S Beag, S Mr + Epilogue (cont)


Duo awoke slowly, stretching languidly under the warm blankets. With a start, he realized that night had long since fallen. He sat up, drawing one of the lighter coverlets over his body, wondering why he was undressed. He wrapped the cloth around his body and stood up. A fire had been lit in the fireplace, and the warmth was drawing him closer. He sank down onto the rabbit skin rug in front of the fire, still somewhat sleep-dazed.

The door opened a moment later and Heero stepped inside, carrying a tray in his hands. His Seleigh lover blinked at the empty bed, then smiled as he caught sight of Duo sitting by the fire. He shut the door with his shoulder and walked over to his mate.

"Did you have a good rest?" he asked, sitting down beside Duo and setting the tray on the floor nearby.

"What time is it?" the long-haired prince asked, sniffing hungrily at the savory smells wafting from the tray.

"Dinner ended three candlemarks ago."

Duo's eyes grew wide. Dinners at the palace were always political court functions. Duo had hated attending them growing up, and while Treize had been in residence, he hadn't attended many of them. Instead, he had preferred taking his meals in his room with Quatre and Hilde. But since Treize had left on his state visit to the Seleigh Court, Duo had taken his brother's place at the head table, acting as host (and often, mediator) to the visiting Seleigh dignitaries and Unseleigh nobles. But tonight he'd missed it. The Great Mother only knew what had happened in his absence.

"I can't believe you let me sleep through dinner!" the prince exclaimed as he scrambled to his feet. "I had audiences afterward with the Seleigh delegates! Now I'm late!"

Heero reached out and grabbed the end of the sheet Duo was wearing. Using it as a leash, he pulled his bondmate back down and into his lap. He wrapped his arms around Duo's body and silenced his lover's protest with a kiss.

"Don't worry about a thing, love," Heero said a moment later. "Quatre's taking care of things for you. You are officially on vacation."

Duo raised an eyebrow. "Vacation? What do you mean vacation? I don't have time to take a vacation, what with Treize gone and getting reading for his bonding ceremony and the nobles at each other's throats."

Heero placed a hand over Duo's mouth to silence him. "Duo, when was the last time you got a full night's sleep? Or ate a decent meal? You spend most of the Court dinners mediating and hardly eat a thing. You are exhausted and if you keep it up, you'll make yourself sick and then you really will miss your brother's bonding ceremony."

Duo shook his lover's hand off his mouth. "Heero, I'm fine. I'll admit, I was a little tired, but I had a nice long nap this afternoon and I feel a lot better."

"No, Duo. You may feel better than you did earlier, but you're still not completely rested. You need to take a few days to relax and rebuild your strength," Heero argued.

"But I said I was fine."

Heero sighed. If his lover wasn't going to listen to reason, he'd have to show him. Without warning, he opened their bond fully. Duo's mental fatigue and physical exhaustion washed over him like a wave. Without hesitating, he sent the emotions back to Duo, creating a kind of feedback loop. Duo immediately paled as it hit him, sagging limply in his arms.

"That is what I'm feeling from you, Duo, and it's hurting me too. You need to take a rest, love, or else you'll run yourself into the ground and take me with you," he said, then gradually closed the link.

Duo trembled in his arms. "I knew I was tired but... I had no idea how much."

"That's because of who you are, koi. Always taking care of others before taking care of yourself."

"But how can I take a few days off? Treize isn't here and there's so much that needs to be done."

"I already talked to Quatre. He and Hilde can handle things for a few days. They were getting worried about you, too. They said not to worry about a thing and just concentrate on getting some rest."

Duo sighed and snuggled closer. "There's no getting out of this is there?"

"No," Heero replied, picking up a bite-sized morsel from the tray beside him and popping it into Duo's mouth. "You may as well just sit back and enjoy it, love."

"If this is the kind of treatment I'll be getting for the next few days, I won't have any problems enjoying it," Duo said as Heero continued to feed him.

They ate mostly in silence, simply enjoying being alone with each other. Moments like this were rare. They usually only saw one another at night before falling into bed and into sleep. Heero nuzzled the top of Duo's head with his cheek, sending a wave of love through their bond.

::I love you, Hee-chan. Thank you so much for this.::

::I'll always be here to take care of you, love,:: Heero sent back, reveling in the intimate closeness of their bond. Silently he thanked the Great Mother for sending Duo to him. Before meeting the prince, he couldn't imagine sharing his life so completely with another person. But now that he had Duo, he couldn't imagine life without him. And to have been blessed with a soulbond meant that they would always be together - even when they were apart.

Since the two clans had made peace, several couples had found their soulbond mates. While true soulbonding was still rare, many other sidhe had found love with members of the other clan. Heero felt truly honored to have been blessed with both love and a bond. He and Duo were connected in a way ordinary couples like Trowa and Wufei, and Hilde and Quatre could never be. Treize and Zechs had also been blessed with a soulbond - a true sign that the Great Mother wanted peace between the clans. But even their bond wasn't as strong as his and Duo's. They shared a soul and could communicate on a deeper and more intimate level than anyone else.

In his arms, Duo sighed in contentment as he licked Heero's fingers clean, grinning up at him provocatively. Heero felt his body tighten as he looked down at his scantily clad lover. Duo had come a long way from the body-shy boy he had met all those moons ago. Now as he looked down at his beautiful prince, the sheet sliding off one creamy shoulder, he could feel his heart beat faster.

"You've got something on the corner of your mouth, love," he said as Duo finished the last bite.

"Oh?" Duo raised his hand to wipe it away, but Heero grabbed his wrist. Smirking, the dark-haired sidhe bent down and licked the crumb away with a flick of his tongue. Duo let out a little puff of air before wrapping his arms around Heero's neck and bringing their lips together.

Heero gladly opened his mouth to Duo's questing tongue. Their tongues moved in lazy circles, tasting and teasing one another. Without breaking contact, Heero shoved the now-empty tray away as he lowered them both to lie side by side on the soft rug.

For a long while the two lovers simply lay in each other's embrace, tasting one another while hands played lightly over bare skin. Only when the fire popped some time later did they break apart, staring into each other's eyes.

"Duo," Heero began, running fingers across his lover's bare shoulder, "you're supposed to be resting, not engaging in... strenuous activity."

"I just slept for six candlemarks," Duo replied. "That's more than I usually get a night. It'll be a while before I can go back to sleep. Besides, you want me to relax as well, right? Well... this will most certainly help me relax. Plus, it'll wear me out enough for me to get some sleep tonight."

Heero still didn't look convinced. "I don't want to wear you out even more than you already are."

Duo kissed the tip of his nose and pressed his body closer. "I'll be fine, Hee-chan. I've gotten some rest, I ate some food... but more importantly, I want you, Heero. It's been so long..."

Heero snorted. "Three days," he corrected in amusement.

Duo lightly smacked his arm. "Three days seems like an eternity. I love you, Heero, and I want to be with you." The violet-eyed prince smirked. "Besides, who says you'd wear me out? I fully intend to wear your sweet ass out tonight, love."

Heero frowned. "You got top last time."

"No, I distinctly remember you being top last time," Duo replied as he unlaced the front of Heero's tunic, pushing the material off his mate's body.

"No, you were," Heero argued as he helped Duo divest himself of his clothing. "Three mornings ago... in the hot spring."

"Ah, but I seem to recall an incident two candlemarks after that in the broom closet under the stairs in the family wing," Duo said as he worked a hand under Heero's pants.

The Seleigh warrior gasped and bucked his hips as Duo's hand brushed against his arousal. "That doesn't... ahhh... doesn't count. We were... mmmm... interrupted and didn't get to... get to finish."

"Is it my fault you forgot to lock the door?" Duo asked as he teased Heero's length with feather-light caresses. "I think we scarred Dorothy for life."

Heero sighed in disappointment as Duo removed his hand but eagerly helped the braided prince rid himself of the rest of his clothing. "I still don't think it should count," Heero muttered as he rolled on top of his mate, wings fluttering in anticipation.

The Unseleigh boy grinned and with one deft move, rolled them so that he was on top, straddling his lover's hips. "Well what you think really doesn't matter, Hee-chan," he said, grinning. "I'm the prince, which means you have to do whatever I say."

Heero opened his mouth to protest but was silenced by Duo's tongue. They attacked each other's mouths with such ferocity that Heero promptly forgot his protests. He reached around to grab Duo's braid and yank off the band holding the strands together. He shivered as silken waves of chestnut came tumbling over the prince's shoulders to caress his bare skin. He buried his fingers in the silky mass as Duo moved down to nibble at his neck.

The straddling position caused the sheet Duo was wearing to ride up. Both young men gasped as their arousals met through the thin material. Duo began rocking his hips. He ran his tongue along Heero's collarbone, causing the Seleigh sidhe underneath him to moan loudly. Slowly he crawled down Heero's body, winding a trail of nips and kisses along Heero's sensitive spots. He lavished attention on his lover's rosy nipples, enjoying the way Heero was moving beneath him. He wandered lower, pausing briefly to swirl his tongue into Heero's navel, until at last his face was poised above his lover's proud erection.

Heero trembled as he felt Duo's warm breath on his cock. He tightened his grip in Duo's hair, silently urging his lover's head down.

Duo grinned and flicked his tongue over the turgid head, lapping at the pearly drops gathered at the tip. Heero moaned and thrashed his head against the rabbit skin rug. The violet-eyed prince continued to tease him, brushing feather-light touches along the length of his shaft with lips and tongue. Heero again tried to maneuver Duo's head to the center of his need, but the young prince shook his hands away and pinned his wrists to the floor with his hands.

"Duo, please," Heero begged, knowing if his mate kept up his delicious torment much longer he'd go insane.

"You never have been a patient one, Hee-chan," Duo said, smiling. "Fortunately, neither have I."

He bent his head and took Heero whole within his mouth. Heero gave a hoarse cry as Duo suckled him. The prince ran his tongue along the underside of the swollen head before sucking hard, bobbing his head up and down in a steady rhythm. Heero could feel the white-hot energy of his release hovering just out of reach as Duo worked him. He took a shuddering breath and turned his hands to clasp his lover's, intertwining their fingers. With a resolve he didn't know he had, he pulled Duo away from his aching need and up over his body.

The long-haired prince grinned as he bent down to kiss his bondmate, allowing Heero to taste himself on his tongue.

Heero submitted for a moment before pulling Duo's head away to stare into his beautiful eyes.

"Please, love. No more teasing. I need you," he rasped as he tugged at the sheet encasing his lover's body.

Duo nodded and kissed him quickly before scrambling off Heero's body. Heero rolled over, pulling the sheet off the lithe figure of his mate as Duo half-crawled to the bedside table to grab a small earthen jar off the top. Heero tossed the sheet aside as the last of the material slid away. He grabbed his prince around the waist, pressing their bodies together.

"What happened to the shy violet I met by that stream all those moons ago?" he whispered into Duo's ear as he rubbed his cock along the boy's ass.

It was Duo's turn to gasp as Heero's hand wandered down his front to grasp the prince's arousal. "I thought... you liked me... this way," Duo gasped, writhing in Heero's grasp.

"Oh I do," Heero answered, nibbling on his ear. "I love seeing you all wanton and willing underneath me."

Duo turned in his arms and shoved Heero backward toward the rug. He tumbled them both to the ground, rolling them so that once again, the prince was on top.

"And I love being underneath you, too, Hee-chan. But tonight, it will be you writhing underneath me." He rotated his hips, grinding their erections together. Heero's eyes rolled into the back of his head at the sensation.

Duo took the opportunity to coat his fingers with the sweet smelling oil inside the jar. Using his other hand, he pushed Heero's legs apart and settled his body between them. He teased Heero's puckered ring with one oil-slicked finger before pushing the digit inside to the first knuckle.

Heero gasped and forced his muscles to relax against the intrusion. He felt Duo stroking him, gently stretching him as he worked the finger in and out of his body. He arched his back off the floor as Duo teased the sensitive spot just behind the tight ring.

Duo smiled down at his mate. He loved watching Heero lose himself to his passion. He twisted his finger gently, watching Heero writhe beneath him. When Heero's opening was sufficiently relaxed, he added another finger. He bent his head and took the tip of Heero's cock into his mouth. He stroked his mate both inside and out, watching Heero's ecstatic expression as he pleasured him.

Heero felt his world turn inside out as Duo prepared him. His lover knew what he was doing, keeping him on the edge without pushing him over. Just as he thought he couldn't take much more of the exquisite torture, Duo added a third finger, brushing against that magical spot deep within him.

"Ahhh!" he gasped loudly as he thrust harder against his lover's fingers.

Duo grinned around Heero's shaft. He teased his lover for a few moments more before withdrawing his fingers and crawling back up Heero's sweat-drenched skin. He caught Heero's whimper of protest at the loss of his fingers in his mouth as his hands pushed the Seleigh sidhe's legs up and out. He distracted Heero with his tongue long enough to coat his own achingly hard shaft with some of the oil. He positioned himself at Heero's entrance and, after catching Heero's gaze with his own, he pushed slowly inside.

An explosion of sensation engulfed them both as Duo slid in to the hilt. The Unseleigh prince's wings unfurled above them, lazily stirring the air to cool their heated skin. Heero stared up at his lover whose eyes were closed in concentration as he waited for Heero to adjust. The short-haired noble wrapped his muscular legs around Duo's waist, pushing the boy even deeper inside.

Duo groaned as his cock sank deeper into Heero's body. His whole body trembled as a torrent of sensations ripped through him. Heero's slippery sheath clenched around him, sending tiny shocks along his spine. Slowly, ever so slowly, he withdrew to the tip before pushing back in with one, powerful thrust.

Heero cried out as Duo continued to move within him, each thrust striking that sweet spot deep within. His hands wandered down to clasp the firm globes of Duo's pert bottom, urging the boy to move faster.

Duo moaned his lover's name as he fought to control his thrusts. The urge to bring about his own release with a few short jabs was great. But he clenched his teeth, wanting to make their lovemaking last as long as possible.

Heero squeezed his lover's shaft tightly inside him, his mouth seeking Duo's. As his lover continued to piston in and out of his body, he opened their bond.

Duo nearly screamed as Heero's pleasure began echoing back through their bond. He could feel himself moving in and out of Heero's tight sheath as if Heero was the one fucking him instead of the other way around. He knew Heero would be feeling the phantom touch of muscles clenching around his shaft, just as Duo was feeling Heero clench around him. They fed their pleasure into each other, creating new heights for them to soar amongst.

Hands moved feverishly over skin, lips met in a blaze of passion. Duo whispered Heero's name as he thrust harder. Heero reached down and began stroking his own erection in time with Duo's movements. The boy above him tossed his head back, causing his silken locks to tumble over his shoulders and onto Heero's body. It felt like a thousand tiny fingers were dancing over his skin, stroking an itch deep within him comprised of hot lust and desperate need.

A white-hot light began to build behind Heero's eyelids. His body tensed as Duo moved even faster. His mouth opened in a soundless scream, his entire body shaking as he tumbled over the edge. His cock released stream after stream of hot, milky seed over his hand and stomach. His legs tightened around Duo's waist, holding the prince almost immobile above him.

As soon as Heero hit his peak, Duo felt his lover's release through their bond. The echo-effect of pleasure was almost too intense. He thrust rapidly into Heero's body as his lover's muscles clenched hard around him. The first wave of Heero's release triggered his own. He cried out Heero's name. An overwhelming jolt of sensation radiated outward from where he and Heero were joined, traveling through his body like lightning. He cried out again, thrusting one last time, before shooting his seed deep inside his lover's body.

Duo collapsed on top of his mate, breathing heavily and still buried inside Heero. The dark-haired sidhe wrapped one arm around Duo's shoulders and kissed him on top of his head.

"Great Mother, Duo. That was... intense," he murmured as he tried to catch his breath. When he received no reply, he looked down and saw that his love's eyes were closed. Heero immediately felt a surge of guilt. He shouldn't have allowed that to happen. Duo was too exhausted. He should be resting - not using up all his energy by screwing like rabbits on the floor with his bondmate.

::Baka. I'm not asleep,:: he heard Duo's voice admonish in his mind. ::I'm just... resting my eyes.::

::Hn. Prove it. Get off me,:: Heero sent back.

Nothing happened.

::Uh. Well, it seems as though I can't move,:: Duo sent, sounding sheepish.

Heero chuckled and sat up, easing Duo out of him and onto his lap. He scooped the young prince up into his strong arms and made a beeline for the bed. He gently placed his lover's limp form on one side, then crawled in after him, grabbing the discarded sheet from earlier to clean himself off as he went. When the last of the stickiness was wiped away, he wrapped his arms around Duo's body and pulled him close.

"Think you can sleep now?" he asked as he soothingly stroked Duo's wings.

Duo only murmured an affirmative as he snuggled closer.

::I hope you enjoyed yourself, love,:: Heero sent before they dropped off to sleep. ::Just remember - it's my turn to be top next time.::


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