This is the longest lemon I've ever written... *faint*
by: Carolinne

Shall We Dance
IX : Tango

Thunder boomed to the beat of the music coming from the stereo. Lightning danced across the sky outside, reflecting off the mirrors on the walls like a strobe light. The scent of candle wax mixed with jasmine and violets wafted through the air in a delicious, heady combination. Indigo silk slid through his fingers like water. But Heero barely noticed these things. His focus was the lips moving lazily under his and the warm body pressed tightly against him.

How long they stood there, swaying gently to the music, running their hands over cloth-covered bodies, Heero did not know. But as the minutes passed, their kisses became more heated; their caresses, more urgent. The boy in Heero's arms rubbed himself sensually against his body. Heero had to restrain himself from throwing the American to the ground and ravaging him right then.

"Are you trying to tempt me?" he half-growled at the young dancer.

Violet eyes sparkled with mischief. "Maybe."

Heero smirked. Two could play this game.

As Duo pressed himself up for another kiss, Heero gently pushed him away.


"Not like that, koi. You should know how important the first step is," he said teasingly.

Duo cocked his head in confusion. He reached out for Heero again, only to find his hands pushed away once more.

"You're hesitating," the Japanese man said, walking slowly around the young dancer, stalking him with predatory eyes. He ran one finger down Duo's spine, causing the boy to shiver. He stepped up close behind the braided boy, breathing in the scent of the violets braided into his chestnut hair. Heero nuzzled his ear, licking the outer shell and causing the other boy to moan.

"The leader must commit his whole body to convey to his partner the tone of the entire dance," he whispered huskily into Duo's elfish ear, echoing the words the dancer has imparted to him the night before. "A weak first step transmits nothing."

He walked around until he was once again facing Duo. He bent his head and pressed his mouth to Duo's, slipping his tongue inside to war with the American's. Their mouths were the only parts of their bodies that touched. After a long moment, Heero pulled away. "See how that transmits nothing?"

"You... you call that nothing?" Duo asked breathlessly.

"It is important that your body be flush against your partner," Heero replied, hooking his fingers into the belt loops on Duo's black pants and pulling him close.

"Now that's not quite what I said... oh!" Duo gasped as Heero reached around and clasped his buttocks, pressing their groins together tightly.

"The first step dictates how the entire dance will go," Heero continued as he began a slow, sensual grind with his hips.

Duo's eyes fluttered closed. His head dropped back, exposing his slender throat to Heero's gaze. The Japanese man dipped his head to taste the sweet flesh at the base of Duo's neck while maintaining the torturous friction with his hips. Duo moaned low in the back of his throat and brought his hands up to bury them in Heero's dark brown hair. Pulling on it gently, he lifted Heero's head to reclaim his mouth.

Their tongues met almost violently. Heero thrust his into the warm cavern of Duo's mouth, gradually increasing rhythm with both tongue and hips until Duo broke away, gasping for air and clutching desperately at Heero's shirt.

"Ungh... Heero, I... I can't..." he whimpered as he rubbed himself hard against the taller man. Heero bit his lip. He clutched the globes of Duo's ass tighter. A warm fire was spreading through him as he thrust against Duo. He knew the American was close; hell, he couldn't last much more than a few minutes under the torture he was putting them through. And while he wanted nothing more than to surrender to sweet ecstasy, he didn't want it to end so soon. Reluctantly, he slowed his pace until the two young men were still, gasping for air in each other's arms.

Heero brought one hand up to run his fingers down Duo's face, along his neck, and down to the tie that was lacing the front of his shirt together. He yanked on the lacings, undoing the bow slowly so as to give Duo plenty of time to stop him if he wanted. But the American simply stared up into Heero's eyes, silently urging him on. The lacings ended halfway down Duo's shirt. Heero unthreaded them and pushed the silk aside, exposing the satiny smooth skin of Duo's chest. Reverently he allowed his fingers to trace little designs on the alabaster skin, causing Duo's breath to hitch in the back of his throat.

Wanting to see more, Heero pried Duo's hands from his own shirt and raised them above the boy's head. Grasping the hem of the indigo silk, he slowly raised Duo's shirt, brushing the backs of his fingers against the dancer's skin as he went. The silk slid off Duo's body easily. As he pulled the shirt over Duo's head, a couple of the violets the American had braided into his hair fell to the floor. The indigo silk shirt followed, and Heero stared down at the vision he had uncovered. Duo's skin almost seemed to glow in the dim light of the room. Placing his hands on the boy's shoulders, Heero ran his hands down Duo's chest, tracing the well-muscled planes and causing the young man to shiver.

As Heero's hands brushed against his already hardened nipples, Duo gasped. Intrigued by the reaction, Heero brought his thumbs up to rub against them, delighting in the erotic sounds coming from Duo's throat as he did. He bent his head and took one of the hardened pebbles in his mouth. Duo cried out and once again latched on to Heero's shirt. The Japanese man lightly bit down on the nipple, then soothed it with his tongue. He placed a kiss on the long-haired boy's sternum, then moved to give Duo's other nipple the same treatment.

After a few moments of making Duo squirm in his arms, he began to place a wet trail of kisses down the boy's ribs and across his stomach. Heero lowered himself to his knees as he went. He stopped briefly at Duo's navel to run his tongue into the indention there. Then he trailed lower until he came to the top of the black pants that had been hugging those slender hips he desperately wanted to see.

He looked up into Duo's eyes which were half-lidded with desire. He placed his hands on the buttons holding the pants closed.

"May I?" he asked softly.

Wordlessly Duo nodded. As Heero began undoing the buttons one by one, Duo stepped out of the shoes he had been wearing and kicked them aside. The last button was undone, and Heero gently pushed aside the heavy fabric exposing soft chestnut curls. He slid his hands under the waistband and pushed the garment down and over Duo's slender hips. He did not stop until the material was bunched around the American's ankles. Duo raised his feet so Heero could sweep the clothing aside. When that was done, Heero sat back on his heels to stare up at the beautiful creature standing in front of him.

Duo looked almost ethereal in the candle-lit light. He had a dancer's physique: slender body with finely toned muscles that came from years of dancing. His skin was silky smooth and slightly pink from the blush that was rapidly spreading over his body. He was curved in all the right places and hard in all the places he was supposed to be hard. Especially...

Heero licked his lips. His mouth went suddenly dry as he stared at Duo's body. While visions of Duo naked and writhing beneath him had been assaulting his mind since they'd first kissed, he hadn't been prepared for the real thing. He'd never been this close to another naked man before. It was strange and oddly erotic. He wanted to touch the boy everywhere, explore places he had dreamed about and find new places he hadn't. He looked back up into Duo's face and smiled.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

Duo blushed deeply, shaking his head and turning his face away. Heero stood up and drew the boy close. He remembered what Duo had said, how Treize had used similar compliments to lure the young dancer into his bed. Duo was probably still wary, and Heero wanted to show his braided love that he was telling the truth.

Taking Duo's hand in his, he led them over to the mirrors that lined the walls. He turned Duo so that his back was against Heero's chest. Wrapping his arms around the naked boy, he directed him to look in the mirror.

"Look at yourself, Duo. I want to show you what I see," Heero whispered in his ear. "Your hair shines like molten gold in the light. Your eyes... my God, Duo, I would willingly drown in them if I could. Your mouth is warm and sweet. Your skin..." he trailed his hands down Duo's now trembling body as he spoke, "your skin is the softest thing I've ever felt. And your body... do you know how badly I want to throw you down and take you right now? But most of all, Duo, you are beautiful. Your soul, your spirit... it's what draws me to you."

Duo's violet eyes grew misty as he listened. "Oh, Heero." He raised one bare arm to wrap around Heero's neck and bring his head down for a kiss. The Japanese man hugged Duo tighter, hands wandering over silky flesh. Both boys moaned as Heero rubbed his cloth-covered arousal against the cleft of Duo's buttocks.

Ever so slowly, Heero lowered his hand down Duo's front, across the taut muscles of the boy's stomach, to the nest of chestnut curls. He hesitated only for a moment before he wrapped his hand around his lover's achingly hard arousal. Duo cried out as Heero began running his hand up and down the elongated shaft, exploring the contours of the other man's organ. It felt strange, holding another man's cock in his hand. It was at the same time both familiar and foreign. He stroked the boy clumsily at first, unsure of how to proceed. But then he thought of what he had liked on the few occasions he had pleasured himself, and tried to do the same to Duo.

He must have done something right, for the boy in his arms gasped loudly and thrust his hips into Heero's hand. His eyes had closed and his head was thrown back against Heero's shoulder. The Japanese man rubbed his thumb over the slit at the end of Duo's shaft, playing with the moistness he found there. Idly he wondered what the violet-eyed boy tasted like, and vowed to find out before the night was over.

Duo cried out once more and moved his hand to cover Heero's, forcing the taller man to halt his ministrations. He turned in his arms to stare up into Heero's cobalt eyes.

"Not yet," he said in a whisper, his voice heavy with passion. "You're overdressed."

Heero swallowed and reluctantly let the boy go. He stepped back and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Duo reached out and unbuckled his belt, drawing it off and tossing it aside. Heero did the same with his shirt and shoes, kicking them out of the way. Duo came in to kiss the base of Heero's throat as his small hands began to swiftly undo the buttons of Heero's slacks. He slid the garment down Heero's muscular legs as he bent to take one nipple in his mouth, lavishing it with the same treatment the short-haired man had done to him only moments before.

Heero sucked in his breath as he felt Duo's mouth close over his nipple. The sensation sent little electric shocks straight to his groin, causing him to harden even more than he already was. He hurriedly kicked off his slacks and buried his fingers into the hair at the back of Duo's neck. The American straightened to look down at Heero.

"Boxers?" he said with a twinkle in his eye. "And here I thought you were more of a briefs kind of guy, Hee-chan."

"At least they don't have little red hearts on them," Heero replied, smiling.

"True. And black silk becomes you," the violet-eyed boy said. "Still, I think they'd look better on the floor next to the rest of your clothes."

"Then why don't you do something about that?" Heero asked, running his fingers over Duo's bare skin.

Duo smirked and licked his lips. Kneeling down in front of Heero, he gently tugged on the black material, sliding it off Heero's hips and down his legs. His erection bobbed in the air, free of its confinement. Heero saw the boy eye him with a predatory gleam as he was divested of his boxers and socks. Duo rose up on his knees, grasping Heero's hips with both hands. He leaned forward so Heero could feel the dancer's warm breath on his shaft. His breath caught in his throat as Duo looked up at him wickedly before running his tongue along the underside of Heero's cock.

"Ngh!" he cried out as his entire body began to shake. His knees threatened to buckle as Duo lightly teased his erection with tongue and teeth. His breathing came in heaves, and he tightened his grip in Duo's hair. He'd never experienced anything quite like this before. Sex with Relena, the few times he'd submitted, had always been on her terms. She'd never have lowered her dignity to perform something like this on him.

Heero looked up at the mirror just as his lover engulfed his turgid member in his hot, moist little mouth. The sight of the beautiful dancer on his knees, worshipping him with his mouth was almost too much. He could feel his release coiling in the pit of his stomach as Duo suckled him. Regretfully he drew the American away before he spilled himself in his mouth. As much as he wanted to, he wanted Duo to come with him when he did.

He helped the violet-eyed boy to his feet, kissing him deeply and gasping as their bare arousals rubbed languidly together. Duo pulled away first. Taking Heero's hands in his, he led the Japanese man to the futon cushion.

The American tried to draw Heero down onto the cushion, but the taller man resisted. Duo looked at him questioningly. Heero reached around and grabbed the end of Duo's braid, bringing it to the front.

"Take your hair down," he ordered, his eyes glittering in the candlelight.

Duo reached for the end of his braid and undid the metal clasp there. With delicate fingers, he deftly unwound the braid, shaking out the long chestnut locks. As his hair cascaded down his back, the violets which had adorned his braid fell to the floor in a shower of indigo and yellow. Heero reached out and ran one hand through the long, silky strands. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do that," he said, doing it again.

"Then don't stop," Duo replied, wrapping his arms around Heero and gently drawing them down to their knees.

The short-haired man sought Duo's mouth once more, sliding his tongue easily past the other boy's soft lips. Heero guided the young dancer onto his back, laying him down amongst the scattered violets. He shifted his body so he was lying on top of the violet-eyed boy, pressing him down into the cushion.

He kept up his oral assault on Duo's mouth until his lungs started screaming for oxygen. He broke away with one last nip at the boy's bottom lip and rested his forehead against Duo's. The long-haired dancer must have seen something in his eyes. "What is it?"

"I... I don't quite know what to do," he stammered. "I mean, I've read up on it... but the real thing... it's a little different."

Duo giggled. "Just relax, Hee-chan. Think about what would feel good to you." Violet eyes met cobalt. "I trust you."

Heero smiled and leaned in for a kiss. He reached out and grabbed one of the violets on the floor. He levered himself up on one arm so he was leaning above Duo. With his other hand he ran the flower down the American's nose. He traced his lover's rosebud lips, then ran the soft petals down the curve of his neck. He teased a path down the dancer's lithe body, taking pleasure in the delicious sounds his lover was making.

As he used the little flower to tease the long-haired boy, he followed the trail with his lips, nipping and licking his way across the smooth skin. Duo's breathing quickened as Heero stopped just above his dripping arousal. Holding the boy's gaze, he lowered his head and ran his tongue around the head of Duo's engorged cock.

He lapped up the pearly drops at the tip, reveling in the headiness of the strange flavor. It was an odd combination of salty and sweet. Wanting to taste more, he wrapped his mouth around Duo's shaft and began bobbing his head up and down. Duo let out a loud keening cry as his body began to undulate under him. Heero grasped his hips to keep him in place. He ran his tongue around the ridge of the mushroom-shaped head, then down to the base. He did not stop there. Using his hands to spread Duo's legs wide, he shifted his body so he was lying between them. He licked at the heavy sac at the base of Duo's shaft, teasing it lightly. Above him he heard Duo moan and thrash his head back and forth. His mouth traveled lower until he found the hidden entrance to the American's luscious body. He rimmed the outside before sliding his tongue within. At the intimate touch, Duo gave a strangled scream and tugged at Heero's hair.

Heero climbed slowly back up his lover's body, enjoying the sensation of flesh sliding upon flesh. He kissed the boy deeply for several long moments before Duo drew back.

"Heero," he breathed, his hands still entangled in the dark brown hair, "I want you inside me."

"I don't want to hurt you," Heero breathed back.

Duo reached over and grabbed a tube from under the cushion. Heero watched in amusement as the American flipped it open and squeezed some of the clear gel onto his hand. "You little minx. You had this planned."

Duo flushed bright red as he reached for Heero's hand and spread the cool substance on his fingers. "You have to stretch me," he explained, guiding Heero's hand down to the puckered entrance of his body.

Heero swallowed nervously as he slid one slick finger inside Duo's body. He watched the younger boy's face intently, looking for any signs of pain or discomfort. Duo's forehead creased as Heero pushed his finger past the tight ring. Immediately he stopped, not wanting to hurt his lover. But Duo reached down again to urge him on.

"Duo, if it hurts..."

"No. It doesn't... hurt. It's just... been a while," the violet-eyed boy panted as Heero's finger slid further in.

The Japanese man pushed his finger inside Duo's body to the last knuckle, twisting slightly as he went in order to stretch the boy. When Duo began pushing back on his finger, he added another, marveling at how velvety smooth the inside walls felt. Just imagining it encasing his own erection was almost enough to send him tumbling over the edge. When Heero added a third finger, he brushed against a fleshy nub hidden deep within the boy's sheath. As he did, Duo arched his back and cried out. Intrigued, Heero pressed against it again. Duo's response was to yank on Heero's arms so the taller man was lying on top of him.

"I need you... now!" the young dancer half-growled, eyes gleaming with hunger.

Heero grabbed the tube of gel and spread a liberal amount of the cool, slick substance over his rock hard arousal. Hooking one arm under Duo's knee, he lifted the boy's leg up and out. With his other hand, he guided his cock to his lover's entrance. He gasped as his shaft pushed past the tight ring. He kept his eyes open, watching the expressions play out across Duo's face as he slid slowly inside, inch by inch, until he was buried to the hilt.

Heaven. Heero was in heaven. The velvet walls of Duo's body caressed his cock, squeezing it tight. He was hard pressed not to give in to the urge to pound into the lithe body beneath him. He'd wanted this from the first moment he saw Duo in the window. And by God, he was going to make it last.

He waited until he saw Duo's eyes flutter open. The long-haired boy whimpered underneath him, shifting his hips in an effort to get Heero to move. The Japanese man made sure Duo's eyes were on him as he slowly pulled out, almost to the tip, then pushed back in. Both boys groaned at the sensation. Heero repeated the motion, leaning forward to take Duo's mouth, his tongue thrusting in time with his slow, sensuous strokes.

He kept up his steady pace, keeping them on the brink without pushing them over. Duo's small hands wandered aimlessly along his back. Heero glanced up at the mirrors on the wall. Watching himself move over Duo was almost as erotic as the real thing.

Without warning, he pulled out of the American's warm body and flipped him over on his hands and knees. The dancer yelped in protest but was soon moaning once again as Heero drove into him. The change in position caused the Japanese man to slide deeper into Duo's body. Reaching around, he pulled the violet-eyed boy up so he was sitting upright and straddling Heero's lap. The taller man urged Duo to ride up and down his shaft, allowing the boy to set his own pace. One hand swept aside the mass of chestnut hair so he could kiss the back of Duo's neck, while the other reached around to stroke his lover's cock.

Heero watched them move together in the mirror. Duo's eyes were clenched shut, his mouth open in silent passion.

"Open your eyes, koi," he breathed into Duo's ear. Violet met cobalt in the mirror. "I want you to watch. I want you to see how we're joined."

"Heero," Duo moaned his name, quickening his thrusts as he watched himself. The Japanese man stroked Duo both inside and out, nibbling at the back of his lover's neck. Their eyes never left each other in the mirror.

Duo rode him faster. Heero could feel the tension coiling in his stomach, radiating outward from his shaft which was being repeatedly buried inside Duo's tight body. He could feel the long-haired boy's muscles tighten, indicating he wasn't far from release.

Before either of them could reach their pinnacle, Heero pulled out once again, flinging Duo onto his back. He raised both the American's legs high, almost bending him over double, before thrusting once more into that tight, warm heat. He pounded the boy almost brutally. Duo threw his head back, crying out as Heero repeatedly hit that spot deep inside. A sheen of sweat broke over his skin, causing his body to glisten in the candlelight. His hands clutched desperately at the cushion below him. Heero thought the young dancer had never looked more beautiful than he was right at that moment, writhing beneath him. He slipped one hand between their bodies to pump Duo's cock. It didn't take much. A few moments later, the American cried out Heero's name, spraying both their bodies with his hot, milky seed.

Heero clenched his teeth as Duo's body tightened around him. He was close... oh so very close. His lover was still shuddering around him as he thrust once, twice more, then with a hoarse cry, spilled his own essence deep within Duo's body. Bright starbursts of light exploded behind closed eyelids as his release rocked his body.

He collapsed on top of the younger boy, dropping Duo's legs as he did. They lay there for a long moment, electric shocks still coursing through their bodies as they tried to catch their breath. Although his body was still trembling, Heero managed to prop himself up on his arms to take some of his weight off Duo. Noticing the pearly drops covering his lover's torso, he ran his fingers through it, gathering it up and bringing it to his mouth. Duo watched as Heero licked his fingers clean. When he was finished, he leaned down to kiss the boy, slipping his tongue inside his lover's mouth so he could taste himself.

Fatigue finally overcame Heero. He slowly pulled himself out of Duo's slender form, gathering his sated lover in his arms. They spent a few long minutes kissing and lightly touching. Then Duo shifted sleepily in Heero's arms.

"Aishiteru, Hee-chan," he whispered as his eyes drooped closed.

Heero froze. He wasn't sure if he'd heard that right. He wanted to shake Duo and make him say it again. But the even breathing against his chest told him the young dancer had fallen asleep. Could it be? Duo... loved him? He smiled as he held the boy tighter. Duo loved him! And he loved the beautiful boy in return. That thought should have made him ecstatic.

Why then did he feel so afraid?




"Is this Relena Peacecraft-Yuy?"

"Yes. Who may I ask is calling?"

"Let's just say I'm a friend."

"Look, I don't have time for this. I don't know how you got this number but..."

"I'm sure you've been wondering where your husband has been these last few months."

Long pause.

"What about Heero? Do you know something?"

"If you want to find out what he's been doing, come to the Juuban Exhibition Center on the twenty-fifth."

"Wait. What do you know? Who is this?"

"The event starts at noon. See you on the twenty-fifth, Mrs. Yuy."



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