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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

circle: Nattsu
artist: Natsuo Kume
title: Koisuru Wakusei
pairing: 2x1
size: B5
length: 36
publication date: 3/98
content: yaoi
note: I love Nattsu. Even mention that I love Nattsu? Want to know why? The way she draws the characters is obviously a a part of it. Those short jackets are swoon-worthy and Duo always looks sooooo good. ^_~ But the main reason is her stories, even untranslated, are so sweet....
summary: Yes, there is a story, but the 2 OMC's make it danged hard for me to figure out what is is... I can tell a few things -- they are on vacation, as a couple, and are very much in love. Awww.... Heero really is beautiful when he smiles...