In Your Dreams (cont)


"Christ," groaned Heero. "I will not make breakfast again! Whose turn is it? They've all disappeared! I have work to do, you know..."

"I know," grinned Duo. "But who the hell else is gonna keep me in these delicious pancakes? Trowa only eats 'cos if he didn't he'd waste away, Wufei won't cook at all, and Quatre burns 'em! At least you have a sense of duty - and a little skill! - that gets food on the plates!"

"For God's sake, Duo, just stop with the gabbling and eat up! I have the mission report to finish and mail..."

Duo stared up at him over the maple syrup tube. "And why are you so bad tempered recently, Heero? You've never been Mr Sunshine, but it's not as if we're in any trouble at the moment. Just hanging out together, taking it easy. Getting to know each other a bit better, I thought. Though you don't seem interested in that, do you?"

The scornful glare he received in reply was one of Heero's best. Luckily, Duo had mastered immunity to those glares ages ago. Wished he didn't have to, though. It'd be great if Heero relaxed with him just once in a while...

"I was in charge of the mission - it failed. I have to justify the call to abort."

"Like you say, you were in charge - you made the right call." Duo started to whistle as he cleared plates away. It gave him the chance to ogle Heero's tight little butt from behind the table. He looked damn good in shorts - though Duo had never had the nerve to tell him. Even in jest. Particularly not in jest, he thought. Strange, how excessively horny he was feeling this week...

Heero turned and stared at him. He just managed to snap his eyes back up to attention in time. "You followed the orders I gave, Duo -"

"Course I did. They were right. Don't I always do what I'm told?"

"No, you most certainly don't!" snapped Heero.

A-ha! thought Duo. Back to normal!

"OK, OK, I get the picture! You're not interested in being pals with me. Just looking for help in the kitchen." He winced, as a stab of pain flashed across his forehead. "Damn headaches - getting worse, not better -"

The next thing he was conscious of was sitting on the floor, his head hammering like a pile driver, and - most amazingly! - cradled in Heero's lap.

"What the hell -?" he groaned. But he didn't sit up. Like - it would have hurt even more to move it, wouldn't it? Nothing to do with the surprising joy of nestling his cheek against Heero's groin. It felt deliciously warm.

"You passed out," came Heero's gruff voice. "I'll call a doctor -"

"No," moaned Duo. "I don't wanna be signed off. I'll be OK - I've been getting these spells, ever since the accident. I seem to sleep OK, but I get pretty groggy by night time..."

Heero cleared his throat. "I should watch you tonight - my room is next to yours. I'll - check that you are OK."

Duo moved slightly, and the effect was to snuggle his head in that more closely to Heero's lap. There was also the suspicion of a sigh; the licking of dry lips. Heero didn't make any further comment, though his hand rested gently on Duo's brow.

"Just lie still until it passes."

"Yes, Heero. Whatever you say."

Heero stared at him, suspiciously. Was that Duo's sarcasm again? But Duo's eyes had closed, and he seemed totally relaxed. Heero sat back against the leg of the kitchen table and settled for a while. Duo wasn't the heaviest guy on the team, and his hair was a soft, pleasant pillow on his lap. There was a subtle, sweet aroma from him, of soap and maple syrup. Heero admitted to himself that the only unpleasant thing about the position was the tightness of his jeans, and he'd learnt to ignore that well before now.

It was going to be a long wait until this night time.


The TV was flickering in the background of the dark lounge, with the sound muted. No-one was remotely interested in it.

Duo appeared at the door, and looked around the room curiously. He saw the pale figures over by the couch, but he didn't seem fazed. He stepped in, and pulled the door over behind him.

Trowa was leaning over the low arm, face close to the cushions, braced on his shaking arms. He was entirely naked. His legs were spread wide, his feet up on their toes. Quatre stood between his legs, hands on his hips. He was completely naked, as well. He was breathing deeply, and there was the sweat of effort on his forehead. From the movement of his buttocks, and the proximity of his groin to Trowa's ass, it was obvious that he was fucking him. Hard. And repeatedly. And from the whimpers that were coming from the corners of Trowa's mouth, he was really enjoying it.

There wasn't going to be any more intelligible noise from Trowa's mouth at the moment, because it was busy wrapping itself around Wufei's cock. The Chinese boy was also naked - Duo might have felt he was a little overdressed in his sleep shorts and vest. Wufei lay on his back on the couch, his legs wide open and his groin presented up to Trowa's face. He clutched at the back of the couch with one hand, and had the other up between Trowa's legs, playing with his hanging, swollen cock. Whilst he thrust his own shaft up and down through Trowa's greedy, impatient lips.

The air in the room was thick and stuffy with the smell of sex. This may not have been the first time that any of them was coming tonight. There were no words - just groans and aching grunts. No-one seemed interested in conversation, either.

When Duo spoke, there was a shocked halt to the proceedings.

"Is he here tonight?"

"Christ..." groaned Trowa, as Wufei's cock was wrenched out of his mouth. He felt Quatre shudder to a halt inside him, fingers pinching at his flesh.

"Duo!" gasped Quatre. "I - no, I don't think he's here tonight. Is he, guys?" He looked at the others, his flushed face rather confused.

Trowa murmured agreement. Wufei barked something in Chinese because he didn't trust his English when his cock was red with suppressed agony, and trembling with desperation.

"I'm not sure he's ever going to turn up," said Duo, sounding a little bemused. "I'm not sure how far I'm meant to continue without updated orders. It's not usual, is it?"

Trowa looked at Wufei, and Wufei looked at Quatre. What the hell was usual in this house this week? Without replying, they moved back closer together.

Their panting became audible again. Quatre moaned as he pressed back into Trowa, and Wufei growled as Trowa took him firmly back in between tight lips. He was close now -!

Duo cleared his throat, casually.

Wufei looked up through hair that was sweat-plastered on his brow, and grunted at him. He really was a damn fine-looking boy...

"Stay, Duo. Stay and watch us."

"Sure," Duo shrugged. "That's included in the instructions." He moved easily over to the couch; leaned over the back, seemingly watching them. His braid slipped over his shoulder, and grazed Wufei's nipples - the Chinese boy groaned at such a sensual, careless touch, and that was all the trigger he needed to start ejaculating into Trowa.

Quatre was wailing with the waves of excitement throbbing through his cock and up into the rest of his body, as he thrust his final few times into Trowa's tight, fabulous ass... He'd never really thought of himself as this vocal! He felt the memory trail of Duo's fingers on his back - it heightened his excitement tremendously. He squeezed a few breathless words out .

"Duo - will you - massage me again?"

"Sure." Duo reached a hand out to Quatre's shoulder, and pressed against the tense muscles. The blond boy sighed, and felt the rush of his climax burst from the mental restraints he'd been hanging on to -

Trowa was swallowing great gulps of Wufei's cum, writhing under Quatre's thrusts that had become uncontrollably fierce, and he was starting to shiver with his own approaching climax. He saw Duo touch Quatre, and remembered the boy's soft touch on his own neck, caressing around his had been a sensual delight he wouldn't mind repeating.

"Duo," he ground out, hoarsely. "Will you join us?"

Duo's hand paused on Quatre's shaking body. His eyes rested on Trowa, groaning over the arm of the couch beneath. There may have been the slightest hint of interest there.

"I may have to check that..."

No-one was quite sure who made the next request of the sleepwalking boy.

"Duo - will you suck me off first?"

And then the door opened again and Heero walked in.


"What the hell is going on?" His voice was shocked and furious.

The exhausted trio on the couch fell apart, limbs flailing like a game of pick-up sticks.

"Christ, Heero, use your eyes - what does it look like?" Wufei growled. "D'you want us to write up a report?"

"Just letting off steam, Heero. Just having some fun..." murmured Trowa. He squeezed at Quatre's delectable ass. It was his turn to be seme now, wasn't it?

"Duo!" Heero had just noticed the other boy there. He registered that he was still clothed, unlike every other boy in sight, but he still looked shocked to see him. "I - I came to see how you were, but you weren't asleep in bed. What are you doing here?"

"Hush!" hissed Quatre, rather unnecessarily, considering the decibel level of his recent moaning. He had the decency to blush in the face of Heero's anger. "You mustn't wake him, he's sleepwalking. It might be dangerous for him. He'll go back to his bed soon and sleep the rest of the night peacefully."

"But what's he doing here, while you all - all -"

"He's looking for someone," replied Trowa, stretching his aching body back upright. Damn, he'd never have believed that Quatre was some kind of beast like that, he'd not been so exhaustively fucked for a long time...!

"Looking for orders," added Wufei, sitting up and rebraiding his tousled hair. "He thinks he has to take some kind of care of us, while he's waiting. He's looking for an update on something or other, before he can rest."

"You mean, rest just as soon as he's serviced all of you?" Heero sounded excessively angry. Almost jealously so, Quatre thought. He smiled to himself.

"That's not it, Heero," he said, softly now. He took Duo's arm and drew him to the side of the couch. "He's been very passive, see?"

"Very unlike his normal self," growled Wufei. He was disappointed that he'd had little effect on the boy, despite that very pleasant session last night.

"He seems to have been some kind of a catalyst, Heero. He's never been quieter; more submissive. But his 'orders' seem to allow him to look after us all in different ways. And I guess that has - encouraged us. His passive presence has led to a certain level of - "

" - excitement - " hissed Trowa, and earned a hot look in return from Quatre.

"Yeah... something about having him there - watching us -" murmured Wufei.

"Touching us..." whispered Quatre.

And then Duo spoke for himself. "About bloody time you showed up! I've been waiting for days!"

Four pairs of eyes looked round for the person he was addressing. Three pairs came back to stare at Heero.

"Me?" he blustered. But there was no doubt about it - Duo's eyes had miraculously focussed for the first time, and they were fixed on Heero. There was a smile, now, on his face.

"So what are the new orders? You know you're the only one I'll listen to. I'll do what you tell me to do."

Wufei snorted his disgust in the background. He appeared to have slipped his hand around Quatre's naked waist whilst Duo was talking, and the nude blond hadn't pushed him away. He was rather enjoying the feel of Wufei's hardening shaft against the crack of his ass.

"I - don't have any new orders..." said Heero, bemused. "What were you expecting from me, Duo?"

"Look after the guys, you said. That's been fine, up to now. But you said there'd be an update. When I was to look after you. I need details. I've been waiting for that." His expression was eager - his eyes drank in the sight of Heero standing there in front of him. They seemed to have a new spark of awareness in them. His look ranged up and down Heero's loosely-clad body, and Heero tried to ignore the answering tug in his groin area.

Trowa was watching Wufei fondle his lover's ass, but he wasn't as distressed as he thought he'd be. Even when he saw Quatre responding. It was actually very exciting, and he was amazed to find he was getting aroused again himself. Perhaps he'd wait just a little longer to take his turn as seme, after all. He had fantasies of watching Quatre be taken by another, and it was looking a safe bet they'd be reality tonight. He also saw Duo's expression, as he gazed at Heero. It was very possessive. Very sexually possessive. He smirked, and gave a low whistle. "When was this going on, Heero? Keeping him all for yourself?"

"What are you, some kind of sex fiend?" hissed Heero. "You're in no position to challenge me, Barton, standing there stark naked with an erection I could hang my coat on!" But he was gazing back at Duo with some kind of fascination, and his neck was suspiciously red. "I - I can only think he's referring to my instructions at the end of the mission; when I sent him out to bring you all back. I - told him to look after the team. To give them what they needed."

Quatre snickered.

"I meant in the way of backup!" snapped Heero. "And then I told him we'd have a debriefing when he got back, because I had some personal requirement issues I wanted to raise."

"Personal requirements..." sighed Trowa, still smirking.

"I meant - about his filing of reports, for my records!" cried Heero. No-one was listening.

"Raising issues, indeed..." sighed Wufei, leaning his head on Quatre's shoulder, and watching the upwardly mobile progress of Quatre's cock, awakening below him.

"I think that his concussion must have distorted the messages, Heero," said Quatre. He felt fairly distorted himself, with Trowa staring at him in that consuming way, and Wufei sliding a thin, saliva-slick finger up his ass from behind. He was finding it difficult to concentrate on any sort of conversation at all. They were all still naked, except for Duo and Heero, and to be honest, he would have said that if the virtual world were real, Duo's hungry eyes would have stripped Heero completely by now. The atmosphere was heating up again; there was a thick smog of lust enveloping the room again.

He wondered how Heero would resist it?

Duo moved a little closer to Heero. He rubbed his hand over his face; then his chest. The vest caught under his fingers, and he tugged it up, exposing half of the flesh underneath. A nipple could be seen - pert, erect. A spare finger toyed gently with it - the tip of his tongue sneaked out of the corner of his full mouth. It was half absent-minded - it was half predatory. Heero stared, like a rabbit caught in headlights. Duo shook his head, very gently, as if he was trying to clear a mist from it.

"I - don't have any orders for you," said Heero, at last. He seemed to have to squeeze the words out. His fists were clenched by his side. He wished he'd put a vest on, because it actually felt like his nipples were aching to be touched. But he wasn't moving away.

"And why should he take them from you?" growled Wufei.

Duo answered that himself. He turned to Wufei, and the Chinese boy was rather shocked to see complete clarity in his expression. Was he awake now?

"Hey Wufei - you pissed to hear I'll take orders from someone else, when I won't take 'em from you?"

"Hey! You're not sleepwalking now!"

"Nah - doesn't look like it, does it?" smiled Duo. He spun back to Heero, registering his shock. "Think I've been OK since you came in, Heero. Something about you arriving at last - it's broken the trance."

Heero backed quickly away, coming up tight against the back of the couch. Quatre grinned in the background. Then gasped, as Wufei doubled the fingers up inside him. The cock at his ass was getting impatient.

"You don't have to take my orders now, Duo -"

"Maybe not. But I'm happy to. I want you to know that." Duo was taking the few steps towards him - gently; relentlessly. "I respect you, Heero. I'll do what you say - under certain circumstances, of course."

Heero cleared a dangerously tight throat. "So - back to normal, now, then -?"

"No, it's not back to normal, Heero," Duo murmured. There was a low hiss to his words. It was very seductive. He was so close now that Heero could feel the heat from his body. He thought he could see Trowa's hands at Duo's shorts, tugging them down his hips, and Duo wasn't stopping him. Heero felt light-headed at what he knew was going to be out on view, any second now. "Listen to me, Heero. I've watched these guys get closer and - closer - each night, and I couldn't do a damn thing about it. Couldn't join in - or not join in. Couldn't choose my own partner. Whatever."

"Choose - ?" said Heero, weakly.

"Tell us, Duo," sighed Trowa, appearing from behind Duo, slipping a strong arm round his waist. He started to peel the crumpled vest up over Duo's shoulders and, again, he didn't resist. Just kept staring at Heero, as his tanned chest came into full view. Wufei sucked in a breath. Trowa's eyes widened with pleasure. He couldn't resist running a hand down Duo's side, tracing the lines of his ribcage and muscles. He felt goose bumps under his fingers - he saw Heero's face tighten and flush.

"Tell us, Duo, who you'd choose. You know now the effect you've had on us - directly or otherwise. Asleep or awake. You want us to do something about that?"

"I want him to, first," sighed Duo. He put his hands on the back of the couch, one either side of Heero. The dark haired boy was effectively trapped. Duo's breath was very hot, and was steaming gently at his neck. His head swam.

"I want to take your orders, Heero. This is maybe the only chance you're gonna get, this side of the millennium, cos there'll be plenty of argument later, now I feel a hell of a lot better! But just for this evening - let's pretend I'm still the quiet, groggy guy, who's away in some sleepy world, and who wants to look after you. Give you what you need."

The familiar face was smiling with a whole new message - chock full of desire and determination. The long, strong fingers were reaching to Heero's own sweats, and sliding inside to touch at the damp, curling hairs. There was a sharp intake of breath from someone, probably Heero himself.

"Pleased to see me, Heero?" Duo murmured, and those fingers closed unerringly around a thick, jutting cock that was just waiting for that particular touch - and wasn't ashamed to let the fingers know it.

Wufei couldn't stand the anticipation any more. He'd rarely seen anything so erotic as Duo's slow advance on Heero - or Heero's stunned captivation. Or maybe it was the excitement of the hot, tight ass in his hands. Quatre tried to wriggle away from him, to watch the progress of the seduction, but Wufei twisted him back down on to the couch and spread his legs. Quatre gasped. He saw the desire in Wufei's expression, and felt the heat of his fiercely erect cock against his stomach. He relaxed, and smiled a welcome.

Wufei was still damp with a mixture of Trowa's saliva and his own cum, and he didn't think he could bear to wait to thrust into the soft, clenched hole that was offered up to him. The damn boy was grinning at him - he was lifting his legs, for God's sake -!

"I want this boy," he groaned. "And I can't wait for you lot to go get a room -"

"Don't wait," hissed Trowa. "No need, just for us..." He stroked his way down Duo's thighs.

"Don't wait!" moaned Quatre. He wasn't even sure who he was asking anymore.

Duo was ignoring the others on the couch. Heero was trying to. Though he was finding it difficult to protest at the intimacy going on in full view of everyone, when Duo had his cock in his hand, and Trowa was crouched at his feet, pulling down his sweats. Duo's mouth came softly and fiercely on to his, and his tongue slipped in. Heero felt like all his Christmases had arrived at once.

"Duo..." he mumbled, still confused. "I - in front of everyone like this, I don't think -!"

Duo paused. Trowa paused. Wufei couldn't have paused if his life and that of mainland China depended on it, and so all that could be heard in the room at that moment were his ecstatic grunts as he plunged into Quatre, folded up underneath him on the couch. Trowa wiped an already sweaty brow. He was extremely tempted to leave the long, smooth legs in front of him, and go to join his new lover. Or lovers. Or whatever. He crouched there, torn between the two tableaux.

Heero was silent. Trowa reached a tentative hand to Duo's open shorts, and only held it back at the last minute. His lips ached to touch. To taste. If Quatre was going to give out to whoever he wanted, shouldn't he be encouraged to do the same? He could hear Quatre panting in the background, starting to give those gorgeous little wails that meant he was close to coming. The couch was creaking with the activity it had seen tonight. And Trowa thought he might permanently cripple himself if he was kept bent down here much longer.

"Give me orders, Heero," said Duo. "You said you would. You promised."

"I never meant -"

"Unless..." Duo's voice sounded uncharacteristically unsure. "You don't want me."

Heero's mouth opened and then shut again - nothing came out. He felt Duo's soft skin, so close to him that he felt like he was wearing it himself. He was wearing nothing else, for God's sake! He felt the fingers on his quivering cock - gentle but very firm. He felt the imprint of Duo's lips on his, still tingling with the touch. And he remembered cradling the boy in his lap, when he'd passed out, and the beatific smile on his face as he rested there.

"Kiss me again," he said, harshly.

"In front of everyone?" murmured Duo, teasingly.


"That an order?"

"Too fucking right it is! Are you disobeying me, Maxwell?"

The answer was a tongue back down his throat, and a fierce pumping of his cock. Heero groaned out loud, and pressed himself into Duo's palm, hard. Duo thrust his other hand round his shoulders and clutched him to him, mouths devouring each other. Trowa crept between Duo's legs, giving a final tug to his shorts so that they fell to the ground. As Duo stepped carelessly out of them, Trowa found himself gazing up at the magnificent underside of his balls and erect cock, and he reached up to suck.

Duo groaned as well, as the hot, alien wetness engulfed him. Trowa clung to his hips, stretched up from his knees, licking and swallowing his shaft as far as he could reach. Duo was only dimly aware of the deep, encouraging strokes as he reached for Heero. This was the real stimulation he wanted -!

He leant forward, kissing Heero like he might suck the breath out of him, and jerking his cock quickly to its full, swollen potential. Heero was desperate for him, and it showed.

"Want you -" gasped Duo.

"I guessed that -" gasped Heero. "Oh, God, Duo - not so - so fast - no - yes - Christ, don't stop now -!" He gave a shudder, clutching tightly to Duo's bare shoulders, and he shouted loudly as his climax overwhelmed his self-control. The cum came out of him like a hot geyser, covering the long-haired boy's hand and arm, his body almost recoiling as it did, shaking in Duo's hands.

And then he pushed Duo away, holding him at arm's length, and he looked down at Trowa. Still kneeling at Duo's hip, still holding tight to his thighs, and still sucking his cock for all he was worth. Which was probably quite a lot.

Heero was panting heavily. He looked back up at Duo's face, full of an expression that was struggling between delight at Trowa's handiwork and desire for more of Heero.

"Come for me, Duo," Heero growled. "I want to see this..."

"In - front of - everyone -?" grunted Duo. The delight was winning over the desire, for Trowa was an excellent master of the blowjob.

"In front of everyone, yes please!" came a gasp from Quatre in the background. Heero smiled slowly, amazed at himself, and nodded his agreement.

"Yesss -" groaned Duo, and his head bowed, and he grabbed at Trowa's hair, not knowing whether to pull him closer or push him away. It made no difference, because Trowa made one last forceful tongue swipe across the flap of skin at the front of Duo's cock and Duo lost it. He gave a huge, gulping cry, and fell back against the couch, as his hips slammed up against Trowa's chin, and he started to pump out into his mouth.

And then Heero's mouth was back on his, and he was sucking out his moans and his cries, and he was giving this climax to Heero, even as Trowa rolled back away from his softening cock, trailing silvery threads from the leaking excess cum on his body, exhausted and rubbing his numb jaw.


"Come on... " sighed Duo. "Haven't I waited long enough for you?" He leant against the side of the couch now, facing Heero, with his leg bent high up on to the arm. Naked, and glistening with the slight sweat of their caressing to date; as delicious as anything Heero had ever seen - or tasted - in his life. Duo looked up, to make sure that Heero was watching everything.

Yeah! thought Heero, in a very Duo-like manner. Like he was going to miss any of this, when Duo was laid out like a gift for him! He couldn't believe how he'd got here - also naked, also glistening - and exposed in front of a houseful of horny boys, taking his first 'taste' of the one boy he dreamt about all the time, even when he was officially awake. He wondered why he wasn't distressed - he wondered why his original outrage had been so easily seduced into a happy acceptance - he wondered why he'd taken so damn long to realise how much he wanted Duo.

Duo was whispering to him; calling him to attention. The long braid was tucked back, and he stretched his head back until he was almost laying flat across the top of the back cushions. Heero watched him slide a hand down between his legs, and under his balls. He wriggled a couple of fingers, like a magician preparing for sleight of hand; then he pushed them upwards, and winced. Sighed.

His voice sounded like the touch of velvet. "Guess where this is going, Heero. Wanna go there yourself?"

Heero made some kind of gargled reply, and suddenly his naked body was pressing down on to Duo, and his hands were all over him, reaching, probing between his thighs, plucking at his soft skin, greedy for satisfaction. Duo clasped his lifted leg around Heero's waist, and started licking his hands to lubricate Heero's cock, or surely it was gonna hurt like hell. A small tube appeared - like magic! - in his hand. Trowa grinned at him, and then moved away.

There was a thump behind them, as Quatre rolled his exhausted self off the couch. Wufei had crawled off some while ago, and was laid out on the floor, head propped up on his hand, watching Heero and Duo. Quatre thought that position looked just fine, partly because he couldn't imagine his legs ever getting him upright again, so he staggered on all fours over to join Wufei.

And then Trowa was there again, on the floor like the rest of them, and despite his exhaustion - or perhaps because of it - Quatre didn't resist when Trowa rolled him on to his back, bent a soft, rough tongue to his nipples and began suckling. It was very soothing, he thought. Or that's what he thought until his cock started nagging at him again. He turned his head and smiled at Trowa, lids heavy with the pleasantly painful sensation. Then he turned his head even further round, and stared at Heero and Duo.

Heero had lathered the cream all over his painfully erect cock; Duo had also lathered the cream all over Heero's painfully erect cock - both of them seemed terrified that they'd hurt the other.

'"Want you..." repeated Duo, but a little uncertainly this time.

"Just say -" began Heero.

"I'll follow orders..." gasped Duo. Heero's hand had clutched at his swollen balls - he was reaching for his entrance. He was stroking the puckered skin; nursing the feel of it. His fingers were sticky with the cream, and they teased gently inside - just a digit. Just a cool, slippery, questing digit. Heero seemed to know what he was doing. It was good - very good. Duo reckoned he could take a lot more - and soon. He relaxed.

Heero leaned in for a wet, clumsy, consuming kiss, and Duo opened his mouth for it. Heero pulled away from his lips, very slightly, and whispered close to his ear. "I want to be in you. I want you to spread those legs and let me take you."

"Order?" moaned Duo.

"Too fucking right it is..."

"That's OK then." And Duo's lips smiled under his mouth, and Duo's cheeks flushed deeply with the excitement, and Duo's legs opened wider around his hips. Heero braced himself on the arm of the couch, and tilted Duo back so that he was fully supported by it. He slipped a hand under Duo's raised thigh, to steady himself, and with his other hand he guided his cock against the hole. And pressed on in.

"Ohh Goddd..." breathed Duo. And his legs quivered, and clenched tight around Heero. And he bucked against him.

"Careful -" gasped Heero. He wasn't quite as sure of what he was doing as Duo might have thought. He wasn't very sure at all. But this was the best feeling he'd ever had, and he knew enough of Duo to know that he would credit enthusiasm way above technique. Whatever! He pushed steadily in until he was sheathed completely. Thought he might come there and then. Thought that might be classed as a disaster, so he struggled to concentrate on something else, and not the touch of Duo, and not the smell of Duo, a mixture of that damn maple syrup and the freshly-shampooed hairs that were tangling up in his face, and his glorious, glutinous cum, trails of it still on his legs and stomach...

"I'm going to come soon, so damn soon, Duo -" he groaned. He started to pull out and thrust back in, and Duo clutched him tightly, and wriggled with him, and hiccupped with the excitement of his cock rubbed up between their stomachs. Heero rocked him towards the fall from what was going to have to be the highest roller coaster he'd ever seen, and he was usually so careful with the seatbelts on those things, but to be honest he'd thought he was only balanced on the edge of a low couch -

Duo came, seconds before Heero. Crying out, spilling hot, happy seed between them, slicking the skin as they ground together, bodies joined from shoulder to hip. And Heero felt the muscles clenching round his cock and knew he was beyond help. His climax was rushing up and out of him like it was chased by devils, and everyone watching was going to see and hear him as he lost control of every nerve and sense he possessed, and moaned and yelled, and - you know what? - he didn't give a fuck!

"But you just did," whispered Duo, in his ear.

"Did I say that aloud...?" groaned a humiliated Heero, and they fell forward together on to the couch, Duo laughing.


Quatre realised he'd been holding his breath as the two boys clung to each other and fucked. He was fascinated; he was thrilled. He nearly suffocated himself. Then he realised that Trowa's mouth was over his, and the gentle, possessive touch was drawing the air back out while he murmured to himself with great pleasure.

"Come here, my little fallen angel," hissed the brown-haired boy with the suspiciously sharp, bright eyes. Quatre knew that look by now. His ass clenched in anticipation of it. "You got time for me again, now?"

Quatre actually whimpered. Trowa liked the sound of it. He thought he might try building on that in the next few minutes.

"Trowa - I mean, you know I want to... I mean, you're the best, and it's you I want... I mean, it's just been more times than I've had in all my life, I reckon... last night, and then Wufei was pretty fierce tonight...I mean, I'm so sore - I mean -"

"You mean yes," sighed Trowa, spreading his legs, as he lay there on the floor, and pushing the pale knees back up on to his chest. "Don't you, Quatre?"

"Yeah..." came Quatre's gasp, as the whispering lips came down to nuzzle his nipple buds again, and the spiky brown hair fell over his chest, tickling his most sensitive spots; well, not his most sensitive spot, because that was currently being invaded most deliciously and determinedly by the cock that was attached to the body that was attached to the head that sported the spiky hair itself...


Meanwhile, Duo and Heero were standing up again and clutching each other's arms, playing some kind of wrestling game, where each was trying to press the other one down underneath them. They struggled; they panted; their resilient young cocks bounced happily against each other's legs and stomach, and neither seemed to be getting anywhere. Duo - who really wasn't going to wait all night to have Heero up his ass again - capitulated easily, and found himself face down over the back of the couch. Heero tugged his legs back; spread them wide apart. Duo felt hands on his hips, and waited for the joy of it.

He yelped aloud when he felt the soft, seeking wetness of Heero's tongue pushing into his ass. He was cooling down and very damp there now - damp with Heero's cum, damp with Heero's hungry tongue. He could do with something hot and rigid coming right back in. He wondered how long Heero wanted to torture him. Then there were confident hands on his balls that were making it difficult for him to do any more wondering.

And then he came face to face with Wufei's dark eyes, the boy crouched at the front of the couch, watching him.

"Ahh, yes - Wufei..."

"Huh?" the Chinese boy looked almost nervous.

"You think I didn't know what you were doing to me the other night, Chang? Playing around with my dick like it was some kinda PushPop, while you thought I couldn't complain?"

"Hey - Maxwell, don't get all aggressive on me now - you provoked me -!"

You have no idea of fucking provocation! thought Duo with delight, as Heero's tongue was replaced behind him with Heero's newly blossoming cock. He moaned, as the dark haired boy gripped his hips and thrust up into him again. He rubbed his cock against the back of the couch. He needed some help here...

And he turned lust-filled, half-hooded eyes back on Wufei.

"Wanna go again?" he hissed. "With me awake, this time?"

Wufei stared at him, warily. "You gonna keep that mouth shut?"

"Make me!" he purred.

Wufei's eyes flashed with excitement. His ongoing argument with this loud, brash, lunatic American boy made him hot. Very hot! He knelt up on to the couch, placing his hands on the back to steady himself. When he leant slightly forward, his groin nudged at Duo's head, hanging over. It was jerking back and forth, slowly, as Heero fucked him. Very slowly; very deliberately. It was going to last a while, this time.

Wufei stared up into Heero's face, up close and very personal behind Duo's bent body, and his eyes narrowed.

Heero stared back. He could feel the deep, dark, cosy channel that was Duo's ass squeezing his cock like it was a long-lost relative come home. He wondered if this was home, when he could move his bags in.

"If it's OK with Duo..." he replied, to Wufei's unanswered question.

Wufei stared down at Duo's hot, moist mouth, as his head bounced over the cushions. He teased at his aching cock, presenting it to him. "Suck it," he growled.

"Ask - nice -!" grunted Duo, as he jerked again with the force of Heero's body in him. Hadn't he said he didn't take orders from anyone but Heero?

Wufei contemplated arguing again, or just taking that damn, insolent mouth as he wished - but he didn't. He was rather nervous of what those wide, white teeth might do to him if he did. And he wanted to enjoy this for the longest time...

"Please..." he hissed.

Duo grinned. The Chinese boy was really very sexy when he pleaded! His lips opened slightly, and his tongue licked at them, long and languidly. He saw the throb of Wufei's cock, acknowledging him. Then he opened them wider, and the shaft slid in.

Heero watched the other two take up position. He thought he could hear Quatre and Trowa bickering in the background; something about no cream left, and whose turn it was, and being able to walk in the morning. He also thought he felt the gentlest of touches at his own ass, and that must have been Quatre, who honestly appeared to have become some kind of a sex maniac. He ignored it - for the time being.

He looked down, and watched his cock moving lazily in and out of Duo, his hands spread possessively across the milky-skinned buttocks. He felt Duo's balls ghosting against the front of his thighs; he felt the breath rising and falling in his lover's chest as he thrust. He looked up, and he could see Wufei's expression - glazed and astounded - as he knelt on the couch, and Duo's mouth gobbled him up and sucked away with gusto. They rocked together for a while, the three of them, in an erotic little dance, backwards and forwards over the furniture. Breaths were shortening fast.

Heero released one of his hands and stretched it down under Duo's body, and folded it round his cock. Duo hissed with gratitude. Heero could feel its ache, even through his own excitement. His first touch of Duo's cock in his hand - his first chance to tease out the contents, to bring Duo off.

"Not the last, I hope," mumbled Duo, mouth full of warm, sticky liquid, as his hunger sent Wufei racing over the edge of sanity and probably off the end of the couch any minute soon.

"God, did I say that aloud as well?" wailed Heero. He thrust a little more speedily. His hand around Duo matched the rhythm, so that Duo began keening along with it.

"These uncontrolled babblings will stop after tonight, won't they, Duo? You'll - we'll be back to normal tomorrow - this is all too good to be true, I know it - this is just one weird and wonderful night, isn't it?"

"In your dreams, lover," gasped Duo. Here came that roller coaster ride again, and this time he wasn't gonna bother with any damn seatbelt -

"In your dreams! "


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