasp as Heero slipped his hands inside the terry cloth robe, pulling it open, baring his body to Heero's gaze. He felt Heero shiver before slightly trembling hands smoothed their way down his chest. Duo sucked in his stomach on reflex as wandering fingers found a ticklish spot. Heero gave him a wicked grin, but Duo's expression told him he'd better move on or be prepared to face the consequences. Heero hesitated for a moment, and Duo suspected that had he not been weak from 'hunger,' Heero might have given in to the temptation.

Strong fingers wrapped themselves around Duo's half-hard cock, stroking him to fullness. Duo let out a small cry, dropping his head to Heero's shoulder as the man's fingers worked their magic over him. Dimly he was aware of pulling hard on Heero's hair, but Heero gave no sound of protest. Duo panted against the man's shoulder, suddenly overwhelmed by Heero's touch. He squirmed in Heero's lap and bit his lip to keep from coming. But then Heero's hot breath was against his ear, and his warm, deep voice whispered, "Give me this. Let me feel you."

Duo squeezed his eyes shut, his back arched and he moaned aloud as Heero's deft fingers brought him to the edge and then pushed him over. His whole body shook in Heero's lap as he jerked and spilled over Heero's hand and onto his stomach. His face was still half-buried against the crook of Heero's neck and he inhaled the man's sweet-salty scent as he gasped for air.

Heero held him until he stopped shaking, then he eased Duo back a bit, his hands cupping Duo's face and brushing back strands of damp, loose hair. "Are you all right?" he asked softly, letting his thumb brush over Duo's bottom lip.

Duo nodded, still trembling with the intensity of his release. He blinked away the tears he could feel forming, threatening to spill over. He took a deep breath and smiled shyly at Heero. "Did... did that help?"

"A little. It took the edge off... for both of us." He blushed a little and looked down. "But I still need..."

Duo reached up and placed a finger on his mouth. "Shhh. I know. I'm not going to back out." He removed his finger and replaced it with his lips. Heero moaned softly as Duo slipped his tongue into his mouth. The kiss deepened and hands clawed furiously at the robe still hanging off Duo's shoulders. Duo shrugged it off before wrapping his arms around Heero, pressing closer against him.

Heero's hands smoothed down the small of Duo's back, stroking softly, sending shivers up Duo's spine. Duo whimpered his pleasure into Heero's mouth, tongues tangling together, locked in a hot, wet dance. Heero tasted so *good* ... he couldn't really describe it, and he was sure he'd never taste anything similar. He tried to commit the man's taste to memory, just in case...

Heero's fingers slid lower, exploring the curve of Duo's hip, the rounded plane of his ass. Duo sucked in his breath as a wandering finger delved into the crevice to brush over his entrance. His breathing came in harsh, short pants as Heero moved to nibble his neck, fingers caressing him intimately. When Heero pushed the tip of one finger inside him, he hissed in surprise.

"W-wait," he gasped, pulling back.

Heero withdrew his hands, looking at him curiously. "Did I hurt you?"

Duo shook his head. "No. But you could. I'm not... my body's not... used to this, not anymore. We'll need help." At Heero's confused look, Duo leaned in and kissed him quickly on the lips. "Come with me."

Duo pushed himself off of Heero's lap and stood, offering his hand down at the man still sitting on the floor. "Can you stand?"

Heero took his hand and used it to pull himself up. He swayed in place for a moment before letting go of Duo. "I am fine. For the moment."

Duo smiled at him again, standing unabashedly naked in front of Heero, hair falling haphazardly over his shoulders. He crooked his finger and motioned Heero to follow him into the bedroom. He had Heero sit on the bed as they entered, while Duo slipped into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a small, plastic tube. He crossed the bedroom floor and climbed back into Heero's lap, tube in hand.

"This should help," Duo said, pressing the tube into Heero's hand.

Heero looked at, turning it this way and that, frowning. "What is it?"

Duo's blinked. "You've never used lubrication before?" When Heero shook his head, Duo popped open the cap and squeezed some of the cool, slippery gel onto Heero's fingers. "It's used to help... you know... ease the way." He blushed and laughed nervously over having to explain lube to a two thousand year old sex 'demon.'

Heero's eyes widened as he rubbed the gel between his fingers. "Amazing. This would have been useful with some of the old hags I had to bed in the Middle Ages. Dry as a stinking desert, they were."

Duo wrinkled his nose. "Ew! TMI! Don't go there!" Duo literally felt sick to his stomach at the thought of Heero with anyone else. And to picture him with an old granny, demanding he service her... he blanched. "Ugh. You just gave me a mental image I so didn't need."

Heero locked his arms around him and swung him around to lie on his back in the center of the bed. "Then let me give you one you do," he said, as he bent his head and swirled one pebble-hard nipple into his mouth.

Duo gasped aloud, arching his back as his fingers sought out Heero's hair. Heero's hand spread down over his stomach, causing Duo to suck in his breath sharply. Heero switched to the other nipple and Duo cried out as a sharp jolt of sensation shot through him, traveling a line that seemed to connect his nipple to his groin. The feeling was almost overwhelming and Duo tugged on Heero's hair, bringing the man's head up so Duo could claim his lips.

Heero moaned into Duo's mouth, hand sliding down to grip Duo's hip. Duo wrapped one leg around Heero and used it to flip them over. He leaned up on one elbow, hair spilling around them both as Duo grinned down at Heero. "I want a taste," he said, bending his head to lick one of Heero's brown nipples.

Heero swallowed a groan, his hands tangled in the mass that was Duo's hair. Duo slowly swirled his tongue around the hardened nub, tasting the saltiness of Heero's skin. He could feel the slight trembling of Heero's body beneath his own and decided he could torment him later. He moved lower, marking a wandering trail with his tongue as his hand sought out and found Heero's dick and he wrapped his fingers around it.

He sat up, staring down at Heero who lay on his back, eyes half shut, watching him intently. Duo stared at the organ in his hand, pumping him slowly, marveling at the velvety softness wrapped around unyielding steel. His eyes grew wide as he took in the sight of Heero in all his full glory. He'd seen it before, but he hadn't actually taken the time to really *look*. His breathing sped up and he licked his lips in anticipation.

"Duo?" Heero's voice was strained.

Duo rubbed the pad of his thumb over the tip, smoothing away the small drop of moisture found there. "Jesus..." he muttered, leaning down to let his breath flutter over the head.

Heero shivered. "Is something wrong?"

Duo shook his head. "Just... wow." He bent over and took the tip of Heero inside his mouth. Heero fell back against the sheets, moaning loudly as Duo sucked on the mushroom-shaped head before opening his mouth as wide as he could, taking as much of Heero inside as possible.

Heero was large, thick, and oh so very tasty. The gods had been generous with Zechs in that department, but with Heero... the man must have been a personal favorite. He had to stretch his jaw wide to accommodate his girth, and he gagged the first time he tried to take him further down his throat.

Heero leaned up when Duo lifted his head, coughing and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "Are you all right?" he asked, reaching down to trace Duo's cheek.

Duo nodded. "Sorry. Just wasn't expecting... I mean, damn! Look at you. You could hoist a sail on that and be your own raft!"

Heero reached down and dragged Duo up, flipping them again so Heero could stare down at him. "Shall I take you for a ride on my raft then?" he whispered, his breath caressing Duo's skin like the softest of silk.

Duo stared into Heero's deep blue eyes for a moment before he burst out laughing. "That has got to be the corniest piece of pillow talk I've ever heard," he said between chuckles.

Heero grinned down at him. "Is it working?"

Duo stopped laughing and tugged Heero's head closer. "I'm sorry I made you wait so long for... this. I was just..."

Heero silenced him with a soft kiss. "Shh. No regrets. Just let me love you now." He slid his fingers through Duo's hair. "I've wanted this... so much, since I first saw you that night in your bed. And I hope you don't think less of me for saying this, but... I'm glad I couldn't hold out. I tried. You didn't seem to want this. So I tried so hard to make it through the month. But being with you, night after night... I'm sorry. I couldn't... I needed..."

It was Duo's turn to silence Heero. He pressed their foreheads together, wrapping his arms around Heero's body. "I did want this, Heero. Very much. But I didn't want to force you into it, like you have before. That's what I was afraid of." Mostly, anyway, he thought to himself as he hugged Heero tightly. "I just... didn't want to use you the way you've been in the past."

Heero pulled away slightly and gave him a rueful smile. "And now I'm using you."

Duo shook his head. "Not at all. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you, too. And I want you even more now." He spread his legs enough so Heero's thigh could slip between them. They both hissed at the intimate contact. "So make love to me, Heero. Take your fill of me." Heero moved his leg and Duo stopped breathing. "Please, Heero," he gasped, letting his eyes flutter shut.

Heero answered him, not with words, but lips and tongue and hands. Duo's skin felt electrified, Heero's hands sending shock waves through him as they slid down his chest, over his stomach to wrap around his arousal. Duo had to bite his lip from losing control at that simple touch. He kept his eyes closed; he could feel the weight of Heero's gaze upon him and he knew he would be lost if he saw it.

When Heero's mouth descended on him, Duo thought he might swallow his own tongue. The world around him faded out and existed solely of Heero's warm, wet mouth. He wound his fingers into the short tufts of Heero's hair, letting his legs fall open when Heero's hands pressed them apart.

Heero's mouth kept him distracted enough that he did not feel the initial entry of the man's fingers until he pushed them in sharply. Duo cried out. Heero had thankfully used the lube Duo had given him, but it had been so long since anyone had penetrated him that there was a little pain. But it quickly dulled into minor discomfort as Heero stretched him carefully, working his fingers in and out until the discomfort was gone and Duo was shaking with need.

"H-Heero. P-please. I..." He tried to speak, but the sound died in his throat as Heero took him deeper down his throat and pressed his fingers hard inside him. Duo clutched at the sheets beneath him with his free hand, pulling the fitted sheet off its corners, tossing his head in an effort to keep from coming too soon.

He tugged furiously at Heero's hair. Heero, thankfully, decided to show mercy. He withdrew his fingers and mouth and crawled up Duo's body, stealing a kiss as he settled his lower body between Duo's legs. Duo could taste himself on Heero's tongue, a practice he never cared for with Zechs, but with Heero he could taste their mingled flavors. It was a heady sensation and he demanded more of it.

Heero pulled back, panting, eyes glittering darkly down at him as he pushed one of Duo's legs up and out. He positioned himself and Duo moaned as he felt the tip of Heero's cock press against the ring of muscle, easing inside. He grasped Heero's shoulders, digging his fingernails into skin, gritting his teeth as he tried to relax enough to allow Heero entrance. After a couple of false starts, with Heero smoothing a reassuring hand over Duo's hair, Duo's body opened to him and he slid inside, both of them crying out as Heero buried himself to the hilt.

Neither one moved for a long, long moment. The initial pain of entry subsided quicker than Duo thought it would, but he didn't move as Heero's eyes were closed and his brow was furrowed in what looked like intense concentration. A slight sheen of sweat had started to form over Heero's skin. Duo swallowed hard. Damn, but the man was beautiful. At that moment they were one, and Duo didn't want to ever let go.

Heero let out a long, drawn-out breath and opened his eyes. Duo's heart did a strange flip-flop in his chest and he reached up to cup Heero's cheek.

Heero turned his face to nuzzle Duo's hand, placing a kiss on the palm. He turned his gaze back to the young man beneath him, whispered, "Thank you," and moved.

Duo groaned as Heero pressed his body up, rolling his hips. There was no pain or discomfort, only a feeling of fullness. He pulled Heero's mouth down for a kiss as Heero began withdrawing slowly, pushing back inside in short, shallow thrusts that left Duo gasping into Heero's mouth as his body adjusted to the invasion.

Their movements were slow at first, gentle. Duo hooked his arms around Heero's shoulders, holding on as they rocked together on the bed. He let his head flop to the side when Heero picked up the pace. He drew in a ragged breath when Heero buried his face into his neck and sucked on the skin below his ear. He moaned and wrapped his legs around Heero's waist, silently letting him know he wanted more.

Heero read him like an open book, interpreting every sigh, every movement, knowing exactly what Duo wanted. Duo could do little more than hang on, clinging to Heero as he took them higher, stoking the fire that was building in the pit of Duo's gut. He gasped Heero's name against the man's shoulder, raising his legs higher as Heero started to move faster, deeper.

A series of sharp thrusts sent Duo crashing back down against the mattress, his grip on Heero's shoulders lost as they both became slick with perspiration. Duo arched against the sheets, his own hands reaching up, digging his fists into his own hair, desperate to hang on to something as he approached the edge.

Heero propped himself up on his hands above Duo. Duo could feel the heat of his gaze on him, and he opened his own eyes to meet it. Seeing Heero, rising above him, his face flushed with passion and exertion, watching him so intently, was all it took for Duo to cry out, his body shuddering as the most intense climax of his short life wracked his body.

Heero held him close as Duo's body convulsed, whispering his encouragement, his pleasure in seeing Duo come. Heero's voice in his ear only prolonged the moment, and it was a long, long time before Duo collapsed bonelessly against the bed, panting and holding onto Heero, his face pressed against Heero's shoulder.

Heero pressed a soft, fleeting kiss against Duo's forehead, brushing back sweaty, wet locks of hair from Duo's face. "Are you back with me?"

Duo swallowed, his mouth so very dry. He nodded. "Uh-huh." His eyes fluttered open to meet Heero's gaze. "And... and you? Do you feel... better?"

Heero smiled down at him and brushed a kiss over his lips. "Much."

Duo breathed a sigh of relief. Indeed, he could see some of Heero's color returning to him. He hadn't realized how pale his friend had become over the past few days. He reached up to push Heero's hair out of his eyes and run the back of his hand down Heero's cheek. An overwhelming surge of guilt once again threatened to consume him as he silently berated himself for not noticing Heero's deterioration earlier. "Are you sure?" he asked, snaking his arm around Heero's neck.

Heero nodded, then wrapped his arms tightly around Duo, flipping them before Duo could protest. Duo blushed as he realized Heero was still inside him, still hard. He gave a soft gasp as Heero rocked his hips against him.

"But I'm still not one hundred percent," Heero said, rolling his hips again, smirking up at him. "Think you can go again?"

A moment ago, Duo probably would have pleaded exhaustion. But the hungry expression on Heero's face and the gentle motion of his hips gave him a second wind. He nodded silently, licking his lips, bracing his knees on either side of Heero's hips and began moving with him.

Their pace was even slower than when they began. Duo needed time to get his own erection back, though feeling Heero buried so deep inside him was almost pleasurable enough. Heero urged him to sit fully up, astride him. Duo had never liked the idea of this position and had never used it with Zechs. It had made him feel too open and vulnerable. But with Heero murmuring encouragement and his hands exploring his torso and chest, his eyes watching him as if he were the most important person in the world, Duo let go of his embarrassment and fell into their rhythm, letting his body take control, his mind sinking into the cloudy haze of passion.

Heero's hands eventually found his reawakened erection and Duo nearly stopped breathing when he felt Heero's fingers wrap around his shaft, pumping him in time to their movements. Wanting to feel more, he began moving faster, rocking up and down in a steady motion. And when it became too much and he began to falter, Heero rose up, taking over their rhythm. Duo hung on to his shoulders, eyes closed, head thrown back. When Heero leaned in to take one nipple in his mouth, Duo fell over the edge. His orgasm wasn't as intense as the one before, but it was enough to make him go completely limp in Heero's arms when he was finished.

Heero pulled gently out of his sated body and pressed him down against the pillows. Duo reached for him, finding Heero's mouth with his own.

How long they lay there, simply kissing, touching, whispering things to each other, Duo wasn't sure. And when his body started to respond once again to Heero's touch, he was amazed. But as much as he wanted to stay there with Heero, he had other needs to attend to.

"Heero," he gasped as the man tugged at one nipple gently with his teeth. "Stop... stop for a minute." Duo drew back a little and almost laughed when he saw the pouty expression on Heero's face. "Sorry," he said, dropping a kiss onto Heero's chin. "But I, uh... I'm starting to itch."

Heero blinked at him, then grinned. "Ah. Then perhaps..." he dragged one finger down Duo's arm, "...I might interest you in a shower? I am an excellent back washer."

Duo felt himself go warm all over. "That sounds... great. Just... give me a minute or two to... you know... to um, use the toilet and stuff?" At Heero's nod, Duo slid out of the bed and scurried into the bathroom. He realized he ought to be bashful about his nudity, but for some reason he wasn't. It wasn't as if Heero hadn't seen, touched or kiss every inch of him in the past couple of hours after all. He closed the door, turned on the water and leaned against the sink, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

He took in his disheveled appearance, his swollen lips and tangled hair, and grinned. He had the look of someone who had been well fucked and enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps too much. He frowned and stared at the running water in the sink. He realized his hands were shaking and he quickly splashed some water in his face, telling himself to stop being foolish. He knew, logically, that he shouldn't let himself become so emotionally attached to the man, but he feared it was already too late.

He gripped the edge of the sink so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He couldn't lose Heero. Not now. Not when...

He wouldn't allow himself to think it. Heero was outside, waiting to join him, and he didn't want to waste any more time than was necessary. He completed his business, then opened the door.

Their shower together was one of the most erotic things Duo had ever done. He'd never allowed Zechs to shower with him, and to be honest, the older man had never really seemed interested in water play. Heero washed Duo's hair for him, pulling the tangles out gently with his fingers and a liberal dose of conditioner. Duo returned the favor, marveling at how soft Heero's chocolate brown hair really was. They soaped each other's bodies, laughing and slapping each other's hands away when fingers found ticklish spots. But playful touches turned into more intimate ones, and Duo found himself pressed against the cold marble, hot water raining down from above as Heero made him tremble where he stood.

They shut off the water quickly, towel drying themselves as much as they could in their rush. With Duo's hair dripping water all over the expensive Italian carpet, they tumbled out of the bathroom, hands and mouths everywhere. Duo's feet got tangled in Heero's and they went down together. Duo decided the floor was good enough, and opened his legs to Heero.

They rolled around on the floor, kissing, touching, gasping their pleasure into each other's mouths. They ended up behind the sofa, Heero kneeling upright with Duo in his lap, legs locked around the man's waist. Duo's back scraped against the back of the sofa as Heero pinned him in place, their movements frantic, wild. Heero's hips slapped hard and fast against Duo's, his mouth attached to the base of Duo's neck. Duo let his head roll to the side, his mouth open in a silent scream as Heero pounded into him.

It didn't take long for Duo to come, screaming Heero's name, scraping his fingernails down the man's shoulders. Heero held him close until his body went limp. Duo whimpered as he felt Heero withdraw, but found he couldn't move.

"I give," he panted against Heero's cheek. "That's all she wrote. I'm done. Strike three. Wave the white flag. Uncle." He swallowed hard, nuzzling his lips against Heero's neck. "I don't think I can move."

Heero chuckled and Duo eeped as he found himself lifted into the air, wrapped securely in a strong set of arms. He was carried to the bed and laid gently down on the soft, disheveled sheets. Duo immediately rolled to one side, feeling his eyes drooping. He heard Heero say something, but the words were lost as he felt Heero's warmth spoon up behind him and his eyes slipped closed...

He awoke sometime later, warm and sore. The room was dark. Heero must have turned out the lights after he'd all but passed out. He drew in a deep breath and snuggled into the arms that held him.

"Feel better?" Heero's voice whispered into his ear.

Duo turned to face the man lying beside him. "How long have I been asleep?" he asked, laying his head on Heero's shoulder.

"About three hours," Heero whispered back, wrapping his arms around Duo.

Duo sighed softly and snuggled into the embrace. Heero was so very warm. "Sorry 'bout that," he said, tracing a light pattern over Heero's shoulder. "You wore me out. I haven't erm... well, let's just say that's a new record for me." Duo was glad the room was dark so Heero couldn't see him blush.

Heero chuckled softly. "I should hope so. I know how to please women. It's been several centuries since I've had to please a man. My reputation was at stake."

Duo smacked him lightly on the arm. Then he settled down again, slipping an arm around Heero's chest to hug him close. "And um... how do you feel?"

Heero all but purred as he stretched alongside him, nuzzling his cheek next to Duo's. "Very... satisfied. Like I've eaten a seven course dinner then gorged myself at the dessert cart."

"Is that why you were eating so much?" Duo asked with a sudden realization.

"Yes. Sexual energy sustains me. I don't need to eat or sleep, nor do I get sick as long as..."

Duo sighed. "As long as you get to 'feed' off your partner."

"Yes. For a while, eating more food helped keep away the weakness. I thought I could make it the whole month for you. I've never had to do without before until..."

"Until you met me." Duo buried his face into Heero's chest. "Fuck, this is my fault. Why didn't you tell me sooner? I would have..."

"You didn't seem to want it. And I wasn't about to force you. I could not even if I'd wanted."

Duo sighed again. "That's just it. I did want it... you. I was just... afraid. I don't... let people in as easily as some. I just..."

"You were afraid. I understand. You don't have to explain," Heero said softly.

"Thanks, Heero." He stretched, hissing softly at how stiff and sore he felt. "Christ, I feel like I've run a marathon with a pack of rabid bulldogs chasing me the whole way." He tried to roll onto his back, wincing as his hair got caught underneath him. He fished it out and nearly wept at the mess he found.

"What's wrong?" Heero asked.

"My hair! I didn't even brush it out after the shower. Now it's all matted and dried and it's gonna take me hours to comb through it." He'd never gone to bed without drying his hair before. Granted he'd been a little distracted at the time, but the thought of having to pull a brush through the tangles made him want to find the nearest pair of scissors.

"Will you let me brush it?"

"You'd want to?"

He felt Heero nod in the darkness. "Please. It's fascinating to me and... well, I like it when it's down." Duo was sure if the lights had been on, he could have seen Heero blush.

Duo extricated himself from Heero's embrace and limped for the bathroom to fetch his brush as Heero sat up and turned on the light beside the bed. When he returned, Heero motioned for Duo to sit in front of him. Duo crawled up on the bed and settled himself between Heero's legs, blushing a little at the intimate embrace.

Heero carefully began the arduous process of untangling his hair. "Why do you keep it so long?"

Duo shrugged. "Didn't have much money back in the foster homes, so I just let it grow out. When I met Zechs, his hair was longer than mine. I saw how the girls would go nuts over his hair, so I grew mine longer." He snorted. "Of course, this was back in the dark ages when I still thought I liked girls."

Heero paused in his ministrations long enough to lean forward and wrap his arms around Duo. "And I'm very glad you don't like girls," he whispered huskily into Duo's ear, letting his fingertips brush against one still-sensitive nipple.

Duo hissed and arched against the man behind him. "Oh god... how can you keep doing that?" He squirmed against Heero's chest, and squeaked as he felt a familiar hardness poking him in the small of his back. "Jesus, how can you still be hard! I think I may require a penis transplant just to get mine up again."

"I'm always like this," Heero said, licking the shell of Duo's ear. "It's part of my curse. Always hard, always ready..."

Duo gasped, leaning back even further. "Shit, Viagra ain't got nothing on you. If we could bottle that curse, we'd make millions." He shivered as Heero's wandering fingers found another sensitive spot. "Curse or not I can't believe you're still hard after... how many times did you come, anyway?"

Heero pulled back slightly and didn't answer.

Duo turned his head to look at him. Heero looked away. Duo thought back. His eyes widened. "You didn't!"

"I'm sorry, Duo. I should have told you before that I..."

"Oh god!" Duo clapped his hands to his mouth. "Was it... was it me?" he asked, dread spreading through his body.

"No! God, no," Heero said, pulling him into his arms again. "It's part of the curse. I can't... I feed off the energy made during sex, but I always have to be... ready for my partner. I can't come."

Duo drew in a deep breath. "Never?"

Heero shook his head. "Never. I haven't in over two thousand years."

Duo's heart thought it might break. If he thought he could ever lay his hands on the bitch who made Heero this way, he'd gladly strangle her. Heero's existence was a cruel one - to have to serve every whim of whoever possessed the medallion and never reach that moment himself... He turned and threw himself at Heero, forgetting his hair, forgetting how sore and tired he was. He just wanted to hold Heero, to let him know someone cared for him.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, laying fully on top of him, wanting to be as close as possible.

"Don't be," Heero said back, folding his arms around Duo in return. "I enjoyed every moment of it. Don't ever doubt that. It was the first time in centuries I ever wanted someone as much as I wanted you. You 'fed' me, and I am well satisfied from that. You didn't have to, you know."

"Of course I had to," Duo replied, his voice muffled against Heero's chest. "I couldn't let you suffer."

"And that is what makes you special," Heero said, kissing the top of his head. "I will never forget you, Duo Maxwell."

Duo felt like crying. "I don't ever want to let you go," he said.

Heero smoothed a hand down his back. "You'll have to eventually. It's almost dawn."

"No!" He held on tighter. "Please, don't go."

"I'm sorry, Duo. If I could, I would stay with you."

Duo couldn't speak. If he tried, he knew he'd lose it. He simply held on until it was impossible to do so. When the first rays of the morning sun kissed the eastern sky, Heero was gone and Duo was left lying face down in the warm spot where he had been. He curled up in that spot, trying to hold in the despair he was feeling.

"Don't go," he whispered against the sheets. "Don't leave me, Heero. I think I love you..."

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