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note: don't mind the dark edges on some of these scans -- it's cuz I wasn't about to press the dj's flat...

circle: Nattsu
artist: Natsuo Kume
title: Wow Wow
pairing: 2x1, 3x1
size: A4 --> 8 1/4" x 11 3/4"
length: 56
publication date: 11/95
content: yaoi
summary: *sigh* I really can't even begin to describe the first 24 pages, which is an assemblage of cute as hell gags and short stories, without writing a vast, novel-like treatise of my guesswork. *grimace* But the last half of the dj, I can do. ^_^ It's a sweet shounen ai 2+1, where they are undercover at school (natch). Heero finds a homeless kitten which he takes in and which, inevitably, brings he and Duo closer together.

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