Four Letter Words (cont)

"Not me..." I dismissed it.

"Uh-huh -" he was shaking his head. His hand slid up under my shirt, and I shivered. "You are tall - dark - sexy -" He seemed to run out of four letter words. For the first time, I think, he was regretting playing the game. "I want you, Heero -"

"You got me -"

"But also - I want to win!" he laughed, in a low tone that reverberated through my body as I lay so closely against him. "To beat you - to show you what I can do!"

I grumbled a little, but it was difficult when his tongue came back into my mouth, searching; tasting; possessing.

I fell back on the arm of the couch, groaning, trying to catch my traitorous breath. There were trails of Duo's long, soft hair all over my arm - the braid hadn't fared well during our gymnastics. His chest was heaving, the muscles chasing the excited breath through his body. I didn't dare look, but I thought I could feel his cock against my leg - it felt as if it might be a little swollen. I didn't need to look at mine to know it was in the same state. But then, I'd been like that plenty of times before and had to ignore it.

He was very flushed, but he was still grinning. Laid there beside me. Touching me.

"Don't look at me like that!" I moaned.

"Like what?" he asked, full of false innocence. But I resisted the many - polysyllabled! - words that filled my mind; describing him; admiring him. After all, I like to win as well!

"Like - so good. Like - cute. Like - glad to be here..."

"But I am," he smiled. He shut his eyes, stretched a languorous arm up over his head. "You make me feel so good. And see how good you are now at the tiny talk -"

"Duo-talk," I mumbled. I wondered how the thin, taut skin under his upper arm would taste.

"I roll my eyes up at Heero!" he mocked, but gently. "Yeah... Duo-talk."

"Can't talk any more," I hissed, rolling back against him, pressing his arm back against the worn couch fabric. Reaching my mouth down to sample him again. "Lips are numb..."


It was very late now, and we'd both lost clothing from our upper bodies. Well, as we'd both been wearing only one item, that means we were half naked. I was suckling gently on his left nipple, and my hand was just naturally stabilised on his thigh. Quite high on his thigh. I was desperate to touch him. I knew that when he'd stretched up to peel his vest off impatiently, the top button of his jeans had slipped open.

I knew how much I wanted to follow that thought.

He whimpered underneath me. He really seemed to like this. And although I have been told that I can be unnecessarily arrogant, I happen to think I was getting quite good at the manoeuvre. It tasted delicious - it tasted sexy. By now, I was a tangled, frustrated mess of lust and unspecified aching.


"God... yeah... ," he groaned. "Suck... yeah..."

I surreptitiously slid a finger in along his loosened waistband. I could feel the top of his boxers. I could feel the first, tight curls of his pubic hair.

"Can we stop the game?" I gasped.

He stopped writhing for a minute. He knew I wouldn't be offering surrender. His voice was hoarse and wary. "Why?"

"Then I can tell you - in real talk - what I feel. What I want -" I groaned. The continual need to be counting letters and creating impossibly twisted phrases was distracting me from what I really wanted to be doing to him.

I was a little shocked at the force of his reply.

"Like hell, Heero! We must be the same - we must have the same rule, OK?"

"OK," I sighed.

His voice softened. He wriggled slightly under my hand, which I hadn't moved from his waist. "Give me Duo-talk, Heero. I like to hear it - from you. All of it! Tell me all that you want!

I struggled with words, temporarily lost. But then he took my wrist, and he peeled open the zip of his jeans, and he pressed my palm down on to the crisp cloth of his boxers - on to the warm, rock-hard flesh of his cock. It was so close to my fantasy that my breathing stopped in shock.

"See? I can show you this way what I want," he whispered.

I might have lost consciousness for a second. But I never lost hold. Instead, I squeezed - so very, very gently. So that I moulded my hand to the hot, rigid shape. So that I heard him moan and press back against me.

"Say it, Heero... God... soon -!"

"I - I want to - you - I don't know - what to say -"

"Hold it?" he gasped.


"Lick it?"

"Oh - yes -"

"Suck it?" The words sounded very deep in his throat.

"Yes!" I almost cried out. It was like being released from a long period of silence - like bonds being broken - bonds of inhibition. "I want to suck you, Duo. I want to suck your cock!"

"So don't wait," he smiled, though his eyes were closing and his breath was harsh. "Do it. Do me, Heero!"


"Good - so good!" Duo groaned. He was completely naked now, the jeans and boxers discarded in a messy heap on the floor. My complete enthrallment was never more evident - I usually spend most of my off-duty time following him around, demanding he clear up after him!

And, tonight, did I care?

Did I hell!

I crouched between his outstretched legs, perched precariously on the end cushion of the couch. I had lost my pants as well, though they were folded (rather carelessly) on the armchair. I still had my boxers on, but for all the control they had over my erection, they were all but useless.

His skin was pale and shining with sweat - we still hadn't turned any proper lights on. He looked ethereal in the flickering light and shadow of the TV screen. He looked like the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. And - as I once said before - I'm no poet.

I had licked and kissed all down the inside of his thighs, feeling his muscles tense on each side at my progress. His hand had wavered over my head, occasionally touching at my hair, murmuring words of encouragement if it looked like my courage was failing me. His flesh was warm, and soft with down, and yet harsh with his strength. I nibbled, and he winced. Sucked a mark on his thigh, and he yelped. I wanted to prolong this for ever - I wanted to discover every patch, every birthmark, every damn cell of his body.

And then I had reached my mouth down to his cock. Tentatively.

It had been the most brilliant thing I could have imagined! And rather effective, for both of us.

"So good..." His moaning brought me back to the matter in hand. His cock; his balls. He'd been moaning a lot - he may have been restricted in words, but I'd never thought to include a condition in the game for the sounds.

Thank God! They were way beyond erotic!

"What is so good?" I murmured, my mouth full of the soft, wrinkled sacs. Licking around the creases at the top of his leg, between cock and ass.


"What?" I pursued. Surely he'd not be able to resist using his usual stream of words now?

He growled. I nipped at the crinkled skin at the base of his cock, nuzzled the hairs. I sucked his protests in between my greedy lips. "Say it."

"Your - lips," he gasped. "So good. Warm. Firm - uhhh - oh fuck -!"

I had taken the whole of him into my mouth again.

"What?" My query was the slightest ghost of a murmur, but I pressed on.

"Shit! Shit! Oh, Heero - no word for it -"

"Try..." I sucked again.

"No," he wailed. "Not fair! Only - only - *pant* - *pant* -"

Duo appeared to have surrendered vocabulary for sensation.

"What word is that?" I sighed, my tongue sliding over his tip. Sucking up from it.

"*Pant* - *gasp* - *moan* -"

"I see..." I smiled.

"More, Heero! Suck - lick - now - hard!"

I relented. That, or my senses had deserted, which is decidedly more likely. I abandoned words, and just savoured him. I licked up with strong, firm strokes - I seem to be developing a talent for this as well, I thought, though not very clearly - and smothered the top as I passed, running the tip of my tongue up the sensitive little tendon, caressing little drops of saliva into the slit.

Duo was almost yelling now. I had little time to be glad that we had no near neighbours.

"Is this - OK, then?" I asked, my voice just a vibration around his straining shaft.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck -" I decided to allow him the benefit of this seamless stream of four letters, because it was so damn sexy.

"Is that Duo-talk?" I wheedled.

"Shut the fuck up!" he yelled, but I took no offence. None at all, because I could see the joyous, uncontrollable smile spreading across his face; could feel the strain as both his thighs lifted from the couch and clutched at my shoulders, trying to find purchase; could feel the throbbing in my mouth as his cock swelled more than I would have thought possible, and suddenly spewed out into my mouth.

Deliciously shocked, I kept him there, still sucking - and it filled my mouth. Warm, thick, sticky seed, that I'd never have thought was more tasty than food; more stimulating than drink.

"Mmm.." I said, as I peeled my almost numb lips away from him, allowing his body to sink back, exhausted on to the cushion beneath. "Yes, it is good! Hot - rich - eh, Duo?"

And, as I expected, there was no reply to my teasing.


I think the dawn light may have been threatening, because the TV had deteriorated to a low hum, and nothing but blue screen. We had drowsed on that damn, uncomfortable couch for several hours or so. Every time one of us stirred, perhaps to stagger off to bed, the other one would grab them back. It didn't seem that either of us wanted to lose the connection.

My back was twisted, one of my arms had pins and needles, and there were sticky, barely identifiable pools of bodily fluids all over my weary skin. But I had never felt more content.

I yawned.

"Your turn to come..." murmured Duo, sleepily.

Was it? I'd lost count. I'd never had so many climaxes in my life, let alone in one night! From Duo's hand, from my hand, from Duo's fantastic, flexible mouth --

"We need more time, Duo.."

"To do it all..."


"Got lots of time," he replied. "Guys not back 'til six."

"One hour... two..." I sighed.

"Long time... for now..." he moaned back. He stretched; yawned. "Show me a good time, Heero."

"Show me a good fuck, Duo," I hissed back.

His eyebrow raised at my coarseness. "See Duo's *grin* now!" he laughed. "Was that Heero or Duo? Now they talk the same way!"

He shifted, and I slid down on to my back, almost underneath him. His voice was soft and almost caressing. "Soon, Heero. Not now. When we end the game, we'll see."

"'Til then?" I asked, hungrily. Impatient again.

He grinned. "Want me to play with your ass?"

"Like last time?" I croaked. "Hard? Deep?"

"Uh-huh." His fingers were creeping between my legs, up along the crack of my ass. Poking familiarly at my hole. Teasing at the pucker - like he had done a couple of times already. He was greedy, and uninhibited - but he'd been gentle with me. Had led me each step of the way, until I felt comfortable with it. "No rush," he'd said. It had been the most warming thing anyone had ever said to me in my life. And so, over the hours, we'd sampled virtually everything except full penetrative sex.

That was just tonight, of course.


Another half hour later and the sun was definitely rising. So was my desire again. So was the cramp in my calves.

Duo was playing up inside me with one hand, whilst steadily stroking my half-erect cock with the other. He seemed a little distracted. And as for me, I think my body was genuinely considering whether it could stand any more ecstasy. I was just enjoying the intimacy - enjoying Duo at my side.

"Sore, Heero?" he asked, as I winced a little.

"Yes," I groaned.

"Will I stop, then?"

"Noo... not yet..." I whimpered. He laughed softly, and slid his fingers out of me as if he thought I didn't deserve any more tormenting for a while. He nibbled at my ear lobe, and I felt the shudder all the way to my toes.

"So, my fine Heero..." he whispered. "Will you let me win?"

"No.." I ground out, an automatic response. He was magnificent. Even my teeth felt tense.

"Heero Yuy - true to form. As ever," he sighed back. "Then you can win."

"What -?"

But Duo didn't say anything else for a while. He just bent his head and kissed me - very strongly, very soundly.

"You are a walking four-letter word, Heero. This is all I ever wanted to win. You. I choose to surrender the match. Game over," he murmured, in case I still hadn't understood. His tongue teased at the corners of my mouth. I sucked on it, trying to coax it back in.

"OK," I smiled, a little uncertainly. "But you say I can win?"

"Yeah - but don't be too damn smug about it!"

It didn't seem so important now, I realised. I was realising some other things, too. But I hadn't quite found my way back to the right words yet.

He sat up a little; sounded cautious. "It was fun, though, wasn't it?"

"The best fun I've ever had without a laptop," I said, maintaining a sober look. "Duo... "

"Yeah?" he yawned.

"You won't forget the prize you owe me? There's always tomorrow night, you know."

He looked sharply at me, but I was keeping my feelings hidden for the moment.

"Yeah, sure."

He stared at me a little longer, and I hope he found something satisfying in my expression. Possibly the pure lust that still sparked every nerve ending I possessed! But also perhaps the slow, unexpected creeping of distress that was clutching at me, at the thought of This Night coming to an end.

Then I couldn't keep my facial muscles still - I smiled at him. He watched me; looked puzzled.

"Can you guess the entertainment I might ask for?" I murmured, stroking at his flushed cheek. And I was damn pleased to see a smirk hovering at the corners of his own mouth.

"Ouch!" we both cried, together. And we were both laughing again.


Duo finally dragged his body up off the couch, stretching his naked limbs like a cat. I knew that this time he would really leave me. The night was at an end. We both needed sleep. Both needed to clean up - to shower.

Now there was a thought!

"Duo-talk says I should get the fuck up and get to work," he groaned. "And you can sink back into your beloved dictionary, Heero. Rescue yourself from the sharp, nasty horrors of my inimitable style." He spoke as a joke, but it was rueful.

I wasn't really listening to him. I had decided that it was time for me to face some truths. Not just face them - speak them. In Duo-talk. Like Duo himself... he'd done nothing tonight but give pleasure, expecting nothing back. That was his style - his honesty. His vulnerability.

That's what I treasured about him. I knew that now. That damn poetic streak was returning. And if I didn't have the words to express it, who the fuck did?

"I like your talk, Duo," I said, quietly. "I like your style. Perhaps I've always been jealous of it a little. Your unique ways. I - wanted to share them with you."

He heard me, and, more importantly - understood me. He turned with the beginnings of that grin sliding slowly over his face. He looked very happy. I liked the way that I could bring that on for him.


"Yeah," I replied.

"So - how many letters were we restricted to?" he asked, as if it were a passing thought.

"Four," I said. "Four -"

"- sure?"

I shrugged agreement. "Four -"

"- warn?" That mischievous look was back on his face.


The thought of the shower - and Duo in it - had given me new energy. Not for the first time, I was more than grateful for my harsh physical training in the past. I lifted myself easily from the couch, was grinning back at his word games, reaching to grab at his braid -

He twisted away, laughing.

"Say what you want, Heero! Say it again!"

I stumbled over the word, desperate to get to him. "Four -"

"- play!" came his parting shot. He leapt off the couch, away from my grasping hands, and darted out towards the bathroom.

"The game is not over!" I bellowed after him.

And followed.


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