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circle: Atumianikees
Aniki Atumi
: Blue File 07 - Anthorogy Remix Vol 3 Operation Endless Waltz (and yes - that's an 'r' in place of an 'L')
pairing: Small, sweet 1xR in 3rd story - *maybe* some shounen ai in story 1 - the other stories, no pairing I can see.
size: B5
length: 44 pages, all art plus 2 pages of what might be dj stationary - heavy duty green paper featuring the front cover and back cover.
publication date: 98
suzume san's notes: Looks like 5 stories -
the first features Heero, Duo, Relena and Mariemaia. It looks sort of like a 'behind the scenes' story for endless waltz. Duo's rather pissed at Heero.
2nd story - very short. Duo and Heero are in space, and Duo looks like he's going into some kind of rant with little chibi demon Duos flying around him.
3rd story - is very cute and features the 1xR. The 5 pilots, Relena and Dorothy are at the beach. The boys look rather startled by Dorothy in her swimsuit *snicker*. It appears they all set Heero and Relena up and then spy on them by hiding behind a reef. At the end, they're all sitting around really sunburned.
4th story - Very short, features Duo, Heero, Quatre, Zechs and Relena. Don't know what's going on.
5th story - Features all the pilots, Relena and Une. Don't know what's going on here, either, though there's one pic that looks like Heero's stalking Relena.