a little piece of gundam wing
explanations of warnings and labels

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I think my labels are pretty self-explanatory, so this is just in case you're new to all this or not quite sure...
-- Dacia ^_~

** [d] = my own twists on the basic labels. ^_^ **

1 -- heero yuy
2 -- duo maxwell *swoon*
3 -- trowa barton
4 -- quatre reberba winner
5 -- chang wufei
6 -- zechs merquise / milliardo peacecraft
9 -- noin
11 -- une
13 -- treize kushrenada
D -- dorothy catalonia
H -- hilde
R -- relena darlien / peacecraft
[ there are others, to be sure, but these are the only ones you'll find on this site... ]

het -- guy / girl
shounen ai
-- guy / guy --> awww. they like each other. *sappy grin*
yaoi -- guy / guy --
> they like each other. *pant*
yuri -- girl / girl

seme -- guy on top i.e. the penatrator
uke -- guy on bottom i.e. the penatratee (heh... )
and therefore... 1x2 (for ex.) is seme x uke or, if there's no lemon, 'the guy who's taking the initiative' x 'the guy who's startled yet pleased' ^_^

AU -- 'alternate universe' -- usually not in the gw canon world at all, though at times with just a few changes...
angst -- sadness *eyes brimming with unshed tears*
* bit o' angst, angst-ness [d] -- not enough to jerk any tears, but a tad uncomfortable...
* überangst [d] , ANGST!! -- *sob* *twice* literally enough misery to make you cry
BDSM or S/M -- 'bondage / sado-masochism'
canon -- going strictly by the official timeline / characterizations
citrus -- limes and lemons throughout
dark -- [1] bad things happening to good people [2] characters you like doing bad things [3] bad things happening frequently and in general [4] bad things (LMAO!!)
death fic -- *sob* somebody dies, of course * watery grin*
fluff -- silly fun for fun's sake
lemon -- third base -- sex *pant*
* glossy lemon [d] --
you know there's sex going on, but nothing is descriptive enough for you to get too hot and bothered. *ahem*
lime -- first and second base -- kissy, touchy, feely... *growl*
* lime-y, lime-ish [d] -- barely kissing
* lemony lime [d] -- almost a lemon... but not quite
NCS -- 'nonconsensual sex', i.e. RAPE *shudder*
OC -- 'original character'
* OMC -- 'original male character'
* OFC -- 'original female character'
OOC -- 'out of character'
* OOC-ness, slight OOC [d] -- basically in character, but a bit off...
POV -- 'point of view' -- a fic told through first person narrative
post-EW [d] -- set after Endless Waltz
* post series [d] -- set after the series (duh ^_~)
* post war-ness [d] -- set after the fighting, but I'm not quite sure which bit of fighting... heh...
PWP -- 'plot? what plot?' usually just an excuse for graphic sex. mind you, who needs an excuse? *feral grin*
* soulful PWP [d] -- a PWP with a bit of heart
sap -- awwww-ness
* sap-ness, bit o' sap [d] -- sappy elements, but not full on sap
* sappity sap sap, ultra-sap [d] -- so much sap, it's almost silly ^_^
* unsappy sap [d] -- love and romance, with no gooey-ness to be found
song fic -- a fic with the lines of a suitable song interspersed within. the fic is either based on the song, or accentuated by it
squick -- ewwwwwww!!-ness in relation to sex
WAFF -- 'warm and fuzzy feeling'
WDNNSP -- 'we don't need no stinking plot' -- a PWP with attitude ^_~
torture -- waaaay nasty stuff happening to characters...
TWT -- 'timeline? what timeline?'