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circle: Hexagram
artist: Sakuya:Shuho + Kazui:Yukiji
title: Hexagram 3
pairing: 2x1
size: B5
length: 62 pages, 5 are all text
publication date: 95
content: yaoi
suzume san's notes: seems to be yaoi 2x1, tho the scene I'm basing it on is questionable. I can't really tell if Duo's hugging Heero or giving him a blowjob :-p.There's a story in here where Heero's a neko, it features the other pilots and ozzies as well and has them chibi-fied and dressed in animal outfits. There's another where Duo's masturbating while wearing Heero's undies on his head O_o'. Doesn't show anything, though, Duo's back is turned away. Erk. Definitely 2x1, found a better pic... Crossdressing in one story