Author: Elyndys
Pairing: 1x2x1 in this part
Warnings: Well, if the title doesn't give you a clue lemon, PWP ^_~
Disclaimer: If I owned GW, I would be happy. I am happy. But to draw the conclusion that I own GW from those statements would be to affirm the consequent, and would therefore be an invalid argument. See?
Note: Additional thanks go to the mighty pun-queen Kwyck, always ready to feed my neko-fixation. *grin* Hope it lives up to all the build-up! ^^'

Kink Week + Part 4: Tuesday

I cautiously looked at myself in the mirror, not entirely certain what I was going to think of what I saw.

"Hmm... not at all bad, I suppose... Kinda cute..." I reached up to adjust the pointy-eared headband and, satisfied, jingled the little bell on my collar with a smile. "Who would've thought my Heero was into catboys?" I had to admit the idea, although it had never occurred to me before, had a certain appeal. Several possibilities presented themselves; I'd decided to wait to see how Heero played it.

Now the wait was over, though. Heero had given me privacy to "dress" for my role - well, undress was more accurate, as I was now naked aside from collar and ears - and now I opened the door to let him back into our bedroom, quickly running back to the bed as soon as I had done, and kneeling in the centre of it, fingertips resting between my thighs.

Heero followed me in. "Duo?"

I cocked my head to the side. "Miaow?"

He stopped in his tracks, looking at me properly for the first time. I saw his eyes widen, and he licked his lips; when I let my gaze travel below his waist I could see he was already very aroused.

I smirked, lifting a 'paw' and licking it, making sure he could see. I'd been pretty excited myself getting ready for Heero, and now his reaction had made sure I was all the way there. I cast a deliberate glance at my lap just to make sure Heero was aware of this; when I looked back at him, I knew he was.

He took a few steps towards me, a highly intriguing glint in his eye. I saw he had got over the initial effect my appearance had had on him; but then, he always did have exceptional recovery times... I watched him approach, continuing to lick my hand, but now I turned my attention to my fingers, running my tongue smoothly up each one, lingering at the tip... I could have a fairly good guess as to what Heero was going to have in mind for me, and hopefully this would get him thinking about it. I certainly had no complaints.

He was in front of me now, looking down at me for a minute before putting out his hand and gently stroking my hair. I smiled, leaning into the touch and nuzzling his hand with a contented mew. I was pleased to hear him draw in a shaky breath as he continued to stroke my hair and face with one hand.

"Good kitty," I heard him murmur, and I looked up at him hopefully. "You like to be stroked, don't you? I bet you'd love to come and sit in my lap so I can pet you."

I nodded, and he sat down on the bed beside me, smiling. He patted his thighs and I moved towards him, stretching my arms out in front in a catlike way before crawling over to him and sitting myself across his lap. I could feel his hardness against my thigh and I rubbed against him deliberately, loving the small moan he made. For the moment I controlled myself though, letting Heero do what he liked; and he didn't keep me waiting long, almost immediatly bringing his hands up to stroke my body.

It was my turn to moan, then: I love it when he touches me; such a simple thing, but it turns me on so much. I go weak when I feel his hands on my skin, sensuous and intimate... I'm a pretty tactile person, yeah, but Heero's touch... it's just... special. His hands are always hot as he moves them over me, but he varies what he does: sometimes he's firm, assured, smoothing over my skin; other times he uses his fingertips, tracing patterns; other times he caresses me softly, his hands light and ghosting over me... That's what he was doing now, both hands moving quickly, stroking me gently. His tenderness was so erotic, so arousing that I felt like I was going to overflow, just from that simple contact. I started to purr.

"Mm, you're a real lap-cat, aren't you?" Heero's voice was husky.

I nodded and rubbed my face against his neck, finding myself even more turned on by his scent.

"I wonder where else you like to be stroked?"

I moaned as one of his hands wandered lazily down my stomach, eventually - eventually - stopping where I most wanted it. His other arm wrapped round me, holding me close to his chest. I miaowed in pleasure as he wrapped a hand round my cock and stroked, in no hurry; I arched my back as he teased me, mewing pathetically and spreading my legs in the hope of enticing him.

But he wasn't going to rush. "Aren't you the sex kitten, hm?" He sounded amused.

I couldn't help but smile, looking at him wide-eyed and wriggling a little in his lap. "Me-ew!"

He moaned appreciatively, and I returned to nuzzling his neck, licking him with small, light strokes. He tilted his head to allow me better access; I could hear his breathing growing a little more ragged, but he'd kept it together admirably so far, I thought. His own strokes on my hot flesh were suddenly firmer and faster; he took me by surprise, and I only just managed to turn my moan into more of a mew.

"Oh, yes... you like being petted, don't you kitty?"

Ohh, god yes, I thought, if Heero is my master and he wants to pet me forever, he's perfectly welcome to. He was taking charge so wonderfully that I couldn't help being the wide-eyed, needy, attention-seeking little kitten that it seemed he wanted me to be.

I purred and rubbed and licked at him as he brought his free hand round, from where it was ghosting over my lower back, to tease a nipple. I moaned against his skin, feeling secure and content with his arms round me and his hands pleasuring me.

His right hand, the less occupied one, was soon on the move again, rubbing over my stomach, past its counterpart... and drifting down between my thighs. For once, I thought, Heero was giving me what I wanted! And all I'd had to do was be a good kitty. I mewed and spread my legs wder, gratefully inviting his hand between them as it meandered its way teasingly closer and closer to me, at just the right pace to tantalise me without being too frustrating...

I squirmed in his lap, loving feeling his hardness against me and trying to rub against him as gratuitously as I could. It seemed Heero enjoyed it as much as I did; his hands faltered a little, and he couldn't disguise his quiet moan.

Suddenly I didn't feel like being a good kitty anymore. Suddenly I felt like being a very naughty kitty.

I shifted in his lap more, turning towards him and resting my hands on his shoulders. He smiled at me and opened his mouth to speak, but I was quicker, pressing my mouth to his insistently.

It felt wonderful to kiss him; he wanted it as much as I did and his tongue met mine eagerly. I played for a little while, lapping at his mouth, making him think I was still the cute, ultra-responsive little kitty he's started off with... but then, I pounced.


I was pleased with the surprise I heard in his voice as he found himself pushed back onto the bed, with me on all fours over him; I hoped surprise wasn't the only reaction I was going to get out of him.

I grinned. "What is it, Heero?" I lowered myself to a catlike crouch, straddling his body, so I could continue to lick at his neck.

"What... are you doing?" He was breathless, I noted with satisfaction, and it definitely didn't seem like he was complaining.

"What," I purred between licks, "does it feel like?" My 'paws' moved to his shirt, sliding the buttons undone smoothly.

"It... feels like you're... not a kitten any more..." He was clutching the sheets with one hand, while the other still rested softly against my side.

I chuckled against his skin. "That's right. I'm not a kitten now." I lifted my head to meet his eyes. "I'm a wildcat!" I had his shirt unfastened all the way now, and opened it, swiftly attacking the exposed skin with light touches of my lips and tongue. I smiled against one stiffened nipple as he made incoherent noises of pleasure, and my hands moved ahead of me, down to his groin.

"God... Duo... don't stop... please..."

I could have laughed out loud at the swift reversal of roles. I lifted my head again to watch his expression as I rubbed my hand over the bulge in his trousers; his eyes were shut tight, his mouth open slightly, and he writhed even more when I undid his button and fly and slipped my hand in. I fondled him through his underwear for a moment before pushing both them and his trousers down and off altogether.

I slid down his body till my mouth hovered over his erection; I waited till he opened his eyes to look down at me, then I licked my lips deliberately. "Of course, you know what kitties really like, don't you?"

I saw Heero swallow.

"Mm? So you know what this kitty really wants?" I lowered my head still further, not taking my gaze from his.

Heero was trembling slightly; he made no attempt to answer my question either yes or no, but I let it pass.

"What this kitty really wants... is some cream." I looked down then, carefully putting out my tongue and lapping at the drop of moisture at the tip of his cock.

He gasped, and I smiled a little. It seemed Heero didn't mind me changing his plans one little bit.

I licked again, slowly, seeing how vocal I could make him just from this touch. Pretty damn vocal, I concluded as I continued to make small licks up and down his length, like a cat washing. It wasn't long before he was whimpering more and more often, to my great satisfaction.

"Du-o! Please!"

God, I loved hearing him so needy! I wanted to keep him that way, too, and to do that, I thought, I'll have to play some more.

I slowly licked down, working my tongue over him, savouring the taste of him that was so familiar, so exciting. He gasped as I reached the base of his cock then kept moving... I lapped my tongue teasingly over his balls, feeling him go limp under my ministrations - well only most of him, obviously. I smirked, moving further...


My tongue reached the place we both wanted it. He always sounds so surprised when I do that, and that always gives me a big thrill; we don't always have the time to explore each other as thoroughly as we'd like, so it's always extra special when we get the chance. I licked teasingly, getting him slick and wet; I noticed in passing that his thighs were still smooth, a legacy of his preparations for dressing-up the day before yesterday. He was clutching at the sheets convulsively, whimpering and moaning in a way that was making me extremely, and literally, hot under the collar. Gradually, I worked my tongue inside him; just a little at first, then pushing in further, spurred on by his constant little sounds of pleasure... I always love hearing them, and when I use my tongue like that is probably when Heero makes the most noise. So I kept on, his reactions making me feel proud of my skill; and, of course, turning me on so much that it wasn't long before I gave in to his entreaties and, half-reluctantly, half-eagerly, returned to my former position.

Heero panted, trembling. I grinned, unable to stop myself: I just loved this game, I loved the way he looked at me, the way he always looks at me like I'm the sexiest man in the universe... Making him so desperate for me, making him feel so much pleasure... makes me feel amazing, so... powerful, so sexy. The thought that I can make him beg for my touch...

"God, Duo, please! I want..." The last part, whispered, made me shiver. It was fun to hear him pleading, but I wasn't going to make him wait that long right now. I was far more interested in the... cream he had promised me.

Smirking, I lowered my head again. He groaned in relief as I lapped up the droplets at the tip of his cock, then groaned in frustration as I withdrew again, licking my lips exaggeratedly, like I was cleaning my whiskers... but I was only teasing, and after taking a moment to enjoy his tortured, fascinated expression, I got straight back to my task again, this time in earnest. I was confident it wouldn't take long for this cat to get the cream; I'd put in a lot of effort already, and I wanted the reward. I knew my hard work had paid off, though, from the way Heero had been reduced to less-than-intelligible mutterings. I turned my full attention to what my mouth was doing, taking him in for a few minutes then withdrawing and using my tongue to caress him, then sucking again... Gradually I worked up, so the intervals between licking were longer, keeping my mouth on him for a few more minutes each time. I noticed that at some point Heero had put his hand in my hair, and now he was stroking my kitty ears. I would've purred, to show my appreciation, but of course my mouth was busy, so instead I just angled my head a little to let him know I wanted more. The touch reminded me of my role, reminded me how much Heero was enjoying it, and I moaned quietly myself; Heero's reaction was making me feel ten times hotter than I already had been. Although, as I'd thought earlier, this was a scenario I certainly hadn't envisioned before, I just let myself enjoy being Heero's sex kitten. After all, Heero seemed to be doing just that. He was getting close; when I looked up, I saw his body, shaking slightly, flushed, hips moving, but just a little because he knows I prefer to take things at my own pace... I heard him panting, and briefly wondered whether to keep him hanging on a bit longer... but no, not now - I was fairly certain Heero would want to play with his kitten for at least a little while longer. So I took him a little further into my mouth, and sucked a little harder, and used one hand to massage the base of his cock, while the other traced the earlier path of his tongue and slid down between his thighs. I felt him tense, felt him tremble under me; I moved faster, preparing myself, concentrating only on his pleasure; and then he was spilling himself in my mouth, making some kind of animalistic noise himself. I swallowed eagerly, keeping on suckling him till he was spent.

I lifted my head, licking my lips and smirking in what I hoped was a feline manner. "My, that *was* a lot of cream." I put a hand to his just softening cock and stroked lightly, making him jerk and gasp quietly. "But" I moved up to nuzzle his neck, then worked up so my face was close to his "I want more." I pressed my mouth to his for a good thorough kiss. He moaned and reciprocated hotly, leaving me panting when we finally parted. I was crouching over him now, a knee placed on either side of his hips, and he slowly sat up so I was once again in his lap. He rested back on his hands enough that he could look at me clearly... and I saw the glint in his eye.

He brought one hand round to stroke my sensitive skin, leaving me tingling as he slowly worked up my thigh, and making m cry out when he finally reached my cock. I'd pushed aside my own desire as I attended to Heero's, but now his touch made me suddenly burning hot.

"More, hm? You're a demanding kitty, aren't you?"

I whimpered, nodding.

"Well, if you want more cream..." he took my hand with his free one, guiding it between my legs and removing his own "you'll have to get it yourself."

My eyes widened as I saw his smirk. But if that was what he wanted... I found myself grinning back at him, and as I began to touch myself I saw his attention diverted. His expression turned me on even more, and I arched my back, moaning at the idea he had in mind... I was already so aroused I could have finished this in seconds, probably, but I wanted to do this properly. I knew it would be even more enjoyable, both physically and in seeing Heero's reaction to my little show. I had an impression that now his own need was less urgent, he wanted to go back to being in charge and see me as the sensual, responsive, sexy kitten again. I had no problem with that; I was finding myself more and more willing to just give in to the increasing pleasure I was feeling. My hand moved faster. Heero's hand touched my hip, stroking in circles; he raised his other to my face, tracing my features before softly moving down to my open mouth. Mewing a little, I put my tongue out and ran it from his palm to the tip of his index finger, meeting his gaze with wide kitten eyes.

He smiled, enjoying my treatment of his finger, and moved his other hand from my hip round to stroke my rear instead. I arched again, nuzzling his hand and mewling again, at the light touch that made electricity run through me. He traced his damp finger down from my mouth, down my neck and chest - teasing a nipple on the way down - until his hand approached mine. His hand felt warm, even on my hot skin; he touched me lightly, fingertips just brushing the head of my cock as I kept stroking, making me gasp. His fingers came away wet, and I moaned as he lifted them to his lips, slowly licking them just like I had done earlier, a seductive look of pleasure on his face.

I tightened my grip on myself, stroking more firmly; he brought his hand back down between my thighs, and I made a show of spreading them a little wider, and raising myself up a little so he could slip his hand between them, first stroking the skin there softly, then moving on to cup my balls, rubbing them with just the right touch; no teasing this time.

It was a good job I didn't want to hold back any longer, because I couldn't. With my free hand against Heero's chest, I urged him down to the bed. He lay back, his hands now coming to rest on my hips again, and I leaned forward urgently so I was kneeling a little higher over him; I could feel my cock swelling further in my hand as my hand moved even faster; I moaned, enjoying Heero's fascinated gaze almost as much as I enjoyed the rush of approaching orgasm. Our eyes met for a second: there was such lust there that it was enough to tip me over the edge, and I couldn't stop myself yowling Heero's name as I shot my load onto his chest and stomach, seeing stars behind my screwed-shut eyelids.

When I finally stopped shaking, and I'd got my breath back to a reasonable rate, I looked down at Heero with a satisfied grin. He grinned back, an expectant expression on his face, and I remembered what it was I'd wanted... I began to purr, lifting my sticky fingers to my mouth and licking them slowly, just as I had when Heero had first come into the room. I cleaned them thoroughly, in a way that any cat would be proud of, I was sure. It wasn't something I'd done often before, tasting myself like this; but I know it's something I particularly enjoy watching Heero doing, so I was far from unwilling. 'Paws' clean, I shuffled back and down so I was crouching on all fours over Heero again, ready to use my tongue in a slightly different place this time. Meeting his very interested gaze, I grinned as I lowered my head and began to lap at the cooling fluid splashed over Heero's body. He shivered under my tongue; I smiled, washing him clean of all the stickiness. It felt like something I really shouldn't enjoy as much as I was doing; but hey, both me and Heero are always eager to cater to each other's little... fancies. I lingered over my task, stroking his firm flesh with my tongue and following with my hands; I love the feeling of touching Heero's breathtaking body just as much as I love feeling his hands on me. I worked my way down at a leisurely pace, almost regretfully coming to a stop just below his cute little navel. I dipped my tongue into it just to make him wriggle - it's one of the few places Heero is ticklish. He chuckled, and I lifted myself up a little from him, smiling widely at him. It didn't surprise me to note, now I could see more of him, that he was already more than half-hard again.

Grinning smugly, I crawled off him sinuously and lay on my side facing him. "I knew you'd want to play sme more," I teased, lightly rubbing the flat of my hand over his cock.

He hissed at my touch, and reached for me, kissing me slowly, but with a tangible passion. "How could I not want to play with such an adorable kitty?"

I laughed as he nuzzled my neck, holding me close. "I'm glad you think so. Y'know, I think I agree, I do make a pretty good feline, all stealth and finesse and all that."

"Mmm... And you have a great tail too."

I reached for my braid, but he was looking elsewhere.

He coloured a little. "Make that two tails..."

I laughed, and nuzzled him back. "Y'know, I thought you were a dog person."

"Yeah, I like dogs. But they're not as... sexy... as cats..." He frowned. "That didn't sound right."

I was laughing harder now.

He squeezed me and gave me a gentle nibble, making a bad-tempered kitty noise of his own. "Stop laughing at me, and let's see if what they say about kitties is true."

"That's bunnies, stupid!" Though I was laughing, I was finding it difficult to hold back my body's response to his insistent affection.

"Oh? What's that about cats and doing it nine times, then?"

"Nine lives! Cats have nine lives!" Even as I giggled, I slowly began to rock my hips slowly against his.

He pulled back from where he was licking at my ear, and gave me a wicked look. "I like my version better. You know, I think I feel like being a kitty too."

I laughed again, and started to purr even more.


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