Author: CalicOcat
Disclaimer: Duo and Heero and the rest of the GW gang aren't mine. This story is. Nuff said.
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************ Time passing or scene change
*~*~*~*~*~* Major POV shift

Mission: Marriage + Chapter 17

"Now, husband-mine, how about we find out what it's like to make love when we both know there's real love behind it, hmm?" Duo asked.

"Ninmu ryoukai," Heero replied with a mischievous smirk. Moving to kneel on the bed beside Duo and lifting Duo's left hand to his lips, Heero murmured softly, "Did you know that in ancient times, people believed that a special vein, the vena amoris or vein of love, ran directly from this," he kissed the tip of the third finger gently, "finger to the heart?" He drew the ring finger into his mouth and sucked on it gently for a few moments before continuing, "And of course, that's where the custom of the third finger as the one for the wedding ring comes from." Pressing a kiss to the finger just above the rings, he murmured huskily, "With this ring I thee wed," before beginning a trail of kisses and gentle nibbles that led over Duo's palm, across his wrist, and up the tender underside of his arm.

Sweeping kisses up and along Duo's collarbone, he followed the line of his neck up to lightly suck and nibble on his earlobe. Duo shivered beneath Heero in anticipation as he felt tender kisses cover every inch of his face. Teasingly, Heero kissed Duo's eyelids, his nose, then bypassed his lips to travel down his throat again before finally returning to his mouth. Lightly tracing Duo's lips with his tongue, he nibbled very gently on his lower lip. Lips so close that they brushed, Heero murmured thickly, "With my body," then came a feather-light kiss before he finished, "I thee worship." The kiss that followed was slow and tender, deep and lingering. Their tongues tangled and entwined lovingly, not in a battle for dominance but in a dance of equals. Withdrawing slowly and reluctantly from Duo's mouth, Heero kissed the tip of his nose, then the point of his chin, then pressed another quick kiss to his lips, before transferring his attention to the previously neglected earlobe and continuing down the other side of his lover's bared neck.

Duo arched off the bed as Heero teased first one nipple, then the other, first with his fingers then with his teeth and tongue. "God... Heero..." he gasped out sharply. "Stop... teasin'..."

Silencing Duo with the tried and true tactic of kissing him breathless, Heero then returned to pick up where he left off. Brushing his fingers teasingly along Duo's side, too light to truly tickle but with just enough contact to create the sensation, he kissed and caressed his way down Duo's torso to his stomach, drawing gasps and moans of appreciation from his lover. Reaching Duo's navel, Heero licked and kissed it teasingly, blowing gently across it, only to have to stop when Duo started to giggle and curl in on himself.

"Sorry love, forgot just how ticklish you are," Heero apologized, raising up to lightly caress Duo's cheek and to press a gentle kiss to his lips.

"Didn't want to spoil the moment but I couldn't help it," Duo answered breathlessly, returning the kiss.

"Nothing's spoiled, I remember just where I left off..." With that, Heero returned his attention to Duo's stomach, quickly kissing his way across it to Duo's hip, remembering to avoid the ticklish area right along the edge of the hip. Despite Duo's protesting cry, he skipped over his arousal with nothing more than a feather-light touch, continuing his trail of kisses and caresses down the inside of Duo's thigh, avoiding the ticklish back of his knee and his foot. Switching to the other leg, he repeated his attentions, working his way back up to the groin.

"Heero... please..." Writhing under Heero's tantalizingly light caresses, Duo thrust his hips upwards, seeking more contact.

Repeating the light brush of the back of his fingers along Duo's swollen length, Heero asked teasingly, "Please what?"

"Please... need more..." came the moaning response.

"More like this..." queried Heero, wrapping his hand around Duo's erection and pumping slowly.

"Ah! Yes!" came the answer, followed by "Faster, please, Heero!" as Duo thrust against the pressure of Heero's hand.

Removing his hand, Heero ignored Duo's frustrated cry of protest, instead asking, "Or maybe more of this?" He bent and flicked his tongue lightly along Duo's length, then across the slit at the tip, drawing an appreciative moan from Duo.

"Oh god, yes..." Duo whimpered, burying his hands in Heero's hair in an attempt to prevent him from merely teasing this time. Alternating between the use of fingers and tongue, Heero gradually brought his lover to the edge.

Duo urged, "Heero, please... now, I need you NOW! " He tugged insistently on Heero's hair, drawing him up for an urgent, demanding kiss. "Take me now! " he repeated.

Quickly snagging the tube from beside the bed, Heero squeezed a substantial amount of lube onto his fingers. As he prepped Duo, he leaned forward to kiss his face and lips, murmuring softly, "I love you, Duo, so much..."

"Love you too, husband-mine," Duo responded in a breathless gasp, raising one hand to caress Heero's cheek before pulling his face close for another kiss.

Once Duo began to thrust back against Heero's fingers, Heero withdrew them. Coating his erection with a generous amount of lube, he moved to kneel between Duo's spread legs. He twined the fingers of one hand with Duo's as he positioned himself at Duo's entrance. Gazing deeply into the passion-clouded violet eyes of his lover, he slowly sheathed himself within the heat of Duo's tight channel with a feeling of homecoming.

"God... Duo... feels so good... love you... so much..."

"Love you too..."

After an initial moment of stillness while they both adjusted, an impatient thrust of Duo's hips urged Heero into motion. Duo lifted one leg and wrapped it around Heero's waist as he altered the angle of his thrusts. A strangled cry of pleasure a moment later let Heero know that he had found the right one. Gradually finding their rhythm, Heero varied it just enough to keep them both on the edge but not push either of them over it. Duo's breathy gasps blended with the broken streams of endearments tumbling from Heero's lips.

"Heero-love... husband-mine... love you..."

"Duo... love you... ai shiteru... koi..."

His control finally slipping, Heero sped up his thrusts, crying out Duo's name as he climaxed. Heero's climax triggered Duo's as well, his back arching as he came with a shout of release.

Lying together in a sticky, tangled mess, Heero realized he had never been happier or more contented in his life. He loved Duo and Duo loved him too. They were together, they were married, and he would never let anything tear them apart. Meeting Duo's weary but content gaze, he quoted softly, "Doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt I love you."

Duo gave him a beautiful smile in return, but a moment later it turned into an amused grin. "If anyone had told me a month ago that I'd be lying here in post-coital bliss with my beloved husband, Heero Maxwell-Yuy, listening to him quote Shakespeare, I'd have been checkin' their temperature and callin' for the guys from the funny-farm to come pick up a new guest." Grin fading into something softer and more serious, Duo brushed the mussed hair away from Heero's face. Leaning close, he brought his lips to Heero's ear and kissed it lightly, whispering tenderly, "Thank you for not givin' up on me no matter how dense I was bein', husband-mine!"

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