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these are not, repeat not, full doujinshi scans basically because it's illegal, not to mention unfair to the original artist. instead, I'm taking a leaf from Zillah san's brilliance and merely giving a peek at the art work. I've actually found this very helpful when I've been buying dj's -- it helps immensely to know that these things look like on the inside (funny, that) -- which is why I'm doing it myself.
-- Dacia ^_~

onegai shimasu -- do not take any of my scans. It's not as if I could stop you, but I'm gonna go ahead and trust that you're a decent human being. ^_^ plus the fact that if I find out you have, I'll hunt you down and kill you. and you think I'm kidding...

non-standard disclaimer: this, quite obviously, is not my artwork. duh. ^_^ if any of the artists whose work is found here happens to come across this page and takes umbrage with my use of their work, just e-mail me and I'll take your work down immediately. this is not meant as an infringement of your rights. I'm merely sharing a bit of the joy so everyone will go out and buy these gorgeous things for themselves. ^_^

for most of these, I list the size as B5 ( 7 1/4" x 10 1/8" )

these dj's are NOT FOR SALE. let's face it, I'm holding on to these babies. if you're looking to buy dj's, check out my doujinshi / image links page for places you can try...

just click on the thumbnails... [ = my personal favourites... ]

ummm... I think I'm done rambling now. yes, definitely done. ^_~

dj's by pairing:
1x2x1 [65]
misc: 2x4 [5], 3x4 [11], 1x3 [4], 1x4 [4],
6x13 [1], misc. [2]

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