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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

circle: Nattsu
artist: Natsuo Kume
title: Moon Child, Act 6 (of 8)
pairing: 3x1, ref. to past 2x1
size: B5
length: 78, 10 of those of her cat
-- it's Nattsu... you get used to it... ^_^
publication date: 3/96
content: yaoi, canon
notes: the cover actually looks a lot nicer than that
-- the title is iridescent, so it shows up black when I scan...
summary: takes off where Trowa is discovered at the circus, minus his memory, and goes through when all the g-boys are reunited on Peacemillion (episodes 38-43)