Author: Calic0cat
Story Started: June 3, 2003
Genre: Shonen Ai/Yaoi, Adventure/Ops, Drama, Romance
Pairing: 1+2
Rated: R(?)
Warnings: AU(?), OOC, Swearing
Disclaimer: Duo and Heero and the rest of the GW gang aren't mine. This story is. Nuff said.

Notes: First person POV switches between chapters.

+ = Time passing or scene change

Author's Notes: *mutters about pushy muses and rabid plot bunnies* I did research the medical info for this so it's not too terribly off-base but I do not guarantee complete accuracy by any means. Feedback is appreciated.

Fragments + Chapter 1

"*Shit!* H - honey, come on, stay with me here... Odin, baby, sweetheart, wake up! Let me see those beautiful baby blues..."

I struggled to open my eyes, hurting all over. My head felt like it was about to explode. Was the voice talking to me? Was Odin me? I - didn't know. I managed to pry my eyes open for a few brief moments, catching a brief glimpse of worried violet - violet?! - eyes and a long chestnut braid. "Who..." I started to say but then the darkness rose up and snatched me away again.


I pulled the sheets around myself more tightly but they didn't banish the cold seeping through me. The chill of realizing that I knew nothing about myself, about my life. Only that I was married - a newlywed, according to the doctor, here at the resort hotel with my husband (I was *gay*?!) on our honeymoon. There had been an accident and I'd been injured. The doctor had assured me that there was nothing seriously wrong with me (other than the fact that I had *amnesia* for god's sake) and would be released from the infirmary just as soon as he brought my husband in from the waiting room.

"Odin Wells," I murmured softly, staring at the gold band on my finger. It didn't *sound* familiar. Though my husband's name, Max Wells, did seem at least a little bit familiar and I had a funny feeling that those unusual violet eyes and long chestnut braid that I half-remembered seeing earlier belonged with that name.

'Husband...' I shivered and huddled down in the covers again. I was being sent home - no, not home, back to our hotel room - with someone I didn't remember. Though I didn't really want to stay here either; for some reason the medical equipment in the room made me tense and uncomfortable. I closed my eyes and concentrated again, trying to remember something, *anything*, but all I did was make my headache even worse.

'I must love my husband - Max... The doctor said that I dove into the path of the falling scaffolding to knock him to safety. That that was how I hit my head; I flung Max clear but didn't quite make it myself...' But I was still worried and, though I hated to admit it, frightened as well.

There was a brief, light knock on the door before it opened and my doctor entered. "Odin? I've brought your husband to see you..."

I shrank back against the pillows, almost afraid to meet the man. Why couldn't I *remember*? I lifted my eyes hesitantly as the man - 'My *husband* - Max,' I reminded myself - followed the doctor into the room. My breath caught as I met anxious violet eyes. 'He's worried about me... That has to be a good sign, doesn't it? And he's gorgeous...'

He moved to the bedside and took my hand in his gently. "It'll be okay H - honey. Don't worry about a thing, Odin. The doctor says that your memory could come back at any time and I'll take care of everything till it does." As the man - Max - turned his head slightly to speak to the doctor, his braid slid over his shoulder, catching my attention. I caught hold of it and raised it to my face, fascinated by the length of it. Its faint spicy, citrusy scent seemed somehow familiar and reassuring.


I flushed slightly at the quizzical look Max was giving me. I supposed that rubbing his braid against my face and sniffing it was a little odd but... "It smells familiar..." I offered softly and sheepishly.

His eyes softened and he gave me a reassuring hug. I brought my own arms up and hugged him tightly in return, burying my face against his shoulder where the braid trailed over it. 'Safe. He feels - safe. I trust him...' I realized with relief. Suddenly it didn't matter that I didn't remember him. Max was my husband; I knew everything would be okay if I was with him.


Back at our room, Max tucked me into bed then perched on the edge of it facing towards me. "Get some rest now Odin. I'll wake you when our meal arrives; the hotel's giving us free room service and reversing the charges for the room as an apology for the accident so I ordered a really nice meal for us. No champagne though - at least not unless its non-alcoholic - you shouldn't have alcohol with the pain medication they gave you."

"What happened?" I asked curiously. "The doctor said something about scaffolding..."

"Yeah, we were walking through part of the hotel that's still under construction and some scaffolding fell. You pushed me out of the way and got yourself hurt instead. Good thing you've got such a hard head, buddy. Must be from all the times you've fallen on it." Max chuckled quietly. Then his gaze became very intent, almost expectantly so. Looking me straight in the eyes, he continued softly, "You were a real hero - a regular knight in Gundanium armor..."

His shoulders sagged slightly when I flushed and averted my eyes in embarrassment. Whatever response he'd been hoping for, it obviously wasn't that. He rose from the bed and started towards the door.

'He's leaving! I don't want to be alone; he's the only thing that's even a little bit familiar!' I pushed the covers aside and stumbled from the bed. 'Oh shit...' The room spun and my head started to pound. "Max..." I moaned. I swayed and started to fall.

Strong arms caught me before I hit the floor. "Aw shit... Odin..." He picked me up and put me back in bed again. "Just take it easy for a while, okay?"

"Don't leave me alone..." I begged. "Please, Max..."

He sighed and climbed in bed beside me. "Okay. They'll knock when they bring the food; I should be able to hear them from here."

I curled against his side, head resting on his chest and his arm draped around me. For the first time since I woke up in the infirmary, the chill left me. I was warm and safe.

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