Author: FancyFigures
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Favourite Work of Art + Part 3

"Wait, Duo!"

We'd shifted on the bed to get more comfortable, and I'd 'accidentally' let my hand snag in the waistband of his sweats. I tugged, shamelessly. "Take 'em off, Heero ... please!"

But he pulled back a bit. "No - that's not how it goes!"

"How what goes?"

"The seminar, Duo! You said you wanted a private training session -?"

"Uhh - did I? I mean - sure..."

He knelt up beside me, and put a restraining hand on my chest. I swear I felt every whorl of his fingertips, branding into my skin! He trailed it down, tracing out the lines of my muscles.

"First..." he murmured. His voice sounded rather hoarse now. Rather low. I rather hoped it was something to do with touching me in the flesh at last.

"First I kiss you -"

"Done that," I breathed. "But happy to go again if it helps -" If my lips hadn't been attached to my face, they'd have reached up for him anyway.

"Later. For now, we'll say you've passed that paper, OK?"

I grunted. I think it was all I was capable of at the time. I was watching his bright, greedy eyes - I was fascinated by this predatory Heero. Guess that's what lust unleashes in even the most strait- laced of us -!

"Next...I touch your shoulders - your neck... your chest..." He followed every blessed word with the actions, and it set up the most amazing reaction in every nerve I had - and some I didn't know were there. He massaged me, as if he were helping to soothe tired muscles, but with a light, sensual touch that would drive a guy wild. Like me, me, me! He traced the pulse in my neck that was throbbing away like a damn pile driver; he dipped down into the hollows where it joined my shoulders, and squeezed at the joints there; he ran firm fingers down over my upper arms, cupping my elbows, and then rolling back across my pecs...

"... your nipples, one at a time ..."

I did squeal then - most fucking undignified, but then didn't I say I wasn't the quietest of guys at times like these? It was too brilliant, his long, careful fingertips on my poor, sensitive little nubs. He was confident, and he twisted with devastating accuracy, and I think my squirming and moaning far surpassed his own heavy breathing.

"You like that?" he murmured, sounding pleased. "I always wanted to do that to you... I made them a little darker on the picture so that I could concentrate on thinking about them..."

"You gonna make a career of being a pervert?" I gasped. "No - don't stop!"

He smiled very slowly. I guess he knew he had the upper hand again. And maybe he was enjoying it as much as I was, too.

"Then down to your stomach..."

The fingers were firmly massaging across my abdomen, thumbs pressing possessively against my narrow hips. He dipped his head suddenly, and his tongue flickered into my navel. Christ, my cock sprang up so quick, if he hadn't bobbed back up again, I think it would've punched him in the nose!

"Let me out," I whimpered. "Let it free, Heero -"

"But I love the blue shorts," he smiled, a little wistfully. "They're always my favourite. I wish you hadn't worn them to the session this afternoon - it was too distracting -"

"So take 'em off," I sobbed. I tried to wriggle myself, but he still had a hand on my chest, and my other limbs appeared to have melted at the edges into the bedspread. "Press the fucking button, just like the picture! God forbid I should distract the great lecturer -"

Laughing, he knelt back up again, and - oh Gods, there is a heaven, and it's granted me an amnesty! - he tugged at my shorts. They came over my hips, having to be lifted up over my painful, throbbing erection, and down off my ankles.

"Oh my God..." Heero sighed.

"What?" I asked, suspicious. I mean, I was beside myself for him, y'know? But what was the problem? Like - my cock? Was it a disappointment, in comparison with his graphical creation? Was it ...?

"Shut up, baka," he said. Damn man seems psychic sometimes. "It's just as I hoped. Just as I wanted. It's - you're - gorgeous..."

He musta realised he was still half dressed, and how restricting it was becoming. As I lay there, like a sacrifice of some damn sexy sort, he climbed off the bed and dropped his sweats, kicking them off at his feet impatiently. Then he clambered back up on to the bed beside me.

He saw me staring at him - the look in my eyes. He blushed.

He was so fucking fine! The dusky, warm skin of his upper body ran all the way down as well - funny thing, that, eh? - and I could follow the muscles of his tight stomach all the way down to the thighs, to his knees; the long legs tucked under his buttocks; the almost casual way he stroked at his erect cock, settling it as best he could on his lap. It deserved all the attention it could get, I'll tell you that...

"Sorry to neglect you, Duo. I'm back now - and you're still gorgeous..."

I groaned. He knelt right next to my complaining groin. He hadn't touched me there yet, but I could feel the warmth from his hovering fingers. I guessed I might have to show him what to do, if all he'd had to practice on was a coupla photos and some fancy fonts -

And then he touched me, all right. Seems he knew exactly what to do! That superb control I'd watched him using on himself - he turned it right around and used it on me. Seems he'd already swotted up for his own practical, and he musta passed with damn fine flying colours -

"- and tasty -" he moaned, and - oh Gods! - he was going down on me, I swear it, it was no hallucination!

"- very tasty -" came the mumble, and his hands closed firmly on the base of my cock, tugging at the trapped curls. He wriggled round, kneeling between my outstretched legs, his head facing me, but his face buried in my groin. His mouth was working the straining skin up and over my aching tip, and teasing out the pre-cum with the tip of his tongue, and then licking down again to the base, to nibble at the protected flesh there. I spread my legs like I wanted to draw his whole body up into me, and my thighs shook as I stretched to cope with the waves of astonishing pleasure that were swamping me.

"Heero..." I groaned, and he paused for a second, to look up at me and smile. My cock was still embedded in his mouth. I thought I'd never seen anything so fucking sexy in my life as the sight of those wide, blue eyes looking up through a dark, fallen fringe, atop the dark red circle that was his greedy mouth - sucking on me.

I groaned, and I yelped, and despite him tweaking at me to warn me to be quieter, I felt the scream coming just as fast as the cum was gonna burst out of me. He sucked harder and faster, and there was this thing he was doing with his tongue that sorta tickled the little bit of skin at the front that was so, so sensitive, and how the fuck did he know that -?

At the last minute, I twisted my head to bury it in a pillow, and my shrieks were muffled as the climax hit me. Again and again, pumping into his warm, wet mouth, and never a thought for how gross or how ludicrous I must look, hips bucking wildly, tears eking out of my eyes, hands clenched so that the nails cut into my palms. And Heero between my thighs, sucking and smiling and all mine at last!


"And then..." came Heero's soft, husky voice.

I heaved my poor, wrecked body over on to its side, and propped my head up on a tired arm. "There's more?"

"Of course there is!" he announced. I was aware that he was laying back on the bed, and was gazing at me. His face was flushed, his hair a mess, he was stark, ripplingly naked - his cock was rearing up out of his own dark curls, and its shining, swollen tip advertised its need better than any banner. He'd never looked more delicious! "I need to finish the presentation - I need closure, Duo."

Oh God! I wondered if I'd be able to come again - I wondered why I was even wondering that. Just one look at those slim, tight thighs and I could feel the dull ache growing in my groin again. He had me completely enslaved! I watched, in silence, as he slid his fingers into his mouth and sucked on them. He followed my eyes with his. There was a slight smirk on his face.

"You saw what comes next, Duo, didn't you?"

"I sure as hell did," I sighed. "Are those fingers gonna go -"

"- where no-one's been before? Yes, that's right. I've only had my own fingers - my own touch. And thoughts of you there instead."

I was sweating now. I lay resting on my arm beside him, completely nude, in a cool bedroom, and I was sweating like I was in a sauna. "You - want me there, then?"

"I want you there - now!" he hissed into my ear. His mouth followed round and nibbled at my lower lip. "Do you want to be there?"

Shit, did I!

I shrugged. "Can take it or leave it, y'know..."

He knew me too well. Or perhaps the huge erection I was sporting gave me away. He ignored my futile attempts to play hard to get, and he sucked on my lip. Slid his tongue in - a hot, probing muscle, wriggling in among my teeth. Teasing at my palate. I opened up my mouth and sucked him in - it was fantastic!

I felt his hand groping down between us, teasing at his own desperate cock - his fingers stretching to play around his little puckered door to pleasure. He was panting a little.

"You heard me, Duo... you know what I want... what I like," he murmured into me. "I want you to be fucking me - I want you to see me come as you're fucking me. Why do you think I could ever be satisfied with that picture?"

"It's a damn work of art -" I protested.

"That's what you are," he smiled. "And the real thing, thank God." He was breathing very heavily now. I knew that he needed release. And he was offering it to me. "Don't let me down, Duo - I need you - "

I rolled him back abruptly, flat on to the bed, and I held down his arms, staring at him. The advantage seemed to be back with me again. But I was gonna be damn careful with it.

"First time, Heero?"

"Yes," he whispered.

I dropped my head and began nuzzling at his neck. He turned his own head to the side, but only so that he could get the full effect of my nips and kisses. He gasped loudly, as I lapped at his throat.

"You like that?" I murmured. "I always wanted to do that to you..."

He looked up at me, sharply, but saw I was only gently joking. I was trying to relax him, before my own desperation sent me jumping on him. He was underneath me; undressed, unresisting, and totally irresistible. If I didn't have him tonight I was gonna die of frustrated misery, and they'd have to put it on my headstone, that Duo Maxwell died of Heero Yuy starvation -!

I took the licking down his chest, returning the fabulous favour of earlier. Next time, I'd be spending one long, long time tasting all that silky flesh, and that impressive cock of his!

Next time... There was a warm feeling creeping over me, and I don't think it was just desire. Duo Maxwell appeared to be getting a little sappy - I'd have to deal with that sometime later. Much later.

I said this guy was something special, didn't I?

"You sure?" I whispered. He nodded. I slid a hand between his legs and he opened them willingly. "Got anything?" How ready was he?

But in answer, Heero waved a hand at the bedside table. He lay fairly occupied with my caresses, so I reached over and fiddled around in the drawer until I found a likely tube.

"I have it - for when I - for the picture..." he sighed.

"Be prepared, baby," I growled. "For the picture to step out of the frame!"

I rolled some lube around on my fingers, and returned to suckling at his neck - it was a damn fine place to use to distract him. I could taste soap, and shampoo, and skin that had seen the fresh air earlier in the day. I reached under his cute, tightly-muscled little ass, and my finger slid into him with the slightest of resistance. He winced. I changed tactic.

I slid further down the bed, so that my head was at his hip. Gently, I slid another lubricated finger in, and I felt confident enough to probe around inside him. I hooked the longer finger, and I pressed gently - I felt the answering ripple of shock all the way along his body.

"Christ, Duo...oh fuck - "

"D'you always swear when you fuck?" I murmured. "It's a great leveller, eh?"

"Shut up!" he gasped. He was relaxing a little around my fingers - stretching up to try to recapture the burst of ecstasy that I'd tempted him with. "When - when will you -?"

"Hush..." I kept caressing him on the inside, but I dipped my head to his groin, and I took the sleek, glistening tip of his cock inside my lips. He groaned with delight. I took advantage of it to slip a third finger in, and I gently stretched at him. It was gonna be so tight, I could feel the excitement very deep in the pit of my groin. It was a good thing I'd come a coupla times already - otherwise I might have burst straight away. The mere thought of being inside Heero was speeding up the rocket ride to climax.

I lowered my mouth down on him, up and down a few, tortuously slow times, stroking the flesh of his thighs, moving my fingers inside him as gently yet as effectively as I could. My cock was standing to attention again - I needed to lube down there as well.

"Do it," said Heero in a low voice. It sounded like he was gritting his teeth. "Please, Duo - I want you to do it. Hurry -!"

When have I ever done what I was told? I did tonight, I can tell you. If this was part of the training, I was gonna be star pupil, OK? I slid out my fingers, watching him clench back up tight again, though with the faintest of pink around the entrance, as if I'd left my mark to find the way back. I took my mouth from his cock - reluctantly - and wriggled between his legs. He watched me stroke lube up and down my own cock, with a look of fascinated shock. His hand hovered near his own - I saw him stretch his fingers out, and run them up his shaft; promising pleasure; encouraging it to be patient.

He went on watching me, as I lifted his legs around me, and placed my cock at his opening. He shivered a little - mighta been the cold of the lube. Mighta been nervousness.

"Next lesson..." he grunted slightly, "... follow the cursor..."

He reached his other hand to take hold of me. He stretched his legs wider, and bent them back towards his chest. And he guided me up to the soft red pucker, and he helped me push right on in.

"Ahhh..." He gave a strangled moan, and his eyes had closed, but his hand had flown to my hip and it was gripping me hard, not letting me pull back. I sank my cock into a deep, hot channel and I thought I was gonna melt into Heero and come out the other side. It was fantastic! I pulled a little way back, and plunged in again. He jerked below me, but he still held me.

"Again!" he hissed. His eyes flashed open and locked on to mine. "That is so fucking good - again, Duo! Fuck me! Harder!"

I appeared to have lost my foothold on this damn planet again - I was thrusting away in the dark, hot world of goblins and ghoulies, and my head was swimming, and all I could see was Heero's eyes, ordering me to keep going; to fuck him, to move in and out of him, again and again. And all the time he stroked his cock and he clutched me to him, and he found curses to whip me on that I'd have been proud to use myself!

The sweat rolled softly between us, making our chest and hips slick, making sucking sounds as we thrust together. His head stretched back on the bed; he made a gargled sound in his throat. I could see his cock was starting to shudder in his hand.

"Come for me, Heero," I gasped.

"Come in me, Duo!" he cried, and at that second I felt the clench of his ass on my cock and I lost it. Lost control, lost rhythm, lost the last sad, sorry remnants of seed that my resilient young body kept pumping up for me to ejaculate. Up into Heero - up into the strong body that clung to me, with the marks of his fingerprints on my hips, and the wide, ecstatic stretch of his smile in front of me, as he climaxed too. I felt the warm, sticky stuff pump out of him, over our stomachs, adding to the lubrication of our bodies - and yet binding us together as well.

The goblins and the ghoulies fled off shrieking - or was that my voice I heard? - and I was suddenly, beautifully aware of both our bodies, and the way they were moulded together, and the brilliant thing we'd just done.

We were a fucking work of art ourselves!


We lay on the bed together. I was gonna pull the sheet over him as soon as he got comfortable again. I wasn't going anywhere else anytime soon.

"You - you coulda been the one on top," I murmured. I hoped to God I hadn't hurt him too much. And I was slightly embarrassed, 'cos I'm not usually uke, and yet the thought of Heero inside me had a rather strange, shivery effect on my nerves. Christ, I'm turning into a cuddly fucking bunny....

"No... I've never done that," he sighed back.

Yesss! I whooped to myself.

"So - maybe there's a training session that you might consider attending?"

He raised an eyebrow. "And who would be the trainer for that, Duo?"

"Damn fine guy," I blustered. "Plenty of experience... well respected... years of study in the subject... "

"Great ass..." murmured Heero, running his hand up and down my legs. Something that had been nestling - exhausted - between them gave a physical hiccup. More from hope than capability, I think. I grinned, a bit stupidly.

"If you say so. You're the one who's put the study time into it."

"Your training sounds very promising," Heero smiled. "I believe it's important to share knowledge, don't you think?"

I lay back on the bed, and I unconsciously fell into the position of the photo that had caused all this to happen in the first place. Heero gazed at me there. His eyes were soft now, and they devoured all of me; possessively. Rather fondly. Perhaps he was getting kinda sappy as well - at least I wouldn't be the only cuddly bunny in the house. Likewise, my earlier feeling was back, the really good one - the one that felt kinda warm in my stomach. And it was not just the glow of sexual exhaustion!

The projector had long since given up and turned itself off. But we could see each other perfectly well.

"You're one fine trainer, Heero," I sighed. "Always produce a work of art..."

"I'm just a technician, Duo. A lot depends on the subject."

"Nah... it's teamwork, then. And I reckon this has been by far your best, fella," I sighed.

"I reckon it's my favourite," he murmured back. A mischievous smile was on his face, and if I could just have gathered enough energy to stay awake another minute, I would've kissed it off on to mine.

I slept instead, curled up under a crumpled sheet, with one leg bent at the knee, and the other flung possessively over Heero's.

Enough education for one night, eh?


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