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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

circle: Nattsu / osaka-no-emichan
artists: Natsuo Kume and Emiko Yamamoto
title: Ganbare Duo ~ Hosoude - Hanjouki ~ (Stick to it, Duo! ~ Success Story)
pairing: 2x1
size: B5
length: 46
publication date: 12/96
content: yaoi
notes: hey, it's nattsu. there isn't really need for another reason. ^_~
summary: from what I remember from... somewhere... Duo makes Heero watch a porn movie (wouldn't you? ^_~) and, when Duo gets all *ahem* hot to trot, he *ahem* goes down on Heero who *ahem* reciprocates, much to Duo's shock. as in all Nattsu's dj's, there aren't any man bits, so some of this is inferred. maybe the text makes it all more explicit? I have a feeling it does. *grin*