Author: FancyFigures
see part 1 for warnings, notes, disclaimer

The Other Side + Part 3

Duo was tugged gently away from the window, back up the corridor, on towards the bedrooms. He'd padded this way with a willing Heero plenty of times now. He knew what to expect - his cock was pumping with anticipation already. He didn't really worry about being seen, or heard. There were no noises from anywhere else, apart from the occasional screech of static from the room downstairs where Trowa worked. Besides, it was late into the night, now - when Trowa finally emerged, he would be surprised at the time, which had obviously passed him by while he worked. He would expect to find the others asleep, and take himself to bed. The building was old; the walls were thick and almost soundproof.

Suddenly, there was the most horrific noise - like a scream, like a wail from the very heart of a creature. A tortured creature! It tore through the house as a thin, piercing screech, shattering the quiet night air, and then ceasing just as sharply, leaving nothing but the hum of awful vibration in its wake.

The two boys halted outside the door of their room, shocked through.

"What the fuck's that? An attack -?" gasped Duo.

"There's no-one there," said Heero, at his elbow. His voice sounded shaken. His hand had fallen from Duo's arm. "I check every couple of hours, Duo. I have to protect you. I can't let you get into danger like that again -"

"Hush!" Duo hissed. He darted back into the lounge, to the window; to look out on the back of the house.

There was a yell from one of the other houses that backed on to the service road - someone had thrown the window open. "Shut up, you fuckin' bloody cats! I'm gonna strip the skin off your fuckin', fightin' backs and slice the rest o' you up for fish food -"

"Cats fighting," sighed Duo. He moved back out into the corridor again. He was relieved, but it had shaken him - his nerves were stretched to the limit. He looked across at Heero. Started walking back towards him, and the promise of his warm, enclosing embrace.

Heero shuddered. It passed through the whole of his body. A breath came from his mouth like a deep, gasping sigh. His pupils dilated, then shrank again. His head turned rapidly to one side then back, and his mouth opened, as if he'd seen something and wanted to shout about it. But he remained silent. His face was half in the shadow of the landing.

Duo would have been worried for him, if he hadn't been experiencing his own kind of vision. The noise had brought certain memories back; memories of the failed mission. It all flashed through his head in seconds, like life must do for a drowning man. The shock and panic - the explosions - the frenzied escape. It was as if he could smell the cordite; as if he were back there in person; as if he could see Heero lying in the jeep, white and still -

He felt as if he'd been slapped over the head for his continuing stupidity. Get a grip of yourself! shouted his inner self. What stupid game are you playing here?

"This is all a farce, isn't it?" he cried, pulling up sharply, still a foot away. He stared at Heero, searching for some kind of response that would help him understand. "You may not recognise, it but I do! We can't keep doing this! Look at the state of us both! The mission's over, right? But somehow you're still stuck in that loop, Heero. And so, goddamit, am I! And it's running us both ragged. We've got to realise that it was a fuck-up, and it was my fault, and now we gotta move on!"

"I thought you were hurt," came the strange, monotonous reply. Well, not so strange - Duo should be getting used to the surreal Heero by now. His arm was taken, and he was drawn back to the bedroom door. Duo didn't resist, but that was because his mind was whirling around other issues. His head was shaking, slowly.

"Yeah, and I thought I'd blown you up, fella!" he was almost shouting. 'That my failure had killed you! I thought you were dead or dying. I've never felt so bad in my fucking life! I love you - I've loved you for fucking ages - but I nearly killed you! Why do you have anything to do with me? You despise me in real life - remember? I'm a useless, unreliable disaster zone... "

"We're even, then." Heero's voice came close to Duo's ear, his breath was hot and demanding. "My last grenade went well wide - I wasn't concentrating. We nearly killed each other that day. It's OK, Duo. It's fine by me. Come into the bedroom," he murmured. "Come and lay down with me." His voice was seductive; so very tempting. He tugged the hesitant boy into the room, sliding the door shut gently behind them, like he had many times before. Lying back on his thin mattress; pulling Duo with him.

Duo turned his head to take Heero's mouth on his, to welcome the possession.

And he paused.

What had Heero just said? Had he just replied? Like, normally? And what was that unusual glow in his eyes, here in the lust-filled, sex-perfumed half darkness?

"Heero -?"

"Kiss me,' came the whispered reply. "Touch me. I want it all, tonight. Touch me, Duo. Let's fuck..."

Duo gasped. His cock throbbed in reply, but he forced out words as well. "Heero, d'you know what's going on? Are you asleep, man - or awake?"

"Hn..." Heero was ignoring him, he was lapping at his neck, he was tugging at his braid. "Let's go all the way, Duo... show me what to do... I want you, Duo..."

Duo stretched his neck back instinctively, baring himself for the sharp, erotic little nips. He felt a hand slide between his legs, nudging them apart. The fingers had flipped the button of his jeans; were fumbling for the zip. The bottom of his vest was being rolled firmly up his chest. Every nerve in his body strained for more of that touch.

But he pushed the hand away.

"No - answer me! You may be the greatest thing I ever touched - dammit, you are! - but I ain't gonna fuck anyone who isn't on the same planet as me!"


Heero stilled. He sat back from Duo, pushing himself up on his knees, and leaning back on his heels. He seemed to hear his own panting for the first time; he brought his breathing slowly back under control. He pushed tangled hair out of his face, and he sighed.

"I am awake now."

"Goddamn..." breathed Duo. He stared into Heero's face, trying to read his expression. Yeah - he could see it now! The eyes were the key - Heero's eyes were back to the cold, hard sea that he saw in the daylight. Not the wide, blue, soft pools that he bathed in at night. He couldn't believe how sick that made him feel - the sense of loss. The uncertainty of how Heero would talk to him next.

Perhaps he'd just kill him outright.

"You're awake, then. For how long?"

"Long enough."

Yeah, that's a typically sparse Heero answer, thought Duo, bitterly. He's back to normal all right.

He sat upright on the mattress as well, legs tucked under him, but with his back to Heero, as he wondered what the hell to do. He still had the most painful, fucking erection this side of Oz, but the chance of this Heero giving him a hand with it was as likely as Hell freezing over. Which it may still do.

"Um... how d'you feel? D'you know you've been - sleepwalking tonight?"

"I feel fine," came the soft answer. "And not just tonight, I think."

Fuck, thought Duo. Here comes retribution!

"Do you - know what you've been doing? Why you've been doing it?"

He felt Heero settle back down on the bedding. He didn't seem to be moving away. Or throwing Duo out. Or showing any of the reactions of disgust or fury that Duo had expected, when his consciousness returned.

"I can only think it was the concussion from the explosion. I have felt fine during the day -" He paused; Duo had visibly winced. "But at night, it must have returned to disturb me."

That's one word for it, thought Duo. "And now -?"

"And now, perhaps, it's passing. The cat fight - that was such a shock that I think it woke me. I feel no worse for it. I feel - quite refreshed, actually." There was the hint of some emotion in Heero's voice that Duo couldn't identify.

"That's good then, yeah?"

"Good... yes," murmured Heero.

Duo knew he should get up now and leave the room. He was sat on Heero's bed with his jeans undone, his dick the size and consistency of a small oak tree, and Heero's saliva still warming his lips. He'd been here before, but that was in an alternative, surreal world. And that time was over now. It had to be, didn't it? He looked over at his own mattress, like a million miles away on the other side of the room; just as Heero had insisted, when they moved in. And still did, in the daylight hours.

Duo swallowed back a gasp - more like a sob. Never to have Heero's mouth on his again; never to feel his hands on his skin - his eagerness; his passion. To return to the scornful Heero - full time. Duo could feel the nausea rising.

He stood, abruptly. He was shocked when Heero moved swiftly to stand as well, and he felt a hand grasp his wrist, tightly.

"Don't go."

"Look - " blustered Duo. "If you want explanations - 'praps apologies, I dunno - ask me tomorrow! I - if you have any compassion at all for me, let it wait. I can't - I can't talk about it now."

"I don't want you to talk about it." The grip was fierce, and Duo didn't want to get into some kind of ridiculous wrestling match to pull free. That's what he told himself. Not that he was savouring - painfully - the last touch of Heero on his body. The strong fingers pressing at his pulse; the heavy breaths only a foot away from his face. He kept his head turned away.

"Don't fuck me about, Heero! Let me go."


Duo went on the attack. "So let's talk about it then, shall we? What am I doing in this room with you, on your bed, eh? Looks like you were fully aware of what was going on, ever since we arrived at the door. Why'd you still lead me on? Why was I here, with your tongue in my mouth and your hands up my shirt, and me none the wiser that the whole thing was a sham? What sort of cruel revenge is that?"

"No revenge!" said Heero, quickly. He looked taken aback at Duo's vehemence. At his pained words. "No sham! I wanted it!"

"Don't be such an asshole!" snapped Duo. He'd turned to face Heero now, whose hand was still gripping him. "You're the guy who hates my guts, remember? The guy who thinks I blew the last mission - who thinks I can't be trusted to take a piss on his own without supervision! You're not the guy who's been kissing me, and holding me, and spouting all sorts of ridiculous sap -" And getting it in return, he thought, in anguish. Yeah - sliding his way into my heart and peeling it open like a fucking orange! And who's left with the pith?

Duo's voice faltered, and his eyes were shining suspiciously. "You're not my Heero. Not any more."


Duo felt the tug to his wrist and made a half-hearted attempt to resist it. But he knew it'd make no difference; he was never as strong as Heero in one-to-one. And that's what it was - a one-to-one; a very intimate one.

Heero kissed him. Hard.


Duo realised what was happening with the small fraction of his brain that was objective - not the 99% of his body that responded eagerly. The 99% that opened his mouth and returned the kiss, and whose hand took hold of Heero's waist like it belonged there.

No - the small fraction was shocked, and the small fraction noticed the difference in Heero's kissing. The lips - the perfect, plump, firm lips - were the same, of course. But the boy behind them was different. There wasn't the same aggression or confidence - Duo would have known the difference, even in the dark; even if he couldn't smell and taste the delicious body crushed up against him.

It was still damn good!

But what did it all fucking mean?

They broke for air, gasping. Duo dragged his eyelids open, because they'd drifted together in a deep, sensual sleepiness. He caught the surprise in Heero's eyes - and his fingers reaching tentatively to his lips. As if he wasn't sure what he'd just done.

"I - wanted it," Heero whispered.

"Sure tasted like it..." murmured Duo. Things weren't rolling out as he'd thought. But what was the awakened Heero playing at?

"What do you remember, Heero - since the mission?"

"What do you mean -? The mission plans - my injuries. The others clearing our tracks. Arguing with you..."

"No," sighed Duo. "I meant from your sleepwalking each night."

"Hn. What do I remember now, you mean? I would say - most of it."

They stared at each other for a long while, as the thoughts ebbed and flowed in their minds.

Fuck, thought Duo.

"And you ain't gonna kill me?"

"Why should I? I - I'm the one who's been confused. Who has acted irrationally. I - I appear to have been operating as two different people -" He saw the flash of pain dart across Duo's face, then the door slammed shut on it. "But now..."

"Now?" whispered Duo, when he couldn't bear the hesitation any longer.

"Now the two lives seem to be tangled up in my mind. They - seem to have come together. I - I can't recognise my whole self."

"Look, Heero - I realise you must be feeling pretty mixed up at the moment. I'd better go. You've not been well, fella..."

"No!" Heero said, quite sharply. "Stay! I want you to stay! I've realised that..."


Heero reached out for him; tugged gently at his collar. Duo could feel his breathing in his chest, very heavy and very ragged, and he didn't seem to be able to tear himself away from the other boy. And at the moment, he didn't care which Heero it was! He just wanted another touch of that rich, succulent, not-so-hesitant mouth...

"I've realised I know how you feel - how good you taste. That I want to touch you. That I already have - many times. And I want to again. To hold you."

The kiss this time was far more gentle. It reminded Duo of the first night; when Heero had been strange and a little distant, and then he'd taken Duo's face and he'd kissed it. He did that again, now, but this time with his new touch, and his new wonderment.

But Duo pushed away. His face was twisted in a mixture of distress and anger - probably at himself.

"This ain't you, Heero. Not really. I don't understand what the hell is happening here, but I think I've strayed just one fucking step too far from reality now. Jeez - you don't turn from vicious critic to ardent lover overnight now, do you?"

"But I already have," came the low reply. Heero still had a hand raised, to touch out at Duo's side. There were only inches between them. You stupid bastard! scorned Duo's aching libido. You want him - he'll take you. You gonna turn that down?

"But that was because you were - I dunno what you'd call it - under the influence. Not yourself. Away with the fairies. Whatever." Shut up! Shut up! he yelled inside at his inner voices. He can't be mine! It's all a hideous mistake, and he'll realise that in a minute, and then my limbs will be systematically removed from my body, and my internal organs ripped out for fun -

"You didn't refuse me then." Heero sounded uncertain.

"Yeah - make me feel like scum, why don't you? Like I took advantage of you! I guess I did, as well. I was weak - and you were damn persuasive. I always knew it wouldn't last, once you were back to normal."

"Would you want it to? To last? Would you still love me?"

"Love - ? I -? Shit..."

"You - didn't mean it?" Heero looked stricken.

How had he remembered that? thought Duo, shocked and suddenly scared. When had he taken in those words? He'd only ever said it when he thought Heero was still in his sleepwalking world. He'd never have confessed it to a conscious, truly interactive Heero! Christ, it was something stupid that he'd moaned into Heero's open mouth; into his warm, pulsing neck; shouted out into the humid air of the bedroom as Heero held his hips and caressed his cock with his hot, greedy mouth until he came with a gulping, bucking ecstasy...

Suddenly, Heero held him tightly, hand at his neck, twisted into his braid. "Now you're fucking me about, Duo! I know you said it - I know you felt it! I don't know how I know - " His face was reddening, as if he was struggling with his feelings, and wasn't winning. "It's as if it's all through a dark, grimy window - but I'm sure I'm right -!"

"Get off, you dickhead, you're hurting -"

"Did you mean it?" Heero yelled. Duo stared into his eyes, furious, trying to prise the stronger boy's fingers off his own, quickly bruising skin. And then he saw anger there, and fear, and a terrible, deep uncertainty. That, more than anything, made him finally appreciate this new - other - Heero.

"Yeah," he replied, quietly. He went suddenly still in Heero's grasp. "Yeah, I did. I do. Love you, that is. Like it's gonna do me any good..."

Heero gave a deep sigh, as if he'd been holding it in for hours. As if he was finally claiming some life-saving oxygen that had been denied him. He let go of Duo, swiftly. Stepped back, and lifted his hands as if in surrender. "Then help me let these feelings in! They're different. They're wild! They're coming from inside me, and I recognise them from dreams. But I've fought them back for months - I've repressed it all." He laughed, bitterly. "After all, it made me a better soldier. It made me an automaton. It made life easier to bear, because I could never have you. Because I knew you hated me."


"Yes!" snapped Heero. A flash of the old, aggressive team-mate.

Duo bit his lip. "Praps I did, sometimes. Dunno why I let you get to me so easily..."

"It's the same for me," said Heero, hoarsely. "I feel as if I've been watching myself, from some weird, removed place. My mind has been asleep while my body has been walking the house. I've seen myself acting in a way I'd never have believed. In a way that was so unlike my waking persona that I barely recognised it. But I wanted it..."

"Is this for real, Heero?"

Heero was still distracted; still examining himself and his actions. "I've been thinking about my reactions to you. Why I was so angry with you. God, I'm sorry about that, Duo, the way I've been towards you. It's like it was years ago. It's like I would open my mouth, but the words that came out were the complete opposite of what I really thought about you..."

Duo reached out and took his hand. Pressed the palm to his lips. It was sweaty. His quiet words had a thread of sad mischief in them. "Thought enough about me to go down on me ten times or so... to let me suck on your balls a coupla nights back..."

Heero flushed.

"You - you do remember that, Heero?" Duo was briefly worried.

"Yes," he smiled, gently. Sounded rather amazed.

"What do you remember from that night? The mission?"

"Does it matter?" Heero murmured. "I said I was sorry I persecuted you about it -"

"It matters. Tell me."

Heero swallowed. "I remember that I thought you were in trouble - that I wanted above all else to save you, to help you. That I was so angry with you for risking your life."

"Angry? Yeah...that was fucking obvious!"

But Heero's eyes blazed at Duo's weary reply. "Angry that I might lose you and I'd never said anything to you to make things right! Realised how damn unhappy I was - what a shit my life was. I can't remember ever being that angry in my life! And - and everything was black after that."

"The grenade..."

"Yes, I think so. That could have killed us all. Us both. I - wasn't thinking straight."

It was a hell of an admission for Heero to make - Duo knew that.

"It gave you concussion, Heero. Led to this - abnormal behaviour -"

"Yes. No!" Heero seemed very frustrated. He turned away from Duo for a moment, and the long-haired boy could see his shoulders shaking with his effort to gain control of himself. "I - suppose that it would seem abnormal to you. To anyone who works with me. And especially after the way I was towards you after the mission. You would have been - surprised at my subsequent behaviour. The touching - the kissing. The intimacy - the words..." He took a deep breath.

Duo could see a dark flush starting at Heero's neck. It looked very warm to him. I would have been 'surprised'...he thought. Mr Understatement. He wanted to tug down the top of Heero's shirt and suck at that warm, blood-filled flesh...

"I don't want it to be abnormal. I mean - I believe it's a part of me that I have been repressing. A little - exaggerated, let's say, but only because of the concentration of all my other behaviours into my daily life. The concussion - the effect on me has been for me to find these repressed desires. To - become aware of them -"

"To let 'em out," added Duo, bluntly. Heero turned to face him. The flush had spread over most of his face.

"They say that your subconscious comes out in your sleep," he said, softly. They were both thinking about what they'd been doing in the dark hours of the night over the last week or so. Duo felt his jeans tighten even further. He saw a spark in Heero's eyes - a disturbing stone dropped into the cold sea.

"To have been your Heero - that's what you said, wasn't it? It has been - a revelation to me, Duo. I knew who I was before that mission. I wasn't happy - but I knew who I was; how to behave. Now I'm something else. Somebody else. Would you want that Heero?"

Duo was aware that he had taken steps towards Heero. That he was scared - that he was still confused. Guilty, perhaps. Horny, definitely. But the steps were towards Heero, not away.

"Yo, Mr Psychoanalyst. You know more about these things than I do. Y'understand I'm cautious of this - ah - change in circumstances..."

"But you'd want me?"

"Yeah..." Duo's smile was slow, but it was spreading widely. He felt Heero's eyes on his mouth, watching it. "I'd want you. I do want you. Bits of me more than others!"

"That's good enough for me." Heero was moving, too, and also towards the other boy. Whatever words they were exchanging, their bodies were making their own decisions. Two, three clumsy steps and they were up against each other, and the kissing had started again. Duo had his arm round Heero's body, pushing the fabric of his shirt aside impatiently - reaching to touch the tight, muscled skin of his waist. Heero's mouth had opened to take Duo's tongue, and he was pressing back against the hot, impatient lips, running a hand around the back of Duo's head, to keep them clamped together.

He broke for a second, as they gulped air, and Duo's fingers massaged his torso. He whispered, "So - am I on the same planet now?"

"'What?" groaned Duo. His thoughts were fierce and animalistic - Stop talking - put that fucking tongue back in my mouth -!

'You said you wouldn't fuck anyone not on the same planet as you. Can we fuck now?"

Duo felt that he had to draw breath as well. And to laugh! Which fantasy world had he dropped into now? "Christ! You don't do subtlety, do you, Heero? Is that what you want - as you are now? Don't wanna rush you into anything -"

Heero didn't answer, and perhaps Duo was glad now for his more characteristic silence. Because he reached to Duo's hips and pushed sharply down at them - forcing him to bend his knees instinctively, and to lose his balance so that he landed down on the mattress, hand splayed out to catch his fall. And Heero was down beside him as quickly, also on his knees, and still kissing.

Duo let him moan softly into his mouth. He let him peel his shirt up and over his head. He let him push him down further, so that he lay back, sprawled on the thin covering. And when Heero leaned over him, and started on his zip again, he relaxed into the delicious sensation of Heero's fingers inside the cloth of his jeans, tugging them down. Stroking the naked flesh of his thighs. The touch was hesitant, but sensual. And growing - very rapidly - in confidence. Duo was glad - again - that he'd abandoned boxers. Then he abandoned sensible thought as well.


Heero slid out of his pants more smoothly than any guy had the right to do. The shirt was rolled off his shoulders just as quickly. Duo tried to get a good look at him - it was one of the most gorgeous sights of his life, Heero's naked body, and although he'd spent hours licking and kissing and worshipping it, he couldn't see he'd ever tire of it - but Heero kept him pinned down underneath him.

A hand cupped firmly over his aching balls, and his swelling cock leapt to attention. This had happened before - he'd surrendered before to this firm touch, and these demanding fingers. It had always been glorious. But this time it was with the conscious Heero - the real one.

"Uhh..." groaned Duo, because he really couldn't make any sound more intelligible than that. Not with the pads of Heero's fingers kneading his balls - not with the naked Heero down on all fours between his outstretched legs, his greedy tongue lapping at the soft skin behind the protesting sac. It sure felt as good as before! And what the hell was he doing now? He was marking the soft, inner skin of Duo's thighs with a suckling, nibbling motion. The noise alone made Duo ten degrees hotter. The muscles of his thighs shook with tension.

"Heero - this sure is under the category of exaggerated behaviour! This is - God, yesss, right there! - this is what your night time guy was doing!" A wet, sucking sound accompanied Heero plunging his fingers in and out of his mouth, trails of saliva following the tips as they drew out each time. Duo watched, fascinated.

"So maybe that guy was more me than I believed," came the muffled reply. "Are you complaining, Duo? You've not complained before..."

Duo groaned again, because now Heero's fingers were damp and warm, and they were tickling down between the cheeks of his ass. Ghosting over the hole - teasing the puckered skin. Duo felt himself blossom slightly under the touch. His breath caught in anticipation, but he leaned slightly against Heero's hand to encourage him.

"You wanna fuck me?"

"I want to - make love to you."

"Same thing..." Duo ground out through gritted teeth. If he leaned a little more to the right, wouldn't that middle finger be forced to slide in...?

"No - it's not, I think."

Damn him, thought Duo. That's the sensible Heero speaking. Not the horny one! But he'd be honest with both. "No - it's not, I agree. I guess I just wanted to try and save some face here, fella. Having made a dick of myself already, declaring love 'n all..."

The finger was there, and it was - oh Gods! gasped Duo under his breath - pressing into him! He felt the invasion deep inside him; firm, probing. He tried so hard not to clench his entrance round it, but nature defeated him. And Heero didn't seem to mind - his breath was more ragged now. There was fresh sweat on his arm where it lay against Duo's hip.

"It's not as if we've done any dating, Heero..."

"Don't you think we've done our courting already? Even if it was in my sleep? The words? The actions?"

"Yeah...I guess we have," gulped Duo. Another finger had penetrated him, and he was wriggling to try to get his legs wider around Heero's body. He could feel his hips bucking in rhythm with the fingers - straining to reach the boy who was tormenting him like this. He moaned, his words cracking in pieces as they came out of his mouth.

"Do it, Heero - for God's sake! Else I'll be spewing the lot all over the sheet again, and I wanna come all over you -"

Heero slipped his fingers out gently, and Duo whimpered a little. He watched with some amazement as Heero took hold of his ankles and spread his legs. Wide.

"Ohh God, Heero - "

Heero's cock reared large and glistening and predatory in front of him. A towering shaft in amongst dark, nestling curls. Every nerve in Duo's body cried out, most of them in need of it. Duo had licked this guy - sucked this cock. He didn't think he'd ever appreciated its size; its glory. Dammit, he thought with a frisson of fear - never thought I'd be taking it up inside me, did I?

"You want to go on, Duo? I want you - very badly..."

"Can see that -" gurgled Duo.

"- but I don't want you to feel awkward about it."

"Not - feeling - awkward -" grunted Duo. He wriggled again. "Feeling damn, fucking desperate, Heero! Do it, already! I want you - I've wanted you ever since you used to wear those damn stupid idex shorts..."

"Need - lube -" Heero's breath was very short now. His fingers were pinching at Duo's thighs - pushing them further and further apart. Gazing at the vision that awaited him.

Duo couldn't have told him when he'd bought the tube - or why he'd held on to it, when there'd been fuck all love life in his life for the last six months or more! - but he gestured over to his wash bag, so that Heero could find it there. And watched, panting, as Heero squeezed it over his hand. It was shaking. Then he started to smooth the gel, gently, up and down his cock. His eyes half closed, he settled back on his haunches; his movements became caressing. He groaned.

"Hey, fella!" called Duo, softly. "Don't start without me -!"

Heero's eyes flashed open and he smiled. It was like the sun breaking out from a cloud. Without another word, he reached for Duo's entrance, and pressed his slippery fingers in and around again - stretching it gently. Reaching for Duo's nerve ends. As the braided boy arched and moaned, he took his cock in his other hand, and brought it up to the widening pucker. Slowly - but not so slowly that he slipped past it - he started to push in.

There was resistance - Duo couldn't help it, he winced, and for a second, Heero paused. But Duo nodded him on, biting his lip. Heero felt the soft, hot channel clench around him as he pushed further and further in, the lube easing his way. Until he was seated in there fully, hips up against Duo's groin, his balls tight and super-sensitive against Duo's ass.

"Yes..." whispered Duo. "Go, Heero..."

Heero went. He was losing his concentration even as he withdrew slowly for the first time, and then plunged back in. To see Duo moan and jerk underneath him was an added stimulus. He took a firmer hold on the mattress below them, and he thrust again. And again. He would never have believed it could be so fantastic! Duo braced his feet against Heero's thighs, arched his back, and thrust back up against him.

"Gonna - come, Heero - I - make me, dammit!"

Heero took his weight on one hand, and reached to Duo's straining cock. It throbbed in his hand - it was damp with pre-cum, and more was leaking out. It looked like it was crying for Heero's attention. He gave it. He pumped again, and then again, in the same rhythm as he thrust into Duo's body, and for a few, blissful seconds, their groans melded into a strange, erotic harmony. Then Duo's eyes opened wide and shocked, and his mouth searched for a yell that he couldn't vocalise, and he came - streams spurted out of him, over Heero's hand, over his chest, even over Heero's chest as well.

Heero had to let go of him - he needed the support of both arms, his chest was already bowed down against Duo's. Duo reached up and grasped him round the neck, tugging him even further down, for a kiss full of grateful, nonsensical, mind-blown words and hot tongue. The movement brought him even deeper into Duo, and his control abandoned him. He unintentionally bit into Duo's lip, grunting with the waves of pleasure that shook him, and his hips slammed one more time up tight against the other boy's prone body. Duo felt the shudder that ran through his body - the shake and swelling of his orgasm inside him. He held him tight, and he rode it with him.

They relaxed and fell down on to the mattress still like that, clutched together. A single body mass, limbs entwined, Heero still seated deep inside Duo. Like they didn't dare let go of each other. Like they didn't want to.


It was an early hour of the morning, and Duo had been awake for some time. His arm was tight over Heero's naked chest, as if he might try to escape. The surprise of finding Heero still beside him when he'd woken was a delight he was going to savour.

Heero stirred, murmuring something that sounded like "more... so good ..."

Duo smirked. Looked like Heero's dreams were as erotic as his had been!

And then Heero was awake, and staring into his eyes, which were widening even as he realised.

"Hey, Heero..." His voice was soft.

"Hey," Heero mumbled, still sleepy. He yawned and stretched, and the sheet slid from his body. Duo gazed at the glorious sight of every naked, gleaming muscle as it tightened and relaxed with Heero's movement.

Shit... thought Duo. Like - how are we gonna explain this to everyone?

"Are you all right?" asked Heero. Uncertain again.

"Shit, yes! Never felt so deliciously and comprehensively fucked in my life!" grinned Duo. "But... nervous, y'know? How we gonna be today, Heero? I don't know who you are now. You may have woken up the heartless shit who blames me for everything. Or the hot bod who's just fucked me into next week, well past Thursday. God, I am so confused!"

"Don't be," sighed Heero. He traced round Duo's mouth with a hot, damp thumb. "I think that I'm both. I think that I always was. I - don't appear to have balanced my life in any measured way. The exaggeration had been in my daily life as well. An isolated, miserable daily life - if I'd taken time to analyse it. There was a crisis waiting to happen, Duo."

"Too much talk..." mumbled Duo. "Guess if I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna love all of 'em. The whole damn family of Heeros. Though I like the one with the big dick and the hot, sweaty kisses best -"

He was close to Heero, laid like this, face to face. He was pleased to see that the eyes had it, as always. The soft pools were back in Heero's eyes - but without the strange disorientation that the sleepwalking had added.

The dream without the sleep! Duo thought, with a leap of excitement and joy.

"Fuck me again," he hissed. "From behind. I want you, Heero." Before the other, slightly shocked boy could respond, Duo twisted on the mattress, and pulled himself up to all fours, ass pointing towards Heero. He felt the eager hands on his hips - the heat of Heero's awakening groin against the flesh. He felt his cheeks spread, the gasp of desire from Heero as he probed at him. The slight trickle of cum that leaked out down his legs - the legacy of collapsing to sleep too soon.

The lube had never left the bedding beside them - a miracle they'd never rolled on to it and squeezed it all out. Heero was quick and proficient with it, and Duo moaned as he entered him again. He bucked with the feeling; the tightness was back and heightened every thrust.

He let his head fall, and he saw Heero's hand beneath him, fiercely jerking him off. He saw his cock swell, felt the throbbing start low in his groin, and then the cum burst out over the sheet below. His legs shook, his hips banged back against Heero, and he heard the dark-haired boy's groan. Even as he braced his arms to take the pressure, he felt Heero's hardest thrust, and the climax rocked through their joined bodies. Heero jerked against him, keening quietly, and his seed pumped gloriously up into him again.

Duo didn't even bother to turn over this time, as he collapsed back down, though he knew he'd snore if he fell asleep on his stomach. Like - who was gonna care?


"You're away today - on a solo mission." Duo had been promising himself he wouldn't bring this up. Then his mouth opened, and it spilled out.

"I won't go. Not without you." Heero's voice was perfectly calm, as his hand stroked across Duo's thigh. "It will benefit from another operative. Do you want to know the details? I've checked out the plan myself."

I bet you have, smiled Duo to himself, a little sadly. Heero was still a complex creature. Cum drying on his chest and groin, but still a mission plan at his fingertips. Yo...

"That may be the case, but it won't be me. I'm a fuck-up, remember? I'm likely on report already -"

"No!" said Heero, sharply. Duo felt the tension shoot through his body - his hand stilled on its way up along Duo's hip.

"You don't have to fucking protect me, Heero. I never took you for a sentimental type -"

"No," Heero repeated, firmly. He pulled himself upright until he was sitting. Duo looked up at him, but his face was shrouded for the moment.

"That's not sentiment, Duo. Quatre spoke to me, earlier last night. He insisted that I examine the mission report and the preliminary project plan with him. Several times. Your behaviour was correct, in the circumstances. Even - the decision to abort." He felt Duo's tension, now, and his slight, awkward shift on the sheets. "The defective charges were more widespread than we thought - so much so, that we would never have succeeded if we'd continued. Even the ones that I carried - there were only a few that worked. I was - I was lucky that mine worked, in the same way that yours didn't."

Duo rolled some words around in his mouth but they got stuck behind his teeth. He tried to examine how he felt about such an astonishing admission from Mr Perfect. Yeah, he'd just banged him senseless, but he was still Heero, wasn't he? He'd never known Heero's name and the word 'luck' to co-exist in a sentence before. Where a mission was concerned, Heero took no prisoners - on either side.

"Didn't you spend your six hour prep in checking them all, then?"

He could see Heero's face now, as the light of dawn through the bedroom window was creeping up to greet them; and it was scowling. He struggled to push out the words. Quatre must have really given it to him!

'Aborting the mission was the only intellectually viable decision to be made."

"So it doesn't count that I knew it in my water as well -?"

Heero continued to ignore his flippancy. "You are officially clear of any blame. You're commended, actually, for taking a difficult decision on behalf of the team."


And now Heero let his body relax, and he rolled back over, to take hold of Duo's arms. "I can't change the last few days. I deeply regret them, though. I allowed my personal feelings to override my sense - and even before the mission had been properly evaluated. I - " he flushed a little, but his pride made him continue, whilst holding Duo's wary gaze. "Even before the others returned, I had disciplined myself to check the remaining charges. To examine my own supply. I - I had a hunch that there may have been more to the situation than just bad luck on your part."

Hunch, thought Duo. There was another of those non-co-existing words.

"But you've been setting up those electrical charts -"

"No, I haven't," replied Heero. "Well, I have, but I finished them sooner than I let you know. Then I spent time on the reports, and the equipment in the store."

"You sly bastard," murmured Duo.

Heero made a small, quiet sound of protest. "Quatre didn't need to argue it with me. I was already arriving at the same conclusion myself. But - it was good for me to hear his viewpoint. His - opinion, of my behaviour."

"Mr Not-so-Perfect, eh?" murmured Duo.

"I never pretended to be that, Duo -"

"But you reckon you need another operative on this mission, then?" Duo persisted, rather slyly.

"I didn't say that! I could easily manage - not need -" growled Heero, ready for an argument. Then he felt the lips at his neck, and the fingers running down his spine, teasing at the crack of his ass.

"Yes..." he amended. He bit back a gasp, in case it distracted Duo's continuing caresses. "I need you. I won't go without you."

"And I won't come without you -!"

Before Heero could protest at the tasteless joke, there was a chuckle, and a hand rolled him over on the bed.

He felt the hot mouth at his groin, and he decided to let the protest go.


It was almost time to start the day. They'd drowsed, made love, drowsed again. Several times. Duo had stopped counting when his sore ass begged for mercy. It didn't get it. Must have used a language neither of them chose to understand.

"What's all the Other Side stuff, Heero?"


"You'd go on about it a lot - when you were sleepwalking. That you were on the other side - and you had to get back."

'I don't know,' Heero replied. He seemed genuinely puzzled. 'Is that what I said?

Duo watched him. The events of the last week spun past him, like the stories said happened to drowning people. That was happening a lot to him, wasn't it? He was drowning, all right. Drowning in Heero's taste, in his touch, in his very essence...

"I said it!" he gasped, pulling back suddenly.


"I'm the one, I was going on about you, how there had to be the Other Side to you, but I'd never found it yet!"

Heero sighed. He needed more sleep, and then he could take Duo again. Or try something else... his legs reached out slowly and carefully, to fold over Duo's. An instinctive gesture, to keep him near. "I don't understand -"

"I always said you were too controlled, too retentive - I was looking for the human side of you. I - we argued about it."

"The human side," mused Heero.


"You found it," he whispered. He looked almost relieved - like an answer had been provided on a question that had been really troubling him. "And it feels good. It's where we should obviously both be. On my side."

"On your other side," mumbled Duo, feeling the pressure of Heero's damp, soft cock against his thigh again.

"On my best side!" concluded Heero. His heart was beating too quickly again. But before he could discuss with Duo what they should do before breakfast, he heard the long-haired boy's low, sexy laugh, and surrendered to the weight of his body as he rolled back on to him.

"So - we need two operatives on this mission, don't we?"

"Yes -" grunted Heero, the breath knocked out of him temporarily. He had no intention of arguing anything with Duo at the moment. Duo was his lover at last - Duo was his friend and team-mate. Duo had wrenched the sensual side of him out into the open; he was made vulnerable; he was intimate in the most revealing way. And he was devouring every glorious minute of it that he could.

Meanwhile, Duo smirked. Duo kissed. Duo rubbed his cock provocatively against Heero's. Duo drove him cruelly, compulsively, wonderfully wild!

And Duo now lay spread out on the sheet, legs wide and inviting; eyelids half closed with hot, heavy desire. And fingers that stroked at his own cock, drawing Heero's fascinated gaze further and further in with each touch. And then beckoned, cheekily, to him.

"Hey Heero...I reckon there's time to check your charges again, isn't there?"

Heero winced at the humour, as he was expected to. And he sank willingly back down beside him.


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