Author: FancyFigures
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Favourite Work of Art + Part 2

The show of my life continued.

Heero was arched up off the bed, head back, gaze ripped away from the projection now. I think his eyes were screwed shut with the feelings that must have been swamping him. He seemed to have a damn fine idea of how to keep himself going - of how to prolong the climax that surely must be imminent. He would fist away with determination - then suddenly, he'd pause, take a deep breath, and then tease at it for a few seconds. Just fingertips - just a gentle stroking. Then back to the pumping. His muscles were taut, like wire. His legs were straining, the sweats cutting into his thighs, as he jerked away. I could see the dark hollows of the muscles on his buttocks.

I don't think I was as alert as I should have been. I don't actually think that I was even on the planet, to be honest. I was a long, throbbing, stick of lust and pain and if I didn't come soon I was gonna implode, and the absorption of my agony would break me into millions of pieces all over the landing....

He was about to come, as well, I could see that. He was shivering. His hand was erratic.

"Duo..." he groaned.


He fell back, hard, on to the bed. His hips were wriggling awkwardly, pushing the sweats away, down to his ankles. He wrenched out a foot, freed his legs. He bent his knees up - let them fall apart. He had both hands free as well now, and the one that wasn't working on his cock went back to his mouth - he sucked on the fingers furiously for a coupla seconds. Then it reached back down between those outstretched, clenching thighs, and from the sudden grunt he gave and the jerk of his hips, I knew where it had gone.

Oh God! Heero was finger fucking himself!

He appeared to be damn good at this manoeuvre as well! His arms were long and flexible and with just a tip up of his hips he could obviously reach in as far as he liked. The thought brought me near to hysteria. He shifted once - twice. He was adding fingers. He was probing in there, finding his pleasure spot, clutching and pumping his cock at the same time. He certainly knew how to please himself!

"Do it -" he was moaning, softly - but fiercely. "That's how I want it - do it harder -!"

The performance was almost over. His hips bucked - he was coming at last. I wondered if I'd be able to see the cum gushing over his hand, over the naked skin of his groin. I knew I'd definitely hear him enjoying his completion.

And that I did.

"Duo!" he hissed out through teeth that were obviously tightly clenched. "Yes! Yesss! Fuck - that's so good - ! See me come, Duo - see me - dammit -!"

Well - it's not often that you hear Heero Yuy swear. Let alone in the same sentence as asking me to - to -

I came. I couldn't hold back any more. Those few words were so clear, so shocking, so sexy... I felt the ecstasy rush up from all points of the compass and arrive together at the base of my poor, tortured cock. It was like fourteen shower experiences, and another dozen comings round the back of the kitchen cupboards - all rolled into one. I thought my body may not stand it - I was gonna lose control of every muscle I possessed. And one of those was definitely my throat.

To my horror, I wailed aloud. I ain't the quietest guy at the best of times, and I'm particularly prone to noisy comings. I gulped, and I tried to hold it back, but the joy and agony just rushed to the front of my mouth and leapt out to freedom. "Shit -" I groaned. "Heero -!" And my words were joined by another burst for freedom; a stream of hot, thick cum, shuddering out into my hand and half way down my shorts.


It had been horribly quiet for at least thirty seconds. No noise from anywhere else in the apartment, so I guess everyone else was still asleep. I leant against the doorframe, limp and exhausted, and pretty sticky. With any luck, I thought, he'll be just as exhausted, and will definitely have been making too much noise to hear me, and I can creep away and donate my body to medical science before he finds me...

It was never gonna happen, was it?

"Duo... are you there?"

I gave a gasp that sounded a bit like a squeal. I tried to clear my throat.

"Ahh... yeah."

Silence again.

"You - saw me..."

"Ahh... yeah."

Wow - so articulate! Are you forgetting I'd just shot my load all over myself? Who was gonna be Mr Orator after that?

I didn't stop to consider what would probably be the sensible thing to do - that is, run like hell for the exit. Instead, I sidled into the room, still holding myself up against the wall. I lurched over to the bed and sat down heavily. I grabbed at a corner of the bedspread, and tried to wipe some of the evidence off my legs. Secretly. Clumsily.

Heero was sat up again, turned away from me. He'd pulled his sweats back up his legs. I saw him run a hand through that mess of hair. Even messier now, of course, from churning about on the bed. I waited for him to yell at me.

"I'm sorry you saw that." His voice was very soft, very small. That very same voice that sliced me apart earlier in the day.

"I - don't understand," I said, rather pathetically. I think I was wondering why I was still alive. "Like - that's - um - a fine piece of art work you've got there. What kinda training session is it for?"

Even in the dark, I could see him flush. He kept his back to me, and I saw the muscles tense across his shoulders. Despite my shattered state, my body rippled a little in response. I cursed it with every curse I knew - which was plenty.

"It's - just a - a rough working," he said, uneasily. "Private. Just like - like doodling. I was - getting some practise; getting used to the presentation package, you know? I used some old photos... forgot to erase this one."

God, what a pathetic excuse! Did he think he was fooling me? It didn't even deserve a reply, and from the silence I was getting from him, he knew it. I was staring at the picture of me again.

"What's that button on my shorts?" My sleep shorts are way too flimsy to have buttons. This was like an icon. This was intriguing!

"What?" Heero was flustered, but I wasn't in the mood for taking any prisoners. He started to turn around, to challenge me. I leant over him and reached for the mouse.

"No!" he cried, but too late. Way too late. I clicked on the button.

To my amazement, the little blue shorts wriggled on their own, and moved cheekily down my 'legs' and off my 'body' entirely. My representation lay there, still in its pose of grinning relaxation, but now I appeared to be completely naked! And I was looking at a vision of my sleeping, half-erect cock, nestling in dark red curls, hugged by softly wrinkled balls.

Well, well, well!


More silence.

I clambered off my side of the bed and came round to sit next to him. Facing the picture. I coughed.

"That's - me, yeah?" I asked. My voice needed some warming up. "I mean - not computer generated, or some crap like that?"

"'s you. I took - it's from a couple of pictures. One with the shorts. One -"

"- without. Yeah, I see that," I finished for him. I tilted my head, admiring my size. Even at rest. Never seen myself from this angle before. When the hell did he take this shot? I knew he was the photographer - shit, even I would never let anyone intentionally take a picture of me in all my glory! So this was no 'old photo'! I remembered a few days back in August, when the weather was scorching - when the air con wasn't working in the apartment block, so it had been stifling at night. Yeah, I could remember a coupla nights I slept with nothing on.

"You pervert," I said, sorta aimlessly.

"You meddler," he hissed in return. "Are you going to tell the others?"

"Why?" I asked, genuinely surprised. "This is just to do with us, isn't it?"

"Us?" he said, warily. "This is just a - a - messing about, Duo -"

I grinned. He looked so damn uncomfortable that I just wanted to eat him up! I stretched out a hand and tweaked at his ear.

"Come on, Picasso," I murmured. "You gonna tell me you didn't take as much time and care on this pic as you do on all your more worthy stuff? You don't do messing about, Yuy. You do Serious - you do Fourteen-Drafts-Before-Publication. This one is just as dear to you as the others - though I'm willing to believe it's for different reasons."

"You were never meant to see it... I knew you'd be like this about it," he hissed, darkly.

"Like what?" I countered. "Like I'm a bit shocked you've got a picture of me in the naughty nude, and I'm not allowed to ask some pointed questions?"

"What questions?"

I leant forward and breathed into his neck. It was still flushed - it was warm and looked very inviting. I felt my teeth baring themselves in anticipation.

"How long you been jerking off to me in here? Since I moved out - or before?"

"I haven't -!" He blushed again. Knew I'd seen it all.

"Yeah..." I drawled. I ran a fingertip up his arm and saw how he shivered. "Like there's any defence, your Honour..."

"I - I was just -" God, was he clutching at straws! Why didn't he just confess he was mad for me and we could look for something to do about it? I could feel the excitement rising again even as I thought about it. This was better than Christmas...

"I just needed the company," he finished, miserably. "I - missed you here - at night."

"I can see that," I murmured. He was way too cute for his own good. How many nights had gone to waste while we hid our thrashing sessions from each other? I let my fingers drop to his thigh, and they stroked the soft fabric there. Remembered what I'd seen underneath. Aches started up between my toes and began to crawl up towards my recovering groin.

His voice broke in on these lust-filled sensations. "Duo, what's that?"


Just for that second, I had an uneasy feeling that the tables might be turning a little.

He was looking at my lap. Or, more accurately, at the rather obvious stain on my shorts.

"Is that what I think it is, Duo?"

"What?" I said, feigning some last attempt at innocence. "Yoghurt?"

He stared me out.

"Were you - ? Have you been -?" Heero Yuy couldn't say it out loud, poor, repressed lad that he is. He tried another route. "So how come you were excited too?"

"Hey - not from gazing at myself, you idiot! Though I am kinda cute. And so well endowed..."

"So -?" He ignored my joke - the relentless soldier was reasserting himself.

"So 'praps I found my excitement from the other picture in the room," I hissed, leaning even closer to him. I really wish he hadn't gone gazing at my lap like that. It was changing shape again, and real fast. "The animated one..."

"You mean - me?"

"Duh -!" I murmured, a little fondly. "Wanna practise on the real thing, Heero?" I slid my hand very deliberately between his inner thighs. There were some definite stirrings under that 100% polyester. "Wanna click on my button?"

"What the hell are you saying, Duo?" He'd turned fully to face me now, and he looked kinda shocked. But there were also dark, hungry depths in his eyes - he knew damn well what I was saying.

"Give me your cursor, Heero," I sighed. I grasped his frozen hand, and placed it on the expanding bulge of my shorts. Oh Gods, I groaned to myself. The dreams had been so, so pathetic compared to the real thing!

"Duo!" he whispered. His hand seemed to thaw. It moved - it touched. It squeezed. "God... Duo! I never thought you - that you'd be - as well -"

"And I though you were such an articulate speaker," I moaned. "Whatever - just touch me. Do what you want - do what you've been imagining with that 2D thing up there, for however long you've been fantasising over it. You have been fantasising over me, haven't you?"

"Don't humiliate me any further," he groaned.

"That ain't exactly what I'm thinking of doin' to you, baby," I purred. I leant back on my hands; let my cock stretch a little more freely, straining though it was under the cloth of my shorts. His hand was really very comfortable there - his palm moulded very nicely to my rising shaft. God, was it rising! "I was hoping for a - private training session. Just you and me - and some presentation aids..."

"You mean it? This isn't just your idea of a joke? Some twisted revenge for using your photo like this -?"

"Jesus, Heero," I snapped. "D'you think I'd have this damn obelisk in my shorts if I didn't wanna play hide the sausage with you?"

"You're a foul-mouthed, obscene-minded, horny little baka -" he moaned.

"So put it on my end-of-term report," I sighed. "Come on - let's run through the diagram together. Just like you suggested this afternoon..."

"You'll stay awake this time?" he retorted. Nice comeback, Heero!

"Don't think I'll be sleeping through this one!" I gasped. He was squeezing more confidently now. In fact, he was panting again himself, and his own sweats were looking suspiciously tight round the groin area.

"Come here!" I hissed. I reached an arm around his neck, let my other arm collapse under me, and pulled him down on to my chest. And as he opened his mouth in shock, I thrust in my tongue.

"Duo!" His words were muffled by my mouth. "Mmm... " But the moan of enjoyment wasn't. His lips were hot and just as plump as they should be - and I was taking an extensive tasting! My tongue was in and it wasn't coming out any time soon - not until I'd explored every corner, and licked at every little crease, and then gone back for seconds.

It was unbelievably good. And then some!

And then he managed to struggle a coupla words out between our warring tongues. Ones I didn't wanna hear.

"Wait, Duo!"

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