author: fancy figures
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Flavour No. 7 + Part 2

There'd been a God-awful queue at the kiosk, and then I'd needed quite a bit of time to decide on flavours, 'cause there were plenty there - and now I was stumbling back with six cones, all different. I could eat them all, couldn't I, so why should I restrict myself unnecessarily? Also, to be honest, I took advantage of the break to gather my wits and calm my raging libido because Heero was gonna climb that wall and spring back down on my neck if he knew what I was thinking.

I was mad for him.

I had been for months, and the strain was killing me. He was the strong, silent, sullen type and I was a mere lightweight. I talked too much, laughed too much, played too much. Everything he hated. And that image was all my own fault. I joked all the time about just having fun, and how many people I'd like to take along with me on the ride, and the only reason was 'cos I didn't really want anyone to find out how I was inside. How lonely I felt sometimes. I talk a good game, you understand? I talk clubs, and dancing and some drinking, and lots of company, boys and girls. But I don't necessarily walk that path. However, I've been too successful with the act - especially with Heero. He'd swallowed the whole show, and disapproved of me accordingly.

Why d'you do it then, Duo? I asked myself sometimes. Can't you trust your friends - him - to understand you? To like the real you?

And I'd look at the scowling face and the eyes that were dangerously hooded whenever they looked at me, and I'd answer myself -"Nah." We worked well together, because we were both damn good at what we did, at the expense of any personal feeling. But let's leave it at that. I stood two chances with Heero Yuy - no chance and definitely no chance. I'd rather persuade myself I didn't need 'im.

But he sure was Mr. Eye Candy! I didn't admit it aloud, and it was one of my many weaknesses, but I watched him a lot. Watched the way he stood, the way he moved. Everything he did screamed Heero's way. His eagerness to be physically active, to work on his Gundam 'til all hours when it needed it. His singlemindedness when he was on a mission, his commitment. Yeah, I watched him everywhere - at work; hunched over his laptop; moving quickly to and from the fridge for food; even his trips in and out of the bathroom. The shower... God, that was always a tricky time. And he never caught me doing it, because it was one of the incredibly few things I did without a running commentary, or without accompanying noise.

Sad, eh? 'S not as if I didn't have plenty of other views to look at - I liked to make and meet plenty of friends; I dated when time allowed. But I couldn't ignore the growing realisation that I compared everyone I saw to Heero. And I was damned if I knew why. Like - the girl at the kiosk was cute, but only because she had chocolate brown hair like Heero, and eyes that slanted just that little bit at the corners. And I helped the little kid out, the one with the lost ball - of course, 'cos he needed it - but when he grinned thanks up at me, his eyes were blue like Heero's, and the eyebrows scowled in a similar way. Oh God. I've got it bad.

I was back at our secluded little beachlet, no sign of the others. But - I let out a breath - Heero was still there.

He was lying, face down, half in the shade of the breaker wall. He'd made the towel more comfortable beneath him, and had craftily found the most obscure corner between the wall and the driftwood, so that no-one would see him unless they came down on to the beach and tramped across the pebbles, up to their ankles in sea water, and under the pier. Like me.

I stopped and gazed for a bit. I'm entitled to ogle like anyone else, eh? He lay with his hands under his head, and I couldn't see his face because his arms and head were covered with his vest top. More shade, I s'pose. Man comes all the way to the beach and covers himself up from the sun. Severe personality disorder, if you ask me. Though no-one ever does.

Never mind, it meant I could enjoy the rest of the sea view for a while, before I got myself chewed out. The sea view that was Heero. It was a rare opportunity for me. My eyes gobbled up the sight of the tight muscles all the way from his shoulders, down his back, along the knobs of his spine, and down to his narrow waist. His skin was starting to pink from the sun's rays, still fierce even as the afternoon was wearing on, and there was the slightest glint and ripple as the reflection from the sea bounced off the wall and bathed him there. I bet you could smell the tang of the sea all the way down his body. And taste it.

I felt an unfortunate - but familiar - tightening inside my shorts. Wondered if I let out another button, the damn things would fall down.

He still had his own pants on, but he'd taken off his boots and socks, and rolled the fabric up to his calves. Very nice calves they were, too. I gazed at the way the cloth crinkled into the back of his knees and under the curve of his ass. Imagined the view without anything in the way, and I knew my own clothes wouldn't survive the stress. I'd have to go. I knew it. To go, or run into the sea screaming, and drown myself - that was the only choice I had.

Then there was the tiniest 'ping' sound and I suddenly knew why he was sheltered by the cloth over his head. Instant fury! I clutched the cones into one hand, sprang forward, and whipped the vest away. And caught him in the act. Fingers wriggling furiously, eyes glued to the small, luminous square.

Halfway through a Gameboy game!

"Heero Yuy, you total jerk!" I yelled. "You brought a bloody Gameboy to the beach! Can't you leave your electronic soothers alone for a single day?"

He just gaped at me, unable to speak. I grabbed at the console, and in a single, sweeping movement that many a sportsman would have killed for, I turned, bent my arm, and flung it out to sea.

Sudden, stunned silence, broken only by the plop far out as it fell in.

"What have you just done?" he breathed, Death Glare swivelling round to fix on me, to pin me to my punishment. And then we were both shouting at once.

"I can't believe you, Heero, I thought you were really getting into the sun and you were just jerking me around!"

"It's just a game, how did I know how long you'd be? If you'd even come back?"

"You - you jerk! Of course I was coming back. We were gonna have an ice cream, and enjoy the sun, and- and- oh, why don't you get a real life!"

I couldn't believe the wave of disappointment that was swamping me. It's not as if I didn't already know he preferred his electronics to me, is it?

"Why don't you mind your own business, Duo? What's it to you, what I do?"

"It is my business because I'm stuck with your rotten company-"

"You don't have to be! Just leave me be, like you usually do-"

"Usually, usually- what are you talking about? You're the one who ignores me - ignores us all - because you'd rather be stuck in your damn codes and processors than connecting with real people. With me!"

And then he gave a strange, gargling sound, and he lunged at me. We grappled for only a few seconds, because there was no way we were well matched - I was still clutching six multi-coloured ice cream cones, for God's sake! Heero didn't seem to have registered this. He grabbed at my neck, caught his fingers in my braid, and he tried to spin me down on to the stones. Instead, I lurched off balance, fell forward, and - with a very satisfying, noisy 'schlopping' sound - splatted all six cones against him. All over his chest and neck - all six of 'em. A glorious, glutinous mess of ice cream, stuck to his skin, and - very slowly - starting to melt and run down his body. Vanilla white, and chocolate brown, and strawberry pink -

You get the picture.


Big, awkward silence this time. I was scared of him, but I was also fighting off hysterical laughter. Anyone else, you understand, and it would've been the high spot of the day.

He stared down at himself, a stunned look on his face.

"Baka!" he snarled. "I will wash it off in the sea..."

"No you won't!" I snapped back. "That's a disgraceful waste - that cost all the rest of my day's allowance!"

I started moving towards him. He backed off, but - surprisingly careless of him - in the direction of the wall.

"You shouldn't have wasted your money on the bucket and spade-" he sneered.

"She was cute - the girl selling them. She's paid a pittance, I was helping her out," I replied.

There was only a foot between him and a dead end. I kept going. He could see the look on my face, and it seemed to bring me some respect at last.

"And you bought the ball -"

Back, back another few steps. I couldn't believe the look in his own eyes - there was a mixture of anger and something like fear? Ha ha!

"Uh-huh. That was for the kids. They lost theirs in the sea. Stop complaining and give me my ice cream."

Thud! There it was, the wall, up hard behind his back. And me - up hard, I must also say - against his front.

"Duo, don't be such a fool..." he groaned. He'd realised he was trapped. "What - what are you going to do?"

"Don't be such a fool yourself," I said, softly. "I just want what's mine."

I placed a hand on his shoulder to hold him steady, then dipped the fingers of my other hand into the cool, thick mess on his chest. I scooped a generous handful - strawberry and mocha, I think - and I brought it up to my mouth. Heero was watching, fascinated.

"You're not going to eat that?"

"Damn right I am. It's paid for, it's my favourite, and I don't care where it's been!"

Grinning, I licked it in, rolled it round my mouth, and swallowed. Okay, so it was melting, and it was an unusual combination. But it was as good as ice cream always is, eh? And it was flavoured with that secret ingredient - Heero Yuy Embarrassment. I dipped for another helping.

His face was an attractive shade of strawberry itself, by now. Our argument seemed to have been forgotten.

"There's other people on the beach, you can't do this-"

"Uh-huh," I said, through a mouthful of vanilla. "No way. You chose this place and it's well hidden from the pier. No-one can see us here unless they come looking. Shut up with your whining and they won't."

"It's melting all over me..." he moaned.

I looked down. There were rivers of blobbing ice cream, and patches of Heero's skin peeking through. I think it may have been at that point that my tastes changed to a different direction.

"You're right, Heero. Time is of the essence here, I think. Hold still."

Still holding his shoulder, I dipped my whole head this time and caught the lowest dribbles with my tongue. What can I say? I licked his stomach. He yelped with fury.

"What the hell are you doing? I didn't mean that! Get off me!"

"Hush," I grumbled. "It'll only take a minute, and you want it cleaned off, don't you?"

"Not like - like that -!" he said, but the snarl turned into a gasp as I dragged my tongue up from the little strawberry trails and up to a particularly tempting pool of chocolate around his navel.

"Mmm - works well. I'll be done in a few more mouthfuls..."

God, it was good! I mean, the ice cream was great, and the mixture of flavours was something else, but that's not what I meant. I'd finished the pool of chocolate before I knew it, and in between catching another rivulet of strawberry, I found a patch of flesh that was pure Heero. And I didn't resist for a second - I continued the path of my tongue and I lapped him. He was tasty from the sun, just like I knew he would be, and cool from the ice cream, and it was the closest I'd ever been to him and his body. It had a taste all of its own and I was hungry - very hungry - for that. If I'd had my wits about me, I would have remembered how many people Heero had pulverised in the past for far, far less abuse of his person. But I had somehow strayed into Sensory Heaven and I was gonna take full advantage.

I reached up for a small peak of mint choc chip, and found the nub of his nipple just underneath. Acting the innocent, I sucked on it. Cleared away the ice cream, licked my lips, and continued to suck. And - Jesus, Mary & Joseph - I felt him suck in his breath and stretch his chest out underneath me. It was a response. Listen, Duo! hammered the voice in my head. It's a response from Heero Yuy - a physical one that doesn't involve slapping you round the head!

"Duo..." came a small sound, barely more than a whisper. I felt the reverberation across his ribs.


"Why do we argue so much?"

"What?" I mumbled. I did not want to stop this delicious trail across his nipples - I was tickling the other one now, though it was nowhere near any ice cream, but I hoped he wouldn't notice. I had slipped my hand off his shoulder and passed it round his waist. I was gonna have to redirect it down to my shorts in a minute,"cos I was horribly uncomfortable in there.

"I know you hid my laptop. I know you're always angry at me. Don't you get tired of it all?"

I lifted my head in amazement. We were eye to eye, as we're both of a similar height. My hip was pressing against his, my hand clutching his waist. There was still the sweet stickiness of ice cream over his chest, and I could feel hearts thumping. Well, mine, obviously - I wasn't sure if I could hear his as well. We'd never been so close, unless we were fighting back to back, unless there was a weapon between us - and I'd have to admit there were a couple of those now, and I, for one, was desperate to use mine.

I opened my mouth, then shut it again when nothing came out. Speechlessness was getting to be an unpleasant habit. And Heero was staring at my mouth. He lifted a hand to it, and gently wiped some flecks of ice cream from the sides. I felt an immediate leap in my groin and I just knew that he'd feel it too. We were that close.

"I'm just asking. Because I find it tiring, too. And I think that - today - I don't want to continue with it."

"Uhh-"' some sounds were returning to me now. I still clutched his body, and my leg was acting on its own behalf, and was sidling between his. God, he felt hot!

"What you said, Duo, about me -"

"Oh fuck - I mean, forget it, I talk a load of crap when I'm angry. I know you despise me-"

He shook his head, quite violently.

"Hn. Never! It's you who finds me tedious. I know I can't get your attention normally. You're lively, people love you, they're drawn to you..."


He nodded, dropped his eyes for a second. I'd never heard him talk so personally. With such repressed emotion.

"I've got nothing to appeal to you. I know I don't do well with other people around. And you think I'm just a bore. Useful for a mission, nothing else. Please understand, if I didn't spend so much time on my laptop, I'd go mad from the lack of company."

He was flushed, now.

"Your company."

"No," I almost yelled. "That's all wrong! That's the wrong way around -!"


He sounded miserable.

"It's always been that way, and I know I have to live with it. Just now - I tried to join you - to be like you a little, to expose myself to the sun. But you - well, you couldn't get away from me fast enough."

"No...." I may have been wailing, it sounded like it. "That's not why I rushed off-"

Heero shrugged, and I felt the movement all down my aching body.

"I don't care," he said simply. "As I said, today is different - for me, at least."

He swallowed hard.

"Have some more ice cream."

And he took hold of my head, and he pressed it, rather clumsily, back down towards his chest.

"Heero - wait -"'


"But - this is all very confusing, I don't understand-"

"I said no. I've said enough, and I don't enjoy being humiliated. This ice cream thing - I don't understand it, myself. But - it makes me want to act differently. I want more."

Hell's teeth...

"Although I will still kill you for destroying my Gameboy in the sea-"


And then I saw that he was smiling slightly. Jesus, Mary and Joseph - Heero Yuy smiling! Smiling, with his shirt off, allowing me to run a hand all over him, and with a chest still smeared with mocha and chocolate chip that I was invited to lick off.

When did I die and go to Heaven?

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