Author: Elyndys
Pairing: 1+2+1/1x2x1; reference to past 1xR, R+1.
Disclaimer: If I owned GW, I would be happy. I am happy. But to draw the conclusion that I own GW from those statements would be to affirm the consequent, and would therefore be an invalid argument. See?
Warnings: Part 24 has a 1x2 lemon warning. For all other warnings, see individual parts.

Escaping + Part 24

It made a change, Heero reflected, to be meeting someone other than Duo for lunch.

"Quatre." They shook hands as last night, and Heero smiled as he sat down at the table.

"Heero, I'm glad you suggested meeting again; it's been too long since we could catch up."

Heero knew that it was. Why had he left it so long? He remembered, as if it had been someone else's decision, all the duties he had had... but that person was no longer someone Heero could understand. "I know. I should have come back to space."

Quatre smiled, shaking his head. "Never mind, it's good to see you. It's good to work with you again."

Heero smiled thinly. Yes, it was good to have Quatre's help, but was it too late? "What you said last night... Anyone could be in danger, you said... What did you mean?"

Quatre closed his eyes a moment. "I meant just what I said. We don't know what they're thinking; a group like that could be looking for political targets, or symbolic ones... or maybe even... civilian ones... "

Heero's hand tightened into a fist on the tabletop. Political targets... Relena... Duo. Duo. "I don't think it's likely they'll go for civilians. After all, it's the government of Earth they have their grievance with." He paused a minute, eyes narrowed; when he spoke again, his voice was soft. "But political targets... "

Quatre looked at him, understanding in his expression. "You're worried about Relena, aren't you."

Heero looked at him. "... Yeah."

Quatre continued, his voice quieter. "And Duo, too."

Heero paused for longer this time, and when he spoke his voice was low. "Yeah."

They were silent for several moments, before Quatre spoke again. "Duo told me about you two."

Heero knew he would have; and he was glad he could be honest in front of Quatre about it. "Trowa thinks it's tantamount to treachery."

Quatre smiled wryly. "I could see that last night. But if it's any consolation... I think he's wrong."

Heero met his gaze, waiting for him to continue.

"Duo's in love with you. He'll do his best to help you."

"I know. But Trowa has no reason to believe that. And for that matter, neither have our superior officers. I showed the DCI the papers you gave me yesterday, but it was only enough to keep him from calling us off the case altogether. He thinks now the summit is over and nothing has happened, that we were worried for nothing." Heero smiled grimly. "He thinks there are more important crimes to be solved. But I'd rather solve this one before it's even committed." Because it'd be me who would have to sort it out when it is. "As it is, he's just waiting for something even vaguely big to happen so he can make us do some real police work not this Preventers' business."

"You ought to think about going back to Preventers, Heero."

Heero hadn't seriously entertained the idea since he had quit all those years ago... but soon, there'd be no barrier to him doing just that. He smiled a little. "I might."

Quatre continued, and Heero filed that little hopeful glint away for later, to share with Duo. "Duo told me Preventers have been involved briefly before, but they can't really do anything either... "

"They're in the same situation as us. No-one is willing to spend the time on something so indefinite. But if the DCI isn't willing to listen to us I'm going to take it to them. And if they won't help... I'll do it myself."

Quatre smiled broadly. "Well, you know you can count on Duo's and my help. Do what your bosses tell you. You may be going to quit soon, but don't lose your job."

Heero held his tongue at that. He'd never been afraid of reprimand in the past; but now this was important. If he wasn't there, there was even less chance of the case being solved. If he got the sack, Relena would have to know the truth about the threat; that would upset her, and he couldn't do that. Besides the fact that that would mean he couldn't leave... No. He'd pushed it dangerously far up till now; Heero realised, reluctantly, he'd better cool it. It would be easier now Quatre was here as well.

"I'll be careful," he said, and meant it.


When he got home that evening, Duo was waiting. He kissed Heero hungrily in the hallway; Heero was belatedly relieved there were none of the staff around.

"God, I've been thinking about you all day." Duo took Heero's face in his hands, pressing his body against Heero's and continuing to kiss him Heero responded eagerly, despite the wariness he felt.

"Come on." He took Duo's arm and led him upstairs to Duo's room, prompting no protest.

Duo grinned and locked the door, turning back to Heero and resuming their kiss. Heero dimly realised he had no idea when Relena would be back; but he couldn't bring himself to care now. Somehow a dam had broken in his mind; after holding back so much for so long, now nothing could stop this.

Duo was manoeuvring them slowly towards the bed. "I've been waiting to do this since you left this morning... " he undid Heero's tie hurriedly and dropped it to the floor, quickly giving his suit jacket the same treatment. "Seeing you in your work clothes, you look so sexy... I couldn't wait to strip them off you." His hands were at Heero's shirt buttons. There was an urgency between them that hadn't been there last time; Heero felt it too. His own hands fumbled for Duo's shirt, and he heard Duo take a sharp breath at Heero's enthusiasm. He hastened his movements, pulling Heero's shirt off and taking the moment to step back and admire Heero.

He shook his head, grinning, his fingers trailing over Heero's body. "Man, I don't think I could get tired of that."

Heero pulled him back for another kiss, and they tried to negotiate each other's belt buckles and buttons, and zips as quickly and efficiently as possible. Naked, Duo broke away again, expression sultry, hand on Heero's hip and pulling him down on top of him on the bed. "You wanna try it the other way round this time?"

Heero didn't even consider saying no; he was happy to be with Duo any way he could. He grinned, kissing Duo's neck enthusiastically, nuzzling his cheek against the warm skin.

"I'll take that as a yes." Duo chuckled, turning his head on the pillow so Heero could explore further. He moaned as Heero reached the juncture between neck and shoulder; Heero concentrated his efforts there, mouthing over Duo's collarbone and licking at his neck, gratified by Duo's responsiveness. Curious to find more of Duo's sensitive spots, he slid a hand lightly over his side, fingertips brushing the skin and causing a gasped exclamation. Bold now, Heero's other hand caressed Duo's hip as he rocked against his lover, almost surprised by the force of the sensation that flooded him, and by how much Duo's moans and gasps affected him.

"Top drawer of the nightstand," he heard Duo pant, and withdrew as quickly as he could, returning to his position and Duo's warmth gratefully.

"Let me do it." Duo grinned slyly, sitting up a little. Heero let Duo put the condom on him, hissing softly as Duo stroked lube over him before kneeling up. "It's a bit more fun that way." He kissed Heero softly on the mouth before smiling and lying down again.

Heero moved slowly, holding himself over his lover on one hand, taking in again the details of Duo's eyes, mouth, hair.

Duo smiled reassuringly. "Give me your hand." He clasped it with his own, slicking it and sliding it between his thighs. Heero enjoyed the intimacy, pressed against Duo's skin and encouraged by his hand. "It's been a while since I did this... " one finger pressed inside; "I want to make the most of it."

Heero took his time, watching Duo's reactions, learning what touches made him moan and press Heero's hand harder. He kissed open-mouthed at Duos chest and neck, suddenly realising the urgency and need building in him with each moment of waiting. He understood how Duo had meant this, making the most of it...

"OK." Duo was whispering, a little breathless. "Come on now... " He let Heero's hand go, and Heero felt a dizzying rush of arousal as he positioned himself and slowly pressed forwards.

It felt oddly secure, protected, Duo's grip on his upper arms and the tight warmth of his body... Heero felt that sense of completeness again, that intimacy of his body pressed as close as possible to Duo's... He rested his forehead against Duo's shoulder, concentrating. He felt Duo stroking his arms, shoulder, back, felt kissed dropped in his hair; he smiled with just the happiness he felt, and made a shallow movement of his hips.

"Yeah, that's right... " Duo's whispers in his ear spurred him on, and he couldn't help but move faster, trying to get deeper... Duo moaned and moved his hips in response; Heero felt hot with pride, and tried harder, wanting to make Duo feel the way he had felt last time...

"That's good, yeah... "

Heero felt Duo's hands clutch at him, trying to pull him further, deeper inside; Heero complied eagerly, giving in to the need to thrust harder. Already he could feel his body being overcome with it all; he knew he couldn't last much longer, but the sensation was too powerful to resist. The way Duo moaned beneath him, holding him tightly; the way his body felt against Heero's own. Heero couldn't hold back, and he felt himself climax, his body going rigid against Duo's and shuddering in pleasure.

It was a long moment before he was reoriented enough to acknowledge Duo's touch on his back; felt him still aroused between them.

He held Duo to him, lying still. "Sorry."

He felt Duo stroke his back, and was reassured by his tone when he spoke in his ear. "It's OK, Heero. There's other things we can do... " He found Heero's mouth in a hot kiss and shifted under him; Heero got the idea and rolled off Duo to lie by his side on the bed.

"Give me your hand."

Heero did so, watching as Duo took it and put it to his arousal; Duo was hot under his hand, and Heero let himself be directed, starting to stroke firmly.

Duo withdrew his own hand, eyes closed. "That feels good."

Heero kissed his neck, and Duo moaned. Heero grew less tentative, bringing down his other hand and brushing it over the tip of Duo's erection. Duo arched under his hands, and Heero couldn't stop his smile.

Heero did it again, pleased at Duo's responsiveness. Duo clutched at him. "Jesus, Heero, it's not going to take long... "

Heero speeded up his movements a little still kissing at Duo's neck and shoulder until he felt Duo's hands on his face, pulling him up so their mouths met. Duo panted into the kiss, and Heero felt him stiffen further in his hand... He smiled with pride at Duo's exclamations, and held his still-shaking body in his arms.

Still breathing heavily, Duo chuckled. "Ohh yes. I needed that."

Heero found himself grinning as well. "... Thank you."

Duo looked at him, smiling, half-puzzled. "For what?"

Heero kissed him, with strange, unaccustomed words running through his mind; but he felt he had to speak the truth. For helping me. For believing in me. For sticking with me.

For loving me.


Duo smiled with a joyful tenderness that made Heero kiss him again before he could speak. But after, still smiling: "My pleasure."

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