Author: CalicOcat
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************ Time passing or scene change
*~*~*~*~*~* Major POV shift

Mission: Marriage + Chapter 9

Unsure how much Relena's tirade would affect Duo, Heero had tightened his arms around him as soon as she started to shout. He held on through Quatre's banishment of Relena and Dorothy's acceptance of the invitation to stay, worrying. 'If that bitch upset him, she can kiss her political career good-bye. Peace isn't quite that fragile anymore. And frankly, if it really depends on someone like her, we're already in big trouble.' Duo had dropped his head into the crook of Heero's neck part way through Relena's outburst and within the last few moments, his shoulders had started to shake. 'Fuck. He'd better not be crying or she's going to be one very, very sorry girl. Hmm, this business of making Une keep me stationed as her bodyguard is essentially blackmail, and I do believe I just might be able to find some security footage of one of those conversations... And if I can't, I'm sure I can make some from some other tapes... And I'm sure Q's security tapes will have that little incident of her sneaking into my room in her slip and Duo chasing her out... Wonder what else I can dig up that the media would find interesting...'

"Duo?" he asked worriedly.

"'Mokay, Heero," Duo gasped, lifting his head. Abruptly it became clear that the shaking shoulders were from an attempt to suppress laughter, not tears. "Oh man, she's got a lot to learn about the fine art of insulting someone!" he snickered. "Common? If there's one thing Tro & I aren't, it's common! I mean, come on, we're two of an elite group of five Gundam pilots! Nothing common about that! And oh yes, we mustn't forget my 'revolting habits' that I've 'perverted' you with! Aren't you revolted by that 'disgusting thing' I did, Heero?"

Relieved at Duo's reaction to Relena's insults, Heero gave Duo a smirk and replied, "No, I guess you've 'perverted' me beyond redemption. Darn. Guess we're going to just have to keep on shocking and appalling her." Reaching over, he snagged another melon ball off his plate and offered it to Duo. "I do believe that it was your turn to feed me again."

"Mmm, I'd be glad to," Duo answered with a lecherous grin, "but I think we'd better take breakfast back upstairs to finish it. That much of an exhibitionist, I'm not."

Seeing Duo point to the small pitcher of syrup that accompanied the French toast, Heero agreed. "What are you waiting for then? Let's go!"


Wondering just what the hell Relena Peacecraft could have done to make Quatre Winner of all people banish her from his house, Une disconnected the call. 'I have a distinct feeling that we're going to be needing those contingency plans. Obviously something rather nasty took place between our dear, sweet Vice Foreign Minister and the former Gundam pilots.'

Preparing to call the number that Dorothy had referred her to, Une paused for a moment to consider that little tidbit. Dorothy Catalonia had a habit of landing on her feet. If she was still at the Winner estate while Relena was not, Relena's political career was probably headed for trouble, if only because it was Dorothy that researched all the politicians and let Relena know exactly who each one was and how to handle them. 'At times, Dorothy has been the only thing keeping that "Sanc royalty" attitude of Relena's in check. Without that moderating influence, she's going to be insulting people all over the place.'

Abruptly changing her mind about calling Relena just yet, Une started digging through the piles of paper on her desk, looking for a particular press release. 'She's always had the full support of the Spacers' Association and all the lobbying power it wields, but if I remember correctly, the new spokesman for the Spacers' Association is one person that she actually has insulted previously. And also someone with a very strong appreciation of the Gundam pilots. I think I just found another ally in the war to keep the Preventers' budget intact,' she thought, smiling slightly as she read through the press release in question. Quickly, she punched a call code into the phone, making sure to choose the secure line.

"Hello. It's Lady Une. Could I speak to Howard please."


Several days had passed peacefully since Relena's banishment from the Winner estate. Heero, however, was starting to get concerned. Lady Une and Sally Po still had not arrived at Quatre's, nor had either of them contacted him. 'I wonder what went wrong. I thought for sure that having sabotage and demolitions training on her palace grounds would be enough to make Relena let me go. We've never actually discussed what happens if she doesn't...'

Curled together in a contented tangle of limbs and sheets, Heero hated to spoil the relaxed mood but he really needed to know if his hold on Duo was sufficient to pull him away from the life he seemed content with to return to Earth and a probably much less pleasant one at the palace.

"Duo?" he asked softly.


"What if she doesn't let me go?"

Duo raised himself into a semi-sitting position and leaned over Heero, looking down at him with a slight frown. "What kinda question is that?"

"What if Relena doesn't let Une transfer me? What if she insists on me staying at the palace even though we're married?"

"I repeat, what kinda question is that?" Duo scowled down at Heero, "You'd better not be suggestin' that I'd chicken out on you and not go with you, buddy-boy."

Heero couldn't prevent a look of relief from spreading across his face.

"You did think that! Heero no baka!" Duo yanked the pillow out from under Heero's head and swatted him with it. "Partners, remember?!" Swat. "You" Swat. "Watch my back" Swat. "And I " Swat. "Watch yours!! " Swat.

Grabbing Duo's pillow, Heero started swatting back. Moments later, a full-fledged pillow fight was in progress. By the time it ended, both pillowcases were virtually empty and the room was adrift in fluffy white feathers.

"Quat's gonna flip," Duo observed, looking around at the mess. "It's gonna take hours for somebody to clean this up. Oh well, I'll just tell him it's all your fault."

Heero raised one eyebrow in disbelief, then brushed distractedly at where a feather hung down from his bangs. "All MY fault? Who threw the first - err - swat? "

"Oh no you don't. I'm not takin' the fall for this. I wouldn't have swatted you if you hadn't been such a complete baka. Besides, I won the pillow fight. I still have feathers left." Duo proudly reached through one of the rips in his pillowcase and pulled out a couple of spindly feathers.

"Oh really? You won the pillow fight?" Heero said, getting a mischievous look on his face. "Well, I happen to have a feather or two left myself. And I intend to put them to good use!"

With that, he pounced on Duo, feather in hand, and started tickling him.

"Hey, no fair! You're not even ticklish!" wailed Duo, collapsing in a heap of helpless giggles.

'Okay, maybe Relena won't let me go too easily. But I have a feeling that after a few weeks of Duo and I living in her palace together, she'll be begging us to leave!' Heero thought, following his ticklish companion down to the floor.

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