Poles Apart (cont)

I was stunned. He looked very awkward now. The movie was forgotten. He sat almost hunched up on his seat.

"But you desire someone else...", he sighed.

"No I don't," I said quickly.

Now he was puzzled.

God what a mess!

What a happy mess!

"It's my turn to confess, Heero. I haven't told you everything about the one I really like. The guy I want. I guess I didn't welcome the humiliation, either!"

But I didn't say any more in words.

Instead, I turned to him, took his head in my hands and I pressed my lips to his.

He tasted of popcorn and soda and Heero. I licked all round those lips to make sure. And I pressed -- very gently -- against the teeth that had clamped together in shock.

"Let me in, Heero."

"I don't understand", he moaned a little. "Are you mocking me?"

"Never. Let me kiss you properly. Let me show you that this is what I've wanted for months as well!"

He made a strange gargled noise in his throat, and opened his mouth to me. Needing no second bidding, in went my tongue.

His was frozen -- he sat there, and I could feel him clenching his fists to his sides; I could feel the tension all through his body. I wanted to relax that tension -- I wanted to relax a whole lot more -- but I wanted him to want it too.

I stroked the side of his face very softly, continuing to probe gently around in his mouth. I couldn't maintain a one-sided kiss much longer without looking ridiculous -- or predatory. Had I misjudged things?


"What?" I whispered, lifting my lips very slightly from his. "What did you say?"

"Guys and guys..." he mumbled back. And I felt one of his hands touch at my shoulder. "I think that's good, too..."

He pulled me back to him.

Joy! His lips were softer now, they were warm with response, and his tongue snaked out shyly to touch the tip of mine. I was struggling to hold myself back from just ravaging him. He was so hot, he was a dream come to life -- and he was kissing me! I took his hand from my shoulder and slid it round my neck. He grasped at my braid, using it to tug me even closer, and I bent my head to nestle in beside his. I plunged into his mouth, again and again, and who cared about breathing? He tasted as good as chocolate and ice cream and everything sweet. And something else -- something much more adult.

He broke away from me for a second, leaving me leaning into him, my lips ghosting at his, begging for more.

"Uhh .. Heero, sorry, are you --?"

"No," he whispered calmly. "I'm quite happy. I just thought you might want to see the rest of the movie."

"What movie?" I murmured, running my fingers over his swollen lips. Swollen by my kisses....Yo.

Heero tried to give me an update of his own, bless him -- he thought that the private detective might be the one to save WG in the end, because it seemed he was a long-lost relative who'd come to take her to her secret inheritance -- oh, for God's sake, I groaned, who gives a fuck?

"He does," whispered Heero, still just as calm, though he flinched as usual at my swearing. "Seems he's not that close a relative, after all, to prevent him taking her to bed. I thought the movie was -- stimulating you."

"Not the movie, you cruel bastard..." I snapped.

More popcorn was thrown up at me from the front, so I shut up.

But perhaps to console me, he took hold of my hand and slid one of my fingers into his mouth. Sucked on it. My lap bounced like it had springs, and my own popcorn scattered on to the floor.

Who needs popcorn when you can taste Heero Yuy?


More kissing, until I had to come up for breath.

"So -- uh -- Heero... Does this mean you won't pulp me for bringing you to the wrong movie?"

"For bringing me --?"


"As far as I remember, I brought you."

"That's just a technical detail, man. I still made a dreadful cock-up. Made us both suffer an hour of crap porn --"



"I don't think I've suffered enough," murmured Heero. "Though I think I have found it rather stimulating, myself." We both glanced at his lap. I raised my eyebrows. Nice bulge!

"Who did that, then? WG or YIB?"

He looked confused. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"Who got you so excited?" I whispered into his ear, mischievously. "Girl or guy --?"

"It was Duo," he said, his naked honesty making him hoarse. "Duo did it to me. You did it to me! The thought of you -- the feeling of you in this seat beside me. Your hair, stroking my shoulder. Your eyes, always challenging me, demanding truth and argument -- even when you keep apologising for this evening. Your legs, that I've been trying so hard to rub up against without you getting angry. Your mouth..."

"Got the picture," I sighed. "Hold me." Make me a blob like the other couples, I thought.

He put his arm round my upper body and he crushed me to him with that deceptive strength that he has. My chest was pressed against his, my arms round his neck. His knee forced in between mine, and we were so twisted on those damn movie house seats that I reckoned on back problems later in life.

"Uh.." he groaned. "Like I said, the seats are not made for this..."

"Like I said --" I panted back, "who gives a fuck?" It was great to be so close to him, to feel his heart hammering in his ribs, right next to mine. Even if I did have an arm rest pressing into my internal organs. I'd suffer it all for Heero!

"Is this a date, Duo? Are we -- on a date?"

I was all ready with the flippant reply. But there was just the tiniest hint of nervousness in his voice that made me think he wasn't teasing. Heero was certainly showing the promise of being putty in my hands, but he wasn't gonna gain sexual confidence overnight.

"I think so," I smiled into his ear. Nibbled at the lobe. Juicy and sweaty. Yum! "We're out together. We're watching a movie together, even if it's crap porn. We want to be together, don't we?"

"Want to touch..." he whispered back.

"Then it's a date!" I said, quite firmly. "Kiss me again, or I'll dump you!"

"You're acting the fool again," he murmured, but he obeyed.


He was the one to take a break next. He lifted his head from mine, tousled hair looking like he'd just woken up, cheeks flushed. I could feel the heat from 'em, even in the dark.

"How far do you -- what do you say? -- how far do you go on a first date?"

"Uhh --?"

"Can I touch you like those people are doing?" he hissed.

I peered down through blurry eyes to see the couple in front, draped over each other. The boy had his hand up under his girlfriend's shirt, and she was occupying herself rather deliciously down the front of his pants. I don't think they'd seen a single second of the movie.

Shit. Heero was catching on fast!

"Uh-huh -- please do..."

I held my breath, and I felt his hand at the base of my spine, tugging out the bottom of my shirt. Then it slid underneath and touched my skin. Gently. Fiercely. I don't know how he managed both at the same time, but that's how it felt. I sucked in my breath even further.

"Good, Heero?"

"Very good..."

He slid the hand round to the front, to my stomach. I think I groaned aloud, but no-one threw popcorn. I guess they were all amusing themselves by this stage. The screen was a blur of bodies and sweat, and I suspect the audience was in a similar state.

"Up..." I moaned, and his fingers began a teasing walk up my chest, scrunching the fabric as it went. "Yeah..."

Tentatively, he pushed at the nub of my nipple. Jesus, it felt good! The shiver went all down my spine and right into my groin. I pushed up against him. I think I may have been trying to climb on to his lap. Damn arm rest was really pissing me off by now.

I touched at his mouth and felt a smile there. He started to squeeze the eager little bud, to run the pad of his finger over the tip. I wriggled, in perfect agony.

"Let me do it to you, too, Heero -- "

"Hush. No. Not now. I want to feel you."

He flicked the tip and sucked my moan into his mouth. I grabbed round his neck, and pressed my chest hard against his hand.

"Down," I growled. "Now!"

His hand hesitated -- just for a torturous second. Then it began its way back down my chest, across my labouring ribs, and down to my stomach again. His fingers were firm and I could feel the barely suppressed excitement in him -- he was trying not to be rough; he didn't know how to touch me.

I couldn't wait to explain to him -- he'd have to trust me. I took his hand and I pressed it into my lap. At the same time, I grasped that gorgeous, soft hair and I pulled his head to mine.

"Duo..." he panted. "Is that --? Your -- ? It feels bigger than I've seen it before --"

Yo, did I blush!

"You been lookin' at me in the shower, Heero Yuy?" I panted back. "That's what you do to me, OK?"

He was still touching me -- pressing gently round it, as if he couldn't believe he was doing it.

"Not the movie?"

"Not the movie -- you!"

He was fumbling at my zip now, trying either to get his hand in my pants, or to release me out of 'em. Either would be heaven, of course! It slid down with only the slightest noise, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

And then his hand was in, and to my shocked delight, he reached around my cock again and squeezed it. The combination of the warmth of his hand, and my silky boxers was enough to make me jump.

"Is that wrong --?" he hissed at me.

No! No, no, no!

"S'OK, Heero," I moaned. "Better do it again, though, to make sure.'

He did. And when I wriggled a bit, he seemed to understand, and started to rub very gently up and down.

Oh God, I whimpered to myself. I musta been good at some stage of my life, to deserve this, just once, just for a blessed hour or so....

"How long to run?"

"Uhh?" I didn't seem able to find anything more articulate in my vocabulary.

"The movie -- how much longer to the end?"

I shrugged and grabbed him back. "Not long enough! Not long enough to do everything I wanna do to you --"

Yeah, I was climbing on to his lap, and my legs hung over his thighs at the side. I kissed him -- hard -- and as my tongue thrust in and out, my hips starting mimicking the movement. I felt the bulge in his lap as it grew -- felt the delicious friction against my own.

Movie update: there was some kind of shoot-out at the club, a lot of shouting going on, a lot of girls screaming. YIB was running, so was WG, but not necessarily in the same direction. I could vaguely see Detective whipping his gun out of his raincoat, and reloading furiously -- (I'd have to discuss with Heero at a later date the technical improbabilities of carrying that sort of gun with that kind of ammo) --

"This is getting way too exciting, Heero," I panted. "I don't wanna embarrass myself all over the seat..."

Too late, really. He clutched me tight around the chest so that I couldn't pull away, and he started grinding his hips up against mine. We rubbed together like that for only seconds -- though there's no way I was counting -- and I could feel the explosion on its way.

Where did he get so good at this? was my last, bleary, semi-coherent thought.

With a groan, I felt the ecstasy flooding up from every extremity of my body and some places else besides, and it was all rushing towards my groin. And still Heero clutched me to him. I could hear him panting.

"This is -- good, Duo -- isn't it? I don't seem to be able -- I can't -- it's -- oh God...!"

Words failed us both.

As I started to shudder, his left hand clamped over my mouth to trap the yell that he somehow knew was coming, and his right one clamped down hard on my waist. He shook under me; his head fell forward on to my shoulder, and he whimpered into my ear. No other word for it.

"Duo ...."

Movie update: Did I say shoot-out?


A guy came round the seats at half past ten, sweeping up the devastation of popcorn and wrappers and spilt soda. It was another three minutes before I registered that he was standing in the row in front of us, watching us.

I was clinging to Heero like a lifeline, arms wrapped round his neck, legs half on his lap. His lips were clamped to mine, and we were still finding all kinds of new tastes, new lumps and bumps inside each other. My tongue was numb with it all, and still I came back for more. His hand was down the front of my loosened pants, and I peeled it out. Surreptitiously zipped myself up.

I sat up a little.

"Uh -- movie over?" There was no-one else in the auditorium now. The lights had come up ages ago and we'd not noticed. I wondered briefly whatever happened to WG in the end. Very briefly.

"Yeah," the guy sighed. "You gotta go now."

"Go?" sighed Heero. His hand was crawling back up my thigh, trying to get inside my clothes again. His tongue flickered out, to moisten his sore mouth, and it was so erotic that I thought I'd probably just come again, there and then. "Can't we have another date, Duo?"

The guy with the rubbish bag grinned evilly. "Late night showing in half an hour, if you wanna buy another ticket." I glared at him until he moved on with a shrug.

"We need more room," I groaned, levering myself stiffly -- and stickily -- off Heero. "Besides, I thought you said this movie had no technical merit?"

"It's up to you," murmured Heero, fingers trailing regretfully on my leg. "You can choose whatever you like. You're good at choosing movies, eh?"

I looked at him in some amazement -- and then I saw the slight smirk at the side of his mouth. The astounding sight of Heero Yuy, cracking a joke! A poor one, but a joke. And at my expense! He lifted himself uncomfortably out of his seat, reaching for his jacket under the chair. And as he straightened up, those fabulous blue eyes stared straight at me, so clear now in the full light. Holding my fascinated gaze, he put a hand to his mouth, and slid his forefinger between the lips. Sucked on it -- once, twice. Drew it out so slowly that I could see the silver trail of saliva hanging between it and his lips.

Oh God...

"Get to the box office -- now!" I growled.


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