Author: CalicOcat
Disclaimer: Duo and Heero and the rest of the GW gang aren't mine. This story is. Nuff said.
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************ Time passing or scene change
*~*~*~*~*~* Major POV shift

Mission: Marriage + Chapter 7

As he and Heero headed up to his - no, their - room, Duo found himself becoming increasingly nervous. Despite his realization yesterday (Was it really only yesterday? It seemed like so much more time than that had passed...) that perhaps Heero not only wasn't straight but was attracted to him, the subject hadn't actually come up again. And now they were heading off to share a room - and a bed. He was genuinely tired after (politely) battling Quatre all day over guest lists, wedding vows, banquet menus, and everything else. He didn't think he was prepared to handle tackling a discussion of Heero's sexuality and his intentions where Duo was concerned at the moment. Decision made, Duo quickly said, "I'll wash up while you figure out where they put all your stuff."

"Okay," Heero agreed.

On emerging from the bathroom a short time later, Duo muffled an only partially fake yawn before waving Heero towards the room with a casual, "It's all yours."

By the time Heero came back out, Duo was curled up on his side, pretending to be sound asleep, yet well aware that Heero was not likely to be fooled. He heard Heero come to stand by the bed and felt his gaze resting on him.

"Baka," Heero murmured softly. "You can't hide forever. But if you want to play it this way tonight, that's okay."

The bed dipped under Heero's weight as he climbed in, then Duo heard him breathe softly, "Good night, Duo." Within a few short minutes, Heero's breathing patterns had settled into those of a sound sleep, leaving Duo wishing he had that particular ability.


As Duo slowly woke, he gradually remembered the events of the previous evening. He also became aware that he was laying half on top of Heero, breathing in the musky scent that was uniquely his. Still only half awake, he traced a finger lightly over the muscled chest he was laying on. Reaching the waistband of Heero's boxers, he stopped, his imagination happily painting in an image of him hooking a finger in that waistband and pulling them down. His own boxers suddenly became a bit constricting as his body responded to that thought.

"Good morning, Duo," rumbled out of the chest below him just as he realized that his hardening cock was tightly pressed to Heero's thigh. Reddening, Duo froze in place, suddenly doubting his Heero-isn't-straight theory once again.

"Uh, Heero," he said hesitantly, "I was kinda wonderin' whether you meant the same thing with that kiss the other day as I think you meant."

"I had several meanings in mind with that kiss," Heero responded. "And one particular one in mind with this one." With that, he pulled Duo up and fully on top of him, initiating another kiss. But this time their bodies were pressed tightly together right from lips to hips, letting Duo feel Heero's arousal press against his own.

Violet eyes clouded with desire and confusion blinked down at Heero as Duo pulled back from the kiss.

"Did that answer your question?" Heero said.

Propping himself up, Duo just looked at Heero for a moment. Then, with dawning realization spreading across his face, he gasped, "So - all that stuff was on purpose?! The clothes... and the innuendoes... and..." He trailed off into speechlessness.

Heero smirked up at him, "About time you figured it out. I thought the cotton candy bit was a pretty clear statement, but you still just didn't seem to get it. That look you gave me the first day of vacation was the first sign I'd ever seen that you might be interested, but you just wouldn't pick up any of my hints that I wouldn't be adverse to..." Heero lifted his hips tighter against Duo's, grinding them together slowly and making Duo gasp, then continued, "...exploring that interest."

"Oh yeah, that sounds like it might have definite possibilities," the braided teen responded, a slow, sensual smile spreading across his face. 'Yes, yes, YES! Ooookay, Maxwell, it looks like sexual frustration is not going to be a problem after all.' "Anything in particular in mind for starters?"


"Need any help in there, Duo?" Heero called from outside the bathroom door.

"Uh, no, just have to get my hair dry," Duo called back, pausing in his careful brushing for a moment. 'Why would he even ask that? He knows I just had my hair to do after he got out of the shower...' "Go on down without me, I won't be much longer!"

"I can wait - no rush..."

"No, go on ahead, just see if you can save some of my favourites for me please! Tro tends to take all the grapes and I've noticed Wufei snags the chocolate chip muffins if he beats me down to breakfast!"

There was a brief pause, then Heero answered, "Okay." The bedroom door opened and closed again, signalling that he had left.

'Damn it, Maxwell, what'd you do that for? You just made him go face everyone on his own, and it sure isn't going to take any imagination to figure out why you two are so late for breakfast this morning,' Duo thought, looking in the mirror and ruefully surveying his own slightly-swollen lips and the very-noticeable red marks scattered liberally along his neck. Heero bore similar marks. It wasn't like they had done anything wrong - they were getting married, for heaven's sake! And all they'd really done was a lot of heavy-duty making out and a couple of blowjobs when it came right down to it. But he was finding the mental change of gears, shifting from Heero-is-my-best-friend to Heero-is-my-lover, very difficult. Maybe partially because he felt distinctly foolish now that he realized just how obvious Heero had been over the past week-and-a-bit. 'No wonder Quat practically killed himself laughing at me so many times. I can't even get mad at him about it since I did the same damn thing when he and Tro were runnin' around angsting over each other.'

Suddenly feeling distinctly guilty at having abandoned Heero, Duo decided that as long as his hair wasn't actually dripping, it was dry enough to braid. He quickly plaited it and headed down for breakfast.

Coming into the breakfast room, Duo decided that there was something definitely wrong here. For some reason, just as he entered, Heero had slid his chair almost completely away from the table. Heero's legs were wrapped around the chair's legs and tucked underneath it. Noticing that Relena was sitting directly across from Heero, he put two and two together and came up with a four that left him distinctly pissed off at Her Pushy Pinkness. 'Shinigami doesn't get mad - he gets even,' he decided, allowing a distinctly evil smirk to develop.

"Good mornin' guys!" he called cheerfully, quickly crossing the room to stand behind Heero's chair. "Mornin', lover," he purred, leaning over Heero's shoulder and snitching a strip of bacon off his plate. Glancing down the table, he noticed that the only available places were on either side of Relena. 'Well, that just won't do at all,' he thought. "Keep your feet up," Duo whispered in Heero's ear as he straightened, then with one quick motion and a nerve-shattering screech of chair legs on the floor, he hauled the chair, Heero and all, around to sit sideways to the table and deposited himself straddling his fiancÚ's thighs. Stealing a quick glance at Heero's expression, he was relieved to find mischievous delight sparkling in his cobalt eyes. Reaching out, Duo snagged a cluster of grapes off Heero's plate, eating one himself before saying, "Hmm, better not eat all this myself - you're gonna need to keep your strength up, too." He pulled another grape off the cluster with his teeth, then leaned forward and transferred it to Heero's willing mouth with a deep kiss. "Mmm, yumm..." Duo said, licking his lips appreciatively as he drew back again, ignoring the assorted snickers, snorts, gasps, and shrieks that his outrageous behaviour was causing.

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