WARNING: these images could be considered a tad disturbing. beware high cringe factor... see suzume san's notes below before you do any random clicking...

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circle: Hyper Meke Meke Group (HMMG-W)
artist: Showhey Yushima
title: Kerberos 2
pairing: 2x1, OCx1(maybe?)
size: B5
length: 105 pages, 3 all text
publication date: 9/97
content: yaoi
suzume san's notes: Alright, this is the dj that pissed me off. The art is downright ugly and in no way looks like the gundam boys. Very hard, disturbing yaoi, 2x1 and I think OCx1 (hard to tell, being the boys don't look like themselves.) I'm sending more scans than normal to clearly show what this dj is. Near as I can tell...
image #1 is supposed to be Duo :-p (he has no braid in this DJ)
image #2 is Heero and Duo, I believe. Don't ask me what the top critter is, they're throughout the DJ
image #4 is Duo screwing Heero. Something stabs him and his skin peels away to show the monster.
image #5 Heero with his limbs wacked off.
Image #6.jpg someone screwing Heero with his limbs wacked off (disgusting)
image #7.jpg best guess - Heero and Duo (with glasses!)
image #8.jpg I just now noticed the sign behind Duo in this....