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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

artist / circle: La Carta
title: Rush
pairing: 2+1
size: B5
length: 48
publication date: 1/96
content: shounen ai
notes: I had so much trouble picking which pages of this to scan that I literally could have put them all up. And the funny thing is that it wasn't so much the art that caused this reaction (although... well, geez... look *swoon*) as it was the story, which is almost unbearably cute. Even the glaring fact that I know not a smidgen of kanji could stop me from knowing exactly what's going on. Duo is, putting it plainly, hot for Heero. Heero, while liking Duo well enough, appears oblivious to Duo's growing attraction. This will simply not do. ^_~ Duo, never one to give up easily, comes up with a plan. He takes Heero out on the town, devising all sorts of romantic situations... every one of which either fails of backfires. At the end of the night, Duo's frustration has reached its limit. As Heero showers after they check into a hotel, his lemon-y fantasies fire him up to such an extent that he decides to force the issue. But as he storms into the bedroom, having taken a shower himself, the sight of Heero lying so peacefully and innocently asleep sucks all the wind out of his sails. Resigning himself to yet another night sans sex, he cuddles next to Heero and, as they both fall asleep, Heero's fingers clutch tightly to a strand of Duo's hair. *pause* Awwwwww!! *'nother pause* Of course, I could also be completely wrong about all of this. Ha!
'nother note: bought at y-con 2003