A/N: Ever since I saw the movie, Shall We Dance?, I wanted to do a fusion fic to it. It is a truly wonderful movie... made in Japan, it has English subtitles. My version will be a *little* different of course, but the basic plot will be the same. And I get to write Duo in a dancer's leotard. *grin*
General Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or Gundam Wing. I also do not own Shall We Dance?
This fic is rated NC-17 for graphic descriptions of male/male sex (all of which is contained in part 9 if you want to skip that part).
Primary pairing: 1x2 (do I write anything else?). Other pairings include but aren't limited to: Rx1, 3+4, 5+M, 6+9, implied 13x2. I apologize in advance for any character bashing that may occur. ^__^

08.30.01 Due to all the recent talk about plagerism on various MLs, I'd like to take a little moment to "cover my ass". This fic is mine. The idea behind it is not. I've never claimed otherwise. The basic plot belongs to whoever wrote the screenplay for Shall We Dance? I tried to be as original as possible. However, in some places, I used some direct quotes from the movie. I didn't always indicate where since I didn't want to interrupt the flow of the fic. I used them because a) this *is* a fusion (sorta) and b) the original either sounded better or I couldn't think of how to reword it. So... if you *really* want to know which lines are in the movie, you can email me or just acknowledge the fact that I acknowledge that not all of this belongs to me. I'm not trying to take credit for anything that doesn't belong to me. So, with all that behind me... let's get on to the fic, shall we? ^__^

Shall We Dance + Prologue

"In Japan, ballroom dance is regarded with much suspicion. In a country where married couples don't go out arm in arm, much less say 'I love you' out loud, intuitive understanding is everything. The idea that a husband and wife should embrace and dance in front of others is beyond embarrassing. However, to go out dancing with someone else would be misunderstood and prove more shameful. Nonetheless, even for Japanese people, there is a secret wonder about the joys dance can bring."
~Shall We Dance?

Heero clutched wearily at the worn leather strap suspended from the ceiling of the overcrowded train. 'Another day, another dollar,' he thought bitterly to himself as he watched the city roll by. 'Not that I need it... not with Relena's money,' Still... his job was the only thing that got him out of the museum his wife called a house. And anything that got him out of the house and away from his harpy of a wife was a good thing.

Heero stoically faced the window so as not to have to engage in any mindless conversation with the other passengers on the commute. The sun had set an hour before and now the city was bathed in bright neon. To anyone else, the city of Tokyo at night could be considered beautiful. But to Heero Yuy, it was nothing but a tarnished jewel. The world held no beauty for him anymore.

He sighed impatiently as the train slowed to one of its many stops along the route. He shifted on his feet and clutched his briefcase tighter. All he wanted now was to get home and take a nice, warm shower before falling asleep in one of the empty guestrooms in the house. And hopefully, Relena would be asleep by the time he got home. He looked at his watch. Twenty minutes until his stop. Not soon enough.

A movement from the second floor across the street from the station caught his eye. Looking up, he glanced briefly at the large sign on the side of the building. 'Hikawa Dance Studio' it read. Another movement drew his attention away from the sign to the large glass windows beside it. Inside, a couple was dancing. No, several couples he corrected himself as they sailed by the windows, twirling like porcelain figurines in a music box. Heero watched disinterestedly for a moment - until a lone figure moved to open one of the windows.

The young man at the window was dressed in a dancer's leotard over which he wore a slightly baggy cut-off t-shirt. He wasn't Japanese - the long braid of chestnut-gold hair draped over one shoulder told him that much. He looked European or perhaps even American. He had a dancer's build, although a tad on the slender side. And he moved with the gracefulness of a swan through water.

Heero stood transfixed at the vision above him. He'd never seen anyone quite so beautiful in his life. He almost cried out in denial as the train lurched to life, taking him away from the figure that had caught his attention. He watched the window as long as he could until the building was out of sight. Slumping down onto one of the now unoccupied seats, he wondered why the mere sight of a complete stranger had affected him so... and why such a beautiful face could look so sad.

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