by: Caroline

Shall We Dance
III : Vienna Walt

The weeks passed by quickly, much to Heero's surprise. He lived for Wednesdays where he could forget about his life and just have some fun. And the dancing was turning out to be a lot of fun. Once he'd figured out that the steps were nothing more than an elaborate numerical pattern, he'd been able to catch on very quickly. Already they had learned the basic steps (and quite a few more complicated steps) to the foxtrot, jitterbug, mambo, and rumba. Heero was beginning to enjoy himself.

One evening he'd arrived to find Hilde waiting for him with a smirk on her face. "Lucky boy. Tonight he'll be in your arms at last."

Heero blinked at her in surprise. "N... nani?"

"Une is not here," she explained, grinning. Then almost immediately she sobered up. "You're just setting yourself up for disappointment. He's all the sweeter when viewed from afar." And with that cryptic statement, she spun around on her toes and danced off.

Heero just shook his head as he changed his shoes, trying hard to concentrate on the night's schedule and not on the thought of being able to touch Duo. Tonight they would be learning the basic steps to a new dance. Quatre and Trowa had naturally paired off. Hilde had been recruited to be Wufei's partner after the Chinese man had complained about always having to be the 'onna' and how was he supposed to learn to lead when he was always 'playing uke to Heero's seme'? That comment had caused Heero to blush bright red, and several hentai thoughts crossed his mind about playing seme to Duo's uke.

He quickly squashed that thought before anything could 'arise' and cause himself embarrassment. Then he realized that Duo was to be his partner. Hilde was right. He'd have to lovely American in his arms soon.

Duo chose that moment to make his appearance. Tonight he was wearing a skin-tight black dancer's body suit that hugged his form in all the right places and left little to the imagination. A violet cut-off shirt hung loosely off his shoulder while a matching pair of leggings adorned his long, shapely legs. Heero swallowed. He'd seen Duo in similar attire before, but what really set his pulse racing was that for the first time, Duo's hair was out of its usual braid. Part of it had been gathered at the back in a loose ponytail, while the rest of it cascaded down his back, reaching almost to the backs of his knees. In the soft light of the studio, Duo looked like an angel.

The American smiled at them in greeting, though Heero noticed the smile didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I'm sorry Une couldn't be here tonight," he said softly. "She had a prior engagement. However, I agreed to fill in for her. Do you have an preferences on which dance you'd like to learn tonight?" Heero saw Quatre and Trowa glance at each other. "We've been wanting to learn the Vienna waltz, sensei," Quatre requested.

The American nodded. "Very well. I'll take you through the steps you've already learned, then show you the basic formation for the waltz."

Duo put Wufei, Trowa, and Heero in a straight line facing Hilde, Quatre, and himself. He taught the three leading men their steps - leading forward and with the left foot. They practiced the steps until they all got the hang of it. Then Duo showed Wufei and Trowa how to hold their partner in the correct position. Once he had put the other two couples together and sent them twirling across the floor, he returned to Heero.

The Japanese man held his breath as Duo positioned his arms. He fought hard to keep his responses to Duo's proximity under control. But it was difficult... the young man radiated sensuality.

His mind must have been drifting because he blinked in surprise when Duo said his name. "Yuy-san? Are you ready?"

Heero nodded and reached for Duo's hand. When they touched, he felt like a bolt of electricity had passed through his entire body. Duo's skin was like silk, and his hair smelled of jasmine. He pulled the smaller boy close, enjoying the feeling of simply holding the boy in his arms. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, waited for the musical cue, and then... they were off. Around and around the room they sailed, twirling and whirling to the music. Sometimes they would stop so Duo could correct one of the others or show them a new step. But always the lithe American would return to Heero's arms and off they'd go again. Heero was in heaven.

All too soon, it was over. Heero felt a surge of disappointment as Duo called a halt to the lesson. He hadn't wanted to let the beautiful American go.

Duo thanked them all for attending, and Heero and the other students gathered their things and headed downstairs to the street. Heero felt like he was walking through a fog. This had been one of the most magical nights of his life. He was beginning to feel joy in his life again. So distracted by the memory of holding Duo in his arms, he almost missed Quatre's invitation to have dinner with the three of them. Heero smiled but declined. All he wanted to do was go home, lay in his solitary bed, and dream of how smooth Duo's skin had been.

He practically danced his way to the train platform after the others had left. His heart was still racing, and he could still smell the lingering scent of jasmine on his clothing. He stood on the platform, gazing up at the dance studio windows while waiting for the train. Perhaps if the gods were smiling on him, he'd catch another glimpse of Duo before he had to get on the train. As he watched, the lights in the studio went out. Heero felt his heart jump into his throat. Duo was leaving! He hesitated only for a moment before spurring his feet into action. When would he ever get another opportunity to speak to Duo alone?

He quickly crossed the street, praying he wasn't too late. The blood pounded in his ears. He was so nervous... he didn't know to say to the violet-eyed young man. But he knew he might not get another chance. He had to try. He didn't think he could live with himself if he allowed this opportunity to slip through his fingers.

Luck was with him. Duo was just coming down the stairs as he turned the corner. His hair was still down though he'd changed into a baggy pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt. Heero took a deep breath, then stepped forward into the light.


The long-haired teacher jumped, obviously startled at his sudden appearance. Heero quickly apologized.

"Gomen. I didn't mean to frighten you."

"Did you need something?" Duo asked somewhat apprehensively.

'You,' Heero thought automatically, then blushed. "Aa. I... just wanted to thank you for tonight's lesson."

Duo smiled politely. "It was nothing. Although, I'm not as experienced as Une is."

"No, no. You... you were very good. I was impressed." 'Baka. I sound like a bumbling, love-struck high school boy!'

"Thank you," Duo replied softly before turning away. "I must be going now."

"Matte!" Heero called out, desperate to keep the American from leaving. Duo turned back and eyed him half-nervously, half-suspiciously. "I... ah... I thought I'd go and eat. I haven't had dinner yet. But eating alone spoils the taste. If you haven't eaten, perhaps we..."

"Ano," the violet-eyed youth interrupted. "I'm sorry, Yuy-san. I prefer not to have private contact with students."

Heero's heart sank. "Aa. I see."

Duo nodded, turning once again to walk away. Heero turned dejectedly, the euphoria he'd been feeling earlier slipping away.

"Ano? Yuy-san?" Heero turned back, suddenly hopeful.

"Yes, sensei?"

"Look, this may seem rude but I hope you didn't join the class with me as your goal. I've noticed you watching me. I take dancing very seriously. I expect my students to do the same. It's a classroom, not a single's bar. Please, don't dance if that's what you're after." He bowed to Heero, then turned and hurried away.

Heero felt a tremendous surge of guilt was through him. Had he been that shallow and obvious? 'He must get students in his class with similar motives all the time. Of course he'd be able to see right through yours! ' he mentally berated himself as he shuffled dejectedly back to the train platform. His heart was heavy with shame and disappointment. The one ray of light in his life had been extinguished.

'There's no point in going back, ' he thought as he hurried through the turnstile to catch the train that had just pulled in. 'I won't go back. I was never that interested in the dancing anyway. I'll be one less slobbering pervert Duo will have to worry about. That's the least I can do for him. ' For the first time since his parents had died, Heero felt like crying.

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