author: fancy figures
see part 1 for warnings, notes

Flavour No. 7 + Part 3

By now, we were both pressed against the wall, my leg was pressing insistently against his groin, and his hand had somehow crawled behind my head and was fixed in my braid. And it was tugging me closer. I could hear his breath in my ear, panting slightly.

"You are amazing, Duo. You look - you feel -" I think I moaned, very quietly."I wish I had your words," he whispered."To tell you."

"Show me, then," I whispered back.

His eyes flashed, the sun glinting its reflection in the blue. He looked a delicious mixture of caution and surrender.

"I want to kiss you, Duo. Can I kiss you?"

I appeared to have lost the power of speech again. Too much licking, I guess. So I just opened my mouth like I was being asked to, and I let in his heated tongue. He was kissing me - Heero was kissing me. And, by God, he was good! His tongue was fierce and he was using it like a probe. Every time he thrust into my mouth, the shiver ran down to my toes. I probed back, eagerly.

"I want to taste it, too - the ice cream," he mumbled."And you..."

"Down," I groaned, through a mouthful of his tongue."Get down before I fall down."

I dragged the towel underneath us, and we stumbled to our knees on it, and I pushed him back down on to his back. He seemed unhappy that we'd stopped kissing, but there was work to do, and I had to move fast before he woke up from this hallucination, the one that had him lying underneath me, barely dressed, and gasping very satisfactorily.

I licked at the strawberry, which was round his left side now. And there was plenty of mocha left there, too; delicate, golden stripes inside the pink, little swirling patterns on his breastbone. I took long, slow strokes with my tongue, that swept it all up. Up around his shoulder and armpit and down again, on the inside of his elbow. He was shuddering, but I wasn't aware that the sun's warmth had gone yet. Then I moved over to the rest of the vanilla, all down his right side, all around the rosy, sharp little nipple that nosed up at my lips, all trickling down over his ribs, down towards the navel...

... where the dregs of the chocolate still lingered, one of my favourite flavours. I nuzzled into the dip of flesh, finding the skin underneath, and raising a whimper from Heero. Oh yeah, I forgot him, he's the guy who's hosting the ice cream, isn't he? With a sly smile, I guzzled up the chocolate, and licked the remainder of the flavour all the way down to meet a final spread of mint choc chip, plastered attractively to his right hip, just above his waistband. I couldn't resist a nip on the bone as I licked it up, and I felt him buck underneath me. Shit, I was so excited, I thought I had probably come already in my shorts. Never mind, it was washday tomorrow...

But it was then, when my head was moving further and further down his body, that I saw the unmistakeable proof that Heero liked ice cream after all - or, at least, his cock did. The pants were riding up his legs, they were loose to start with, and he'd been wriggling very deliciously on the towel. In the middle of it all, as clear as the blue sky above us, was an impressive bulge between his legs.

"Where's the pistachio?" I mumbled.

"Hn," he groaned. I took that to mean, what the hell -?

"There's six flavours," I panted."I couldn't decide on one, just one. Where'd the pistachio go?"

He was scarlet now, struggling with my tongue's assault on his body. I knew I was having the desired effect.

"It's - it went down my pants -"

Oh God in heaven, those prayers of mine have paid off at last!

"Down your pants?"

"Uh - huh.. I can feel - it's dripping -"

I sat up briskly, wiping warm drops of dairy product off my lips.

"They'll have to come off, then."


"Yes," I grinned."Can't have you going home with a wet patch, can we? The guys'll think you need a diaper!"

I started to tug at the waistband, slipping the zip down as I went.

"No," he groaned."We're in broad daylight - anyone could see -"

I paused. He was right. It was deserted at the moment, but the day was wearing on, and people would be going home from the beach and the pier, and it was possible that someone might lean over and see us.

"OK - come here, then."

I grabbed his hand, hauled him to his feet. He grasped the open fly of his pants, no time to refasten 'em. I scooped up the towel, abandoning eveything else, including the slowly melting remains of the cones, and I pulled him after me, along the beach again, up where the driftwood, the breaker wall and the pier itself met.

He was finding his feet on the pebbles just as I shoved him gently back against the broad wooden pillar under the pier. It was rather slimy, but I pressed on regardless. It felt good to run my hand across his chest. There was shade here, and a salty dampness to the sand. I felt it eke in between my toes, and the wet trails of some seaweed licked at my ankles. I kicked it to one side, and I hissed into his face.

"Is this private enough for you?"

"I - I guess so -"

"Kiss me again, Heero. Now!"

His lips ghosted against mine.

"Uh - hn.."


"No, Duo. I just wanted to taste the ice cream, like I said I would. I think I've had enough now. And you did say you wouldn't force it down my throat -"

"Are you kidding me?" I almost growled.

"Yes," he smiled.

Dear God in heaven, this was too much of a culture shock for me! I grabbed him, and I shut up that backchatting mouth with mine; hard and greedy. It was his fault - he'd provoked me! I pulled away, almost out of breath. He looked shell-shocked.

"And now to clean you up completely -" Now the look was nervous. Good!

I pushed down at the pants until I heard them fall to his ankles. He stepped out of them, kicked them to one side. He had the silkiest of boxers on, short and lifted gently by the sea breeze. I felt the warmth of his hidden cock against my groin; hot, aching flesh, in stark contrast to the cool air that was tickling my own almost-naked body.

"Pistachio, here I come," I murmured, and I sank down to my knees on the sand in front of him. I tugged at the waistband of the boxers, touched at the soft, dark hairs underneath. He looked very big, and swollen with excitement.

"Duo..." he whimpered."What are you going to do?"

"What I've wanted to do for months," I replied.

"You don't have to say that -"

"But it's true," I snapped."I've wanted you for so long that I was considering reincarnating as a computer game."Cos I expected a gruesome death if I ever confessed to you. Y'know?"

Please hurry, groaned my own, impatient cock. Get it out, get it free - and then I was there, my hand around Heero's cock, lifting it none too gently out from the silky fabric.

"Heero..." I breathed."You're fantastic ...."

Words seemed to fail him, now. I thought I could feel him holding his breath.

"You - want me -?"

"You think it's only for the ice cream?" I murmured."Oh yeah... here it is..." And I licked gently at the crease beside his balls. They shifted with shock, I moaned, and Heero shook. God knows what the ice cream felt!

Again and again I licked; up around his balls, into creases and along goosebumps, and finally up and down his cock itself. And, like I said, it wasn't just for the pistachio, which I cleared up within seconds. No, this was a far richer, more delicious flavour - full of smooth, warm skin, the tickle of hairs, the small dribble of seed from the tip of his cock... The flavour of Heero.

He was flat against the wooden post now, as if he was trying to meld himself into it, trying to get some purchase. One of his hands hovered over my head, the other touched unconsciously at his nipple. I'd get back up to that in a moment.

"Duo...oh God... I can't hold it -"

"Don't try," I mumbled. I could feel the swelling of his cock, the pulsing of the veins along it. He was damn close. I lifted my head a little, and plunged my mouth down on to it, as far back as I dared go without gagging. He yelped, and his hand slammed down on to my hair, pressing at me, demanding more. Happy to oblige, Heero! The tip of his cock was big, I could feel it leaking into my mouth and it tasted like nothing I'd ever had before. I was losing control myself. My lips clamped round the thick cock, only halfway down - he was damn deceptive in size! - and I sucked for all I was worth. My tongue prised a little space for itself, and I dragged it across the slit, and up and down the wrinkled skin until it smoothed under my touch and I could feel the ripple of the flood on its way.

With a shout, Heero bucked under me, his hips banged hard against my face, and he exploded into my waiting, willing mouth. Streamed - gushed - whatever. I was full of it, and I swallowed to my heart's content. My head swam, and still I sucked him, until I felt the tremors calm in his body, and his knees start to buckle. His cock slid gently, warmly out of my mouth, trailing the thinnest trail of seed behind it, and he sank down beside me.

I didn't give him a chance to speak, though I guess he wouldn't have been very intelligible just at that moment. I took chunks of that chocolate-coloured, wind-ruffled hair and I tugged his head to me and kissed him. He'd taste himself in my mouth; I wanted that. Seems he did, too. His tongue thrust back into me, licking up little drips of come, proving that the passionate kiss he'd gven me earlier was no fluke. Where'd he learn these things? I thought, rather blearily. My hand slid down to my groin, scrabbled into my shorts, and grabbed at my own aching cock. Christ, ache just wasn't word enough for the agony I was suffering! I hadn't come in my shorts like I dreaded, but it wouldn't be long.

"Heero - I'm feeling kinda - uncomfortable here -"


"I need to - to touch myself -"

I was starting to rub myself, as hard as I dared. I'd not worn boxers today under my shorts, and the friction of the faded denim was pure agony. I was still opening my mouth for Heero's kisses, still ravaging him back. Close as I was, I saw his eyes flash down to my lap and back up. They widened.

"Stop it, Duo."

I groaned.

"Don't be unfair, man! I can't help it, I've gotta do it, you're so damn hot and I never thought I'd get the chance to - anyway ..."

Another groan, I was pulling away quite seriously now, and never mind the humiliation of being found on my knees in the sand, jerking off - "No." Heero's hand came out of my lust-filled fog and grasped mine. Mine, the one that was pumping my cock.

"Let me do it. I want to do it!"

Duh! His hand was tentative, but I didn't really have the time or the nerve for that. I slid my hand out from under his, and moved it back on top. I started to guide him.

"Harder, Heero -"

It was a gargled moan, really, not an order. And my head was swimming again, so I couldn't be guiding any more, could I? I leaned hard on my heels, my head thrown back, and my arms went back on to the sand to support myself. Heero knelt in front of me, eyes riveted to my face, watching the flush spread over me, the gasps wrenched out of my throat. And he pumped me hard, and firmly and with perfect confidence.

"Is this OK, Duo-?"

Gargle, gargle...

"Harder, Duo? Is that what you said? Faster?"

"Heero!" I cried, and it was torn out of me, and I bent my back so far I musta looked like an upside down tortoise, but I had no control over my body now. I jerked about in his hand, and I heard him gasp as I started to climax. Of course, I've never looked at myself when it happens, y'know, but my eyes opened wide now, and I stared into Heero's huge, astonished pupils. They were dilated - I swear I could see my reflection, see the ecstatic shock on my face, the mouth wide open enough to catch flies, and the mixture of relief and agony as the come spewed out of me, all over his waiting palm.

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