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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

circle / artist: 25ANS
title: Love Phantom 3
pairing: 1x2
size: B5
length: 94
publication date: 5/99
content: yaoi, action
notes: this dj has the best lemon scene I've found yet. Nothing really graphic (i.e. no man bits ^_~), but it's so beautiful... plus there's actually a cool story that I'm sure would just have me riveted if I could actually decipher kanji. -_- now, if I could only get my grubby little hands on the first two...
summary: (taken from the happy hentai home...*shrug* at least it's better than what I could do ^_^ ) "Heero finally spot the location of Duo. Duo is going to shoot Relena. Heero comes into the room. There is another man in the room. The man tries shooting Heero. Duo kills the man. Duo is wondering why Heero does not kill Duo. Heero tells that he come here not to kill Duo or rescue Relena. He is here because he wants to ask whether Duo loves Heero. Duo is very happy. He starts weeping and says that he always love Heero very much! Heero and Duo go to see Albert. He is still in the huge house even though he fail to assassinate Relena. Many soldiers will be sent soon to arrest him. He is still a very important person like father for Duo (Even though he had sex with Duo). This is the first time for Albert to see grown up Heero. He sees Mr. Heero (Politician) in young Heero. Heero tells that he is genetically produced from Mr. Heero's gene. Albert cannot believe that Heero takes his loved one from him again. They realizes that Albert is a great politician, so they help him to run away from the soldiers. They escape from the soldiers successfully. Few days later, Heero and Duo watch news that Albert tried assassinate a bad politician. Albert failed to kill the bad politician; in addition, he was killed. Duo and Heero visit Albert's house again. Albert is the like a father for duo, so Duo wants to keep a picture of him. He finds a picture. There are politician Heero, Maria and young Albert. Duo wonders that Heero may be look like Mr. Heero on the picture when he gets older."