Author: Dacia

Duoman: Ships in the Night + Epilogue


"Your background is quite impressive." Pages flipped as graceful fingers moved through them quickly yet efficiently. "One wonders why one hasn't heard of you before."

Acting as if that very background had not been meticulously created out of thin air mere hours before, Duo grinned. Actually, he had been grinning since he had set foot through the door, but at these words his smile grew wider. The officer behind what was a truly imposing desk found his happy-go-lucky demeanor rather a relief. Why so many of the other agents had to be so god-darned serious all the time was still a mystery.

"Domo arigato. I do my best. And it's about time I got noticed for it."

"Indeed." Lieutenant Une laid the transfer paperwork aside. [25] "Everything seems to be in order here. The only thing left to do is introduce you to your partner."

"Can't wait to meet him."

Une laughed. It wasn't something she did often, but it seemed natural and right nonetheless. "You might want to reserve your judgment on that one. Agent Yuy has a reputation for going through partners. He can be a bit... standoffish."

"Oh, I don't know, Une sama. I'm a pretty likable guy. I'm sure we'll hit it off."

Une spared him a glance that seemed to say, more than anything, 'hey, it's your funeral', before buzzing her assistant. "Noin, could you send Agent Yuy in?" [26]

"He's on his way."

Turning her attention back to Duo, she fixed him with an appraising look. "With your addition to the force I'll be able to give Yuy more field work. That ought to make him happy enough to not chew your head off too quickly."

//Still, that smile. Can anything faze it?//

A knock at the door sounded, seemingly in answer to her silent question.

//I guess I'll know soon enough//

"Yuy," said Une, not without a twinge of apprehension. "Meet your new partner."

She watched as Duo stood and approached her least sociable agent. The corners of Yuy's mouth were twitching and, for a moment, Une feared there might be bloodshed. //And on my new carpet, too.// To her utter astonishment, the twitching resolved itself into... a smile?

"Dozo yoroshiku."

He held out a hand which Duo took almost gently.


And was Heero Yuy... blushing?

Duo turned back to Une who closed her open mouth with an audible snap.

"Thanks for the welcome, Lieutenant Une. I'm sure Agent Yuy can fill me in on anything I need."

It was only after the two had left her alone in her office that she realized Heero had never let go of Duo's hand.


[25] Were you expecting someone else?
[26] Ditto. ^_^ These female gw characters have to be good for *something* <laugh>

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