a little piece of
gundam wing 1x2x1 doujinshi

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by circle...



atumianikees bykuu special

[scans donated by suzume] [scans donated by suzume] [scans donated by suzume]

bykuu special (cont)

colors club jr. degital papa

(degital papa cont)

ekuusu figaro house finder-w hexagram  
[scans donated by suzume]

hyper meke meke group (HMMG-W) la carta magnum 55 melt down
[scans donated by suzume]  


as far as I can tell, 'Moon Child, Act 1' through
'Garasu no Tsuki,
Act 2'
are all set in the same storyarc... but that's just a guess.

pink square sango show   versus vespa


by artist -- cuz this whole circle thing is confusing as heck ^_^ ...

yui aoshima motoy ohinata

-- translating kanji is not my strongpoint -- gomen

[scans donated by suzume]