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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

circle: Sango Show
artist: Sango Hitodi
title: Around the Secret
pairing: 2x1
size: B5
length: 50
publication date: 12/96
content: hard yaoi / shounen ai
summary: 2 stories -->
[1] AU --> Duo is in hospital, poor baby, although I spose we really have no need to pity him since, look! Heero is his nurse! In a skirt, no less! Hubba, hubba! *ahem* Can you say 'TLC'? With Trowa as a doctor and Quatre as a nurse, as well, who wouldn't want to be sick... ^_~
[2] This also includes a very short, humourous, canon story where Duo visits Heero in hospital (but no skirt for him... ) only to find that Relena has been there before him. A... disagreement ensues, causing Relena to walk in on them in a rather compromising position...