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Warnings: Well, if the title doesn't give you a clue... lemon, PWP... ^_~
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by Elyndys

Kink Week + Prologue

We were early this morning. That would surprise some people, because me and Heero are never early. Not together, anyway. We usually contrive to be exactly on time: that gives us the maximum amount pf time to spend on other, more exciting, matters, with the minimum amount of yelling when we get to work.

I think I'm very disciplined. I know a lot of people in my position would be loathe to even get out of bed at all ie, if Heero was in there with them. But he wouldn't be, because he's with me. Which fact makes me very smug indeed. Smug and satisfied. And, often, quite tired too; but, nevertheless, we still managed to be here before anyone else this morning, which surprises me, considering. Considering, this last week...

I feel a smile spread across my face at the recollection. This last week has been... an experience. I can feel myself getting aroused just thinking about it, right here in the main meeting room at Preventer HQ. Ah, but that's the idea, isn't it? A public place...

... kinky.

I grin to myself. People are coming into the room now, completely unaware of my little thoughts. I think it'll be a while before I stop seeing the... possibilities in everything, and everywhere. It all began, funnily enough, six days ago...

Part 1: Saturday

Heero had been away, as he was quite often. It suited him up to a point he'd never been much of a person for staying in one place for any length of time. But it didn't suit me too well. He'd only been away a few days, but, naturally enough, I'd... missed him. Graphically, and sometimes in full Technicolor in my dreams. I was feeling a little... lonely. OK, scratch lonely. I was feeling horny and Heero wasn't there to share the experience.

Soooo... there was only one thing to do. I snuck up to our room, being stealthy even though there was no-one around to see, and hunted in my bottom drawer for my secret collection. I had a number of discs now, mostly with simple titles like "Asian Boys" or "In the Army", but I had a recent addition that I hadn't had a chance to watch yet. Heero knew about my little collection; as most of it was for largely humorous purposes and usually I shared it with him anyway. Besides, he had his own, though fewer than mine, with such delightful titles as "The American Way" [1]. He didn't, however, know about this one. This was my naughty secret.

I got my laptop out of the drawer and set it up on the bed, taking the disc out of its box and putting it in when everything was ready. I had shed my clothes as the system was booting, and now knelt up before the screen, looking down at myself. I couldn't help but laugh; Heero wasn't even there and he still had such an effect on me. Well, that and thinking about what I was about to watch...

I grinned as I opened the video file. I hadn't had a chance to edit it, but I was sure that would just add to the... atmosphere. I shivered a little in excitement as I saw two very familiar figures on the screen, in a very familiar room. They kissed, and it was so sensual I could almost feel my lips tingling in memory...

Yeah, so I like watching. I also liked being watched.

That was why I had set up the secret camera in our room; the knowledge that we were being filmed turned me on unbelievably. The bluey I was watching was some incredibly good sex from my own life, which just made it all the more exciting. I could remember every touch even as I watched them onscreen. Before I watched them, even; I was fully hard, and tingling with anticipation, and the figures on the screen hadn't even taken their jackets off yet.

I remembered the day well; we'd been teasing each other all day at work, brushing up against each other unnecessarily, just bending over that bit more exaggeratedly to pick up that accidentally- dropped pen... By the time we got home I was ready to pounce on Heero and pin him to any available surface to have my way with him. We made it to the bedroom... and I saw the perfect opportunity to carry out this little fantasy, starting the recording with a cleverly- disguised device near the light switch.

Now video-me was unfastening video-Heero's shirt... I had a perfect view of that perfectly-toned musculature; not to mention my own tongue caressing one of those nipples. I moaned at the expression on Heero's face; of course, these were the things I missed during the act itself, and this was one of the reasons I set this little experiment up in the first place. To watch Heero, his reactions, his gorgeous body, over and over again, using the pause button if necessary.

Video-me had worked lower now, undoing video-Heero's belt and fly... My eyes widened as I watched Heero's face as I took him into my mouth; the image was irresistible and I began to stroke myself, slowly but firmly. I knew I wouldn't be able to last long, but hey, I could enjoy the show before and after, so to speak.

I panted, trying not to give in to the urge to just bring myself off as quickly as possible; I did want to savour this for at least a little while longer. Heero was beautiful on the screen, eyes shut, flushed, his hands in my hair... I imagined the feeling of him in my mouth, remembered his taste... I moaned again at the vividness of my thoughts; I was almost disappointed when video-me pulled away, grinning. I smiled a little at Heero's glare, but I always did find that look sexy... Video-me had other plans, though, and I watched myself get up again and kiss Heero, with lots of tongue on view for the benefit of future-me, watching. I appreciated the thought, and I appreciated even more the sight of myself finally removing Heero's shirt and jacket fully, exposing all that perfection just for me. I mean, sure, it might turn me on to think about anyone watching us... but in reality, I want Heero to remain under wraps to everyone except me.

I watched, rapt, as Heero took off my own shirt, rather aggressively I thought now as I saw it from another angle, but that was even better: I love impatient sex, where neither of us can wait to get the other naked and, if not begging, then certainly writhing. God, Heero was a natural for these movies! Sexy, enthusiastic, gorgeous... not to mention well-endowed... I realised my stroking had unconsciously sped up, and I forced myself to slow down, knowing I'd appreciate it even more if I made myself wait a little longer. I groaned in frustration as video-me and Heero fell onto the bed, me still wearing my trousers, though the fly was undone by now: Heero's hand was teasing me, stroking slowly like I was doing to myself now, and I remembered it so clearly it felt like it was him now.

Unlike me now, though, video-me had a choice, and I saw myself stop Heero's hand, for reasons, I remembered, similar to those I had now... Heero was just too good! My plan had worked too well! Though I had to admit, watching myself being pleasured by Heero was erotic beyond belief.

Video-me was finally naked, after much fumbling and groping, and I hissed in pleasure at the scene: us, tangled together, kissing and petting, sweat-sheened... Heero was suckling at a spot on my neck I still had the mark as I blindly reached for the lube on the bedside table. In the course of our playing I'd ended up on top, and now I paused, looking down at Heero as he smirked back...

My hand sped up again as I saw video-me prepare Heero and myself, and as I watched myself enter him, I moaned Heero's name, totally absorbed in the action. Oh, god, I was getting close now, and this time I wasn't going to stop... God, how I wished Heero were here right now!

"What are you watching? It must be good."

"Heero!" I must've jumped half a metre off the bed. He was standing beside me, wearing the dirtiest smirk I'd ever seen, and clearly highly... amused. I stuttered, brain out of gear, without a clue as to how to explain myself. "Errr... "

Heero slid easily onto the bed behind me, wrapping his arms round my waist. I could feel now that he was more than just amused, he was highly something else as well and I shifted against him; though my arousal had never faded despite my shock, it was now my sole focus once more. Especially when Heero put his hand on my cock, squeezing just slightly and stroking me, just once, firm and slow.

"They" he gestured at the screen "look like us." His voice was low in my ear and I panted a little, helplessly wanting more of his touch. I nodded at his statement, not able to explain myself in words even if I'd had an explanation.

"You mean to say... you filmed us without even telling me?" He continued to fondle me, stroking slowly, his other hand trailing down to massage my balls briefly before slipping further...

I writhed, desperate with frustration and need. "Ye-es... "

He chuckled. I would've glared at him, but I could barely open my eyes.

"When was I going to find out? When I stumbled across the video on the internet?" He gave me a slight squeeze and I gasped. "Does that turn you on, Duo? The thought of lots of people watching us?" I whimpered. It turned me on even more when he said it like that. But I shook my head.

"Yeah... it does... but... I'd never let anyone else see... really... "

He was still stroking me lazily. "Oh, so it's just for your own personal pleasure then?"

"Ye-es," I hissed again, rocking my hips and trying to make him give me some relief! He didn't give in, still teasing me mercilessly. I could feel his hardness pressing against my back, and it was doing nothing for my endurance.

"So I see." His lips were right by my ear. "You are such a sex maniac, I've only been gone a few days but you're too horny to wait for me."

I nodded. "Well, I've... got used to having all... my needs satisfied... "

One of his fingers was working its way inside me now and I moaned as he spoke again. "Oh yes, you have lots of needs. And I think I know what they are. I think, what you need right now, is a good fucking."

"Oh, yes... " I whimpered as I felt his hands leave me, and I let myself be manoeuvred onto my hands and knees, so I was directly in front of the laptop again; the sight of myself thrusting into Heero made me even more impatient. "Hurry up!" I whined, spreading my legs more as I heard him unzipping his fly and getting himself ready.

He chuckled, but I think he was too far gone himself to hang around for any length of time, and soon I was crying out in pleasure as I felt him push inside me. I couldn't see his face, but I could watch the video, and seeing his expression as I did to him what he was now doing to me was a powerful experience.

"Ohhh, Duo, I've missed you... "

I could feel just how much from his enthusiasm; he thrust into me fast and hard, just how I wanted it, till I was constantly "Yes"-ing and moaning Heero's name in pleasure. I was already so keyed up I knew we were probably going to finish even before our screen incarnations, and they'd been at it for much longer than us. I watched, again, imagining being inside Heero, and feeling him in me at the same time, hitting my sweet spot and making me almost scream...

It was too much for me: video-Heero's mouth open in ecstasy, video-me nipping at his neck as I thrust deep inside him; the real Heero, panting as he reached under me, his hand stroking me, fast now; and I cried out as I stiffened, coming hard over Heero's hand and the bed. I heard Heero call out my name, and then I shuddered again as I felt him climax inside me, just as our screen counterparts followed. There was no sound on the video, but me and Heero provided the soundtrack just as I remembered it.

I collapsed onto the bed, grinning widely and bringing Heero down with me. "Ohhh, I needed that." I twisted round so I could kiss him. "Welcome home."

He smirked at me. "Well, that was an interesting homecoming."

I smiled lazily, feeling sated and sleepy now. "You should go away more often then, if coming home is so much fun."

Heero shook his head against my shoulder. "Only as much fun as it is with you every day." He looked up and raised his eyebrows at me accusingly. "And anyway, who knows what you'd get up to here by yourself... Any more videos like that I should know about?"

I chuckled. "No, that was my first one."

He shook his head again, this time disbelievingly. "I thought you were especially... enthusiastic that day."

I grinned. "Well, I couldn't have asked for a better co-star. You are so photogenic," I purred.

He smirked, kissing me warmly. "Guess I have hidden talents." There was a pause before he went on, more quietly. "Is that something you've thought about before? Being watched? Watching?"

I shrugged. "Well... yeah, I guess so. As you well know, a little fantasy never hurt anyone." I grinned, remembering some of our other little games.

"D'you have any others you've not told me about?" He was genuinely curious, not accusing.

I thought. I guessed I had; it wasn't that I was hiding them from him, I'd just never got round to telling him. Somehow in bed I never really wanted to fantasise, because somehow Heero has this way of taking all your attention...

"Because," he went on... and that was the beginning of a very interesting discussion. We were both pretty tired by then; but, we agreed, we would definitely have more energy by the morning.

Heero had the day off next day, to recover from his mission. And so began a most interesting week...


1] A genuine title. As to the others, I'm not certain, but they certainly sound convincing to me. *snerk*

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