Here it is... my first 2x1 lemon... or as I like to call it, "Akuma's epilogue". She somehow talked me into writing it. So if it seems weird or OOC, blame Akuma. I intend to. ^_^ Sorry it took me so long... my dad had to be rushed to the emergency room last week (he's all better now :) and I didn't get to write at all during all that craziness.  Ok, I'll shut up now and let you get to the fic... (hope you can stomach it Shi-chan!)
Author: Caroline
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Pairing: 1x2/2x1, 3+5, 4+H, 13+6
Warnings: AU, OOC, a tad angsty at times, fantasy, magic, lemon
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S Beag, S Mr + Epilogue

Heero looked up from the book he was reading as the door to the bedroom slammed open. He watched in amusement as his long-haired lover pushed the door shut behind him, flounced across the room, and collapsed dramatically on their bed. The Unseleigh prince sighed deeply, throwing one arm over his eyes.

"Hard day at work, love?" Heero teased, setting the book aside before joining his mate on the bed.

Duo groaned, rolling over so that he was draped on his stomach across Heero's lap. The short-haired sidhe took his cue and began rubbing soothing circles along his lover's back and wings.

"If I have to attend one more formal function, I'm going to murder someone," Duo muttered, arching his body to Heero's touch.

"Then I guess Treize will be awfully disappointed when his only brother doesn't show up for his and Zechs's bonding ceremony," Heero said, smirking.

Duo groaned again. "Oh shut up, Yuy. And don't tempt me. Do you even realize how many weddings and bonding ceremonies we've attended in the last six moons? Quatre and Hilde, Trowa and Wufei, Jay and Gee - and quite frankly, I don't even want to think about that one - not to mention every high ranking official and noble in both our kingdoms, and now Treize and Zechs."

"Don't forget our own, love," Heero said, bending down to nibble on the back of Duo's neck.

The violet-eyed prince purred under Heero's touch. "Mmm. How could I forget? You told the cleric-priest to hurry up in the middle of the blessing, just so you could drag me out of the temple as soon as the vows were spoken to ravage me."

"I couldn't help myself. You don't realize how beautiful you looked that day."

Duo turned over and gave his bond-mate a smile. "Did you hear me complaining?" The smile turned to a frown as he realized Heero's hands had stopped moving. "And who said you could stop that massage? My front is just as tense as my back."

Heero's eyebrows twitched in amusement as he resumed running his hands over Duo's body. "As you wish, Your Highness."

"Mmmm... much better."

"So what was it this time? Petty squabbling amongst the nobles or unrest amongst the citizens?"

Duo's forehead creased. It had been six moons since the two monarchs had declared peace on the battlefield, but getting the people to recognize the treaty had been a long and arduous process. It seemed like not a day went by without some kind of minor incident happening. Though relations had been getting better, it would take years to establish trust between the Seleigh and Unseleigh courts.

The citizens seemed to be taking the newly won peace better than the nobles. Every other day it seemed that nobles from both clans came to the palace claiming to have been injured or insulted in some way. And Duo, who had been named Prince Regent for the Unseleigh kingdom while the king was away, had to deal with it all.

"For once, neither," Duo answered, rubbing his temples. "The Unseleigh nobles were bitching about seating arrangements for Treize's bonding feast. It took Quatre and I three candlemarks to rearrange it so that everyone was happy. I swear, the next time I see my brother, remind me to kill him for putting me in charge while he runs off with his lover."

Heero chuckled. "Treize didn't 'run off' and you know it. He and Zechs need some time to cement their Bond. They'll return in a few moons and you won't have to deal with the nobles anymore."

"At least not until they go back to the Seleigh court." Duo yawned. "I pity poor Relena, actually. Not only will she be acting as Regent for the Seleigh court when Zechs and Treize are here, but the future of both clans rests on her shoulders."

Heero snorted. "Well of the four of you, she's the only one likely to have children."

"I don't know. You should have seen the look she was giving to my cousin Dorothy at our bonding feast."

Heero's eyes widened slightly. "Still, at least she is physically able to bear children. Unless Danu sees fit to bless us with a miracle, Relena is the one who will have to bear the heir to both thrones."

"Well in case of a miracle, you carry the kid," Duo said wearily. "There's just... no way... I'm going through that."

Duo's words were punctuated by deep yawns. For the first time, Heero actually saw the dark circles under his lover's eyes. His skin was slightly pale and his body looked thinner. He knew acting as Prince Regent was a consuming job, but he hadn't realized just how much it had been affecting Duo lately. Cautiously he opened their bond so as not to alert Duo to what he was doing. The last few moons had given them practice at controlling their bond. While neither could shut the other's presence out completely, they had learned to control it enough so that their thoughts and emotions didn't leak into each other at random.

Heero nearly gasped aloud at what he felt. Duo was suffering from severe exhaustion combined with what he suspected was the beginnings of malnutrition. Duo's audiences with the nobles often caused him to miss meals, but he'd always assured Heero that he ate in the meetings. Obviously it wasn't enough. If Duo kept this up, he'd become seriously ill very soon. Heero felt guilty for not noticing sooner, but now that he had, he could do something about it.

Noticing that his lover had fallen asleep in his lap, Heero quickly stripped Duo of his clothes then gently shifted the prince onto some pillows. He drew a heavy coverlet over the sleeping boy to keep out the slight winter chill at bay. Then with a light kiss on his forehead, he carefully crept off the bed. He'd leave his bondmate alone to get some rest. Meanwhile, he had some people to see and a personal mission to carry out.